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By Cherokee Billie ND.

Eating a regular breakfast does help weight loss. In fact eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Food Is Fuel! Increase your natural body’s metabolism by eating breakfast.

Having burned about 450 calories while sleeping, your body NEEDS breakfast! So make time! Breakfast is good for weight loss. Your body needs to Break The Fast-hence the name breakfast!

Eat breakfast before doing anything in the morning. This fuels your body with energy. This is setting a foundation for the day. You would not try to drive a car without fuel. Yet, we require our entire bodies to function without proper fuel on a daily basis. Then we wonder why the body breaks down with bad health and stress.

Spend 10 minutes eating cereal, some fruit and a fat-free yogurt or a poached egg and toast. And take an apple and a whole meal sandwich to work. Avoid the high fat fast food lunches. Lose weight by eating good food, not by starving yourself and then eating doughnuts!

According to research data compiled by the US National Weight Control Registry, eating a regular breakfast is one of 4 habits shared by long-term successful dieters.

In my many years of counseling I have found the majority of clients do not eat breakfast at a regular time daily or they avoid breakfast entirely. Most people get breakfast on the go and eat at different times daily.

Fueling the body first thing each morning stabilizes the blood sugars giving you far more energy daily. Also this increases the body’s metabolism to burn fuel more effectively. It’s important to eat at the same times every day and to include a snack every few hours. Ideal snacks can be a handful of nuts, fruit, yogurt, or turkey slices. This helps keep the body charged with energy and increases the metabolism, which can lead to weight loss. Remember Food Is Strictly Fuel.

The Creator knew what He was doing when He designed foods for the human body. The problem has been the denaturalization of food by the human race! Fast food is Low Fuel. Whole Food is High Performance Fuel.

It is simple changes that add up to long term weight loss. Start every day with breakfast and you will be amazed at the difference.

Food Can be your Best Medicine!

Comments on: "Breakfast a Must for Weight Loss!" (6)

  1. I usually dont eat in the morning, but think I should start. Thanks Cherokee!

  2. Dear Tarryn:
    I’m glad my little article made an impact on you about the need for breakfast to feed your body for the day. There’s no question it’s the number one meal our body needs. I appreciate your comment.
    Many blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

  3. Billie, Thanks for teaching me this fact about one month ago when I was seriously ill.
    You have helped me on the road to recovery with vitamins and the right kind of foods…Thanks again…Norma

    • dear Norma:
      I am grateful that my advice has helped and that you are on the road to recovery. You tell me that you Never ate breakfast and now you see the benefit. continue to get better.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  4. Great advice. I have oatmeal/porridge every morning with raisins and oatmilk (yum) 😉

    • Dear Susan:
      you’ve got it set for the day by eating breakfast! Good for you. You are doing a great deal to help your health.
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      Cherokee Billie

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