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I am pleased to introduce to you an addition to my Psychic Service-Danni-an Intuitive Psychic that I personally trained. She is truly gifted with empathy, and guidance to answer your deepest questions.

Danni brings years of experience to her readings. She has a straightforward-down home approach with her clients. People have told me that she makes them feel comforted with her exceptional gift of compassion. So sit back and relax and enjoy your time with Danni.

Be assured that she will be accurate in her readings. You can contact her between 3:00 PM and 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time-seven days a week. Call her directly at (888)-693-8437 Extension Number 02489712. You can also book an appointment with her by calling me, Cherokee Billie at (866)-563-3997.

Because of the addition of Danni I am now able to offer Extended Business Hours. You can call until 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time-seven days a week. I know that this is a real bonus for those on Pacific Standard Time.

I look forward to your feedback on your readings with sweet Danni! Click here for more information About Danni.

The Warrior of the Light knows the importance of Intuition. In the midst of battle,she does not have time to think about the enemy’s blows so she uses His instinct and obeys His angel. In times of peace, she deciphers the signs that God sends her. People say: “She lives in a fantasy world.” Or even: “How can she possibly believe in such illogical things?” But the Warrior knows that Intuition is God’s language and shecontinues listening to the wind and talking to the stars.


Comments on: "Let Me Introduce Danni Intuitive Psychic and Extended Office Hours!" (4)

  1. I wish Danni all the best with her readings. I am sure she is a wonderful psychic.

  2. Dear Tarryn:
    I’m sure Danni will appreciate your good wishes. I certainly hope that people try her out because she is truly gifted. Training her was incredible because I do not run across many people that have the natural gift of being a psychic without using Tarot cards or other instruments. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Many blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

  3. I am sure she is a great lady, and quite in tune with the spirit world. Cool your both a team. Awesome gift from God you both are able to posess a wanderful gift, and talent. Thank you, and welcome Danni.


    • Dear Lisa:
      it definitely is going to be a benefit for me to have another person working so they can cover hours when I am not available. Danni thanks you for your kind greeting.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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