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New Moon July 30

Occurring on July 30 in the United States and July 31 in Australia, July’s Leo new Moon brings a message of revolution, change, taking bold steps, standing up to the status quo and making one’s mark on the world.

‘Challenging powerful institutions’ is very much the order of what’s happening. This can be an internal process or change or it could be something that’s welling from within your being that needs a new emergence, a greater sense of personal autonomy, freedom and more authenticity. It can speak of challenging the establishment and wanting to overthrow the old, corrupt and disingenuous ways of the past.

It will be fascinating to watch the silliness of the United States government until someone takes leadership. Also the financial markets and what’s going on in the world as there are bound to be many ramifications with so much going on.

Making this new Moon way more powerful, stronger and bigger is Jupiter (a planet which can be known for the overstatement), it’s the planet of big things, expansion, optimism, religion, philosophy, faith and things foreign
With Jupiter so closely squaring this new Moon, it could show a time for you to embrace change, freedom, expansion and get going with the things you’ve been wanting to do. Caution is advised, however, not to overreach; don’t go way beyond comfortable boundaries, but do look to possibilities, gifts perhaps, and rewards.

One thing is for sure, the old guard is getting thrown over in some way and the new is making more of a mark.

We are indeed in a time of great change and of overthrowing the current ways of doing things that are based on fear based systems. Many things need to change for us to evolve to a place of love. We need to ask for that change and no longer allow disrespect and a lack of integrity to run rampant through our major systems. We must ask/demand for the respect that we deserve as people of the Earth from anyone or anything does not treat us with the respect that we deserve.

It is a time to enjoy the things that we have learned and rejoice for the equalities of mankind and woman kind. It is time to look at how far we’ve come and keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. We have become more and more discerning in what we want and how we want to live. We are making great strides toward a more green, organic, peaceful, spiritual way to live our lives on may levels. Things are screwed up but we are also making progress. We must dwell on the progress and make it grow. If we dwell on the hell we make that grow. Stay on track and know that we are evolving now.

Now is the time to get going on creating our world the way we want it to be and creating ourselves the way we want ourselves to be. Get healthy by creating it. Don’t just watch calories, eat healthier!! More fruits and veggies. It is summertime so go to the farmers markets and get the fresh stuff with all the nutrition still in it!! Take care of yourself. Hang out with the people you love and tell them how much you appreciate who they are!! Have some fun in the sun with friends and family. Enjoy each other while we are here. Love each other and treasure each other each and every day. Appreciate all you have learned from those around you. Appreciate all those things that you are getting from those around you who love you enough to give.

Create for yourself a new storefront that will help the community. What talent do you have that you can share with the community to ease suffering and bring joy? Do it in your own special way that is just yours uniquely.

Now is the time for the rebirth of the spirit in Jupiter’s new moon. What can you do to rebirth yourself and the world around you? How can you re-invent yourself to be more uniquely helpful to your community with your special talents. What obstacles need to be removed for you to make this happen? How can you begin to make that change starting right now? You are the change!


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