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Take Action!

Some people enjoy sabotaging the good that you do. They want to see you upset, and they want to see you quit or fail. Do good works despite them. not to prove them wrong, but because doing good is its own reward.

Instead of complaining, take action to solve the problem. Instead of spreading rumors, decide to deal only in fact. Instead of finding reasons to not like someone, look for reasons to love them.

If you woke up today, that’s half of the battle to a great day. Appreciating the fact that you woke up today is the other half of the battle to a great day. Your thoughts about it make all the difference.


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  1. Tarryn said:

    “Your thoughts about it
    make all the difference” That really is so true. Waking up with the right state of mind, determines your day.
    Thanks Cherokee

    • It is amazing Tarryn the power that our thoughts have! It’s within our control to choose the day and the sign of the day. I appreciate your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Yes, we should wake up each day with a kind heart, and sweet soul. I try to awake each day with God in my heart. I don’t want to hate, but to feel as our Lord is in me, and will help me along my souls path to be a better person. Like forgiveness. I really believe in forgiving although it is a challenge sometimes:) I am trying to teach my girls this now… look past ones mistake, we are all human, and forgiveness is a must. Let’s try to be the better person. There is to much hate, pain, and punishment on this earth. Only God can judge, and we need to stop we aren’t perfect. Thanks Cherokee Billie….

    • dear Lisa:
      you always have such a kind heart and look at everything so beautifully. I agree if everyone would practice non judgment we would certainly have a wonderful world to live in.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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