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Obama Has Gone Too Far

Obama announced today that unless something radical is done to reduce the debt that Social Security checks will not be issued on August 3. But, but, but we are being told that Social Security does not add to the deficit. If so, why do we need to borrow the money to pay the checks and why would it be affected by the debt ceiling?

We also have this Social Security trust fund that’s solvent until 2036 so again why do we need to borrow the money to pay Social security checks?

How many elderly and disabled people are now scared to death that they will not have money August 3 to pay their bills on time? This scare tactic is unbelievable!

I don’t see anyone in the government offices being told that they will not receive their checks!

There is only one word for this, PATHETIC! The debt ceiling has nothing to do with Social Security checks. Want to stop the debt-STOP SPENDING!

Stopping the war would reduce $6 billion a day that is being spent. Perhaps that might help reduce the debt instead of the amount that is sent out to recipients of Social Security. It is nowhere near $6 billion a day!

By Obama saying “I can’t guarantee those checks will go out” he once again gives himself political cover. On August 3rd, more than likely, all the checks will go out and the President steps to a podium and declares “Even though the Republicans don’t want you to get your money, I have decided that this is too important and I have decided that the government will meet it’s obligations, It was my decision and my decision alone to make sure that these checks go out.” Once again making sure he looks like the good guy.

I am sure some of you may not like what I have to say, but this is ridiculous when you put so much fear into people who worked hard all their lives and paid into Social Security, and now tell them that they will not receive their monthly check. This is inhumane in my opinion.

This is just the beginning of manipulation that is going to occur, so get ready for more blockbusters like this one today.


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  1. Cherokee I agree with you 100%. I never thought that Obama was the right person for the job, and still dont. There is something about him that is so false…and other things.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      I did not believe he was qualified for the job. It had nothing to do with his race. Had Colin Powell ran for president I would have been happy because he has great experience. Many people are afraid to speak out against Obama because people will call them a Racist which is not true in most cases. this announcement yesterday proves he does not understand the people. I can say what I feel because according to the constitution I am guaranteed the right to free speech. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

      • You make a good point about people not wanting to say anything about him, out of fear of being branded a racist. Just to clear something up – not for you Cherokee because I know you understand my meaning – when I said ” and other things” this had nothing to do with race, I could care less what colour his skin is.

        • Dear Tarryn:
          There’s so much that has went down that is wrong I did not mistake what you were saying. I wanted to clarify for other people that it is not a race issue, because that is constantly brought up anytime anybody says something negative against Obama. I wouldn’t care if he was green wrong is wrong. I brought up points in this article that I wrote that are fact based especially about there being sufficient funds in Social Security until the year 2036. I also point out what he’s going to do by August 2. You can take it for what it’s worth, but I know this was a scare tactic to hit the small person who is dependent on a pension. I appreciate your comment.
          Many blessings,
          Cherokee Billie

      • I just today decided to peak…I agree wholeheartedly…it just is bad, bad role modeling..thank God for this wisdom comment Cherokee..i was so conflicted on last election, but my sentiments on not balanced enough for the job have always been in me..I think I tipped my family to 60..40 on last election for the other side..we vote more as independents here..we really need a complete overhaul in Washington..and in the way we all reason….for things to have gone this love to all here…Sarah

  2. This is bullsh*t!!

  3. Roswana said:

    I do not believe any word of any politician, but this Mr. Obama is cleaning the image of the USA which was really, really bad all over the world since the area of Bush – even worse than the time of Nixon.
    Every leader of every country is in this position also for spiritual reasons. Don´t you think so? What is he teaching your country and the world? And what are the lessons he has to learn?
    Best wishes from Germany

    • Dear Rose:
      I do agree that George Bush was a terrible president. I do not know what Obama’s spiritual reasons are for being in the position that he is in. Time reveals everything. Yes, he is there for some spiritual reason, but I do believe that the people are suffering and that it is going to become worse as I have stated before in articles I have written. I appreciate your taking the time to bring up these points and making a comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  4. Harriett L. Cunningham said:

    I have been a staunch democrat since I registered to vote 40+ years ago, I am so disappointed and disillusioned with how our country is being run. It seems to be all about power and greed. I’m all for helping anyone in need, but not to the extent that citizens of our country are being neglected. Charity begins at home. As for social security being used as a tactic to force GOP to vote President Obama’s way, I am horrified!! SS shoUld not enter the equasion. President Obama is not experienced enough to be America’s leader. He does not know enough about SS history to use it as a weapon. Enough is enough!!!

    • Dear Harriet:
      I can understand your frustration. I have never followed any one party, I’ve just always tried to look at the individual and go from there. You have every reason to be horrified at the tactics that are being used at this time. I’m always telling people that I pray for America and now America needs prayer more than ever. Thank you so much for your comment and welcome to my blog.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  5. I hope the above video posts, but if not, here is the link to Lawrence O’ Donnell’s “The Last Word” program on MSNBC from last night, which I hope will better explain the chess game strategy that has been going on:

    While Obama has appeared to be willing to concede to Republican demands, what he has actually done is to call their bluff in order to make it really obvious where they stand and how unwilling they are to truly “negotiate”. It appears that he has been leading them on to think that he will sacrifice our (so-called) “entitlements” in order to gain their approval to raise the debt limit so that they will show their true colors. The Republicans have now effectively been backed into a corner where their only choice is to concede to him, because refusing to raise the debt limit would be akin to financial suicide. As stated later in this program, “There are worse things than raising taxes”; not raising the debt limit would be worse than raising taxes on the rich and corporations, and the Republicans know this, so now they are caught between having to choose to either refuse to raise the debt limit and have our entire world economy crash as a consequence, or to give up their demands to cut spending, targeted as our entitlements, and raise the debt limit without any of their proposed spending cuts. The game has been, they refused to approve raising the debt limit unless our entitlement programs were cut, and Obama has said, OK, we’ll cut those programs only IF we can then counter balance it with revenue increases, which means raising taxes on the wealthy. Since Republicans refuse to ever raise taxes, they are now stuck. Obama will not cut spending unless Republicans allow these taxes to be raised. So the Republicans have to give in, because not raising the debt ceiling is far more injurious than raising taxes, and they know it. They have to release the “hostage” (voting to raise the debt ceiling) without their demands being met (cutting social security / spending, etc.), or lose everything (the economy). What Obama has done is play them for the corrupt fools they are. The problem the Republicans now have is division in their own ranks, as many of them (mostly Tea Partiers) would still be willing to sink the whole ship rather than give in and approve raising the debt limit with no conditions (spending cuts) attached to it. I think Obama is trying to play this out as carefully and strategically as he can, making them think he will “compromise” and cut spending, but then throwing it back at them and saying, OK, we’ll cut spending, but ONLY if we also raise taxes at the same time, which the Republicans must refuse to do. Most of the Republicans signed an agreement with a guy named Grover Norquist stating that they will NEVER EVER raise taxes. (Google Grover Norquist for more information).

    I hope this helps. It is still scary to think that we have been even pretendedly put on the auction block by Obama, but I believe he is trying to smoke them out, so to speak, knowing that they would never concede to raising taxes as part of this “compromise”, and would have to give in. The real enemies are the Republicans, who truly have no reservations in selling the American people down the river to corporate interests.

    • Dear Lily:
      I understand what you have posted. But I’m talking about Social Security and the enormous stress this has placed on the elderly and disabled. You can never say anything that will make me feel that Obama is doing a good job, until he does do a good job. I appreciate what you have to say.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Actually, I think we’re all feeling that anxiety, and I’m continuing to sign the petitions as I receive them. I do believe that Obama is doing this in order to scare the daylights out of those who may still be completely in the dark and misguided by what the Republican’s real intentions are, which to me are far worse than this scare because most of what they are trying to do is to completely dismantle as much of any and all government services, entitlements, worker’s rights and protections (Unions), and regulations, (including environmental) as they possibly can, and have already begun the war against the American people (and women) on the State level now, as spectacularly illustrated by the goings on in Wisconsin by Governor Scott Walker and others now attempting to follow in his footsteps. It’s the fight of our lives for all of us and none of us dare lose. There is much more at stake than Social Security, Disability, and Medicare. They are out to completely unravel and destroy our entire democracy. So I see this unconscionable “scare” as relative to a far greater evil; it serves to wake up those who are asleep at the wheel of complacency (hopefully). Maybe not intentionally, or maybe more as a last resort – I don’t know. But the Republicans have become so radicalized, in my (and many others) opinions, that they’re forcing a somewhat more radicalized response. Grover Norquist’s famous quote is, “I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.” This is the creed of their High Priest who pontificates in their devotion to the Corporate Gods. They would have all of our government dismantled to that end and privatized for profit in its place. This is their goal. I agree that Obama has seemed too conciliatory in his efforts to “reach across the aisle”, and many of us are already disillusioned by what has seemed to be compromising to the point of nearly completely losing recognition for what was intended (single payer health care). So I, along with you, hope that we don’t become compromised into oblivion; that the life boat we are all on doesn’t get so full of collective holes that it sinks from the accumulation of compromises rather than a few really big holes. So stay attentive, and try not to get distracted by the small stuff, because the big stuff is a whole lot worse. It’s ALL important. I’m right there with you, and will continue to join the rally of support in both making our displeasure known to our representatives, and by insisting that we are not compromised out of recognition by our President. But I still think there is hope here, and this fight is very significant, profound, and dire. I believe the Republicans are really out for blood, any way they can. They do not represent the American people; they represent Corporate America. All I can say is, none of us want to lose what took years, decades, and centuries to build. Better to be scared now than to suffer the repercussions of ignorance later. That’s about all I can offer.

        • I totally agree with what you have to say here. It is time for people to wake up and not be complacent any longer. What ever happen to those activists of the sixties? They are now at retirement age and they should be protesting even stronger than we were back in the 1960’s. I really appreciate your comment Lily.
          Many blessings,
          Cherokee Billie

        • Wow, Lilystardust! That was deep! Thanks for sharing your insight on this posting! It was educational to say the least- revealing and enlightening all at the same time.
          I respect everyone else’s views on this topic but I really do appreciate the information that you have presented, Lilystardust. Thanks!

        • Thanks N. I certainly don’t have all the answers anymore than anyone else, and it often seems that things can change from day to day as well. We are also up against a corporate owned media who filter and control the content and context in which news is presented, so it is helpful to try to select one’s news sources carefully when possible. I am an unabashed liberal and admittedly gravitate towards news sources which seem to better support my interests. The people I prefer getting my news from are MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, and Ed Schultz (their podcasts can be seen online), also Keith Olbermann, who is now on the Current TV cable channel (with limited videos of his show online), Senator Bernie Sanders, Thom Hartmann (excellent!), and some of the many links provided from these sources (Think Progress, Media Matters, Truth Out, and many others.) They all help to round out my own understanding.

          I’m still concerned that Obama may in fact “negotiate” to cut some of our “entitlements”, as more recent news is now suggesting, so again, it is important to pay attention and contact your representatives!!!! Write to them! It’s as simple as sending an email these days.

          Here are some links to some of the programs and politicians I like to follow (especially Thom Hartmann, first two below):

          Also, former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is making a comeback and running for re-election. He’s another hero to me.

          That’s probably enough for now. As the news media has already said, “Nothing is settled until it’s settled.” So it isn’t “over” yet.


        • Thanks, Lily!

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