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I’m sure that many of you were able to listen to the radio program with Anna and our special guest Heidi this evening March 11. I would love to know what you thought of our program and your comments and feedback.

If you have any topics you would like to suggest for future programs I would love to hear about them.

For those of you who did not get to listen to the program here is a link where you can listen to the program anytime you want to:—Native_American_Psychic.mp3

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Hi Dear Cherokee! Sorry, I commented on the wrong post, haha.. Here it is:

    I hope you’re doing very well, thank you for taking your time to do this program (Anna and Heidi, too).


    • Dear Mayra:
      I read what you posted below. I tried to get this up right after the program, but I had to wait for the link to the archive so that people can listen to the program who missed it or who want to hear it once more. Thank you for all of your kind words. I’m so thrilled that you were able to listen.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. to all of you who commented on the post below thank you. I appreciate the fact that you listened and took the time to let me know what you thought of the program. If you have any suggestions for future shows please let me know.
    Many blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

  3. lilrain93230 said:

    Hello again, I commented on the wrong discussion. I am so happy that I got to listen to the show, and listen to all you lovely souls. Cherokee, Anna, and Heidi. It really touched my heart, I wanted to hear even more because all the stories were amazing. At times when we lose someone so dear to us we tend to feel alone because we can’t see, touch, or hear them and it’s so sad. It is comforting to know that they are there forever with us and they send us signs such as the flashing lights or they do visit us in dreams. We all will be reunited in spirit. I hope we will all meet someday atleast in spirit. I believe we are all kindred souls and will remain close.
    A discussion I would like to see someday hmm lots of interesting subjects perhaps something about dreams. What do they mean? Is this really our loved one saying hello? Do we travel to spirit world in dreams? Great blogs and I can’t wait for the next show.


    • I agree with you, Lisa. My deceased loved ones have always visited me in my dreams; that is probably the main reason why I look forward to going to bed at night. I would love to have your questions answered; I think this would be a great topic. Kudos to your suggestion. 🙂


  4. It sounds like the radio programme was wonderful and very moving. I haven’t been able to listen to it yet, but just wanted to check in with the blog to see everyone’s comments. I can’t wait to hear it soon 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone Susanxxxxxx

  5. Cherokee, Heidi and Anna:
    It was so nice to hear your voices. 🙂
    I was not able to hear the actual show so I listened to tonight’s archived show. The stories relayed on the show were beautiful and full of hope. We all need this now.
    Question: I thought that people were supposed to call in and participate on a 1800 number– did my failure to listen to the actual show cause me to miss the comments from people calling in? Did I miss anything?


    • You didn’t miss anything, people did call in, but only wanting psychic readings and the producer did not put them on. Because we are keeping the show on topic only. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show and that you are able to listen. I’m sure the neck show the equally as exciting. I know how good it was for you to hear so many that you have been writing to on this Forum.
      Many blessings,

  6. Looking forward to listening to it a bit later, sounded great!

  7. I am still looking forward to it..and my second reading…finally in next few days…so fun to look forward to hearing some folks that have become so dear…Sarah

  8. Mary Ann said:

    Bravo Ladies:
    Very good program. Soo good to hear Heidi and Anna H. The spiritual world is fasinating. I can not wait to cross over. I realize in my heart that my journey on this earth is not yet complete; but I look forward to that beautiful day when I am spirit.
    Cherokee in my last reading with you channeling my mom, you mentioned that you saw a tiger. You stated it twice. When we do our next reading, I must ask my mom what does that mean. Also you briefly channeled my dad and what you said to me was what my dad said to me many times when he was alive…he would always tell me that he loved my mother very much and he felt that she was definitely his soulmate.
    I lost my mom as a child and I miss her dearly. My dad lived to be almost 91 and he passed away in 2008. I miss him soo very much.

    Thank you Cherokee for being such a dear spirit to all of us on this blog. Your loving spirit has helped all of us to heal because all of us have endured the pain that life inflicts on us. Thank You.
    Mary Ann

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and comment. May god bless you.
      many blessings,

    • Mary Ann,

      I empathize with you. I too lost my mother when I was a child and my father died at 83 at Christmas time in 2008. As you are well aware, it was difficult to be a girl growing up without a mother. I was blessed that I had two older sisters who ‘took care’ of me as best they could, but they weren’t much older than I. It does make you independent, strong and able to endure, that’s for sure.

      It’s been a long time, and I still miss my mother. I know she is with me in spirit, but I always wonder how different my life might have been if she hadn’t died so young. Her birthday was yesterday, March 12. I said happy birthday to her then, but I want to post it here as well.

      Thanks for reading.


  9. Hi Cherokee,
    It’s good that you posted the archive link on the blog because now I was able to listen to it from overseas. It is wonderful to hear it! Wonderful Cherokee that you have the spirit of your father around you helping you. And Heidi and Anna how wonderful to hear your stories! I am so glad this all lifted you up after the great loss of your dear mother!

    I recognise the need of comfort we all have when we loose someone we love. This alone gives a feeling of companionship and that can give one comfort. I have the feeling we’re all one big family worldwide and in spirit. We’re all in the same boat just in different compartments. We just don’t know it all yet.

    Although I do not had a very close bond with my brother who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away 2 years now, I still miss him very much. Sometimes I think I feel his presence but again this is such a ‘far away feeling’ that I recognise you saying that one can easily doubt on it and ignore these feelings. I still have my doubts if it is not only my fantasy because I want to contact him so much or if it is really his spirit trying to contact me. I once visited a physic and asked her if she could try to contact my brother. She said she did but it scared me what he had to say to me through her. That is because I expected my brother telling me through the psychic lady that he loves me and misses me too. On the contrary to that my brother said I had an assignment in life and he talked about how he died and how hard things were for him while he was alive. It made me more sad than I already was and actually also a bit angry. This assignment he told me about really wondered me because it sounded quite impossible what he was asking me to do. Later on I started accepting this assignment, telling myself that it’s all for love and that the great Divine and my brother would not give me this assignment if I would not be able to achieve it. So I am working on it now. The suprising thing to myself is that I seem to make progress on this assignment that seemed totally unthinkable for me to do.

    Since I am the younger sister (me & my prother differ 13 years) we actually had seperate lives growing up. So there is a lot I don’t know about him and how he lived his life actually. I do know that he always loved me very much.

    It’s understandable to me listening to you Cherokee telling us that you as a ‘radiostation for spirits to tune in’ absolutely do not know what it means the spirits are telling you.

    Well, it’s all about love,that’s for sure.
    Great radioshow!


    • dear Ellen:
      I’m so glad that the messages yesterday touched your soul. You are so right when you say that we’re all in the same boat. We all inhabit this same planet, we all breath the same air and we all love our children. When we remember that it helps us be more humane. I’m glad that I explained channeling in a way that made sense to you. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,

  10. I put this in the last post so I will just re-post it here:

    Dear Cherokee, Anna and Heidi,

    It was so wonderful to hear your voices! I think the program went great and I loved what you all had to say. Your stories and experiences of your passed loved ones were very interesting to hear!
    I have had my own experience the day after my mother passed as well. I was sleeping and just about to wake up. My eyes were still closed and I heard my mother say “Hello Amy”. I looked up, yet my eyes were still closed, and I saw my mother. She looked beautiful! Before she passed away, she had false teeth but had rarely wore them if at all towards the end. The first thing I noticed upon seeing her in this lucid dream state was her beautiful teeth with her big smile. It was just her face that I saw in front of me. I was stunned for a second and didn’t know what to say. She started to fade and I quickly said “Wait! How is it?”, meaning how is it on the Other Side. And she said ” Oh! It’s great!”. and with that, she faded away. I will never forget that experience as long as I live and will treasure it forever.
    I can really relate to what you were all saying on the radio program and I really enjoyed listening.


    • Mary Ann said:

      Beautiful story about your experience with your mother. How I envy you! I would love to have that happen to me.

    • Dear Amy:
      what a wonderful gift your mother gave you by letting you see her as she is in spirit. I know that this was a great comfort to you. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
      Many blessings,

    • Amy,

      That’s an awesome experience! Thank you for sharing it with us.


  11. Hello Everyone,
    I hope that all of you are doing well. I really feel that we are just on the cusp of an amazing, incredible journey. When Cherokee Billie mentioned that she was thinking about hosting another radio show, I agreed with her and offered my encouragement never even thinking about personal involvement other than listening; I still get butterflies.

    Please continue to keep her and the work that she does in your prayers. God has given her a most wondrous gift that she chooses to use to help all who find their way to her. As she said on the show, it is not she that does this, but it is because of the Divine Spirit that she can help others; she is the connection.

    As Heidi said yesterday, the key word is hope. You have to have hope. In I Corinthians, chapter 13 the importance of Faith, Hope, and Love are discussed. Faith is believing without seeing; Hope is belief in positive things to come and that there has to be something better; and Love is what gives meaning to Faith and Hope. Love is the cornerstone for everything.
    Without love, everything else has no meaning, just empty actions, words, etc.

    One more thing I will share about my mom. I guess the guiding word in her life was love and forgiveness. In order to help us, she planned her funeral many years before she got sick. She selected her scriptures and the music that she wanted. Throughout all of the selections, the key word was love…..unconditional….showing love to others. One of the scriptures was the one I mentioned above from I Corinthians. If you recall, the message of love has been mentioned many times in the preceding months on this blog.
    However, it has also been said in earlier posts that instead of talking about love as a noun, we have to put love into action as a verb. I think that you will understand what I am trying to say.

    I encourage all of you to get involved in the show either by suggestions for topics or calling in for discussion or even being on the show as a guest or whatever you feel in your heart. The possibilities are endless. In order for me to accept Cherokee Billie’s invitation, I had to take a leap of faith and put my foot in the water.
    I’m borrowing this from an inspirational picture I have in my home….”Faith is when you close your eyes and open your heart.”

    love you more,

    • All of you by now know how music touches my spirit, and, if I find music to share, I do. Enjoy!!!!!! 🙂 I love this one!!!!!

    • Mary Ann said:

      I enjoyed your message yesterday. The same for Heidi. You are such a kind spirit and it transcends to us on the blog. I look forward to future radio programs. The next one will be very interesting to hear.

      • lilystardust said:

        Very nice, by the way! How do you find these unusual videos?


        • Hi Lily, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I just think of a song or title and do a YouTube search for the artist and/or title or topic. I have been exposed to and participate in music in all different kinds of ways my entire life. I am a musican also. Anyway, that’s what I do to find videos. I listen to different songs or videos of that song until I find one that I think is appropriate. As a pianist, I have had to choose music that would be appropriate for a certain occasion or feeling or message that needed to be conveyed. I guess to sum it all up…I love music and music is just a part of me. I try to be careful and not post too many videos. There are so many, many talented people who make these videos and post them on the internet.
          Just explore, have fun, and enjoy!!!!

  12. thank you cherokee billie! It was a wonderful program!! God bless


    • Dear Cynthia:
      I’m honored that you took time out of your day to listen to the program and I’m so glad that it was of help to you. Thank you for your comment.
      Many blessings,

  13. Thank you all for all your amazing responses to the show. i cant tell you how uplifting it was to share my personal story. i only hope i was able to enlighten you all and strenghten your faith and hope. thank you CB for allowing me to express myself on your show. you are so gracious and loving. You made my day!..

  14. Dear CherokeeBillie, Anna and Heidi, I wasn’t able to listen to your programme live, so I took time out today to listen to it through my computer.I enjoyed it so much,wasn’t it lovely that you all said what a family we had become? I feel that in my heart, God or Michael sent me to this blog and I’m just so grateful that they did,Love to you all and special love and prayers to you CB. I can’t begin to tell you just what you have brought to my life. MAny Blessings, Anne UK

  15. Cherokee Billie,

    I listened to the program early this morning since I was unable to tune in to it live last night.

    It was wonderful! Thanks to Heidi and Anna for their truly amazing, beautiful stories. I loved them!

    As you know, my mother passed over 40 years ago. I remember her visiting me in a few dreams early on and one stands out in particular.

    In this dream she looked radiant and healthy and not at all like she did before she died. Being 30 on the Other Side is how she appeared to me.

    In my dream she came into a room where my sisters and I were and I said ‘Mom, you’re alive!’ As suddenly as she came she was leaving and I asked her why she was leaving. She told me something I never forgot and didn’t understand for over 30 years. She said ‘I have another life somewhere else’.

    I remember thinking about that dream for many years wondering why she would say that. Now I know that she meant she had her real, eternal life on the Other Side.

    Again, I enjoyed the program immensely. I always learn something new from you and everyone on this blog.

    Love to all,

    • Mary Ann said:

      Your experience about your mother is beautiful. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that there is more to life after this one ends. Amazing!

      Mary Ann

  16. Hi everyone. I just listened to the radio show.
    Wonderful to hear your voices Anna and Heidi and listening to your stories 🙂
    Cherokee has also helped me. My brother died nearly 2 years ago and I had a couple of sessions with CB and it has brought lots of comfort for me and my family. Everywhere I go now, there always seems to be signs from him and I know that he is around checking us all out 🙂 My brother was severly handicapped in life, but now he is cool normal 30 year old dude in Heaven. He was 36 when he died! It’s so great knowing he’s around us 🙂

    Light and Love Susanxxxxx

  17. Hi!, I been reading your posts for about 5 months, and this is the first time I decide to write. I’m Eugenia and I’m from Uruguay (South America). And I found this webside in the internet and I started reading all your old posts of Michael Jackson and all that, and tfhey were incredible! And I read the one that describes spirt and I can’t explain the strange feeling of peace and happiness tat i sense. Really incredible, congratulations, your blog is incredible.
    I send you love from Uruguay,

    PD: congratulations for writing in spanish some posts.

  18. Hi Everyone,

    Another thing I like to say about the program is I loved hearing about the signs that you recieved from your passed loved ones. I know that there are all kinds of signs if we just pay attention. Some are subtle but some may be obvious.
    I have an identical twin sister (her name is Ann) and a few days after our mother passed, it was our birthday. Her husband took her out to dinner at a restaurant that had individual tiffany type lights that hang over each table. While sitting there waiting for their order, the light above their table started blinking. She looked around and noticed that no one else’s light was blinking, only their’s which did this for about a minute. My sister instantly ‘knew’ that this was our mom saying ‘Happy Birthday!’
    A couple of years later, right before I started my new job, I went to see a psychic. During the reading she was telling me that she was getting that someone around me has diabetes and didn’t know it yet and that she thought that it was possibly my Ex husband (my children’s father). At the time of this reading I was starting to suspect that I might have it, having some symtoms but I didn’t have health insurance at the time, but I would with this new job. I said to her ‘are you sure it isn’t me that might have it?’ She said ‘no, I feel it’s more like your Ex that has it.’ Just then, she also had a hanging tiffany type light in her bow window that started blinking like mad, I mean really going crazy! We both looked at it and she just said “Hmmm… isn’t it weird how lights will do that sometimes?” But I instinctively ‘knew’ that this was my mother telling me “IT’S YOU! YOU HAVE THE DIABETES and you better do something about it!”. Well, it turns out that I did have it and boy, did I have it. My sugars were through the roof and I also had some kidney damage from it. I don’t know why the psychic didn’t see me as having it and saw it as my Ex having it instead. But I know that, that was a SURE sign from my mother letting me know that it was me that had the diabetes because I really didn’t want to believe that I had it and would have rather believed that it was someone else and not me.
    There are all kinds of signs if we pay attention, but this was a sign I couldn’t miss!


    • lilystardust said:

      Wow, Amy. That’s quite a story. It also kind of goes with Cherokee Billie’s advice to be discerning about who to trust. I’m glad you listened to yourself, as well as to your mother! I hope you’re doing alright now.

      Interesting about the blinking lights. I had a small lamp switch go out yesterday after the radio program. I checked the bulb, and it wasn’t the light bulb. The switch had a push button that would “click”, but instead of clicking, it just squeezed and would not work, even after trying five or six times. I finally unplugged it to (eventually) take to a repair shop, and missed having it because it helped light up a dark corner in my kitchen. Later today, I plugged it back in, just on the chance that it might work again, and to my surprise, it did, the first time I tried. I was, uh, delighted.

      I don’t know if the lamp has a bad switch, or if it was something else. It didn’t really even occur to me that it might be, until you posted your story above. Now I’m wondering. It’s an old lamp, sort of 70’s Scandanavian modern, made of all yellow glass, that my step-father handed down to me many years ago. Tomorrow, my mother is throwing him a 90th birthdday party that I’m going to (although his real birthday is a month from now). I still think of the lamp as my stepfather’s. Is there a possibility that that switch going out was connected to something about my step-father, something other than just a bad switch? You made me think about it.


      • Hi Lily,
        Thanks. I’m doing well now but I have to be careful with my health, diet and take my meds.
        That’s very interesting about your lamp. Among all the different signs that the Spirit World uses, using electricity is a big one for them. I think it’s very possible that there is a sign there for you with your lamp doing what it did.


        • Mary Ann said:

          Please take your health very seriously. Prasie God, that you are better. Take care of yourself. I am trying to do the same. Our health is everything. Without health…there is nothing.

        • Yes! Wow, it must be tough.. Dear Amy, take good care of your diabetes! May God bless you and help you to go through this the best way as possible! 😉


        • Thank you so much for your kind and caring words. I’m doing the best I can and yes, I thank God (and mom) that I caught it in time before any more serious damage was done. Don’t procrastinate if you suspect something wrong, no matter what! Lesson learned!


    • Amy,

      What an amazing story. I know psychics are right all the time, but that she completely missed that the light was a sign and that it was not just acting up is surprising. I, like you, would have immediately connected that to the reading I was having.

      I love these types of stories, thank you for sharing another one!

      Stay well.


      • Hi Lynne,

        This psychic pretty much hit the nail on the head with other things but for some strange reason, not that one. I actually went back to see her with a friend a year later. Without me saying anything to her about anything, she could ‘see’ dark patches in my kidney area and wanted to know if I knew anything about that.


    • Amy, I’m glad that you found out about your condition. Take care of yourself.

  19. Hello everyone, I haven’t got a chance to listen to the radio program as of yet, my job is keeping me quite busy. Yesterday was our first day on the phones.

    I can’t wait to hear it! I too have had visits in dreams. A few months ago I dreamt of my Daddy who passed away in 2000. We were fishing in the most beautiful lake that I’ve ever seen, it was such a vibrant blue! He gave me a beautiful gold fishing pole and we spent the entire time fishing. My dad loved to fish when he was alive and he taught me when I was little. My mom said that was probably a visit and he wanted to make sure I knew he was OK, she dreams of him too.

    • Hi P,
      That’s a wonderful dream you had. I believe that not only do we get visits from our loved ones but I believe that we also visit them which I think this is the case here with you. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing that.


    • Mary Ann said:

      I feel very deprived. I do not dream anymore or should I say I do not remember any dreams anymore. What a blessing. Thank God that you have the window of dreams in your life.

      • Hi Mary Ann,
        There was a time in my life when I would wake up blank. It seemed that I wasn’t dreaming, though I knew I was, I just wasn’t remembering. But then I slowly started remembering again and going very strong now. Like Mayra does, just ask God to help you in remembering your dreams and maybe keep a journal by your bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night and remember even a little snippet of a dream, write it down. By doing this practice it may help you in remembering more and more. I also used to tell myself before going to sleep that I WILL remember my dreams.


        • Amy– That was good advice you gave to MaryAnn.

          Maryann– Like Mayra and Amy said, ask God to allow you to remember your dreams and always be sure to pray and ask God to shine the White Light of the Holy Spirit all around you every night before you go to bed. DO make it a practice to keep a journal by your bed so that you can jot down notes on your dreams every morning. I have found that I dream about my deceased family members whenever I am going through a really difficult period in my life (as if they want to comfort me or warn me) OR on special holidays. I remember that a few years ago, the night before Father’s day, that my deceased dad and great-grandfather visited with me! It was so nice to see them. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather and father all came to visit me frequently last year, since 2009 was such a challenging year for my health– it was as if they were checking in on me and to comfort me.
          These are just a few of my experiences with dreams– I have had so many of them that they astound me– sometimes I feel that I visit other people that I have known and loved from past lifetimes– sometimes I feel that I have visited other dimensions– I think that I have been to Heaven once to learn a lesson about FAITH– I have even had dreams where I am eating food and I can actually taste it (i.e. I actually had a really sweet and tasty pecan a few nights ago). I can often fly in the air in my dreams (I really enjoy doing this). I have always had dreams like this– very vivid– ever since I was a child. Some dreams have been scary (i.e. during my college days, I had a dream that I was drowning in hot ocean water with a massive amount of people and having a feeling that I knew that the whole world was drowning with me… which is why I am curious about Lemuria/ Atlantis… I wonder if I had a past lifetime during this time period and if I am accessing my Akashic Records). I have had a dream of being involved in a project of developing a transit/ train system within a mountain/cave that was actually inhabited by a city of people (past lifetime occurence and accesscing my Akashic Records again??).
          As I have grown older, I have learned not to be afraid of my dreams because I know that whenever I find myself in a situation that is not safe, I call on the name of JESUS (sometimes I am screaming his name in my dreams) and he ALWAYS comes to my rescue. Interestingly enough, I believe my spirit guides/ angels also protect me during my dreams… for example, I had a dream once that I was about to get into a battle with my arch-enemy (?) and just as the action was about to begin and I was flying midair, I heard someone yell directly into my right ear something to the effect of “GET OUT!” I jolted awake, with my heart racing and my whole body tense. Another time, I was not feeling well– I was suffering with a fever from the flu– so I got up and raised the window to get a bit of cool air (end of Fall season I think)– I was burning up with the fever and my aspirin had not kicked in yet– I just wanted some relief— I promised myself that I would not fall asleep because that would be detrimental to my health BUT I DID fall asleep and fell immediately into a dream. While in that dream, I was playing outside somewhere and all of a sudden, a person/angel/spirit guide threw a small rubber ball at the temple of my head and said “WAKE UP!” and I awoke with a jolt. I immediately jumped out of bed and shut the window— I was still groggy and I remember saying “OK, OK, OK… I will close the window” and then I stumbled back into bed. The next morning, I was so thankful to God for that dream– I could have easily gotten the pneumonia had my angels/ spirit guides not jolted me up out of my slumber.
          I also remember going out of town to see some family members that I had not seen in YEARS, who lived next door to my deceased grandmother. Unfortunately, my family members were not there, so I left my business card at the door and left. When I went to sleep that night, I went back to the home I was trying to visit in my dreams; when I walked inside my relative’s house, there was my deceased grandmother sitting there in the living room! I ran to her and fell on my knees and wrapped my arms around her and told her that I loved her so much and she said “I love you too, baby” while she hugged me back– it was as if she was telling me that she saw what I tried to do earlier that day and that she appreciated me for trying to reach out to my aunts/uncles/cousins and that she loved me. It was a beautiful experience.
          There have been times where my great-grandparents have come back to give me or others in my family messages. My great-grandfather once came to me in a dream to warn me of hard times to come but he told me not to worry and that I would be alright– he was right about the hard times and he was right about being alright.
          I am thankful to GOD for my dreams because not only do I see those that I love but I learn a lot about myself as well.
          My great-grandmother visited me in a dream to tell me relay a message to my my grandmother (her daughter) that she loved her very much. I told my grandmother this– I am not sure that she believed me but I know that I passed the message on to her like I was supposed to. I have shared my dreams with loved ones and they usually laugh at me or tell me that I am strange or that something is wrong with me or that I should stop eating after 9 pm. I don’t care what they think of me (something that I have learned about myself)– I would not trade this gift for anything in the world.
          When you pray to God, ask Him to allow you to remember your dreams and to protect you with the White Light of the Holy Spirit; also talk out loud to your deceased loved ones and ask them to visit you and then ask God for His permission to allow them to come and visit you while you sleep. Let your deceased loved ones know that you are open and receptive to them visiting you during your dreamtime and that you are not afraid to see them and that you can handle any appearances that they wish to have with you. Ask your spirit guides and your guardian angels to help you to remain receptive to having dreams and to not be afraid. Ask God to grant you the patience and the wisdom needed to accomplish this goal… and know that if you find yourself in an unhappy situation, you can always back out of the dream whenever you choose to do so (I always call on Jesus to help me out of the dream if it gets too intense or painful).
          I just wish that I could figure out how to go into a specific dream that I want to go into and actually go into it– I have only been able to do that once– and that was truly by the grace of GOD and all the angels/archangels/spirit guides/ gatekeepers that I had access to at that time.
          I would also like to be able to get back into a dream that I was really enjoying– I have NEVER been able to do that— my body usually forces me to get up around 4 A.M. to take a potty break (even in the middle of a NICE dream)– but when I get back to bed, I am led into a whole new and different dream. 😦
          I have to keep practicing, I guess.
          I hope this helps– I got on a soap box– I have not written like this on Cherokee’s blog in a long time.
          Everyone- I apologize if I talked too much.


        • Hi N,

          No need to apologize. That was very interesting to read!




  20. Hi girls! I was reading all of your comments, they’re just wonderful! I liked a lot to read about your experiences and dreams!

    Anna, thank you for the beautiful music (and video)!

    Mary Ann, like you, I rarely remember my dreams. Even when I ask God to help me remember, it’s hard. I used to have more dreams when I was younger.. (LOL)

    Love to all 🙂

    • I’m like you, Mayra and Mary Ann, I rarely remember my dreams too. I know that I have dreams; I just have that feeling, you know? But, when I try to remember them, the memories are just out of my reach. It is kind of like when you are trying to remember what you wanted to say and it is just on the tip of your tongue….you just can’t quite reach it although you are stretching as far as you can….I guess elusive is right word. Sometimes I wake up with a happy feeling, and I try to remember. Once in a while I do remember. I’ll just have to work on it, I guess.
      with love,

      • Wanted to add to my above reply about my dreams. Sometimes I have an apprehensive or anxious feeling, not always happy. Occasionally I have vivid dreams where I can recall more. I have always been interested in dreams and the dreaming process. I remember writing a research paper on it in either high school or college….maybe grad school. It was a long time ago. I just find dreams fascinating. Well, have a wonderful day, everyone!!!!

    • Mayra:

      Hang in there and don’t give up. Your dreams will come back! 🙂


  21. I smell the scent of my grandmother that passed away a couple years ago. I still wonder why she doesn’t appear to me, considering I get frightened very easily. The scent is the only thing i can recall about her though.

  22. I recall a dream about Al Capone, which is weird. The only word I can recall him saying was PAIN. It is weird, because I’ve never heard his voice, but I can recall the hat. When I awoke the word Al kept on replaying in my mind. The way the word PAIN was said seemed sad, because it seemed as if he went through a lot in his life. The interesting part about is that Michael was in my dream. A man asked him if he wanted to talk to Al Capone. First he accepted then he refused, all of a sudden, a hat drops onto the floor. That’s when i knew instantly, the hat reminds me of the one that Al Capone wears.
    Thank you for reading
    God bless everyone, Ellie

    • lilystardust said:

      I (also) had a dream about meeting Fed Astaire in a “dream” bar, an “other side” bar, having a drink and conversation with him, sitting on barstools next to each other, about ten or more years ago. I had been a big admirer of Fred (and Ginger, too!); was watchng a LOT of old classic movies, and was riveted by Fred Astaire. It’s one of those “rare” dreams I remember and felt were “true”; I really DID meet him and talk with him. (I told him how much I admired him). It’s one I remember.

      I also wonder if I felt that Kathryn Hepburn was going to die the night she did. I happened to be up late watching a Kathryn Hepburn movie I had never seen, and was thinking to myself how much I really appreciated her, how much she had symbolized liberation for women so far ahead of her time, and was really, really tuning in to her energy, thinking to myself she was one of the few “old timer” greats still alive, and I was praising her in my mind over and over. The next day, I heard she passed away, at around the same time I had been watching her movie and thinking so intently about her.


  23. lilystardust said:

    I have a feeling dreams are going to be a new topic soon (Lisa requested it, too).

    I don’t remember most or many of my dreams now, anymore (maybe because I don’t sleep at all well anymore – I’ve actually become an acute insomniac since I lost my job), but there have been a small, select, few, in the past, that stand out to the point that I have never forgotten them. I had a premonition dream about 911 that freaked me out to the point that I was obsessively talking about it to anyone who would listen, for days and days and days; I was in a panic state. It was nightmarish. I didn’t know what it meant when I dreamt it, but I knew it was of the utmost and profoundest importance. I was told it would cause a profound change in history and would be a pivital turning point. It was “narrated” to me by a voice, along with the images. I had the dream a week and a few days before 911, and had also been having an extreme toothache at the same time (from an undiagnosed cracked tooth that hadn’t shown up on the X-Ray), and had been having to wait for a second dental appointment … which was scheduled for September 11th, 2001, at 11 a.m.. The tooth problem had seemed to put me in more of an altered state; something about the pain. That dream haunted me for a long time. I can write more of the details another time, if any one is interested. There was a lot to it, and probably more than I actually can remember now, but enough to have figured out it meant the twin towers, and more, afterwards. (Maybe I can try and write it out off line and copy it. I’m sorry I hadn’t written it down then.)

    Dreams aside, I also had a premonition of the death of my favorite cat three years ago; I was repeatedly, constantly, “warned” by a voice inside my head (that did not feel like my own thoughts) for three weeks, again, by a “voice”, but while awake, and when it actually became true, I was devasted beyond comprehension because I hadn’t wanted to “believe” it and had chosen to ignore the warnings. I’m still not over it. There was somewhat more to it than just that, too.

    I guess those are two very specific times I am certain a voice was “talking” to me to warn me of two extremely important things; one asleep, and one awake.

    There have only been few other select times I have “heard” that, or possibly another, “voice”, but I can’t talk about it here. It was in the 70’s.

    I will say, that it isn’t something I ever felt I had any control over; it “came” to me; I wasn’t looking for it or asking for it. I don’t think I could “make” it happen. They just came.

    That’s all I’m going to say for now.


    • Wow Lily, your premonition dream about 9/11, the voices and the correlation with your extreme toothache sound amazing. Also the awake premonition about your beloved cat, which I am sorry to hear about by the way.


  24. lilystardust said:

    (Billie, I just saw your Psychic Powers 101 Certifcate! LOL 🙂 ) Congratulations!

    • Dear Lily:
      thank you for your congratulations. I’m happy to have this course in my resume as it shows that I have studied psychic powers.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  25. i listened to the archived version of the show yesterday night and i enjoyed it very much – thank you!
    as other people already said it was really nice to hear your voices (again, cherokee billie and for the first time heidi and anna).
    i’m looking forward to the next pne 🙂


  26. you have all shared some incredible dreams. And there are many reasons we have dreams, sometimes they have absolutely no meaning. I will consider doing a show on dreams, but it would be difficult to talk about dreams throughout the entire show unless I bring on clients that have had dreams and I have given them the interpretation to them. I will consider this, but it does present certain problems in terms of broadcasting.

    I would appreciate any other suggestions.

    Kind regards,
    Cherokee Billie

  27. I finally got to listen tonight. Wonderful job ladies. Enjoying the dream blogs too. I almost never remember my dreams and when I do, they are usually ones I don’t want to remember. Such a complex world it is. So much to learn.
    Peace and love.

  28. Thank you Ms.Billie for hosting this radio show. Ive learned alot from you in the radio show and on your site. I hope to call you one day.

  29. Hey Cherokee!

    Sorry i did’nt get time to listen to the show as i was with my mother that day! she had a Hospital appointment. so was with her the whole day. I hope this show has been recorded i would love to listen to it. Do u know how i could listen to yr show what would i have to do??????????????????????????

    Blessings to all

    From Saba 🙂

    • Dear Saba:
      the link to listen to the program is right in my original post message. Look at the brown hyperlink and click on it and you will be listening to the program. it is also on my website under radio shows.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  30. I listened to the archived version of the show earlier today. Many thanks CB for hosting such an interesting show and many thanks to Anna and Heidi for your wonderful insights and experiences after the passing of your loved ones.

    Thanks everyone for your interesting and varied comments regarding your dreams.
    About dreams, my father died on Anzac Day (April 25th)1995 and my mother died on 10th March 2007. I miss them very much but I have never had the pleasure of dreaming about them (or perhaps I havent been aware that I have). I missed being by the bedside when both of them died at the different times, my mother by 10mins ( I was on my way to her).
    I did visit a psychic once who said my father came in very strong and said “tell Kathy to stop worrying and to get on with her life” – so very true. He also said through the psychic ” that he wished he had gone about things in an easier way and not made things so difficult for himself”
    Not sure what he meant by that but I do know that he was a bit of a worrier, worked very hard and ran after other people a lot. Was very caring but had difficulty showing affection to others.

    I do wish I could see them in my dreams sometimes though, perhaps I need to work on this but am not sure how.

    I used to dream a lot when I was younger, really vivid dreams like flying throught the air, everything in bright vivid colour, and I still do sometimes but not as often. Often I dream raally weird things that seem not to make any sense and seem quite jumbled up. I did try to analyze a dream I had like that once and it was just amzing the insight that I got from it. I was some time ago now and what I got out of it was something like setting goals too high for myself or something to that effect. We should do these things more often.

    I think the idea of keeping a diary and writing your dreams down is a good idea.

    I had a surprise dream back in October, it was the night before seeing the movie “This Is It”
    I sort of woke up and it was like a beam of light came down with glitter and gold and Michael made a flash appearance, tapped me on the shoulder and said ” enjoy the movie, relax and have a good time”
    It was the fist week of a fortnight’s break from work. I had been feeling a bit stressed from work and there seemed to have been a lot to do before going away for a few days. I was ready to fly out that next afternoon and had booked to see “This Is It” in the morning.

    Wow, I couldnt believe it – anyway, I took Michael’s advice, I did enjoy the movie and did have a really good break away.

    I have never had anymore dreams like that since though.

    Thanks again everyone.

  31. The radio show was very insightful, and it’s just the radio show that I was waiting to listen since I can learn from each topic and to some point relate to what the guests had said. Cherokee you are native radio speaker, congratulations. Ana and Heidi did an awesome job as well. Congrats and keep on the good work!!!

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