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“I always was a rebel…but on the other hand, I wanted to be loved and accepted…and not just be a loudmouth, lunatic, poet, musician. But I cannot be what I am not.” – John Lennon

Here Are Statements Made By John’s Friends Immediately After His Murder.

Paul McCartney
“I have hidden my self in work today. But it keeps flashing in my mind. I feel shattered, angry and very sad. It’s just ridiculous. He was pretty rude about me sometimes, but I secretly admired him for it, and I always managed to stay in touch with him. There was no question that we weren’t friends, I really loved the guy. I think that what has happened will in years to come make people realize that John was an international statesman. He often looked a loony to many people. He made enemies, but he was fantastic. He was a warm man who cared a lot and with the record Give Peace A Chance helped stop the Vietnam War. He made a lot of sense.”

George Harrison
“After all we went through together I had and still have great love and respect for him. I am shocked and stunned. To rob life is ultimate robbery. This perpetual encroachment on other people’s space is taken to the limit with the use of a gun. It is an outrage that people can take other people’s lives when they obviously haven’t got their own lives in order.”

“Here’s a nice story that comes to mind concerning my time with the Beatles. It was 1968 in India, we were all gathered together in the Maharishi’s bungalow, four Beatles, one Beach Boy, Mia Farrow and me. Maharishi was on the floor sitting cross-legged, but the rest of us were all still standing around as we’d just arrived. Anyway there was a kind of embarrassed hush in the room and John Lennon (always the funny one) decided to break the silence so he walked up to the Maharishi, patted him on the head and quietly said, ‘There’s a good guru.’ John certainly had a wicked tongue all right, but he was honest to a fault. Therefore, many people often considered him to be very hard and forward. Actually, that’s how he protected his sensitivities, by saying exactly what he felt. As far as I’m concerned, he ranks up there with Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Gandhi as a figure for peace in the world.”

Norman Mailer
“We have lost a genius of the spirit.”

Frank Sinatra
“It was a staggering moment when I first heard the news. Lennon was a most talented man and above all, a gentle soul. John and his colleagues set a high standard by which contemporary music continues to be measured.”

Sean Lennon Five years old
“Now Daddy is part of God. I guess when you die you become bigger, a part of everything.”

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Comments on: "31 Years Since John Lennon Was Assassinated!" (4)

  1. Tarryn333 said:

    Lovely what Sean said, and being just five at the time.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      I agree Sean saw the bigger picture of what had happened. It shows that he had been raised correctly. To me it’s just a beautiful tribute to John Lennon.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Bobby Schayer said:

    RIP John Lennon!

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