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What Is A Dad?

A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up,
brushes you off,
and lets you try again.

A dad is someone who
wants to keep you from making mistakes
but instead lets you find your own way,
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with pride when you succeed,
and has faith in you even when you fail…

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.

Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers Living and in Spirit!

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  2. Anabella said:

    Dear Cherokee:
    I like the love you feel for your dad is very tender. I think moms and dads will always be with us and take care if they are not physically with us, a bond of love that can never be cut.
    It is very true and beautiful poetry. My dad trusts me even when I myself do not trust me and encouraged when I have difficulties. To him I owe much.
    I wish all of you a nice Father’s Day and remember him with love.

    • Dear Anabella:
      Yes, my father will always be the number one hero in my life. You are right; Parents never stop caring for us even when they have left their bodies.
      It is wonderful the special relationship you have with your father. Sounds a lot like the relationship with mine. He always believed in me when I doubted myself. Thank you for all your good wishes.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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