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diving into Cherokee Billies website
Please check out the front page of my website as I have made new changes and added specials. I would certainly appreciate any feedback you have. By the way Lisa did another outstanding job on the video for me.

Many of you may not know that I do a twice monthly newsletter and you can sign up for it on the front of my website. I send out a free booklet on “Recognizing The Six Signs” whenever you sign up.

I look forward to hearing from you. Cherokee Billie


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  1. Dear Cheeroke, I love the changes you made God bless you. Your very talented and gifted. I read the email readings you did for people, and boy they touched my heart. It made me cry. To hear the peace and love those spirits feel from the divine I could only imagine. They are definatley with their loved ones. So much happiness they have on the other side. They shed their bodies and live in the light of our lord. You comforted their families thank you for that. Thanks for everything:)

    Your Friend,

  2. Anabella said:

    Dear Cherokee
    I’m glad for these changes, and thank you for all the teachings you give us, I hope that all changes and things that you propose are a blessing to many.
    I read the bulletin: “Messages from the other side” and it is wonderful, you have very beautiful experience. How beautiful what you did for your father, and also the messages you convey to people living in the spiritual world. Note the unbreakable love between the sisters.
    Thanks for the free newsletter, receive those with enthusiasm and everything you write.
    My best wishes to you.

  3. tarryn333 said:

    Dear Cherokee you have made great changes to your site, and I wish you all the success in the world. Thank you so much for all the hard and wonderful work you do to help people on their spiritual path – and please know how much that is appreciated.

    I had to sign up again for your newsletter because I needed to change my email, and look forward to receiving them as always twice a month! I Love your newsletter!
    My prayers are with you. Many blessings.

  4. Hi Cherokee Billie, the changes you’ve made on the front of your website are great! Everything is available at a click of a button and takes you to different particular pieces of information to read.

    The lastest Articles are highlighted and always very informative, so people can see clearly the updates and I especially like the link to your fabulous Psychic Powers certifified certifate.

    I can imagine that it’s not easy to prove these Gifts especially if people haven’t experienced you first hand. After having a reading with you it will absolutely leave no shadow of a doubt that you are an amazing Psychic Medium, but for those who haven’t yet contacted you or had a reading then this certificate proves how darn hard you work and how truely Gifted you are 🙂

    The one to one spiritual classes are very easy to read about and again it takes you straight into that page. Hopefully people visiting your site will take advantage of these classes, because from first hand experience of studying with you, they are invaluable. Generally It’s not easy to find metaphysical private one to one classes at such great prices and have the quality teaching, but you make this possible….

    All in all I could go on forever but the bottom line is, Love it!:) Well done!

    love & Light x

  5. So there WERE changes to the site! I thought it was just me who hadn’t been there in a while, hehe! It’s looking good, and I send you the White Light asking blessings for your ministry!

  6. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    Your updated website looks beautiful. I just sent you a message enquiring about a phone reading. Also, I no longer seem to be receiving your newsletter although I signed up last year. Perhaps I will try signing up again. It was thoroughly inspiring. Much love and many blessings always.

  7. CB,

    Love the changes! The video looks great and is sure to grab attention.

    I know once new visitors take the time to listen to the video and read your articles, testimonials, etc., they will find your talent incredible and will want to talk to you!


  8. Very nice. The new page is very user friendly. I like that. I feel simplicity is a plus on websites. So many times I have gone to different websites and been so confused, I just click off of them.
    I always enjoy the news letter. You always hit every moment in my life whether here or in your news letter, that’s why I love reading your articles.
    Peace and love…

  9. Anna H. said:

    I love the changes that you have made to your website. I think the video is awesome and such a wonderful way to tell visitors about you and what you can do for them. It is a sign of the times and you are a part of the multi-media age. Even though I love to read and gather information through the written word, I also love visuals to go along with the information. Lisa, as always you did an outstanding job with the video and are so gifted. I look forward to the newsletters each month also. I am very thankful to be here.
    love to all of you,

  10. Randi Lauren said:

    Dear Cherokee Billie,

    The update to your website looks great! Lisa really did do a wonderful job with your video. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to new visitors (and to gain new customers). I also like how visitors have a easy way to look for new articles. This method will help me stay up to date. Though the first place I went to was the love and relationship advice lol (just being honest). I can’t wait til’ the next radio program Cherokee Billie!! I’m so excited about learning more about angels. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week!!

    With love,

  11. Hi dear Cherokee! Nice changes, your website got even better! And the video is great! As always, Lisa makes the videos with great skill and affection for you 🙂 This video is certainly a good opening for your website!

    Looking forward for the next newsletter, I always read it and like it a lot!


    (PS: I had an amazing recovery yesterday! God is good! :D)

    • Dear Mayra:

      so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I know you had a difficult week.

      I’m so glad that you like the changes the website and I know you’ll like the next newsletter.

      Take good care of yourself.

      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Mary Ann said:

      I am sorry to read that you were ill. I pray that you are on the mend toward feeling fabulous.

      Much Love,
      Mary Ann

  12. CB, I like the new changes very much! I’m sorry that I missed the show the other night, but I had a bad stomach virus that I am just getting over, it was quite a nasty 1.

    Is it possible to still listen to the 1 about the Ghosts? I was looking FWD to hearing it.

    • Yes you can listen to radio program as It is on my website under radio shows and my guest appearances. please remember every one of my radio shows is archived on my website. My website is where my business comes from everything else is just a branch.
      Many blessings,

  13. I love what you’ve done with your website. It’s very nice and it’s easy to navigate. The video is a very nice touch and as usual, Lisa did a fabulous job! Great job – the both of you!

    Oh, and I also signed up for your news letter 🙂


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