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Hear What You Can Learn

mermaid listening to shell

mermaid listening to shell

When you hear only what you want to hear, you’re not really listening. Listen to what you don’t want to hear as well. That’s how you’ll learn. That’s how you’ll grow. That’s how you’ll get stronger.

Though you may be confident in your knowledge, no one knows it all. No one has everything figured out. Others have much to teach you. Let their words add value to your life. There are opinions not your own which are very much worth considering.

Listen to learn. Really listen and consider what others have to say. If someone were to provide a sumptuous meal to you, would you leave it half eaten? When someone is gracious enough to share their knowledge and experience with you, make the most of a great opportunity. Listen and hear not only what you thought you wanted to hear. Listen and hear what you have to learn.

UPDATE: This message was erroneously posted without giving credit to the original author. It is by Ralph Marston of The Daily Motivator. I regret the oversight and highly recommend that you check out his website of daily motivational messages.

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  1. Thats so true Cherokee! Most people have selected hearing but as you say if you really listen to everything, you learn a lot not only about yourself, but about others and the world… and who knows you may end up hearing messages you never thought you could or ever would hear.
    Love Tarryn

  2. giselamj said:

    Wonderfull insightfull message from you Cherokee…
    normally we dont want to hear to things that perhaps we even dont like to hear..
    its necessary to keep our ears and minds open.. this is the only way to grow….to learn…..

  3. What a great post, Cherokee Billie. I have encountered so many people throughout the years who do not listen to what is being said; they hear the sounds but do not truly listen. Many years ago I learned the difference between listening and hearing when I was in college and working on my masters degree in guidance and counseling. I remember very vividly my professor telling us that listening is a skill that you have to practice by paying attention to what you are hearing, trying to comprehend what you are hearing, and thinking about what you are hearing. You have to be attentive and tuned into what you are hearing. I think of hearing as an auditory process of how sounds are converted and transmitted to your brain as nerve signals; interpretation and comprehension of those sounds are how I define listening. This is my science background coming through again, sorry. Also many times we get into what I call “selective hearing” where we hear only what we want to hear and tune out the rest. I am guilty on all counts of the above, but I try not to be. Yes, listening is a very important part of communication and learning. Many times I have thought of what my professor said that day in class about listening. Thanks for reminding us of this important point, Cherokee Billie.

  4. Sorry make that selective hearing.

  5. Anabella said:

    Thanks Cherokee for this lesson. In these months in the blog I learned to listen a thought different from mine and slowly began to feel the desire to listen and learn from one way of looking at things which was not used. Before I was locked in my convictions, but I started to open up and listen to a thought different from mine (without completely neglecting my convictions).
    I believe we should be humble and recognize that we can make mistakes and that others may have more reason than we do about certain issues. Sometimes my loved ones think differently from me and it angers me, but I have forgotten my pride and learn to listen and respect what others have to say.
    As you say it is easier when we say what we want to hear, but that does not learn anything, do not grow.
    The thought and the lessons that others can offer us can be rich when they are valued and appreciated. They can make us grow and mature.
    They can make us see the world differently, to discover things previously could not see.
    I want to learn and apply the lesson in my life.

    It is very beautiful image of the mermaid, I like mermaids, sea creatures, snails.

    A big kiss for you and for all.

  6. Hello! I love this passage that you just posted. This was just what I was wondering today. Where I work we have a newcomer, a new worker that I´ve been tutoring lately. She´s rather experienced and has strong opinions about how things should go. It is ever so hard to tutor her because she doesn´t listen to me. I cannot even finish the sentence when she askes a question…a thing about something that I already told her.
    In relationships it´s also a problem if your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend doesn´t hear you. It is a source of constant quarreling and unhappiness. Makes you wonder if you have chosen the right spouse?
    Isn´t it pleasant to meet people who will listen to you? What a smart man/woman I met today! He/she respected me and listened to me and what I had to say and we were able to share thoughts.
    Who do we listen to the most? The ones that we think that are smart? Or the ones that vibrate well with us, who´s souls vibrate the same way with ours?

  7. lilrain93230 said:

    Thanks so much Cherokee Billie. It’s true and sometimes we have to hear things we don’t want to such as criticism. Sometimes we can learn from it though. Knowledge is power. Thank you for being our friend and teacher. I love learning from you.


  8. Cherokee Billie,

    Ah yes, it comes with age. When I was younger I used ignore or deny what others said if I didn’t like it. It was especially hard to take even constructive criticism because I took so very personally.

    Now, I love to hear constructive criticism because I learn so much from it. I take a good hard look at myself and work to change something if I feel it is holding me back.

    I’m probably harder on myself than anyone has ever been on me. But the past 15 years have been my best because I’ve had tons of self growth choosing to learn from not only what others had to say to me, but what I had to say to myself.

    Thank you, Billie. I loved this post!

    Love to all,

  9. Complete true.

  10. LOL, that is sooooooo completely true. Great post 🙂
    Love Susanxxxx

  11. Great post Cherokee Billie,

    I get really fraustrated when people only want to hear what they belive is true instead of listening to greater possibilities that aren’t perhaps within they’re ideals.

    Life truely is for learning and people with a limited view point loose out on so much available to them, growth wise.

    I’ve never really been the type of person to have ridged opinions, I enjoy listening to wiser and thought inspiring people and with that I take a great deal of learning from the situations. I always see both sides of the coin and thought this was a weakness up until recently but am learning, in fact, this is a good way to perceive life and all it’s challenges…being open to change, so now i’m more of an observer 🙂

    Love & Light x

  12. This is so true! Thank you for this post, dear Cherokee! It made me have a great reflection!

    You know, the things that were most helpful for me were exactly those that I’ve listened but they were not what I wanted to hear. I’m glad that I’ve listened! Those were great lessons and showed me where I was acting or thinking wrong, or how could I become a better person 🙂

    We all have something of us to share and also something to learn from others. It’s all a beautiful exchange of knowledge and experiences, and this is what helps us all to evolve. Knowing that every person in this planet is the same as us, a son/daughter of God, that brings a knowledge in his/her spirit and that we can receive great advices if we listen with our heart open is an important thing for us to have in mind.

    I hope your health is better and that all my friends here are doing fine, too 😉

    Love to all!

  13. Thank you Cherokee, wonderful message. It makes me think a lot.
    Many blessings to everyone!

  14. Lilystardust said:

    I haven’t been commenting as much, in part, because I have, actually, been in a sort of “listening” mode lately. I have a lot of things to sort out in my life. So I’m taking in and reading what other people have written, and finding much value in all everyone has commented on.

    I know there are times I can be very stubborn and fixed in my own perspective or emotional traps, and have trouble breaking free of them, including “not hearing”, for a number of reasons. I have chosen many, many wrong paths in my life, and am having to confront a lot of Karma I created and am responsible for. The first step is accepting responsibility for the choices I made, despite what was thrown at me at the time, and my willingness or ability or unwillingness or inability at the time to have approached or confronted things differently. It can be really painful. I would like to come out of this a better person, who can “hear” without being as defensive or self destructive as I have been in the past. It is hardest to hear what you don’t want to hear. I hope I can get better with it in time. The funny thing, though, too, is it’s not just “hearing” what someone else says. It’s also “hearing” yourself. Sometimes I’m afraid to listen to what my heart is trying to tell me. And ignore the saying “follow the path with heart”. Or the feedback from others can be so negative sometimes that it takes a huge amount of effort to let it go, or to consider why it is happening, especially from the other person’s vantage point. That is a kind of hearing. With me, negative feedback often amplifies negative feelings I have about myself, and I undervalue or completely ignore the more positive attributes I might have, and begin living up to other’s negative expectations instead of what should be my own positive expectations of myself. So “hearing” involves all kinds of applications. Hearing others, hearing oneself. Hearing the positive as well as the negative.

    But I think the message of this post may have been more about compassion for others, about not assuming you know what that person’s reality is, and that they can teach you things you didn’t initially recognize as something valuable or important, for instance. The person irritating you is teaching you about patience, or some part of yourself that is fighting back inside, as an example. The things we dislike in other people can sometimes be the very same things we dislike in ourselves. When we can accept the less than perfect parts of ourselves with compassion, it is easier to accept those parts in others and be less judgmental towards them.

    Anyway, I only had a few hours of sleep today (again .. and probably shouldn’t be writing at all) … so these are my comments for now.


  15. Dear Cherokee,

    Thank you for this important message. I know that sometimes I am capable of not really listening and am surpised to find out later that I only took what I wanted to hear and wasn’t truly listening in the first place. Life is a never ending learning experience and without really listening, I’m not getting the full experience of learning what could be helpful to me. I need to practice learning to truly listen so that I can listen and learn what I might be missing.


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