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Today’s Economy And Your Life

With Food and oil prices on the rise in many parts of the world how has the economic climate affected you?

Aftermath of the Robbery

It’s almost two weeks since my apartment was broken into and robbed. I told you about the spray that the thieves sprayed into my bedroom window to knock me out, well that has caused me to become very sick in my lungs and having breathing difficulties which has led to a full blown cold and bronchitis. I am prone to pneumonia and I’m bordering on it right now.

They police report was made and the insurance company came out and photographed the break in and I listed what was stolen which was mainly cash and some jewelry. I just received notification from the insurance that they will not pay for anything. Not the repairs of where the thieves broke into the window and the damage they caused trying to break into other windows. Also they are not going to cover anything that was stolen as they said it was not stated in the policy.

It’s impossible to state how much money you’re going to have at any given time. And I did not have the jewelry when I made up the policy because it was a gift to me last year.

I put out a lot of money to repair everything and to get all of the reports that I needed. It just is so disheartening.

I have not been able to work this week and I still feel unable to do my normal job. It’s going to take at least another week until I’m over this lung and cold condition and then I have to build my strength back up, because I feel absolutely no energy. It’s taken all the energy I have to write this. I just have to get out how I’m feeling and my frustration at this time.

I appreciate all your prayers and support.

Thank you for everything,
Cherokee Billie

Solar Eclipse and Full Moon

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon – June. This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry!

Today’s Lunar eclipse: total eclipse visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

A Spiritual Spring

By Reverend Harold Boulette.
“All things shall melt and turn into songs when Spring comes. Even the stars, the vast snow-flakes that fall slowly upon the larger fields, shall melt into singing streams. When the sun of His face shall rise above the wider horizon, then what frozen symmetry would not turn into liquid melody? And who among you would not be the cup-bearer to the myrtle and laurel?” ~Kahlil Gibran

It sounds like Gibran is expecting the world to become one of sound, of a celestial melody, at the end times, but this is metaphor for the world of disharmony/materialism becoming a world of harmony/spirit. It sounds like a wonderful thing the way Gibran describes it here, and indeed it is, but don’t forget that before we can have that wonderful spring come to melt the snow and warm our hearts, there must be a winter to bring that snow in the first place, and that is what we have been experiencing in the past few decades.

The snow is, of course, also metaphor. It represents hardship, difficulties, the horrors brought about by man’s insistence that he can run things and doesn’t need God interfering ( or that God should intervene only when, where, and how man asks Him to as if God was our servant when it is supposed to be us who serve God). The “snow” comes in many forms: disease, storms, wars, famine, floods, etc. And in the past few years, these hardships have been getting more common and that will continue into next year.

To some extent, the snow can be avoided, but it requires us to wake up to reality. Before the Spring Gibran wrote about can set us free, we have to acknowledge that we have become prisoners of our own greed and materialism, our own lack of faith, and our willingness to do the work of Satan and his dark forces, and we have to turn to God to set us free. And not a god we have made in our own image, but the true God of spirit.

Animals Have Souls-They Are The Essence Of Pure Love!

By Cherokee Billie.

The subject of animals having souls is cause for great debate for religions and individuals. Yet, if you have ever had a close relationship with an animal you know they have emotions and a soul. It is a scientific fact that energy cannot die, it only changes form. That applies to humans and animals.

Many people have faith and believe that when they shuffle off this mortal coil they will be in heaven. Faith applies in the belief that we will be reunited with our precious pets on the other side. St. Francis of Assisi is honored by the Catholic Church as the patron saint of animals. Why would there be a saint for animals if there was not a soul or spirit to these precious creatures?

I have never seen an animal place a baby in a bag and throw it into the water to drown. I have never seen an animal shoot a human being for sport. I have never seen an animal set fire to a human for enjoyment.

I have seen animals rescue humans and other animals. I have seen animals cry over the death of their beloved master or the loss of one of their own kind. I have seen mother animals care and nurture their children.

To Continue Reading This Enlightening Article Click Here.

One-On-One Psychic Classes

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First Impressions Count!

We all are intuitive and we understand more than we think when we meet people. What are the first things you notice about people you just met?

For me it is the eyes, which are the windows of our soul. Also for some reason I tune into people’s hands. The hands seem to tell me a lot and I am not looking at them doing palmistry, it’s just always been something I have noticed.

So share with me what you observe the most about someone you meet for the first time.

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