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Your Love Was What I Needed

The outpouring from all of you has helped me realize that my blog serves a purpose. I knew that a few people still read it, but I had no idea how many really did read it on a regular basis. The message from Roswana really touched me. Roswana I had no idea you had been following me since the beginning of my blog. Your message made me cry.

I realize that most of you do not always have time to post a comment, but I now understand that just reading my messages helps you. This is what I needed to know. Trust me I did not make the decision quickly about stopping my blog. I have been considering it for many months. After all of your messages I feel revitalized and will continue to post messages.

My energy is very low because of health problems and I have to do so many different things to keep my business going because I do everything myself. Some days it becomes overwhelming and I don’t know how I will do the next thing. That is the reason I stopped my radio program. That was just more stress that I did not need on a weekly basis. Not only that but the people that I speak with, as a psychic, usually have severe problems and it takes a toll on my health hearing so many sad stories daily. I do not mind the work that I do and in fact I love it, because the feedback I get from people about my helping them in their life is the best reward there is. It’s just I am battling many things at one time.

Thank you for your comments and letting me know the value of this blog. I appreciate each message you posted and send you love, angels, and a multitude of blessings.

With love,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Dear Cherokee, thats good news. I am glad that so many people responded in telling you how valuable your blog is.

    I wish you much strength.Dear Cherokee, thats good news. I am glad that so many people responded in telling you how valuable your blog is.

    I wish you much strength.

  2. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    You know what? You can say whatever you want, because we will keep coming back. If not to read your new posts, it will be to read the old ones. You have so many, I probably haven’t read half of them. I am sure you spoke and still speak to all of our hearts, in many different ways. You know how to do so. And we know that here we can find shelther, inspiration, help, a word of advice, a soft reminder, some solution as well as a different way to see things. So, no matter what, really, I will always come back. Always! All-ways!

    Love you,

    Karina de Cillo

  3. I haven’t posted for a long time but I still read your blog. It gives me encouragement and a sense of being uplifted daily. Please know that you are loved and truly valued.Love Anne x

  4. I wanted to share this with you.
    A few weeks ago I was saying something to my sister about the afterlife and all of my questions in this spiritual search I have been endeavoring on for quite some time now. My sister looked at me, with a look like I was talking a foreign language. She really had no idea what I meant even though I mention these things to her all the time. So Cherokee what you are to me is the person on the other end who understands the language I am speaking and thinking and feeling… and that is a gift that you are giving that you may never fully understand the appreciation for. I know it means worlds to me.

  5. Dear Cherokee:
    I am very happy that you keep sending messages and blog will be active.
    If you feel that too much work for you can send fewer messages in the month, we will continue excited anyway. We have formed a nice community where there is much love and positive thoughts so it is good to preserve the friendship.
    I like your strength and dedication in what you do, is a virtue.
    I also wish the best for you, so I send my love.

  6. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    reading your words above, this little prayer immediately came to my mind (hope, my translation into english isnt too bad):

    Mother Earth, carry me,
    Father Sky, protect me,
    Sister sun, warm me,
    Breath of life, flow through me.
    I am a child of The Creation
    And may draw vitality of it,
    When I’m exhausted.
    To be creative again
    As a child of The Creation

    Just want to tell you, what happens inside my head (and heart) when I come here.
    I always took it as a gift – from you, from life, from the internet :-)) – and now I feel ashamed in not letting you know before what a wonderful reminder you are for me. Reminding me of the value of life and The Creation, reminding me that there is more than daily struggle and that we all are here to learn our lessons. Without you – on the other side of this world – I surely would have missed some lessons !!!



    Maybe I can put a little smile on your face instead of making you cry ….. whenever I was in Paris I always visited Jim Morrisons grave. I am sure you would love it: always young (yes, very young) people sitting on his grave and singing songs of The Doors.
    Please take care of yourself.

  7. I’ve been away on holiday. I’m sorry to hear about the blog BUT am happy to hear you are still keeping it. 🙂 We all love reading your wonderful posts each day, even if we all don’t respond all the time.

    The importing thing for you is your health and we will understand if you can’t post as often, but know that you are valued and loved and your posts truly are a blessing 🙂

    Love and Light Susanxoxoxo

  8. I am late in reading your earlier announcement, Cherokee… BUT I am glad to know that you changed your mind! May God continue to bless you and keep you strong! Thanks for staying on with us! 🙂

  9. Lilystardust said:

    Ya know … I was going to suggest you hang onto this blog anyway and just post when you felt up to it … but I didn’t think you would, or would want to hear that. I deleted at least five replies on Facebook I started in an attempt to try to talk you into keeping it.

    I’m really glad you changed your mind. So many here have spoken for so many others of us – we do still read your blog. Maybe not ALL the time, or maybe more at some times than others, but it’s for sure, that your finger is almost ALWAYS on the pulse of something really relevant, as so many others have said; that it was the right thing at the right time. It’s been that way for me too since I first found you here. In fact, you were the gateway to my first ever social networking. I had never participated in any until this blog, and even then, didn’t actually start participating openly until MONTHS after I had been reading and following your blog in silence and anonymity.

    Everything that has been said is true – you HAVE given us inspiration when we really needed it, MUCH more often, and consistently, than you probably really know. And as mentioned, also, is that with this blog, we can access your archives, which is not really possible on Facebook. We also cannot comment at length on Facebook – it will only let you write so much. It’s easier to reply to specific people here and follow others replies. And the blog is more personal. It’s more topic-oriented. Facebook is more socially oriented, and lots of fun – interesting, lively, where one can reply with a few quick words if desired – it’s more oriented towards social interaction and playfulness. It’s like the after-party to the main meal.

    But this is the main meal, a vehicle for deeper reflection, more lengthy discussion, or just a place to go to for healing or inspiration. It’s “quieter” here. If Facebook is the Party Room, this is the Sanctuary Room. It’s nice to have both – it kind of keeps things balanced. And none of us “expects” you to post any more frequently than you ever feel up to doing – that would hold equally for Facebook too, as far as I’m concerned. We don’t want to wear you out! We love what you offer, your creativity and sensitivity, the variety of quotes and topics and questions posed – it’s really good stuff! But not at the expense of seeming to “demand” that you “perform” to nearing exhaustion or overload, or making you feel you have to “keep up” with an imaginary critic, judge, or scorekeeper of your number of posts. “Enough” is a relative term. Sometimes “less is more”. What you post will always be “enough”, whether it’s once a month, once every few months, or once a day. Really. Whatever you feel up to posting is absolutely “enough”. Anything you give is a gift. It makes no difference whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or a few times a year. It’s a gift, and we are grateful for any.

    Lisa (Lilystardust)

    • I love what you wrote Lisa:
      “If facebook is the party room; then this is the sanctuary room”, perfectly said.

      I always check the blog and Facebook but I don’t always post. I am thankful that Cherokee will keep inspiring us with her blog. It is a special meeting place for us.

      Mary Ann

    • Lisa your words Are so beautiful and leave the truly speechless. God bless you.

  10. To each one of you that made a comment I want to thank you. I’m not able today to answer each one of you personally. I do apologize, but my energy is down to nothing today.

    You remember the robbery I had a few months ago, last night they robbed my next door neighbor. So that has caused a lot of stress and concern. They’re breaking in at night when we’re at home, which is very scary.

    I appreciate the beautiful words you expressed about the things that I share through the blog. I will continue to put things up as often as I can. It was wonderful to hear from all of you how much you look forward to the messages and what they mean to you. This is what I needed to hear so that I would feel I was not just casting words out for nothing.

    Every one of you is special to me that has posted and I can’t thank you enough. Forgive me if I don’t sound exactly with it today because I am just tired and exhausted.

    May you all continue to be blessed by the angels.

    With love,
    Cherokee Billie

  11. Bless you Cherokee. Try some organic spirulina (powder) to give your immune system a boost. It helps me.

    Love you,
    Mary Ann

  12. Thank you Cherokee Billy for continuing your posts! I do also benefit immeasurably and read them aloud to my daughters. Your blog is one of the few I read consistently as I have unsubscribed from many other blogs that promise to deliver but really just too too much time to read. I always take time to read what you have to say! I hop and pray and trust that much good health is returning to you and your life is calming down after a rough year. I hope everyone who loves you finds a way to show you the appreciation you deserve for being so generous with your love and light.

  13. You are one of the most generous people I have ever met. You work in our Lord’s light, and shine it upon every single one of us:) Thanks for all you do.

    Your Friend,

  14. I appreciate your comments and support. You will never know how much I needed this at this time. Mary Ann I appreciate your advice, but I’m not able to take many supplements because of having Crohn’s disease. I understand supplements and nutrition very well being a Naturopathic doctor. Lately I have been getting clients coming to me for my medical intuitive services and I enjoy it so much to be able to work again as a doctor. That was what I always wanted to be and love doing more than anything. Roswana Thank you for telling me about visiting Jim Morrison’s grave. If you ever get there again place a flower on the grave for me. Each one of you is very special to me and so many of you I have gotten to know privately, which is a real treat. Sending you all blessings and love now and always, Cherokee Billie

  15. May God bless you and the safety of your home and your neighbors’ homes. These are scary times we live in now… all we can do is trust in the Lord and continue to help each other get through these times. We love you!

  16. I’m glad that you have decided to continue with the blog posts. I’ve always told you that you are planting seeds through all of the work that you do, and have done, whether it be these blog posts, comments, articles, or personal contact. When, and if, these seeds will sprout and take root in an individual is up to that individual. I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know because we have talked about this before many times. Teachers rarely get to see the finished product of their efforts; that just goes with the territory. I understand how it feels being a teacher myself. It is difficult to continue, however, when there is very little feedback, and you wonder if your efforts are worth it…if you are making a difference at all. I know how long you have contemplated the fate of the blog. Well, you got your answer….and I am not surprised in the least! 🙂 Now, continue to go at a pace that is comfortable for you and don’t put added pressure on yourself. You are the one that determines the schedule. We will be here. I don’t always post a comment because I may not have anything in particular to say on the topic. That is just the way that I am as you know. I have enjoyed reading all of the beautiful comments posted by your friends, Cherokee Billie. You are truly loved, and your friendship is a treasure.

  17. Billie, I just wanted to say I’m glad you will still be doing your blog. I’ve been reading your blog and articles for about 2 years or so. I don’t always comment but I’ve always been more of a listener then a talker. I always take something away (learn) from what your posts on your blogs or articles, even your radio show when you were doing it. I consider you to be a spiritual teacher, even though we’ve never spoken on the phone, etc. Just take it one day at a time, if you can’t post daily or how ever frequrent you were posting, all of us will understand.

  18. I appreciate your kind words and support. It’s nice to know who is out there and reading this blog. Thank you for taking the time to post your comments.
    Many blessings and prayers,
    Cherokee Billie

  19. Dear Cherokee Billie, I’ve been away for a few days… I just wanted to say that your blog and page keeps me ticking with THE REAL world. I think Creator loves me very much, for He showed me a way to you. You are such a powerfull lady for recruiting such a strenght in the weak body to give a knowledge and fun, and knowledge through fun to us (through your blog). Thank you for your decision.

  20. I too enjoy your blog, CB. It has helped me through some very tough times. I’ll miss it, but your health comes first, get well soon CB, love you!!!

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