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Are Murder Victims Ghosts?

By Cherokee Billie.

The answer is sometimes. Murders that go unsolved often leave the victim (ghost) with the desire for the truth to come out. They want closure for their family and friends. They want to move on into the spirit realm, but feel they cannot until their murderer has been identified and received Karmic or judicial punishment.

When a murderer has been caught immediately, it allows the spirit of the victim to be released and ascend into the spirit world. This is the big difference between solved and unsolved murders. As a psychic medium I have been communicating with the deceased for many years. Most of the people who contact me just want to know how their loved one is and if they have any messages for them. Over the years I have had several individuals’ contact me who wanted to know how their loved one died and who did it. This is not always an easy task. Sometimes the murdered spirit comes quickly and communicates a great deal of information. Other times the spirit cannot tell what happened because it happened quickly or the memory of the event has left them. Many things get tangled for spirits because they are living between two different dimensions. A part of their spirit is still connected to our world and another part is connected to the spirit world.

Perhaps you have seen movies where the spirit cannot understand that they are dead or that they are waiting to identify the killer. So much of these movies are really based on spiritual truth. We do not get instant knowledge when we pass into the spirit world. There are also ghost hunter television programs where they offer information about victims in haunted houses and historical places. Many spirits remain on battlefields still fighting the other spirits.

One year ago I was contacted by a lady whose son was 31 years old and ruled a suicide by the police. She could not accept this because he was a happy content man and she had just seen him that day and he was fine. She asked me if I could channel his spirit, so she could ask questions about that day. After a few minutes I was able to connect with his spirit and he told her that he did not kill himself and gave identification about who had killed him. He was not able to answer every question that she asked, but apparently it was sufficient information for her. She took the information I got and contacted a private detective who started investigating all of the police findings. It turned out that many of the things that I had received in the trance medium state had been accurate. How I know is a year later she contacted me again and told me about the help the messages had been for her about his murder. She wanted me to ask her departed son more questions and I asked if she could send me any and all photographs of the crime scene. She did.

I told her that I wanted a few days to study these pictures and see what messages came through. As soon as I got the pictures I telephoned her and said,” Isn’t it interesting to see where the bullet hole went in.” She said, “What are you talking about?” I told her that it was quite obvious that it was a bullet hole and gun powder around the hole in the photograph. Once I pointed it out to her she was shocked that all of these police and detective people never noticed this. She had not either. “I cannot enlarge this picture. Is it possible you could send it again or have somebody else send it to me.” She had her grandson send the pictures to me again. One picture was particularly unusual because it was where her son was murdered and it was not a pleasant picture because it had blood and brain tissue all over the wheel of his truck. What confused me was of all the pictures there was one where a man was standing at the base of this wheel. It was impossible for anyone to stand in this position. I begin to dream about these pictures over the next week. At last we had our channeled session together. My first question to her was about the picture of the man at the wheelbase. She said, “There is no picture with a man in front of the tire wheel. What are you talking about?”

We were both on the internet together and I said, “Let me send this picture to you so you can see what I am talking about.”

I sent the picture to her and she said, “I don’t see anybody in this picture I only see the wheel.”

Dumbfounded, because I could clearly see a man right next to this wheel, which I knew would be impossible for anyone to be standing by. I decided to try a different way to send the picture. Once again I sent the picture. “Cherokee Billie I don’t see anything here other than the wheel,” she stated.

“Let me describe this man to you.” I told her. “He has on a black tee shirt and has short straight reddish brown hair and I can only see a quarter of his face and body.”

“Oh my god that’s exactly how my son looked.” I could tell that she was crying at this point. “Why can’t I see him and you can?”

“I believe he is indicating what I have always said that this is where the gunshot went into the wheel. He seems to be acknowledging that to me as I speak. There’s no way someone could be in this physical position at the bottom of a tire wheel. Again he wants you to know he did not kill himself. I wish you could be here in front of my monitor and see what I am seeing.”

“I wish I was there too.” She said. She then went on about the rest of the photographs that were taken at the scene of the crime and asked about different people in the photograph. Her son communicated that the two killers were there in the photograph and which ones they were. I had received information in our last channeled session that he was killed because of a connection on the internet. He had videotaped his monitor of what he was seeing just before he was killed. I have requested that she send this videotape to me because it’s possible that I will see or hear something that she cannot. I know that the answers I have given her have helped not only her have connection with her son, but it has helped the investigation.

This is one of the most fascinating changelings I have ever done. I have received information from murder victims before and it has helped their family, but this one keeps getting a wider scope and seems to be more complicated than the others which were usually murders over jealousy or random acts of violence.

So as you can see from these sessions murder victims can often communicate about what happened as best they can. They want to do this so that their spirit can transcend completely into the spirit world.

There are some exceptions where the spirits want to stay because they cannot accept their death. These are the ones that need to be helped pass into spirit and not stay trapped. There are ways to do this as I have learned over the years.

If you ever encounter a ghost realize they might have something to say and if you listen you may be able to help. Not all ghosts are violent and often they are just looking for someone to acknowledge them. Just because they have died does not mean that they have completed what they needed to do or say before going into the light. You may be the one that helps them transcend completely into the light.

~ Great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. Wow Cherokee, you truly are a gifted medium. Loved reading that!!!

    In fact just a few days ago I could feel a strange feeling in my house, like someone was there. A few seconds later I saw my fridge door slowly open by itself. I dont think its a haunting though, but someone visiting. I could be wrong…a few days ago I could feel a strange feeling in my house, like someone was there. A few seconds later I saw my fridge door slowly open by itself. I dont think its a haunting though, but someone visiting. I could be wrong…

    • Dear Tarryn:
      This story is still continuing and I’m still working with the person. I do hear from her son quite frequently. He has instructed many things through me. It’s quite fascinating.
      You could be getting spiritual visitors, not necessarily deceased people, but angels or guides. Ask who it is and see if you get an answer.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Sorry, dont know why my posts are duplicating.

  3. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I am glad to read you again 🙂
    Thank you for this very interesting testimony. Cherokee, do you make a difference between ghosts and orbs, these spheres in which we sometimes see faces …. but no body. Saying ‘orb’, I refer to Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. ‘The Orb Project’.
    Do you think these two entities (ghosts / orbs) move in the same space-time …. or not!
    Thank you
    Sylvia (F)

    • Dear Sylvia:
      I personally have never thought about the difference between ghosts and orbs. I believe that all spirit moves through energy and energy can manifest itself in many different ways. I just focus on what I am seeing and hearing from spirits and try not to analyze it too much. By analyzing you lose the flow of the messages. Thank you so much for your thought provoking comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  4. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    this is fascinating and surely takes a lot of your energy.
    I remember one of your articles about the afterlife where you told us/me, that all our problems and sorrows we have on this planet drift away when we pass into the other dimension. And now here is this picture in my head of so many spirits on the battlefields all over the world still fighting for centuries. And so many questions about this state of being “in between”. Isn`t there any guidance for murdered souls ? And what about murdered animals? And suicide? Imagening that every day thousands and thousands men, women, children, animals are killed and cannot/do not want to transcend – it takes my breath.
    May be one day you can tell us more about this special state and about the guidance we may have or not.
    I hope that this young man you have connected to will find peace. And I appreciate that you are not only helping the living ones.
    Take care dear Cherokee Billie and
    best whishes from
    Is there anything we/I can do for only one of the spirits who cannot find peace?

    • Dear Roswana:
      Yes there are spirits that do not find peace. At the battlefield in Gettysburg Pennsylvania many spirits from the civil war have not found peace and still wander through that area. I believe in time they will go into the light. Pray for those that have not found peace to accept the white light and move on.
      This young man that I channeled for his mother will go into spirit, once it is resolved about his not committing suicide. That is being argued in court at this point. I know that at that point he will move on.
      I think it’s wonderful that you want to help those who have not found their way to the light. That’s why I say pray for them because they can move on if they will open up to the light. Thank you for your interesting observations.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  5. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    Your testimonial is so interesting and caught me wondering how many times I have asked myself what really happens when souls enter the spirit world. For those who were used to studying about the quantic physics or the spiritual lessons, things may be simpler I suppose. I do believe in the afterlife, especially in the remaining of all the knowledge we have acquired in the physical life.

    Anyway, it’s quite a relief to know you have helped the decesead ones see what they have failed to see. Or that you have helped the living ones be at peace with death. I am one of those you helped when you brought me information about my loving sister. You may not know, but I have been at peace since then and no longer see her passing the way I saw before. Rather, it has been so important to come to your blog, read what your write and try to understand this process.

    Therefore, I see this testimonial about this young man as a lesson to me, as well. There are things we feel but cannot explain. That is why I believe your profession to be difficult, so energy-taking and yet so important.

    Best wishes,

    Karina de Cillo

    • Dear Karina:
      I have never forgotten the messages I was able to channel from your sister Kit Kat. So much had been said to you that were negative and you were able to find out what she really thought and felt in spirit. Thank you for letting me know how much that has changed your life.
      Thank you for acknowledging how difficult the work of channeling is. It definitely drains my energy, but the reward is in delivering messages that people desperately need makes up for everything else. I appreciate everything you ever in here and know that God is working mightily in your life.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  6. emeraldforce1 said:

    Thank you for sharing this Cherokee Billie.
    Very interesting and fascinating – certainly gives food for thought.
    Best wishes.
    Lisa 🙂

    • Dear Lisa:
      I’m glad that you received something from this article. It definitely is something to think about. We do not die when we exit this body. Life continues on. Thank you for your comment
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  7. Amazing to read CB… Thanks for sharing 🙂 Susanxoxox

    • Dear Susan:
      This has been one of the most interesting channeling experiences that I have had. I’m glad that this was touching for you as well. I appreciate your comment
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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