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Changes To My Website

I have been working on many changes to my website this week. I have now added My Advice/Article Section to my website and have made it very easy to find an article on any topic.

If you want to read articles on channeling, for example, just click the link at the top and you will be taken directly to that section. So check out the page, but clicking here My Advice/Article Section to be inspired, learn, and be uplifted.

In case you have never visited my website check out all the different pages to learn more about what you can learn and what I offer my clients.

I welcome your feedback.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Comments on: "Changes To My Website" (6)

  1. Cherokee your website is fantastic!!! So many wonderful, inspiring articles to read, and much to learn from. There is always something to lift the spirits and comfort the soul. Thank you.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      thank you for your feedback on my website. It’s true I have a great deal of Advice and articles that are helpful for many. I truly appreciate your comment.
      Have a wonderful weekend my friend,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Very Cool CB 🙂 Susanxoxo

  3. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    Congratulations on your site! There are no words to express, everything is very well designed, well organized, the layout is very smart and very easy surf. It feels so good to visit a site like yours, since you know where to find what you need. Besides, I must take my hat off for the quality of your posts: they are full-on inspirational, realistic, simple and yet so remarkable. This is a gift coming from your heart to your readers and being one of them, I am bound to say I am really proud to be part of this group!
    Thank you for giving the best of yourself!

    Karina de Cillo

    • Dear Karina:
      I appreciate your feedback on my website. I’m glad that you find it easy to navigate and like the content. I work every day on improving my website. I offer so many things that will help people on their spiritual path without any charge. I’m glad that what I write is inspirational for you. That means a great deal to me. Thank you so much for your critique on my website!
      Have a wonderful week!
      Sending you blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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