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By Cherokee Billie.

Debt talks between Obama and House Speaker John Boehner came to a grinding halt Friday night when Boehner abruptly broke them off, raising new uncertainties that a deal could be struck to avert a threatened government default.

If this occurs the government will not pay Social Security/Disability to the millions that are dependent on this money to survive monthly. I was watching the news last night and they were interviewing different people who are dependent on Social Security and showing how they live, which is below the poverty line. When the news report finished I found myself crying at what is occurring, when it does not need to.

There is a Social Security trust fund that is solvent until 2036, so again why do we need to borrow the money to pay Social Security checks? This trust was established to secure Social Security money from being used for any other means. Manipulate the poor and disabled because they have no way to fight back, is the only thing I feel about this.

If the United States goes into default this will affect the number one gold standard rating that the United States has worldwide. If that happens the credibility of the country goes way down. I do not believe that Obama wants this to happen on his watch, because it will take a miracle to bring back the rating and ranking of America worldwide. If this occurs you will start to see people going beyond protesting and the potential for violence and rioting will increase.

If the government would stop spending – debt would be reduced. It just is that simple. Yet, the government likes to make it more complicated.

I ask that you pray for the United States Government, because it definitely needs Divine intervention at this time.

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” George Orwell


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  1. Baer, Norma said:

    Billie…..Thank you for speaking out!!! The government spends the money, and want us to give up our social security that we have worked years for to help pay back the problems that they cause! This is ‘Unconstitional”
    They first should be willing to give up their pay! They make the bills so don’t threaten our only income to pay for the deficate! !!!

  2. Billie…Thank you for speaking out!!! The government make the bills, and use their scare tactics on the American people who have worked for years and or now dependent on Social Security to survive!
    These officals are elected into office by the people to make decisions for the people.
    This is “Unconstitutional”!!!
    Are they willing to give up their money?
    It is not our fault that the deficate is enormous. It is the governments own doing.
    America, we are in trouble!…

    • Dear Norma:
      You make some good points here. It is not the average Americans fault that the government has gone into debt so deeply. Yet, the average person always pays the price for others mistakes. I would love to see the politicians not receive their paychecks and you can be guaranteed that things would change very quickly. Thank you for your comment
      Sending you blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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