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It’s almost two weeks since my apartment was broken into and robbed. I told you about the spray that the thieves sprayed into my bedroom window to knock me out, well that has caused me to become very sick in my lungs and having breathing difficulties which has led to a full blown cold and bronchitis. I am prone to pneumonia and I’m bordering on it right now.

They police report was made and the insurance company came out and photographed the break in and I listed what was stolen which was mainly cash and some jewelry. I just received notification from the insurance that they will not pay for anything. Not the repairs of where the thieves broke into the window and the damage they caused trying to break into other windows. Also they are not going to cover anything that was stolen as they said it was not stated in the policy.

It’s impossible to state how much money you’re going to have at any given time. And I did not have the jewelry when I made up the policy because it was a gift to me last year.

I put out a lot of money to repair everything and to get all of the reports that I needed. It just is so disheartening.

I have not been able to work this week and I still feel unable to do my normal job. It’s going to take at least another week until I’m over this lung and cold condition and then I have to build my strength back up, because I feel absolutely no energy. It’s taken all the energy I have to write this. I just have to get out how I’m feeling and my frustration at this time.

I appreciate all your prayers and support.

Thank you for everything,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. I am so sorry Cherokee Billie. Where is the justice for you? This is so wrong. It hurts when you can feel that these people don’t care, and aren’t really willing to help at all. I hope the thief has to pay for it soon. That person who stole from you belongs in prison. Also, he should be charged with almost killing you with that spray he put in your apartment. Your always in my prayers and thoughts.

    Your Real Friend,

    • dear Lisa:
      as you know there is not a lot of justice in this world. All we can do is pray for the divine justice to take action. In the meantime I’m just devastated. Thank you for always been there for me.
      Many blessings,

  2. Jo Burton said:

    I am so sorry, where is the justice in this? There seems to be so little help for the victim these days. Please get better soon, I feel for you.

  3. Catarina said:

    Dear Cherokee Billie-
    I am sorry that this has happened to you. I hope that you feel better very soon. I hope that your apartment has been made more secure to keep you safe. It is so unfair that your insurance company is unwilling to pay for any of the damage or loss you have incurred. I do pray that they catch the thief who did this to you very soon, so that you can have peace of mind in your own home. It is quite possible it is someone who lives near you and has done this kind of thing before to your other neighbors. Have you spoken to others in your neighborhood or asked the police if similar thefts have occurred near you?
    You are in my thoughts and prayers Cherokee Billie, Catarina

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts, but the Police will never find who did the robbery because they’re not looking plain and simple. they could care less than their attitude was very clear when they were here. I never wanted to call the police, but I had to because of the insurance. I have dealt with the police many times in my life and my experiences are not positive. I’m just at my wit’s end. I appreciate your kind thoughts and wishes.
      Many blessings,

  4. Catarina said:

    PS- I am glad the thief was unable to steal away your sense of humor Cherokee Billie! You are still our bluebird of happiness! 😉

  5. OMG CB, I am so sorry to hear this news! I can’t believe the insurance company does not feel the photos and police report were enough to prove you were victimized, this makes me very angry and sad as well.

    I will be sure to keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I love you & divine justice SHALL PREVAIL!!

  6. Anabella said:

    Dear Cherokee:
    I’m sorry what happened. It is very unfortunate the situation of insecurity which we live, I see my country not only terrible things happen, I would like people to change.
    I’m sorry for what happened, and it hurts that his health has deteriorated because of theft. I wish all praying together we bring blessings to you at this time and your health improves.
    I send you my love, I hope you feel better soon. I’m praying for you.

    • dear Anabella:
      I know how much you care and I appreciate your love and kindness that you always show to me. I definitely need your prayers and know that you will be doing that for me.
      With love,

  7. maureen2010 said:

    Dear Cherokee Billie:

    I agree that is very unfair that your health was compromised even further by these ignorant souls. And about the Insurance, I have to say I’m not surprised. There are so many things these companies do so THEY don’t get ripped off, that they end up ripping off their clients!

    Please don’t let it get you down – I love your sense of humour, and it shows us your strength.


    • dear Maureen:
      you know so much about me as we’ve spent so much time together during the private psychic classes and I’m so glad that you’re here for me now. Personally I wish they’d just would have killed me because then I would not be struggling with trying to stay alive, paying bills, and not being able to work. I’m ready to go into spirit At any time. I do not say this lightly folks I really look forward to going. I’ve had enough of this planet. I’m glad you appreciate my humor.
      With love always,

  8. Awww I’m so sorry this happened to you and it has affected your fragile health even more……….I know you are strong and you will be fine 🙂

    Lots of Prayers from me 🙂

    Light and Love Susanxoxox

    • Dear Susan:
      fragile is definitely the word for my health. I appreciate your prayers and the card you sent as well.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  9. Then what he heck was the insurance FOR then?! If they’re not going to cover THAT, then WHAT the heck WOULD they cover?! I’d threaten to cancel the policy and find another company unless they care enough about losing you as a customer to make amends. And if they don’t, fire them, and take your business elsewhere.

    I’m really sorry you had to endure all that. Persevere Billy; it’s all any of us can do. This storm will pass.

    Here’s a song for you.

    Miss Lily

    In this proud land we grew up strong
    we were wanted all along
    I was taught to fight, taught to win
    I never thought I could fail

    No fight left or so it seems
    I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
    I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name
    but no one wants you when you lose

    don’t give up
    ‘cos you have friends
    don’t give up
    you’re not beaten yet
    don’t give up
    I know you can make it good

    though I saw it all around
    never thought I could be affected
    thought that we’d be the last to go
    it is so strange the way things turn

    drove the night toward my home
    the place that I was born, on the lakeside
    as daylight broke, I saw the earth
    the trees had burned down to the ground

    don’t give up
    you still have us
    don’t give up
    we don’t need much of anything
    don’t give up
    ’cause somewhere there’s a place
    where we belong

    rest your head
    you worry too much
    it’s going to be alright

    when times get rough
    you can fall back on us
    don’t give up
    please don’t give up

    ‘got to walk out of here
    I can’t take anymore
    going to stand on that bridge
    keep my eyes down below
    whatever may come
    and whatever may go
    that river’s flowing
    that river’s flowing

    moved on to another town
    tried hard to settle down
    for every job, so many men
    so many men no-one needs

    don’t give up
    ’cause you have friends
    don’t give up
    you’re not the only one
    don’t give up
    no reason to be ashamed
    don’t give up
    you still have us
    don’t give up now
    we’re proud of who you are
    don’t give up
    you know it’s never been easy
    don’t give up
    ’cause I believe there’s the a place
    there’s a place where we belong

    • The video didn’t copy. I’ll try again, and post the link.

    • dear Lily:
      it is good to hear from you again. If you tell the insurance company you Were going to cancel they would not care. they only care about your paying the premium. I appreciate the words to the song as well as the video. I hope that things are going better for you
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  10. Oh Cherokee I am so sorry you are in such a bad way. I just wish somethind would come along to make it all better. You are in my thoughts always.

    • my dear Tarryn:
      I know how much you care and thank you so much for the beautiful card that you sent me. It meant so much to me, I just have not had the mental energy to do much today, but I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated. As always thank you for your words.
      Many blessings in love,
      Cherokee Billie

  11. Where is justice? It always seems that the victim is the one always defending themselves when they have been violated. Bless You!!! …Norma

    • Dear Norma:
      Justice seems to be a thing of the past. It’s pretty much everyone for themselves anymore. Sad commentary on our society.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  12. Jessica said:

    Cherokee I hope and pray all is well with you.
    My main concern is people are watching you where you live.
    The justice system is wrong. I would love to help you out
    but the weird thing is when I read about how you were robbed the same day I found out somebody in my own family stole money from me. Have you ever though about cleansing and detoxing your body for better strenght and
    natural healing? By the way thank you for helping many people and myself with your beautiful articles its real encouraging.

    • Dear Jessica:
      Thank you for your comment. Yes I have been putting the White Light of God throughout my apartment and cleansing out all negative energies. I am working on my body, but that is a very slow process because of other health related issues. Thank you for your kind words about my articles I really appreciate that.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  13. It is like being caught in a housefire… never know another thing is gone until you reach for it or think of it. There is no way to ever totally know what is gone….I gave up and just had to feel that i need to survive w/o all I worked for. I pity those who feel entitled to have what is not theirs. I also hope the day comes that they know and can feel the anguish they caused. Most will not and most will never confess or ask forgiveness. There is a silent Honor among Thieves that helps them perpetuate their ways and even so called good people will not want to be INVOLVED, even if it helps the victim. I would be shocked for someone to return something or seek me out for a mea culpa. The world has changed so much……….and i admit…..have always been too naeve and trusting……no more. How sad we have come to this. I will keep you in my prayers as i know what you are going through. Blessings.

    • Dear Judith:
      I appreciate everything you said here. It’s very true the world has changed so much and it hasn’t been going in an upward swing for a long time. I believe that the law of karma will catch up with whoever did the robbery and it will come back on them somehow. I may not see it, but I trust that it will happen. It is sad and we have to lose our innocence because of the ways of the world. Just keep the inner child alive and happy. I will keep you in my prayers.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  14. I pray that life will get back to normal for you soon, Cherokee. I hope that you are feeling better, also.


    • Dear N:
      I am still not recovered from the virus and I am extremely weak at this time. It’s going to take time for my body to recover from that spray. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  15. Cherokee Billie,
    A note of good deed done! I lost my gold bracelet; the only one I ever had. I felt that among the missing items from one of three thefts that it was gone forever, being melted down for drug money or such. I received a call today….I helped a lady from falling in the doctors office. My w/chair broke her fall and I was able to upright her. One of the receptionists saw my bracelet fly off but, it all happened to quickly. When a patient returned it to her she recognized it and remembered. Ah, a clear point in time; something of value beyond dollars was returned and is on my wrist! There ARE some good people still around; just not enough 🙂
    Did you not mention that you dated Johnny Depps’ dad????? After having 3 pigeons fly into my 4th floor Pueblo window and take up residence bitterly and aggressively (strange for pigeons), I am afraid I might have become a birdbrain too and be wrong about the Depp thing?
    Am I?

    • Dear Judith:
      What a wonderful example of decent people left in this world. I understand that some things have great value because of memories and when we lose them or they are stolen the memories go with them. You are one tough lady that is all I can say. No, I never dated Johnny Depp’s father that was somebody else on my face book page that posted that information. I don’t remember who they were. Interesting story about the pigeons. You just seen to attract a lot of things in your life. I believe that you can attract a great deal of positive and good because of your personality. Thank you for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  16. Ramon Vasquezysanchez said:

    What was the reason the insurance said why the would not cover ther break in??

    • The cash and the jewelery were not listed on the initial policy. They don’t cover the repairs that were caused to the apartment. The owner of the apartment will not pay for the repairs, I had to and I also had to purchase more bars for the windows along with more locks and more security lights. Money just flew out of my hands. Thanks for asking.

  17. Catarina said:

    Dear Cherokee Billie- I have been thinking about what happened to you and how you are stuck paying the bills to the repairs to your apartment. It seems odd that the landlord’s insurance wouldn’t cover this occurrence. After all, this building belongs to him and if there is a break-in to HIS property, then it seems to me HIS insurance should cover this. Have you looked into this possibility? Perhaps your landlord isn’t being upfront with you about the coverage he has because he doesn’t want to pay the deductible or be dinged by his insurance? I am just thinking, I could be wrong, but it seems wrong to me that you should be charged for a break-in to HIS apartment building even if it is your pazrticular apartment that was broken into. What do you think? Catarina

  18. Catarina said:

    Hi Again Cherokee Billie- I looked up this question of responsibility of repairs in your case and this is what I found-

    If my apartment is vandalized or broken into who is responsible, the landlord or me?

    If the unit is secured with locks (i.e. dead bolts on doors and locking devices on windows), your landlord has met his/her obligations for security. You are then responsible for covering the damages incurred at a break-in. Most leases require renter’s insurance to cover the expenses of vandalism or a break-in.

    When you sign a contract it usually specifies in the lease that you should carry renter’s insurance. This is usually available through your parent’s homeowners insurance or even your auto insurance.

    My landlord refuses to reimburse me for damages to my property, what can I do?

    If the damage was not a natural disaster or caused by you (or any other tenant in your unit) then your landlord should be able to reimburse you for your losses. Of course there are exceptions from time to time. One questionable area is theft. Tenants are usually responsible for their losses in the case of theft, unless the theft is a result of the property provider’s negligence, i.e. improper locking devices.

    As far as requesting compensation you will want to make an inventory of lost items and their “fair market value”. State the cause of the damage and amount of money you are seeking for reimbursement. Property providers have insurance that will cover your losses. Submit your request in writing. Should your property provider disagree or refuse to pay, mediation is a good option.

    • Thank you for your concern. Those laws apply in the USA. I am not there. I live in a third world country where its every person for themselves. There is neither kindness nor consideration.
      I appreciate you very much,
      Cherokee Billie

  19. Catarina said:

    Maybe this is a sign it is time to move back home?

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