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Filled with Life

You are constantly in the process of becoming. You are constantly in the process of growing, no matter what your age or what you’ve already been through. At the end of this day you will not be quite the same person you were when you woke up. You will have learned new things, lived through new experiences, known some new accomplishments and some disappointments.

Today is your opportunity to mold yourself and to direct your life. The person you are tomorrow will depend on how you live each moment of today. It’s a serious responsibility and a great opportunity.

The moments of this day may seem quite ordinary as you go through them. Yet every day is important, every moment is special and vital. They are your opportunities to live, to love, to grow, to learn, to accomplish, to become, to fulfill.

Rather than just looking at this day as another one to endure, see in it the wondrous amount of living with which it can be filled. Give today your best, and its golden treasures will be yours.

UPDATE: This message was erroneously posted without giving credit to the original author. It is by Ralph Marston of The Daily Motivator. I regret the oversight and highly recommend that you check out his website of daily motivational messages.

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  1. giselamj said:

    Thank you Cherokee for this uplifting message..
    I personally and also at my work.. we have been going tru some bad moments.. when everything seems so dark .. so many problems and somehow we were feeling so dissapointed..
    I guess is just the whole enviroment we are living in this country now..
    I arrive very early here at my office and I offer it to God .. to help us.. my boss . my workmate and me..
    to stand up for the troubled times..
    my boss is a good young woman.. and she has been so good to me..
    thats why I prayed to God to embrace us and allow us to have a clear path in our work ..

    Each day we learn from mistakes.. even if I am working in this field for more tha 30 years.. but certainly things are very different now than in the former times ..
    things are more impersonal.. and work relationships and interaction is getting kind of more strict and harsh..
    I woke up today praying for a good day .. and for us to give the best we can ..
    Thank you for your words..

  2. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    How wonderful life is! The fact that in the evening we are not the same we were in the morning, is a wonderful way to keep the faith in better days. We are constantly in the process of change – but as every process, it takes some time to complete its cycle and it may take more or less time to each one.

    I have gone through very difficult time – so much was going on inside my heart, but nothing was at all clear. I felt so lost, so desperate, so weepy, so lonely… I have felt this way so many times, especially in the past years. Dealing with loved one’s deaths is one of the processes I am still going through. But I had worse days…. I feel I have grown spiritually and emotionaly. But I still have a long way to run. It hasn’t been any easy, but looking back, I can see some things in a different way. And it is so good to understand this and to be aware of this.

    Thank you very much for this and all the other posts, because I have learned so much from them!! God bless you, Billie! And I hope all is fine with you!

    With major Love,
    Karina de Cillo

    • dear Karina:
      thanks for sharing so much about your life. We all have a long ways to go on spirituality. If we live to be a thousand years old, we would just start to understand spirituality. The best is to do what ever you can to keep yourself up lifted daily and be compassionate with others.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Mary Ann said:

      All of us have similar stories because PAIN has touched all of our lives. Spiritual growth is certain to develop and with that comes the wisdom to discern situations. Thanks for sharing your story. You will be fine…just be confident that the Great Spirit is always near to love and take care of us.

      Mary Ann

  3. Beautiful post! Its so important to pay attention to each present moment because thats were Life truly is, thats were we learn and awaken. It is also so true that the person we are when we go to sleep is not the same person we were when we woke up.

  4. Amazing article. So deep and true…
    Thank you.
    Much love, Linda

  5. Anabella said:

    Dear Cherokee:
    Thank you for this reflection, I want to learn a lot today.
    My day starts better when I get into this blog and read your articles and comments for each.
    I send much love to you and for all.

  6. Anna H. said:

    We are all definitely “works in progress.” What a great post and reminder to live each day and look for the opportunities that will come our way. Change is the one thing that is constant throughout the universe. Thank you, Cherokee Billie.
    love to all,

  7. Great article Cherokee Billie. So true every day is a different learning experience for us. As we we wake up we face new challenges and situations from day to day. Each new day we go through there is deffinately something to be thankful for. Good, bad, and the ugly lol we will get through it. We learn, to grow, and love.
    Peace to you all,

  8. Yes, we are all constantly changing and learning every day, even though we sometimes are not aware of it!
    We need to learn to love each day 😉

    Thanks CB…. Susanxxxxx

  9. lilystardust said:

    I am certainly learning every day. I have less than 60 days to vacate – yes, I was given a notice to move, and my unemployment insurance is due to expire a week later, so I may have no income. I am preparing to be homeless right now, if such happens. Every day has brought something new. I can’t even begin to tell you guys what I’ve been going through lately. It would take pages. But my life is no longer ordinary, and nothing in it secure. I’m about to free fall.


    • Dear Lily:
      I truly know what you are going through. Having been in the same situation. It seems that when we hit rock bottom there’s no other place to go but up. Please keep this in mind and know that everybody here will be praying for you.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • giselamj said:

      Lily.. I hope you are ok.. I know the strugles you are facing.. we all will keep praying to God for finding a solution for you
      keep strong..
      Keep the faith–

    • God bless Lilystardust to find a safe and comfortable place to stay– help Lilystardust to find a job also. Bless her immensely, Lord.

      PS- Have you had the chance to go to that community center in your town– I know that they could help you.

      You have my love and well wishes…


    • Mary Ann said:

      My heart is heavy hearing the news of your housing woes.
      What you need to do right this minute is contact HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). Seek the local office in your area for Homeless assistance. Through that organization it can give you assistance with housing, counseling, food, job skills programs etc.
      There is help for those who seek it. So seek…God will not abandon you!

      With all my love,
      Mary Ann

      • lilystardust said:

        Thank you so much for your suggestion, Mary Ann. I have an appointment with Santa Cruz Legal Aid on Monday too. The mobile home I was rented for the last 8+ years was not legal to rent, and the electric meter installed by my landlords (non-PG&E) to gauge my electric usage may have additionally been illegal. There was also a rodent infestation that was not addressed by them, as well as other repair issues. I had tolerated much of their neglect as irresponsible landlords, until they abruptly, with no prior warning, suddenly demanded an outrageous amount of money, all at once, for back (electric) utilities reimbursement, immediately, and out of the blue, after having included them for over a year, and not having asked me to pay them. My situation is more complicated than I described. If they had not backed me into the corner they chose to, I would not be having to report them. It is lose/lose on every count, and has been an unfolding process I wish had never had to happen. They had also decided to rent/sell their house and move to Florida. I was initially told I could continue living here. Then they decided to give me a 60 day notice. That’s all I can say here – I don’t want to bring negativity to this blog. I appreciate your advice, and will look into it.

        Many thanks,

        • Anabella said:

          Dear Lily: I ask God to give you strength at this moment and enlighten you with His love. I pray for you.
          I send my love.

        • Lily…. I’m praying for your situation to improve. Lots of Love Susanxxxxxx

  10. Lily I am so so sorry to hear about what a rough time you are going through. Cherokee is right our prayers are with you!

  11. Anna H. said:

    Lily, I hope something will open up for you and your situation. You are in my prayers.
    with love,

  12. Thank you for this post dear Cherokee! Yes, we need to remind ourselves to live each day the best way we can, to seize the opportunities that each day brings us and take these lessons to our evolvement 🙂

    Dear Lily, I’ll keep praying for you and sending nice vibrations!

    Oh, I loved what Karina said! Thank you for telling us your story!

    Love to all,

  13. Prayers to Lily..whom I have learned from and appreciate so…

    Prayers today are offered to each member of the blog and to Cherokee Billie for continued abundance. For each of us fulfilling our work on the path …

    Amen to this topic and article from Cherokee Billie…very uplifting and helpful to the “one step at a time keep on keeping on” that we all have to do … Much love to all…Sarah

  14. Hey Cherokee,

    Hope you are well. This truely an uplifting post. However i will not comment on this. I just want to ask everyone here on the blog… How much does Cherokee mean to you??????????????

    Does anyone ever realise what Cherokee goes through when receiving a message from a deceased loved one or a celebrity Super Icon Legend Michael Jackson R.I.P?????????? but she is so very kind and caring that she post those messages for free. To comfort our uneased feelings of his absence.

    She puts such wonderful posts to revive us..which relates to our day to daily circumstances. Cherokee encourages us to find the positive in the negative to make us feel better. and find strength within us to make us stronger. And you know why she does this??????????? It’s because she loves and cares about us. Have we ever genuinely thanked Cherokee Billie?????? Have we?????????

    I don’t think so… maybe on the blog a few times but how many times have we called her to say” Hey Cherokee.. How are you”? Or Cherokee i’m calling to connect with K.O.P MJ r.i.p. If we loved him that much we would spend our hard earned money to connect with him because that is true love. when u sacrifice or give up for someone u truely love. But yet we ask and expect free messages from Michael to be put up.. when we dont even call to connect with him. No one ever realises the risks that are involved when you chanel the deceased and that spirit takes over the medium for that duration. That is so exhausting. OMG. Hats off 2 you cherokee hats off 2 you.

    Cherokee i want to tell you that we love you we thankyou for all your hard work and consistant efforts of delivering us Good and positive advice.
    Thankyou for yr freindship. And posting such wonderful post’s on your blog. As soon as i get a job i want a reading. On 2nd thoughts i think i will save up from my benifits money and call you in 2 wks time.

    Love you Cherokee.

    May God always love and protect you.

    and Thankyou so so much for being a part of my life.

    with love

    Saba 🙂

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