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Happy Samhain to you! We will have opportunities on this New Moon at 3° 39′ Scorpio on 26 October 2011, 12:56 PM PDT to remember why Scorpio deals with rebirth and regeneration rather the darker side of life often associated with the eighth sign of the zodiac. Please recall the many wonderful healers and caregivers born with Scorpio prominent in their charts also.

The cross-quarter day of Samhain or All Hallows Eve on October 31st ritualizes the time when the veils between the world thin and the Other Worlds come close. Since it comes during the rising darkness in the northern hemisphere, it commemorates Death in all its aspects. Halloween originated as a holy festival which celebrated those who had come before us as well as releasing those who had just died. The crossing of the Veils was honored as an important part of life. Celebrate where you’ve come from — both your ancestry and your soul-lives — so that you can face the future with the best of your inheritance available to you.

With this Scorpio New Moon, we enter the land of Death. The death of the year begins now, at Samhain/Halloween, as the darkness grows even deeper in the 6 weeks before the Light’s return at Winter Solstice. Our western culture has made death something to be feared, and so we do not welcome it in any form. But Native peoples remember that Death is only the other face of Life. If we are strong enough to face our deaths, as don Juan suggested, then we will get through the Scorpio initiation of death and rebirth.

As the Wheel of the Year turns to this holy season of Death, we have to honor the cycle of life and allow death in the door. We will need to release not only our personal fear of death but also our cultural one. We will have to let go of some habits that no longer serve our greater good. Addictions, fears, betrayals — they taught us something our souls needed to learn. Now at this Scorpio New Moon, let go of the emotions that hold us in death and see how “your mouth [will close] here and immediately open with a shout of joy there’. It’s only when we fear death that we don’t believe in “some unimagined beauty’ and the possibility of new life.


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  1. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    I really know nothing about the new moon in scorpio. But deep inside, I know there are some changes going around. I am a scorpio myself and I have been in the lookout for some specific changes in my life. But there are also the changes that are occurring and I know I did nothing to cause them. Maybe this is the death you are talking about. The death of a phase and the begining of another one. If the new one will be good, or if it will be difficult, this is something that the future has in store for us. Whatever the outcome, I know God is there, here and everywhere. Changes may be difficult at first, but they may be seen as blessings later. I know this is my new moon.
    Hope all is well with you!
    Best wishes,
    Karina de Cillo

  2. Dear Cherokee,

    Chere Cherokee,
    What you say is very interesting, because people misunderstand this important passage from death to rebirth. This moment of initiation brings regeneration, another way to be in life and in his conscience, and in relation to others.
    I was born on October 31, my grandmother used to say that people born on this day speak with the dead. No, I’m not a medium, yet I feel this to be true in another way. You say, “The cross-quarter day of Samhain or All Hallows Eve on October 31st ritualizes the time When the thin veils Between the world and the Other Worlds come close”. The priority project of my life is to connect the world and the Other Worlds, with my words, my analysis and my writings. Most of my consciousness is directed towards that. I want people to understand how much it is joyful, beautiful and very vital.
    I am often angry against our society that requires only a morbid vision of death… regrettably, devoid of horizon. It’s so bad! There is a collective consensus around this morbidity… it is difficult to escape it.
    Thank you for your specific item, interesting and relevant.
    As usual, your analysis is imbued with depth and clarity
    Sylvia (F)

  3. Billie, Thank You for explaining this. This is very interesting and we should all see the truth in this event.

  4. I want to thank each one of you for your insightful comments on this post. Each one of you brought up great thoughts and ideas. I apologize that I cannot answer each one of you individually, but I had an accident and was hurt yesterday and I’m having a difficult time on the computer. Thank you for your understanding.
    Sending all of you blessings and prayers,
    Cherokee Billie

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