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There are millions of Archangels throughout the universes and these Archangels oversee the angels in the status of hierarchy. These mighty beings are usually larger, stronger and more powerful each having a masculine and a feminine aspect. There are seven main Archangels and they each have a Twin Flame or Archeia associated with the seven rays:

First Ray – Michael and Faith.

Second Ray – Jophiel and Christine.

Third Ray – Chamuel and Charity.

Fourth ray – Gabriel and Hope.

Fifth ray – Raphael and Mary.

Sixth Ray – Uriel and Aurora.

Seventh ray – Zadkiel and Amethyst.

Each Archangel is also connected to a particular element so your Star Sign may indicate which Archangel you are aligned to:

Michael is Fire – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Gabriel is water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Raphael is air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Uriel is earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Call forward the Archangels in your everyday life; they want you to call on them for help, to support you and to make your life a little easier. People often worry about calling them away from more important tasks’ but do not worry – these powerful beings are beyond space and time restrictions so they are able to be with each person individually and simultaneously. They also have armies of angels working under them to assist you in all ways. You can call upon them whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance, no job is too big or too small for the Archangels, they will be at your side immediately! Each request or mission is equally important to the Archangels and they bring love to us from the power of God. To acknowledge their help, give thanks for all of their miracles, for enveloping your lives with happiness and service is all that the Archangels ask in return. Remember that the Archangels are here for each person, it doesn’t matter what background or belief system you have. Remember there is no formal prayer required – simple words are sufficient to call upon their help.

They love to assist in all areas of your life:

•Fixing mechanical items
•Finding items that are lost
•Protecting your family and home
•Finding a car parking space
•Asking for direction/guidance
•Clearing energy in your home
•Health issues
Plus many many more….

In order of Hierarchy the First Triad or Highest Triad closest to the Divine is:

Seraphim (choir 1) – they are the six winged beings who surround the throne of the divine continuously singing praise.

Cherubim (choir 2) – bestowers of all knowledge and the keepers of celestial records. Zophiel, Ophaniel, and Rikbiel are the chief rulers of this triad.

Thrones (choir 3) – The ruling prince being Zabkiel or Oriphiel or Zaphiel

The Second Triad or Middle Triad is:

Dominions (choir 1) – The chief rulers are Zadkiel or Hashmal and they regulate the angelic duties

Virtues (choir 2) – These work miracles on earth and are bestowers of grace

Powers (choir 3) – Chief of powers is Sammael, Camael or Ertosi

Finally the Third Triad (Lowest Triad closest to the earth) is:

Principalities (choir 1) – These are the protectors of religion.

Archangels (choir 2) – Protectors and guardians of all living things

Angels (Guardian Angels) choir 3 – Protectors and guardians of all living things

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are spiritual beings assigned to individuals to help and guide them throughout their life. Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel who is with them throughout their life waiting and longing to help, but as with the Archangels under spiritual law they cannot do so unless you ASK. These angels hold the divine blueprint of your life and are constantly communicating to you, giving you encouragement in order that you make the best possible decisions in your life. They can help by ensuring that you meet the right person at the right time, and in the right place or get the right job at the right time, any manner of things can be the result of divine guidance. Rest assured that all of these perceived synchronicities or co-incidences are all orchestrated by your angels – nothing happens by chance.

They are with you to protect you also. If for example it is not your time to die or an accident is waiting, your angel will always ensure you are safe. However, there are divine rules and if it is your given time to pass, your soul has decided you need a traumatic event as a wake up call or to see how you handle the experience your angel cannot intervene under spiritual law with the lessons your soul has chosen to experience, in this case they must stand back and let it happen.

The essence of Creator in form is the Angels who vibrate at spiritual frequencies that are not usually visible to the Human eye. It is interesting to know that the wings that are depicted on angels are not, in fact, wings. They hold a high vibration of light surrounding them which gives an almost shimmering effect. This light radiates out from their being in waves or rays which appear to look like feathers. These rays are charged and infused by the Creator in order to affect the environment and people with intensely positive feelings and vibrations. Because the Angels do not have physical bodies they therefore do not need physical wings in order to help them fly. Angels literally move at the speed of light!

The pure nature of the Angels enables them to infuse matter with the qualities of the divine consciousness, thus bringing forward divine changes that can actually transform a person’s soul and physical body. They can do this by altering matter, causing movement at the molecular level and altering the mind by creating movement within the neurons of the brain/ nervous system. These transformations are very often referred to as miracles!

People often wonder how or if they are communicating with their angels. Angels speak softly and lovingly, the messages may come in the form of a thought, vision, feeling, voice, or a combination of these. Every person has the ability to communicate with their angels, because all people are spiritually equally gifted. Some people may appear to be more psychically tuned in to the angels then others, but this is simply because those individuals are willing to listen, believe and trust the messages that they are receiving from the higher realms.

Listen and learn from your Angels!

If you would like help on connecting with your Angles, Contact Me, and I can help you with this incredible process. You will then begin to see miracles from the angels in your life.

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  1. A question….
    If you ask for the help of an angel, they will help you. What if you ask for their help for someone else? Will they still help? I found out recently that a young girl that I care about greatly is destroying herself with a heroin addiction. She is a young mother of two great kids and I love all of them. I’ve never done any drugs so I don’t know for sure but I assume she does not realize what she is doing and therefore probably isn’t asking for help from the spiritual world and she certainly isn’t accepting any help from us in this world either. So I just wonder if i keep asking on her behalf will they come to her? I pray to God so much for her. My heart aches at what she is doing to herself and the thought of what her children must see daily.

    • They are with her, but until she is ready to accept their help they can do nothing. Pray and ask for her heart to open up to receive the love of god and the angels. You can keep asking the angels to help her because there may be a moment where she does open up her heart. In never hurts to pray for someone. It’s a sad situation and I think it’s wonderful that you take the time to pray for her.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. A very dear friend of mine is suffering from terminal brain cancer. not only does she have to deal with the fact that she is going to die but now she is faced with helping her daughter who is suicidal and has tried to take her life and almost succeeded. i dont understand these kind of hardships some people have to endure. its almost inconceivable to me. i love her very much. she is brave, but the guilt she feels is overwhelming. she feels its her fault that her daughter is so depressed. i am asking for prayers from this special community here. she is a very spiritual person, loving and kind in every way. please help. i also ask the angels and God to help her and her family. love u all!!!

    • Dear Heidi:
      it is nice to hear from you again, although this is a sad situation. Once your friend passes and a spirit she will see that her daughter’s depression is not her fault. The problem is the way she feels now. I will pray that the angels bless your friend with peace of mind about everything in her life. I will also ask for a peaceful transition. I’m sure others here will be praying as well.
      May the angel of peace be with you now can always,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. Hi Heidi…..I send loving prayers to your friend and daughter for comfort. Light and Love Susanxxxx

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