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If you are seeking happiness, stress relief, peace of mind, serenity, healing of the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual self, or enlightenment … then my Guided Meditation, can be the missing link that can help you find your answers.

Many people view meditation as a drudgery-having to be silent when your mind will not stop talking. There are many paths that can get you into a relaxed tranquil state and meditation definitely is one. It’s often difficult to do this on your own. For some people it meditation is a way of life. For others it is something that they are seeking but not sure how to obtain.

I am an ordained minister and I enjoy teaching people about spirituality and showing them new ways to connect to spirit. I am a spiritual teacher and gifted clairvoyant

There is a process that I have developed based upon my own astral travel into the spirit world and I call it, “Guided Meditation.” (You can read about my experiences in other articles such as After Life, Take a Trip Outside of Yourself with Astral Projection, and Messages from the Other Side.) First off it is guided because I take you into a deep relaxed state, which many people have difficulty doing even practicing meditation. There is nothing to fear as you are gently guided into quieting your body, mind, and spirit, and this allows you to open up your crown chakra at the top of your head where in lays your spiritual self. Throughout this process you are always conscious and remember everything that happens. I do this process by telephone where you are able to be in a relaxed comfortable place in your home and you are aware of your surroundings, which allows you to go into this meditation peacefully, because afterwards its best to go to sleep and most people want to because they are so relaxed. Sleeping after this process allows further information from spirit to come through to you.

Once you are relaxed thoroughly I take you through a process where we go into spirit. Each experience is different and I am always told what this person needs the most and we go traveling around natural settings in spirit. The spirit world is like our own world only much larger and far more beautiful. Most times we are met by a spirit guide and they lead us into areas that are most beneficial for the person being guided. It is interesting for me as to who we meet in this beautiful place. Sometimes it is a spiritual advisor, guide or angel, and other times it can be a departed loved one. Once I have guided you to where you are supposed to be I let you experience what messages are meant for you. I can see what is going on, but I cannot hear at this point because it is between the individual that were led into spirit and their connection. I just wait until I am given a signal that everything has been conveyed. When all has been accomplished we go back through spirit and the process that led them into spirit, I reverse it and lead them out and back safely into the third dimension, where they feel relaxed and refreshed.

I have done this countless times and everyone feels transformed and this feeling lasts for most people continuously. Others have more they want to do in spirit and we go back again.

My clients have told me afterwards that this is a truly remarkable experience for them. They found utter peace and beauty surrounding them throughout the guided meditation. Happiness fills your heart and soul as you witness your goal for being there, because it is seen through your own spiritual eyes. If you have always wondered what messages are waiting for you I recommend you try a Guided Meditation and receive answers directly from those in spirit. You will not be disappointed as the answers always wait for you in spirit.


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  1. Thats sounds like a very beautiful and healing meditation.

  2. I would love to try this once, but I have lost my abilities to visualize (for example in using the White Light), and I tend to get so sleepy I almost fall asleep during meditation. This despite when I started doing it, I didn’t get sleepy, and I was able to visualize well.

    • dear Jacinta:
      meditation can often be very difficult for people, this is why I developed this technique because you’re not alone and someone is guiding you through the meditation. So far nobody has ever fell asleep wall doing this with me. Although you could be the exception! lol
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. lilystardust said:

    I hope I can do this with you someday.


  4. This sounds like something I would love to try as well at some stage….. I definitely would be too nervous to fall asleep LOL 😉
    It must be an amazing experience……..

  5. I am going to have try this sometimes CB seems like the prefect person to do it with. Right now I am working on clearing and relaxing my mind.

  6. Guided Meditation Is extremely beneficial to the mind and the heart…Cherokee Billie does a wonderful job guiding you through this beautiful journey!!! The very best part is when you find what your soul is searching for right in front of your eyes!!! ……Blessings to you Cherokee Billie…Norma

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