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December Love Horoscope

December is one of the most emotionally intense months of the year. It is the time to reflect on things that have occurred throughout the year. Love episodes, job changes, personal ups and downs. Read your December Love Horoscope and consider getting a personal December Psychic reading today.

This Christmas marks not just one turning in your love life but many. This time last year you did not feel half as confident or as grounded as you do now. Don’t spoil all this by going for someone who never was and never will be free though. You’re better than that so keep fixed on the possible and destiny will spell a major move in the name of love.

Were the choices you made over the last few weeks good or bad ones? You won’t find out if you don’t keep moving. Don’t be afraid to open up in love and to show your true feelings. Flirtations turn serious – you may have thought it was just the mood of the moment but the person concerned is more serious than you could ever imagine!

Air signs are very good about talking about what they are going to do, but when it comes to actually putting their heart on the line, they tend to get stage fright and back out at the last minute. Don’t do it this time though, or you will lose out on the chance to see how fabulous love can be when you say how you really feel.

An upset in your home surroundings has had a knock on effect on your love life and you need to deal with the torrent of emotions you’re experiencing. The sooner you do, the better your chances are of making this a passionate and fun-filled Christmas. Party invites promise to offer you tantalizing offers. Just make sure you decide how far is too far to go before you attend, or you could end up kicking yourself when you see what and who you’ve missed out on.

Put that famous pride of yours to one side and start to look at the bigger picture. If you could ask Santa for anything this festive season, what would it be? You and I know that it would be to have an honest and open relationship. The plans you make for the end of this year will prove to everyone how you really feel, and why they may all soon need a railcard or their passport to come and see you.

Your love life is not as hectic as it has been, but you still have plenty of romance you can indulge in. Avoid gossiping with your friends about what is happening between you and a certain someone, or it may turn into a whole different story once the water signs get hold of it. Big outgoings you do or do not make dictate where a relationship is going. Your first instinct will be the right one, so trust it!

Work and personal affairs clash and you may find yourself having to make a choice this month of what or who is more important. Don’t give into emotional blackmail as you did last month though or you’ll hold it against them and cause a rift which will not easily be able to be healed. From the 12th onwards you start to grow spiritually and sexually thanks to an ultimatum which I really do believe will be the making of you.

You may be providing a shoulder to cry on more than usual for a close one who is going through some drama in their life. It’s worth it though when you see how grateful they are to you for your support. Your flirting is getting worse and you could end up with a reputation. You don’t care as you’ve become so confident since mid November. At long last you have worked out what and whom you need to make you really happy. Wear purple for the real power of seduction.

You may help bring together two people who are close to you which in turn is sure to benefit your own romantic life. It’s been hard for you to keep all of the plates spinning in your life of late, and you have had to take a step back from those who mean the most to you. All of this changes from the 2nd and we start to see you have fun again. It’s been a long time coming, but Neptune shows you that you can be different and still fit in. A Christmas kiss could turn into more than you dreamed if you let it.

Love proves costly this month as you find yourself having to prove to a loved one that you care for them with your credit card as well as your heart. Should you do it? If it will convince them of what you could not, this time last month then the answer may well be yes.The coming weeks see you fancying people you would not normally give a second glance to. So who’s right for you? You’ll know by Christmas Eve my friend.

You’ve been living in the past again and it’s time to come back to the present. You have put so much effort into trying to convince yourself that you’re better off now that you’ve failed to notice that you are actually happier and more settled. Lie back and enjoy the rewards of the uphill struggle you’ve managed to conquer. After all, what point is the hard work, if you can’t enjoy the spoils? News of a wedding or engagement pushes you to question and decide if a certain someone is in or out of your life.

If you give others good advice make sure you take the same rules on board, otherwise you can end up looking like a hypocrite. You have got away with it this time and are able to charm and to seduce anyone into anything. Don’t waste this power, as this is your last opportunity to say if you’re willing to commit before they withdraw their heart from the playing field.


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  1. LOL… I’m a Virgo!!! Thanks CB….interesting, it’s always fun reading horoscopes 😉 xoxo

  2. Hello Cherokee Billie. I am a Virgo also, and I do believe in following my first instinct. First instincts are usually correct. Mike, my daugther and myself all Virgos. 🙂

  3. Yay Lisa a fellow Virgo…Yes MJ was a Virgo too 🙂

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