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by Cherokee Billie.

In today’s modern world there never seems to be enough time. We rush from the time we get up until the time we go to bed. We battle traffic, work, deadlines, e-mail, family matters, and love life. Everything we have to get done in 24 hours! There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. People used to work a 40 hour week, now the work hours go into your private life and many people have to spend time on the computer or phone continuing work at home.

People often come to me for psychic/spiritual advice, and they are totally burnt out. They cannot understand why they cannot stop crying, yelling at people, being angry, and feel totally confused. The fact that they know something is wrong is the first step to turning their lives around.

In our high tech modern world, we need an antidote. It is time to turn back to the ancient teachings of Native Americans, which offers common sense, an uncomplicated approach to life, and a way to appreciate our existence.

My video will show you how.


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  1. Years ago, even without knowing about this technique, I did the burning thing. Months after I thought I was finally through with my ex, I came across a huge picture of us that my mother once had framed in her home. Without really thinking, I took it with me outside and lit it on fire, and I have to say…watching our faces – HIS face – being crumbled into ashes was really really relieving. I burnt my past and I scattered the ashes through the window and watched it disappear in the wind. It was raining the next day but I knew that somewhere behind those thick clouds was the sun that had risen to show me that a New day had begun in my life, and my past was over.

    • Dear Lene:
      You are naturally drawn to do the burning ceremony. What a great story and it proves what I say that you will feel better after you burn a name or a picture because you have released it into spirit. Thank you for sharing your story.
      With love,
      Cherokee Billie

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