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Live and learn from those that know. In order to do this one must open one’s mind’s eye and one’s mind to truly see what is coming and hopefully do what is right for all not just one…

Comments on: "Indigenous Native American Prophecy" (9)

  1. Wise and true. Thank you for posting Cherokee.

  2. lilystardust said:

    Interesting that he said the said the same thing I did earlier about Columbus and the Europeans. So few Native Americans now live here – he said only 800,000 compared with the once thriving population of 60,000,000! How much of our ability to respect all life and recognize spirit in everything was equally devastated in that long ongoing process that has brought us to today.

    The message is that if man does not live on the earth in spiritual and harmonious ways the imbalance will cause change.

    The industrial revolution ignored and trampled on so much of that basic fundamental holistic understanding, by regarding nature as an object to be manipulated in excessively unnatural ways for our own use, that that attitude toward nature not only inevitably affected our environment, but it permeated our belief system to one of regarding nature as something “outside” of ourselves, as an object to be used in utilitarian ways, with little to no regard or recognition of its life – “spirit” – component. We lost our understanding that our physical connection with nature is inseparable from our spiritual connection; to harm the environment is to harm ourselves, both physically and spiritually. The industrial revolution encouraged the belief that not only were we “separate” from nature, but more arrogantly, were superior to it – nature was something to be dominated, tamed, overpowered, controlled, manipulated, and all the rest, as lifeless, spiritless, inanimate “things” we were meant to conquer and even destroy. It made nature an enemy and slave. In the end, nature will make US the enemy and slaves of ourselves, because there IS no separation between humans and the rest of nature – we all share the same physical components and are thus intrinsically woven together in one fabric, one spirit. To disregard that is to disregard ourselves, and to bring destruction “outside” of ourselves is to bring that same destruction TO ourselves. Until we realize that life and nature cannot be “objectified” according to the beliefs that were imposed and accepted with the rise of the industrial revolution, we will continue to wreak destruction on our world and ourselves, until we DO realize that the separation we assumed was an arrogance of our own delusions.

  3. We are all one with the earth. People need to respect our earth and eachother. I wish the damage to earth could be reversed. I hate when I see people not giving a darn about our home, and I see people throwing trash on the side of the road. I was in the mountains (hills) and I saw so many beer bottles on the ground it was a disgrace. Where is the respect for our planet? I watched this video twice thank you Cherokee Billie.

  4. Dear Cherokee:
    It is very sad that the man has no respect for nature and the exploit at will. Observed as a day to day nature expresses his anger.
    I admire the Aborigines because they have a great lesson for us and today is in force more than ever. Living in harmony with nature and be grateful to our Creator is something we instil in the children of today and future generations.
    Pray for Russia, which is suffering a lot due to fire.
    Much love to you Cherokee and for everyone.

  5. Thanks.. CB… very powerful message about the changes the earth will face and to realise we all must see things spiritually………


  6. This segment (subtitled in Swedish, actually…) reminded me of the Disney song “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas…. and what this man said about Mother Earth reacting made me think of what Michael Jackson said in “This Is It”, that the planet is trying so hard to fix humankind’s mistakes.

    I wish I could write more but I am simply speechless right now. Heal the World.

  7. For generations people have taken from the Earth with never a thought of giving anything back. Is this human nature? It is only with messages such as the one you posted and Michaels message in TII, that we are made aware of just what damage humans have inflicted on this planet.It really is of the utmost importance that we heed these messages before it is too late.Already we are seeing the major flooding across the world that this post mentioned,also raging fires. Nature is having her say and we have to listen. Much love AnneUK. x

  8. Very applicable video to what is going on in the world right now, Cherokee. Thank you for sharing this.


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