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by Cherokee Billie.
As a psychic advisor the majority of my calls are from people with problems in their love life. What I have observed that is ruining relationships is modern technology. In today’s world everything is about NOW. Patience is a thing of the past and everybody wants what they want right now. This is where the art of communication is dying.

Nowadays people use Text Messaging, Sexting, Facebook, Myspace, and E-Mail as ways of communicating with someone that they are in a relationship with or trying to have a relationship with.

Let me explain to you that this is not real communication. The Dictionary defines communication as the following: The Act of Communicating; Transmission.

a. The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, (Texting is not writing) or behavior.
b. Interpersonal rapport.
c. The art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.

True communication is face to face or by telephone where you can hear the tone and pick up the vibration of what this person is feeling towards you. It’s impossible to understand what someone is meaning if it’s a joke or if it’s something serious with a few simple text messages back and forth.



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  1. this can and can not be true.

    • In counseling thousands of people who rely upon text messaging to understand the feelings of another I can truly say that this is not the way to run a relationship.

  2. I think if you can only communicate via text; it’s not much of a “relationship” anyway in my book…fine if you’re too young to car date maybe? LMBO! :)-

  3. If you’re having a so called “relationship” via text messaging; is it really a “relationship” at all? Perhaps if you’re 12 years old. Think about it. Communication is key…Speak to the person, don’t text; it’s not for grown-ups.

    • Dear Lisa:
      You stated this very well. As adults we should be able to communicate face to face or at least by telephone. Many people try to communicate with me only through e-mail, and they find that I don’t reply and if I do it’s very little said. Far more can be said in five minutes on the telephone then through ten E-mails. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  4. I Have used texting as a Tool to communicate with My ” GF ” with no problems ???
    I like to send LiL notes Etc just to let Her Know i’m thinking of her even when I’m busy @ work Etc . it’s also good for quick but important info exchange EX: Plz wake me up @ 10:00 Or Plz get Milk & Bread Etc ,,, Also Who Doesn’t like to see the words I Love you
    in Print sent to them ?

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