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By Katherine Riley
This lady wrote things so brilliantly and had me rolling with laughter. I hope you enjoy this as well.

The unholy have united (hi, LeAnn & Eddie!) and the beast has spread its seed (ahoy, Sperminator!).

It’s supposedly the end of the world as we know it, but we don’t feel fine. Heck, we’re feeling mighty gypped about the whole thing.
Aside from the fire-and-brimstone, dogs-and-cats-living-together mass hysteria of it all, think of all the neato events we’re gonna miss out on!
For example…

10. Ice Loves Coco: Do you know how excited we are for this one? Have you seen the promos?! Missing out on Ice and Coco is ice cold cold.

9. The Hobbit Movies: Damn you, production delays! These films could have been holiday favorites in 2009 and 2010 and we could be enjoying them on DVD as the world comes to an end.

8. The Next Season of ‘Mad Men’: So much for wondering if and how they were gonna work in January Jones’ pregnancy.

7. Charlie Sheen 3.0: Oh, c’mon. Aren’t you even a little curious to see what he does next?

6. The Hunger Games Movies: 6. The Hunger Games Movies: All of those delicious casting stories. Now just teases.

5. Lindsay Lohan making a comeback for real: It could happen. Hey, you never know … only now we might really never know.

4. Suri Cruise as a teenager: Weren’t you looking forward to her growing up? The fashions,
the hairstyles … but mostly the tell-all book and karmic payback to TomKat for all of those late nights out with no coat?

3. The Royal baby: No Kate Bumpwatch. No Duchess of Cambridge bridal shower photo gallery. No Royal Baby Name Generator.

2. The ‘Breaking Dawn’ movies: We may never see Bella and Edward get it on on the big screen. Or see little Renesmee come to life! Thank goodness, we at least have leaked photos.

1. The last episode of Oprah: Gee, thanks, folks upstairs! You couldn’t hold the rapture just one week later? Guess Oprah Winfrey’s power isn’t as all-reaching as we thought. Or maybe her last show is the end of the world!

So what “things we’ll miss” are we missing? What will you be most upset about not seeing/hearing/experiencing? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Thats was really funny!! Thanks Cherokee.

  2. barney64 said:

    My Thoughts are : I will be looking for greater things ahead! I am ready to go! When does this sky bus leave? I dont want to miss it…Norma

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