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For those of you who listened to the radio program today I’m sure you received a lot of information to make you think more about past lives and how that relates to your life today. It was a wonderful program and I’m thankful that Anna joined me as my co host and I want to thank all of those that called in with topical questions. I felt it was a fantastic show and for those of you who did not hear it live you can listen to it by clicking on the link below.—Native_American_Psychic.mp3

Join us for the next program on April 8 when we will be talking on Karma.

Comments on: "Did You Enjoy The Past Life Radio Program?" (128)

  1. lilystardust said:

    Very enjoyable show! Covered many aspects. I do remember reading Amy’s comment about her son earlier – it was pretty amazing.

    The first book I ever read on reincarnation was (still) probably the best (for me, anyway). It is an out of print book called “Soul Search” written by Dr. Glenn Williston and Judith Johnstone. I found a link to some used copies for anyone interested:

    This was the book that convinced me it had to be real. Many of the things mentioned in the radio show today are in this book, such as those under (regression) hypnosis able to speak a foreign language fluently without having had any prior knowledge of it, for example. I remember one case in which the regressed person began speaking in a form of Old English that hadn’t been used in hundreds of years, for instance, which had been verified by a linguist later. Because so many would start to speak in foreign (and obscure) languages, one of the first things Glenn finally began with was instructing his subjects to “speak in English” – otherwise there was a strong possibility they would begin speaking in another language and he wouldn’t be able to understand them!

    There were case studies after case studies, people who claimed to have lived in places where now there was only water, in towns that seemed to have no record of ever having existed. After careful research, it turned out the town had been covered over by a man-made lake (I think), and finally, one piece of evidence was discovered which proved that town was once there and was in fact called the same name as the subject had stated.

    There IS a lot of convincing evidence.

    Anyway, very nice show! Karma is a good next topic. The natural progression.


  2. Hi Dear Cherokee! Oh, it was a pity, I confused myself and lost the live program… I forgot that we’re out of the summer time here, so I thought it would be 2 hours ahead of the Eastern time, when in fact it was just 1 hour ahead..

    But I’ve just listened to the recorded program and WOW, it was so nice!!!!! Really, I enjoyed it so much! 🙂

    Anna’s quotes and oppinions/points all along the program were great!

    I liked a lot also when you talked about the enemies, dear Cherokee, when you said that when they don’t work out their issues they have to come back and meet again in another life. I believe most people reincarnate due to this Karma of unsolved problems (enemies or something that left sorrow, that hurted – love problems), and that we all have a mission to fulfill on Earth too.. But, with time and many guidance from Heaven I think we all end up solving these problems and evolving in spirit (well, I hope I solve mine! LOL)

    Wow, I loved George Harrison’s guitar teacher’s experience! It’s interesting, ’cause I can relate a lot to his story. I found out (by different spirit guides, on channeling sections) that in my past life I lived in Europe, when it was happening the World War. And I had the same dream many times: 3 policemen (looking like Nazists) got into my house and shot the roof, in a large beam, and it fell on me.

    In this life, I was born with a missing part of my cerebellum (as I’ve told you guys some posts ago, in here). I think my past life is the reason for me to have this hypoplasia. Thank God I have a normal life (I just have some little coordenation problem, like my hand shaking a little bit sometimes, but it’s very sutil, people don’t even notice it).

    Oh, it was very nice the topics and questions that those who called brought to the show! It was great to hear Amy’s voice (yaaay, finally! LOL)!! Wow, how amazing to know that she was a psychic! And about her son’s past life, too…

    Thank you and Anna for this program, it was excellent, very cool! Congratulations! 😉

    I loved the idea to talk about Karma in the next show! Looking forward to listen to it!


  3. I also missed the live show. I thought it was on at a certain time that I would be able to listen but I couldn’t seem to find the live link ? but I will listen probably tomorrow now. It sounded great, Can’t wait to listen 🙂

    Love Susanxxx

  4. Hello everyone!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments.

    Amy, it was so nice to talk with you and what amazing stories that you shared…awesome!!

    I am just blown away with all of the information that is out there on reincarnation and past lives. I am curious about me as we probably all are about ourselves. Maybe all of us knew each other at some point in our past lives? Isn’t that a cool thought?

    I am looking forward to our next show! Hope that you will be able to call in and participate! I am so honored to be working with Cherokee Billie. She is awesome! By the way, I had my first Guided Meditation ever with her this week….amazing experience. I am looking forward to the next time which I’m sure will be even better!
    love you guys!

    • I think there’s a reason why we al met here on this blog.. Yes, maybe we all know each other from the past! I wouldn’t be surprised if we did, ’cause we’re really a family, here 🙂

      Wow, you’ve had a meditation section? That’s great!

    • Hi Anna,

      It was nice talking to you too and I agree with you and Mayra about knowing each other at some point in previous lives. That is a cool thought!


  5. lilrain93230 said:

    I really enjoyed your program. You and Anna make a great team. All the stories where interesting and neat to listen to. I listened to the program it was a better part of my day since I have a horrible headache, and the rest of the day wasn’t great. It was just so fascinating.

    Thanks Bunches,

    • Oh my, hope you feel better Lisa ^_^ May God help you to have a relief from the pain!

      You need a good night of sleep (don’t go to bed late 😉 )


    • Mary Ann said:

      As I write this I am getting a headache:). I pray that you are feeling better.

      • Get plenty of rest, MaryAnn! I think you just need to sleep and get plenty of fluids! 🙂


    • Lisa:

      I hope you are not suffering from a migraine today. Are you feeling better?
      Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fiber. 🙂


      • lilrain93230 said:

        Bless your heart N. I am finally feeling releived from the headache today. Sometimes when I get bad headaches I can feel them in back of my head. Lying down sometimes even hurts it and bright lights make it pound worse. Thanks for your kinds words.


  6. lilrain93230 said:

    Thank you Mayra. I am one of those people that go to bed, and it’s like my brain don’t turn off. Think Think Think, and (POOF) it’s morning already. lol


  7. Cherokee and Anna:
    I just heard the show– it was truly fascinating. I really enjoyed the questions the callers had– I was able to find a local spa that offers chakra balancing in my city! Hopefully, I can get my 3rd eye opened as well.
    I also liked that you touched on Edgar Cayce and Atlantis– you know that is a hot topic for me. I will have to call you about that one– meanwhile I will look at youtube to see if I can find any information on this (as well as Cayce’s interpretation of soul mates). I also heard of a Colonel James Churchward who was told the legend of Atlantis by a tibetan monk– I have been to my local libraries to look for these texts and they are not there and refuse to order these books into their inventory. I find that weird… I guess I will have to wait to get a job so that I can just buy these books used from
    Thanks again for such an informative and fantastic show. I look forward to the Karma show next time!


  8. Thanks for posting the link to the show Cherokee!

  9. Mary Ann said:

    Hello all:
    Very good show Cherokee Billie and Anna H.
    The only story I can share is when I was 4 or 5 years old I would have several flashbacks of a woman standing in the sand on a beautiful beach, blue sky and a beautiful bright sun. I would see these images several times. Even though I was so young….. I knew the woman I saw in those flashbacks was me. That sums up any further past knowledge awareness for me because I can remember nothing more.
    I find great peace when I am near the ocean. Water has a significant meaning in my life.

    Amy, it was great to hear you and your input on past lives. Very interesting information that you shared about your son.

    Regarding the continuation of the soul and spirit; When my time is up on this journey, I pray that I will be blessed by the Divine to stay in the spirit world when I cross over. I do not want to be in the natural again.

    Thanks, the show was very informative.

    Mary Ann

    • Hi, Mary Ann….missed you!! 🙂

    • MARYANN-
      OH MY GOSH— I feel the same way!
      I do NOT want to come back to this place again. I AM SICK OF THE STUPID GAMES THAT HUMAN BEINGS PLAY WITH EACH OTHER.
      Sometimes, the only thing that motivates me to want to stay on this 3rd dimension is the fact that I love the young children in my immediate family. I feel like they were my own children in a past life and I love them ferociously. I feel that I have to stay here to make sure that they are safe. I know that I am not their mother but I just want to make sure that they are given all the attention they need because I know that sometimes the other adults in the family (including their parents) tend to get lazy and get preoccupied with other things (i.e. facebook, myspace, email, etc) when they could be going to the playground more often to just laugh and play and enjoy some fresh air (which are things I like to do with them all the time).

      Everyone– I am not having a good day today and I am not in a good mood. Forgive me– I won’t say anything more for fear of saying anything that may hurt someone else’s feelings.
      I am so tired….
      I NEED A VACATION BY MYSELF– maybe a day at the spa will make me feel better– but oh wait– I need a job for that– AAARRRGGGHHH!! 😦


      • I absoultely understand..I am just out of a few very very black days and a very hard, hard 2 are deeply prayed for and oved on this blog..and elsewhere…many surprises are around the bend..Walk On..I’m going to find that song before I go here….Godspeed the speed of light N.

        • THANK YOU FOR MY U2 SONG! 🙂
          HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!


        • Dear Sarah, N, Mary Ann, and all of you,
          What an awesome song… inspiring! All of our times will come when we leave this Earth, but until then we all have work to do. We all get frustrated and put out with others, but we have to shake it off…ask for help…..take a break….and go at it again. Remember that love is the focus…..and sometimes it is so difficult to remember that focus. Love, caring, and doing for others is how we progress and evolve. When I was doing the research for the show, as well as doing come personal reading, that is the constant that runs throughout all of the information. I already knew that, but I am just restating it as a reminder. We are not to live in the past…however, we learn from the past, but we are to live in the present, and, if we try our best to spread that message of love, not just through words, but, more importantly, through actions….no matter how large or small, then the future will be today before you know it. I am talking to myself also, but move the focus to away from self and towards others. Let’s create more positive energy and less negative energy in this world.

          Here are some concepts from Dr. Edgar Cayce that we didn’t get to mention on this show. “All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came.” [Reading 3744-5}. The Earth, with all of its limitations, was created as a suitable arena for spiritual growth. “Spirit is life. Mind is the builder. Physical is the result.” Cayce’s work teaches the reality of reincarnation and karma, but as instruments of a loving God rather than blind natural laws with the purpose being to teach us certain spiritual lessons. Cayce said that a dream is correctly interpreted when it makes sense to the dreamer, when it checks out with his or her other dreams, and when it moves him or her forward in his or her life. From Cayce’s persepective, we are not to focus on the past. The reason for believing in reincarnation is to enable a soul to understand the consequences of precious choices and to know that an individual is ultimately responsible for shaping and creating his or her own life in the present.

          Remember that we can always call on our precious Lord for help anytime we need it. Remember to always keep that line of communication and relationship open. He does not force Himself into our lives; that is why He gave us free will. He wants to be apart of our lives because we ask and we want Him to be, not because He pushes or forces His way into it.

          Please keep Cherokee Billlie in your prayers. Please read her post that she wrote on this blog thread. Let’s be prayer warriors for her and for the spiritual guidance that she gives as God or Divine Spirit or whatever you call our Creator works through her. In addition to prayers, maybe think of ways to put hands, arms, and legs on our prayers, too. Does that make sense?? I don’t know where that came from. 🙂 Anyway, prayer is powerful.

          I apologize if I sound “preachy”, but I just felt moved to write this to you. I am also writing it to me more than to anyone else that may read this reply.
          In the words of our dear friend…..I love you more,

        • Anna, I simply completely agree with and understand what you have said here. I do not want to be too quick or short but concise as possible. This is how it works. (IN my understanding.)

          Thie ideas, prayers, little imformations, big informations, slip in one by one, the fear barriers get broken down, then the next action, then the process of checking into your spiritual source, then finding others to unite with and fom the fabric of moving to the next level, then the mistakes and somehow LOVE making all right, on and on, up and up. At the big 50 here. It of course thrills me that you think my music post was cool and that I even know it!!! It also thrills me that Bono is in my (our) decade!!! I think he is there now.

          Thank you for who you are so very much. Your sensitivity, mind, heart, seeker scientist inclinations, need to talk and process and see it outside of self like you have just shared…a vey deep gift with as you put it…”legs and arms.”

          Sincerely, Sarah

        • I wanted to share this with all of you. I love Stevie’s music but
          Stevie Wonder had this particular song on his album in 1973- Innervisions.
          The song is “Higher Ground”, it has a lot of meaning regarding past lives.
          In his lyric it states:

          “I’m so darn glad he let me try it again
          Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
          I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
          Gonna keep on tryin’
          Till I reach the highest ground”

          Love to all.

        • Love Stevie Wonder songs! 🙂 Thanks for the video!

        • Hi, I feel exactly the same way Mary-Ann and N, especially lately with continually working so hard, not getting enough sleep, getting caught up in things as youdo, so much to do and not enough time to do it in. My big thing at the moment is – I feel I am working harder and harder and feeling less and less appreciated as I get older.
          I wonder why this is, could it be tiredness causing me to look drak?
          To make matters worse my husband & I went out for a meal at one of the local pubs, there we saw some people weve known from our village for a no of years. However, because they were with a group of people we didnt know, they chose to just ignore us! Yes and after all of the things that David has done for one of them, like lending gardning equipment when they need it, trailor etc. David said “hello” and the woman of the family put her hand up as if to say “back off” yet she makes out she’s a Christian? I find all this stuff quite bewildering and confusing and gets me down at time esp when your in an occupation like mine where you seem to be give give give -giving all of the time
          From what Ive heard and learnt about the spirit life so far, it does appear so much more attractive. I too am “TIRED OF THE STUPID GAMES THAT HUMAN BEINGS KEEP PLAYING WITH EACH OTHER”
          I wonder how you can get beyond it sometimes. I keep telling myself that the best times are yet to come – well I hope so anyway.
          Sorry to warble on so much here, but CB did mention about earth lives being harder and more challenging, so maybe this is all part of it.
          Thanks for the radio show, in view of this look forward to the next show re Karma.

        • Hi Mary Ann, I don’t remember hearing this Stevie Wonder song before. It is really cool! Thanks for posting it. It is so true too!

        • Mary Ann said:

          I love Stevie also. He was very prophetic with his music and his beats are awesome.

          Anna H.
          Glad you like it! It came out in 1973. Motown wanted Stevie Wonder to do something regarding social issues like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. So Stevie did the album “Innervisions” which is superb in my opinion.

          You are singing to the choir. I hear you. I do not want to come this way again when I cross over. There are a diverse collection of humans on Earth and it includes of course some good souls. There are humans I can barely stand, don’t understand and so many of them can be so cruel. I just don’t want to go through this experience again. BUT while I am still here I will make the best of it and do the very best I can to be the best that I can be.

    • Dear Mary Ann, it’s so nice to see you here! 😉

      Thanks for sharing your story about the flashbacks, very interesting!

      You were talking about not wanting to reincarnate again.. Well, I think it’s a natural feeling (I have this feeling, too), specially when we’re living in difficult times like we are now.. But this is what our physical self (or what I like to call “personality”) thinks. Our spirit is always looking for different challenges and ways to learn, to evolve more and more. So if our spirit thinks that this evolvement is reached, our spirit will be satisfied and won’t probably reincarnate. But if there’s still something we need to learn, then our spirit will ask the divine forces for another opportunity here on Earth.

      I believe the next time we reincarnate (if we do so) this world will not be in such a “caos” as it is right now.. Hopefully it’ll be in a process of restauration..

      Some spirits also reincarnate not because they need to learn, but because they want to help in an important mission. Maybe this spirit has all the virtudes to remain in the spirit world forever, but his/her presence is important here on Earth. This happened with many spirits that today we know as Saints, or with Divine Spirits such as Lord Buda, Lord Jesus, Lord Confucius, Lord Mohammed, Lord Krishna…

      Dear Sarah, thank you for the video (and song)! Hope you’re doing fine, today! And N, too! Best wishes for you!

      Love to all 😉

      • Mayra:
        I agree with all aspects of why we are reincarnated. I do not claim to be any more special than others BUT there are some evil spirited people that we share the space of life with. The negative forces of life is hard to take as well.
        I have had my share of the upside of life and the downside. I am not, in my opinion an evil-spirited person…yet I have my share of the downside.

        Starting now and to the end of my days, I will be focusing on making PEACE with my mortality. To keep my FAITH (to the Divine) in check and to give more of myself toward helping others.

        When I crossover, I pray that the spirit of me does not feel the need to come back here again. I have had my fill of this dimension. NEXT!

        Love you,
        Mary Ann

        • Oh I have the same wish as you! I hope my debts here on this Earth will be payed, once and for all (LOL :D)

        • Hi, Anna H,
          I hadn’t read your post until after I’d posted mine. but now that I have, I want to say that your post has made a lot of sense especially with regards to what Ive been feeling and of course beneficial to everybody. Isnt it good to be able to get together like us and express ourselves on such a deep level.

        • AMEN, Maryann!


        • AMEN again, MaryAnn! 🙂


        • Hi Kathy, yes, this is a good community and a good place to come and to share. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts. I get a blessing every time I come here.
          Take care and have a great week!

      • Mayra:

        As soon as I get to Heaven, I hope that my spirit will have the sense to know that we (i.e. my spirit and my soul included) need a LONG vacation. 🙂
        Thanks for your advice; something inside me says you are right on point, though. It will be interesting to know what I will want to do next on this 3rd dimension when I finally get to Heaven– Jeesh!


    • Maryann:

      I have been listening to this song since I was a little girl and I never paid attention to the lyrics of this song (one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs)– I had no idea that he was talking about reincarnation! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


    • Dear Kathy:

      People can be disappointing sometimes– but I have been reminded (this weekend again) that we cannot rely on other humans to make us feel valued– we must always look to God for his approval and love. Humans will disappoint everytime but God never lets us down.
      So, we must try really hard to keep the faith and keep on doing the right thing– I try to remind myself to try to model my life after Jesus– I know that I can never be as perfect as Jesus but I figure that if I try to reach for the “highest ground” (as Stevie Wonder says… thanks MaryAnn), I should get close to fulfilling God’s Will for me and making God happy.
      Hang in there– we will be alright. 🙂


  10. So good to hear from you and see you Mary Ann.

    I am now going to listen to today’s show. I had such computer issues I got a little scared and over
    baffled about plugging in live when it all came up.

    I just heard the BEAUTIFUL show about the spirits on the other side..I do not care that it is 2 AM here. I can sleep in today…hear me CB..haha.
    PM today or whenever for the reading…well I know it is silly but I just want all my friends to know here that I am catching up on radio shows come blank or high blank.

    I had the priveledge again tonite to support my friend also who is loosing her brother to brain cancer…there is nothing in the world like a friend who is there at all costs..this woman has been that to me..rarely do we get a chance in life to give back to the exact same person who helped us in our hour of need…

    I certainly feel we all have found a way to do that for each other on one level…and god sends all the rest that are both closer to us OR all the ones in passing that we can help..join in the loving flow with. Thank you my sisters and brothers out there..ok starting double feature listen here…it is a great prayer listen thing. On to past least I am talking about the topic loosely; the wonderful radio programs!! xxoo Sarah

    • Now I have finished show 2, thank you Anna H. and Cherokee Billie, there is deep comfort in the allowing the imformation as applicable to helping us progress and come through issues for our lives; both joyous and sowerfull chapters can find meaning and resolution with the help of a light workers like CB and Anna in some past life and other side work…karma of corse fits in the story like a building block.

      I keep remembering the show about the Dali Lama (professional movie) and how he knew certain objects he was brought to as a child. Thus the Tibetins knew it was him..and how awesome he has been in love and spirituality for all of us as he works with the world really. A holy man reincarnating so humbly but fulfilling awsome work as a world spiritual leader and peace worker..

      I like the idea too that we can be several aspects of several past lives working it out..and those pieces can come to conscious awareness as appropriate to bring wholeness and peace.

      I have a Birthmark that I fell is connected to past, and my shoulder neck injury too has a past life connection. The birthmark was an aha moment listening tonite. The sholder injury a statement form someone else that I am just beginning to connect to a current healing procees here.

      I had an interesting dream about being in a prison last order to get out of Prison I had to be come a fish…each prisoner before became the fish and then could make it out. I knew unlike the other prisoners if I became the fish I would not get out; would not be able to transform back into human form…I protested and the one in charge said ok…you have spoken you will not have to do it this way…another option will be revealled. I am beginning to trust these journeys we are talking about.

      In this sharing I have tried to be sharing in a way the information is comming to me as I listen to the shows. I look forward to my second session with dear CB..with more personal counsel healing under my belt and less fear so the support and learning may be revealed more I pray this sharing touches someone else trusting the journey.

      I wish for all here this same steady unraveling to fuller and fuller healed accomplishing lives in this dimmension and of course the truest beauty in the next life.

      I dearly love the sincere speakers today Anna H. and CB I felt secure Holy Spirit working as I have listend to these programs that are so of the light and very clear. The understanding can be slow, simple, and collaborative like this and I feel like my mind and spirit are just downloading the next depth of faith and understanding. Thank you all very much, looking forward to sharing all our growing and healing awarenesses..this has been lovely…good night!!
      Peace of th Lord/Great Spirit/Allah…Amen my friends. With much love to you all, Sarah 4:45 Am Friday the 26th…PEACE and LOVE at this sacred hour to all.

    • God bless your friend, Sarah– I pray her brother gets well.


      • Thank you, this will mean the world to her..she is really a love.
        She is one who called me way, way back..before my discoveries here and move back to “home” for a bit. When I had the issues with meds I was on
        very legally and still got so, so sick from. I was in bed for months and all the tests and “yuck” you know..lost 60 lbs..and she just called me every single night and talked with me til I was ok..she was all I had at the time.
        Please all find your special ones for your ER kit too…working on that a bit!!

        Hey..since it’s spring..that mid-life…partner wisdom book…the one I like is…The Authentic Heart…An Eightfold Path to Midlife Love…by John Amodeo, PhD. Well I may take just a peek into it again..not all the answers by any means..and one can be happy single one’s whole life…that I am going to make true..but just in case…I mentioned this a ways back….hugs all. I finally got a few nights (day-nights) sleep with the oddest working schedule. Now Monday hitting the odd job trail again…we will make it all..we are not chopped liver!!! Prayers…Sarah

        • Sarah:
          The odd-job trail– been there and done that!
          “You are not alone…” 🙂


        • Sarah:
          Prayers for your friend through her pain and for her brother most importantly.
          The dark forces of life can be overwhelming but we have to pray, keep the faith and ask for the Divine’s white light.

          Midlife Love…I don’t know about that.
          I feel slighted that I have not experienced TRUE LOVE in my lifetime. At this stage of my life I can care less about a partner. Regrets…sure, I am regretful that I do not have a true love partner in this life.
          My focus is now on what I can do outside of me for the disadvantaged.

          Those who can find mid-life love, I am very happy for them and will wish them the very best.
          Mary Ann

        • Hi Mary Ann…

          Just read your feedback…

          I put it in due to a previous conversation I remember..and had not
          come back to.

          I want to be open to it..have not had it this lifetime either..and it is ok either way…but I think I want to be open to it. My siblings get a lot of support out of their relationships..this book is so good and aout the courage and joys and what makes this stage different etc.

          But there are certainly no hints or anything implied in needing to or nnot needing too…heavens there is plenty to do either way..Sarah.

  11. I want to thank all of you for your kind comments. I’m so glad you are enjoying the radio program. Thanks Amy and Raquel for calling in with your thoughts and questions yesterday. You both have such incredible stories and I’m sure that they touched the hearts of many.

    All of you that have continued following my blog through the good and the bad-I feel we definitely have a spiritual connection. I appreciate each one of you, I may not always comment and reply to your messages, but they touch my heart deeply.

    In the words of Jimi Hendrix, “If I don’t see you no more in this world, I’ll meet you on the next one and don’t be late.”

    With deep appreciation,
    Cherokee Billie

    • Are you ok Cherokee? Just take care of you…too. The healers need healing too..big time..smiles, hugs, prayers…Sarah

    • Cherokee:

      You have been so quiet lately— are you alright? I certainly hope so. Prayers and love go out to you. 🙂


    • CB, More thoughts, you are just too good at what you do…and trust takes a while in this seeker arena. I am so very sorry for the entire scenario. I had an idea over sleep last night…when we connect I will take 5 for it. It may be lame..who knows.

      Today I am needing most of my energy to eat, do a little around house and make family obligations…I know many of us here are in physical, mental, spiritual, you name it challenges…all are in my prayers..and you know..these prayers take little time and energy…and come back multiplied in ways we see and in ways we can not see right away…deepest of prayers to CB.

      You are not alone.


    • Thank YOU dear Cherokee, for everything you’ve been doing for us! Hope you’re doing fine!


    • Billie, thank you so much for having me on your show. I want to say that it is truly wonderful that the community here on the blog can come together and share our thoughts and ideas with each other. It is a loving and warm place and I know that many of us share the same sentiment. I agree with the many comments on how you and Anna make a great team. The show just flows beautifully between the both of you. I really enjoyed the wealth of information that was shared and it left me intrigued and wanting to learn more. I am excited for the topics that will be discussed next. I hope all of us here are able to tune in. Billie you have such vast spiritual knowledge on so many levels and I want to let you know how much I appreciate that you came into my life. It is very nice to see that you have such a supportive group of people that also value the gifts you share with all of us.

      Thank you Billie and Anna.

  12. Dear Cherokee and Anna,

    I thought the radio program was wonderful and very informative. Thank you for letting me call in and hearing my stories and answering my questions. It was great talking to you both! I had really wanted to know if one remembers anything after being regressed, as in remembering the past lives after the regression and as you said Cherokee, you did not. I would love to know more about my past lives but I’m not so sure if I would want to actually remember. I’m not sure how I could deal with that but just hearing about them is really fascinating. Even though I only heard about just one of my past lives, (out of many) it was really cool to know about. It was also very good to know about my son’s past life. These night terrors of his seemed like they were never going to end. It never really bothered him because he never remembered any of it in the morning, but it was really worrisome to me. I couldn’t stand seeing him like that, in that state of horrible fretful anxiety. Just by the psychic telling him about this past life that caused all of his unconscious terrors, stopped it completely for him and I am so glad of that. I thought it was really interesting, Cherokee, that you talked about living in linear time and about our past lives and current lives coinsiding (as you also did in your article) and how the two can co-exist like the time-space continuum because I have been reading about that lately and I thought it was amazing that you brought that up. Very fascinating subjects indeed!
    I’m really looking forward to the next radio show continuing with the subject of karma. Like you said, karma plays a big part in reincarnation as I believe they go hand in hand.

    Again, wonderful show!


    • Oh, and I completely agree with you Cherokee in that I too feel that we all have a spiritual connection and it feels wonderful!


  13. Greetings,
    I couldn’t listen to your show live, as you know, I was in the Keys. I just finished listen to it and it was magnificent radio show. So many information that you and Anna shared with us. It was a very educative topic and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Lots of blessings,

  14. Cherokee Billie,

    The radio show was fantastic! Very informative and amazing stories. So much fun to listen to.

    Love to all,

    • Mary Ann said:

      Love the fedora!

      • lilystardust said:

        Hi, Mary Ann! So glad to have you back! I’ll try to “show the love” more. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


      • Mary Ann,

        Ha, that’s funny. Someone put that on my head on New Year’s Eve last year and took a picture. But I know why you mentioned it, I hadn’t even thought of that!


      • Hey Mary Ann..What am I…chopped liver????? Just kidding..sring is blowin in here too!!! The snows are short, wind is strong and warmer, drifts almost gone!! Who Hoo!!! Hugs…Sarah

        • Yeah Sarah,
          You will be in short sleeves before you know it!

          Hugs back to you.
          Mary Ann

  15. thank you for the lovely program,i did listern to it after a long struggle with my network but the important thing is i didnt give up. the program helped me to understand not to only think within a box but to open my mind because they so much things going on in life which i didnt realise what they meant but now with all the programs i am bigginning to recognise spiritual signs.i am from an african family and i have been keen to understand this things
    thank you billie and anna for a lovely program
    god bless you

  16. Hey everyone! I have a dream that I want to share with all of you!!!

    In one of my dreams last night, it seemed that I was in a high school play/ musical and I was on stage. I was sitting on stage during practice when a few people came towards me– a man extended his hand out to me and told me “Let’s go” and then another person grabbed my other hand and said something like “Come on”. Upon taking their hands, I was lifted to my feet BUT then they lifted me up into the air with them and at that moment I realized that they could take me to Heaven? So then I told them to “take me to see Michael” — then I repeated my request– and they seemed to be okay with my request– then all of a sudden things started to get hazy and it felt like gravity was pulling on me BUT then my body started to vibrate all over– it did not hurt– you know when you take a mallet and hit a bell and then you touch the side of the bell and feel it vibrating ever so subtley? That is how it felt– then all of a sudden I saw what appeared to be a hazy and shadowy image of MICHAEL! He was in a long sleeve button-down shirt and in some dark colored pants– his hair looked like it did when he was 30 years old (the BAD album era)– his face and both of his hands were turned upward to the sky, as if he was praising God. Then I remember calling out Michael’s name over and over as the image began to clear up a little… but then, I heard someone laughing at me from the outset… and then I began to drift away again… I was saying something to the effect of “No Michael– wait Michael– no, no, no— Michael, Michael, Michael” and then I opened my eyes and was still within ANOTHER dream but someone was giggling at me because I was apparently pleading with Michael out loud and the person thought that it was just hilarious. I was heartbroken, of course… and then I don’t remember the rest of that dream– it may have concluded at that point. I woke up to the 3d world we are in now.

    This is not the first time that this has happened– I remember the one VIVID dream I had of Michael, I was asked by a stranger if I wanted to hear music from Michael’s concert– of course I say yes– and then through his music, I am escorted right into his presence– it is as if I have to be actively introduced by someone else within the dream in order to reach another dream that allows me to have access to Michael– granted, I don’t know if this is the private or public Michael that I am dealing with– but I just wanted to share that with you all.
    The night before last, I had a dream about Marlon– last month I had a dream that I was watching all of his brothers practice for a performance and Jermaine put one of his arms across my shoulder as if I were his little sister– I remembered thinking… “OKAY– so where is Michael?” 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing N…My dream was so weird too..then I was scared I typed it within the “process time” ..thank you for sharing..more will come to light..MJ and Spirit is here N. I just know it…Love again to Cherokee Billie, You, and All…Sarah

      • Smooches to you, Sarah!


        • Smooches felt so good today to chat. Anyone I did not mention specifially…really, like CB..I treasure you all and these radio shows are so great…to finally have listened last finally have been able too meant so much to me….peace and love all…Sarah.

          Anna H., Amy, Raquel, Heidi, CB..auch beautiful voices. Sarah

        • I am sorry…too many type errors lately…just running on lower steam and then when I get that spurt..I go too fast..I was saying;
          “such beautiful voices.” Sarah

      • By the way, Sarah– you did not go much into your dream– why did you feel that it was weird? Or did I miss something?


        • Thanks..I just got overly worried as I always do…about the goldfish part…above.

          I think my dream means we sometimes get to skip some scary bad things…or messy processing about it….this is for my issues I think.
          That maybe we can get out of the “Prisons” we are in. That maybe there is more than one way to get the answers or get out…..the goldfish in my having to become a goldfish may mean go through certain bad things over and over…I finally said no…and got to do it another way..this is as far as I’s just processing.

          Personally, I have been knocking on some “dead” doors…there is some resolution, some love that is definitely there, but I do not need to stay in certain self-desingned traps I have made for myself…I can find a way out it may not be as hard as I’ve been making it…any way…so far…this is where I am with my Goldfish prison dream thing as per above…embarassed face. Thanks for asking…hearts to you. Sarah

      • Sarah:

        Did I miss something? What happened in your dream? The “weird” one? I have had PLENTY of weird dreams, but I tend to enjoy those (as long as there is no violence).


      • Sarah:

        Your goldfish dream is really deep– I like it. Let me know if you have anymore of those dreams and what you get out of it as the days go by. 🙂


    • Dear N, thanks for sharing your dreams, they’re wonderful!

    • N:
      Very interesting dream. You will connect with Michael when the timing is right. You are getting closer to that point it seems.
      I love your account for detail. I recently read a comment you made on this blog to me on dreams and I want to thank you for taking the time to help me. I too want to acquire the gift to dream and to remember my dreams.

      Mary Ann

      • N:
        In your dream I am happy that Michael has the appearance he had during the Bad era. He was most happy about his appearance during those years. In the life he left behind, he felt most comfortable at home in his long sleeve button- down shirt(most times red) and black slacks.

        Keep us posted on the next dream.

      • MaryAnn–

        I am so glad you got my message. I really hope it helps you– I can’t wait until you let us know about your first remembered dream– it is going to be a day of celebration! 🙂


  17. N…..Wow, what an amazing dream 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 It seems you were definitely in the spirit world and it sounds like you were almost astral travelling and seeing that vision of Michael was wonderful 🙂

    I still haven’t had time to listen to the radio show yet so I can’t add my comments :-/ hopefully soon. I haven’t really got any stories about remembering any of my past lives, but when I was a wee girl I used have that deja vu feeling sometimes. Acutally, last year when I went to a friends 50th birthday party at a restaurant and as I was sitting there at the table, I felt like I had been to the same party before! Maybe I was remembering viewing my present life from the Spirit world and what events would take place!? LOL

    Have a great weekend everyone…. Susanxxxx

    • Susan:

      DEJA VU– I have felt that sooooo many times before. I believe that my soul must have lived in this same region of the world in the previous lifetime. Maybe that is what is going on with you– you are probably remembering celebrating that same friend’s birthday from a previous lifetime.
      You are going to love the radio show! 🙂


    • Susan:
      I just wish I could actually make it over to Michael– oh well– better luck next time— I definitely can’t be distracted in this situation.
      I wonder if these are my spirit guides who are leading me into my next dream that allow me to have my Michael encounters? Interesting…
      The next time, I must remember to ask them if they are my spirit guides, and if so, I want them to introduce me to ALL of my spirit guides and guardian angels. I may be asking for too much…. doesn’t hurt to try, right?


      • But please stay here for awhile…selfish request…love you and looking forward to sharing the revelations…Sarah

        • OK…got to go get some food in me…hugs all. Sarah

        • Sarah:

          I plan on staying here on the 3D plane with you guys until I have accomplished God’s mission that has been assigned to me. Plus, I can’t leave the Earth knowing the little children in my immediate family need me to hang around. 🙂


      • N…..LOL…. Yes, it could be that Michael is very high up in the Spirit World now and just a bit too far to reach! 😉 I’m sure they all are your lovely guides. Have you ever thought about using Angel cards to connect more?

        Yes, LOL I can just imagine my friend having lots of parties in a past life 😉

        Cherokee….it sounds like you are working too hard. You need a holiday!?

        Lots of love Susanxxx

      • Wow, amazing dream, N! Really enjoyed reading this.

        Ive had lots of really weird dreams in the past that Ive not always been able to make sense of.

  18. I see that many of you have asked how I am doing. The reason I am so quiet is because I’m drained and very tired. Ever since the fiasco at the end of the year I have had to work harder than ever to rebuild my business. I lost a tremendous amount of clients because of that. Also last year I mentioned I was having health problems. They have magnified and I’m battling all the time. As you notice from my radio program it does not stop me from doing my work which is a gift from God. I will always deliver messages, but please understand I just don’t have the energy to answer each person on their comment. I appreciate everybody staying here and making this a wonderful spiritual community. I will keep working until the very last breath.

    I love and appreciate each one of you and do pray for all of you.

    Be blessed by the Divine Spirit,
    Cherokee Billie

    • lilystardust said:

      I am so sad to be reading this. I didn’t realize you were being “quiet”; I thought you were being so inundated with fans begging for readings and lessons that your time was filled up. Cherokee Billie, what can we do for you? What can I do for you? We love you so much. We appreciate you so much. You’ve changed our lives. Please be healed. We care. I care.

      You need better publicity. I don’t know how … what if we all printed up some flyers and took them to our various metaphsical shops, coffee houses, record stores, natural food stores, vitamin shops, places that sell smudge supplies, anywhere they might let them sit on a counter or shelf, in the towns we live in? I don’t have a printer at home, but …. maybe there could be some way I could get a few printed up somewhere. If we all pitched in and distributed some nice flyers around our areas, would that help? There’s a Native American store I just discovered a few weeks ago (that has the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen, and more than I have ever seen in one place), and I actually had mentioned you to the shopkeeper – I think it was the day before your radio show a few weeks ago. She had never heard of you. That might be one place, among many, to leave flyers. Maybe it could get something started in our small corners of the world for you. What do you think? Maybe I can think of some other things.

      I send you a big hug and warmest wishes for you to feel better so very soon.

      With Love,

      • Dear Lily:
        I would appreciate if people would put out flyers about my services. I can send information about how it would be written and see if everybody would place these in different locations. I really could use the help. God bless you for thinking of ways to help me and being Creative.
        Many blessings,

        • lilystardust said:

          I’m glad you liked the idea! (I just spent about twenty minutes typing a response, and just now lost ALL of it when I clicked to the internet to check something! Darn! I have to start all over now.) Sigh.

          I’ll try to remember what I wrote. (Or send it in segments so it doesn’t dissappear again). Okay, first, if you designed the flyers and made them available electronically, we could just print them out, and they’d be exactly the way you’d like them to be. They could be in different languages. I had asked if it was a problem for you to give readings or lessons to non-English speakers, or would they have to understand English.

          I had ideas that the flyers could emphasize different services offered by changing the heading and having the other services in smaller print elswhere on the flyer (that could be interchangable). As an example, Crystal Healing could be the heading for flyers targeted towards crystal shops. I had thought that you might be able to contact shops directly (such as crystal shops) and ask them if they would print out flyers directly to put on their counters, the idea being that they might sell more crystals if they had a contact (you) that could help their patrons use them. To create a win/win reason of why they should. Another possibility is to offer a “free” (short) reading with the purchase of one of their products, in order to develop repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Something like that. Example – the shop owner advertises a “Free” reading from you with purchase of one of their designated crystals (or smudge supplies) and there’s a little tag attached to the crystal with your info. Or flyers on the counter to that effect. You could use us, or Facebook friends, to help identify or suggest the most popular (or some) stores in our local areas for you to contact (or where we might ask to put flyers), especially if we already shop there (for herbs, smudge supplies, metaphysical items, books etc.)

          I’m sending this now before I lose it! Hope you don’t mind if I add to it again.

          Love, Lily

        • lilystardust said:

          Another idea I had was using Craigslist, but I don’t know if it’s free or not to advertisers – I’m not sure, but I think it might be. ( It’s an international “want ads” site. In the middle section near the bottom is a heading entitled “Services”, and two catagories beneath that are: “Lessons” and “Sm Biz Ads”.
          (Example: You might be able to advertise there in different cities. You could (also) start perhaps (even) by advertising locally where you live, now.

          I also was thinking that you should have a Skype link on your main web page that is easy to use and understand, so that no one is intimidated by having to call a potentially long-distance number to reach you. I don’t remember seeing one, but do remember you had mentioned to us that we could use Skype to call you.

          I had also thought that some of your followers/friends might be able to suggest “freebie” magazines in our local areas for you to advertise in (if it’s not too expensive). One that comes out here and is dropped weekly in front of restaurants and strip malls is called “Good Times”. (Example)
          You could target the cities most likely to be interested in your sevices. (It’s online too, I just discovered).


      • Lily, you are very special to me..and absolutey treasure your sharings…much love…Sarah

        • lilystardust said:

          That means a lot to me … thanks. You guys wouldn’t believe how much of recluse I’ve become, and how hard it is for me to help myself! I love to help other people, but am more blocked towards my own life than anyone can imagine. Irony, huh? I think the herbs Cherokee Billie suggested for me are working (!) – I noticed it almost immediately, actually. My creative juices are starting to flow again. (Against a veritable storm of depression). This is the “me” I’m trying to “get back to”.


      • Lily:
        That is a wonderful idea. I have said on this blog before that you are very inspiring in my opinion.

        Cherokee, when the flyer is ready I would like a copy emailed to me. I have some locations in mind that might be accepting.

        Many blessings,
        Mary Ann

      • Wow Lily— you have a wealth of knowledge! You are like a PR expert! Go Lily!! 🙂


    • I pray for you too Cherokee Billie…one step at a time…you sounded fabulous.
      Thanks for getting back to us..blessed evening…blessed day and night to all 11:51 PM Mountain Standard Time. Sarah

    • Dear Cherokee, I will pray for you so you can recover quickly. I love you and I want the best for you.♥

    • Anabella said:

      Dear Cherokee:
      I understand all that you have lived, that has not been easy, so hope that your situation improves, you can rest, take a holiday and you get your health and energy.
      I always admire you because you are an example for my effort and perseverance, I appreciate you much for everything you do for us.
      I ask God and the angels for their care.
      Much love to you.


      • It has been a while since I have sent you my love specifically Anabella,
        Much love…and I admire you all who have the photo comfort zone…I treasure it…Sarah

        • Anabella said:

          Dear Sarah: how are you? I hope that you are well, sorry for not writing before, I am sending you my love.

        • Thank you and you too…my old soul in a young body friend…I hope that was not too personal…you dear ones your age blow me away…Sarah

    • Dear Cherokee:

      Please get well soon– I have asked God to bless you to get well.


    • Dear Cherokee, It saddens me to hear that you are feeling tired and drained. Recent events have certainly taken their toll on you.When we are tired and drained all physical health problems seem to be more prevalent.I know that from my own experience.I am disabled as well and know how pain can affect you.If you feel down sometimes a few words spoken without thought can be devastating. It must have also been a tremendous worry for you losing so many clients.I do feel very strongly however that if they were the type of clients who didn’t trust you enough to see the truth then perhaps you are better off without them.All that apart it is time for you to pamper yourself, have a little me time doing things you enjoy.Take some time to recharge your batteries.You are very precious to all of us on this sight and I know that we will all pray for your recovery.With much love and many Blessings, Anne UK

    • Oh my, many prayers and good vibrations going your way, dear Cherokee! We love you too 😉

    • Hi N. and Mary Ann. Angel Cards are like a card decks only bigger. Have you ever heard of Doreen Virtue? She has a whole range of different decks. The deck of cards I use are “Healing with the Angels” There are 44 cards with beautiful messages on each card with a guidebook with all the lovely meanings. It’s a nice way to connect with the Angels. All the cards have positive and uplifting meanings. All you do is shuffle the deck and and choose a card or several cards or you can also shuffle the deck and wait for a card to fly out. It’s like magic. You can have a question for the Angels (say it out loud or in your mind) and then shuffle the cards and always the right cards pops out giving you a lovely positive message. You can find the cards at books shops in the Spiritual section and new ages shops.

      I have my cards with me right now and I have asked the Angels to pop out a card for dear Cherokee 🙂
      Cherokee: The cards that popped out were: Dreams and Playfulness &, Answered Prayer (if you can relate to these Cards CB? 🙂

      Light and Love Susanxxxxxx

    • Dear Cherokee Billie,

      I pray that you get better soon and hope so much that the business improves.
      We are all here with you and you have our support and love. Also I am sure your dad and your angels are with you night and day. You are not alone.
      We love you.

      Take good care of yourself. I will keep you in my prayers.

      P.S I loved your radio show. It was so amazing to hear all the stories and all the information. Thank you, and thank you Anna.

      Love and light to you all

  19. lilystardust said:

    Has anyone heard from Giselamj? Last Wednesday was a critical day for her. Haven’t been hearing from her. Concerned.


  20. lilystardust said:

    This is completely unrelated to anything, but does anyone know the significance of seeing 11:11 all the time, or 3:33? I used to see 11:11 a lot, when I was (still) working; since I stopped working, it’s seemed to change to seeing 3:33 (suddenly noticing a clock) more often, instead, or it was, for a while, (and not 11:11 anymore), although I see 3:33 far less often than I did 11:11. Just thought I’d ask.


    • 11 and 3 are master numbers in numerology. this can often be an awakening of a new aspect of your spiritual self. Pay attention to those numbers because they are giving you messages. I often receive messages in the form of numbers. I don’t always know what they mean, but in time their message becomes clear. I hope this helps.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Hi.

        I have also heard something about the 11’s being the ones who came back here to help….don’t know much more that that….

        I have 11 in my chart I’ve been told and 11’s always look at the clock at
        numbers that add up to 11 and the hour and 11. All the time..I have done this for years but know no more…Sarah…Hi Linda I see your comment below….Sarah

    • Hi Lily,
      I get the same too. I have kept seeing 11:11 for almost a year now. It is wierd but somehow everyday (work days) I look at the clock on my computer at work and I nearly never miss the 11:11 time. What a coincidence! 🙂

      I have a little book written by Doree Virtue and Lynette Brown “Angel Numbers”
      but it ends at number 999.
      111 according to the book means:
      “An energitic gateway has opened for you, rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time, ensuring they match your desires. Don’t put any energy into thinking about fears at all, lest you manifest them.”
      We see 1111, but I hope this helps 🙂

      Love and Light x

      • By the way,
        11 according to the book I mentioned above means:
        “Pay attention to your repetitive thoughts and ideas, as they are answers to your prayers. This number also signifies a highly creative person who needs to avoid addictive behaviours”

        • Well that would make sene to me..creative type here…trouble with discipline…Sarah

        • lilystardust said:

          LOL … 😉 . (Uh oh). Appreciate the explainations! And yes …. I do have some problem areas.


    • hi companion, looks like i have the same “symptoms” … it started with 444, now it’s 11:11 – sometimes even double) – it became alomst normal to me because it happens everyday 🙂
      interesting, isn’t it?


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