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Angel Gift for You!

Last night, as the clock struck midnight, an angel made a very special gift for you, a gift that lies before you now. It is in a large box, wrapped in the color of moonlight on a shimmering lake, and tied up with a ribbon spun from those very moonbeams.

Slip off the ribbon. Open the box. Fold back the tissue paper and see within the most amazing cloak, made of love, pure angel love, and interwoven with the threads of happiness and dreams, your happiness and your dreams, woven just for you.

Some threads are made of the emotions you believe you will feel when your dreams come true. Some threads are the emotions you have felt before at the most wonderful moments of your life. Every joy, laugh, kiss and hug is here, every tender moment shared with others in the past and yet to come. Every moment of heartfelt pride in yourself or someone you love for doing something amazing. Every peaceful moment you meld and expand into oneness as you know yourself as a child of a benevolent universe, pure and innocent, blessed by love and guidance. It is all here, in this angel cloak made just for you.

And the most amazing thing of all about this angel cloak is that you can wear it right now. You can slip it on and embrace yourself with joy, love, and peace this very moment, no matter how things are in your life. There is no need to wait until something happens to feel all this; you can feel it right now. You can wrap yourself within it and let love expand your heart and rise to your face in a smile. Right now.

Put your angel cloak on every morning. Pull it tightly around you as you breathe in the joy of life. Feel how your worries just float away, all replaced by love, a deep love that flows for you, just as you are, in this moment. Hear the angels sing as you acknowledge their love and caring and relax into their embrace, trusting them to watch over you throughout the day.

Do this every day. Let yourself have the happiness you long for right now. Do this and the most amazing miracle of all will slowly begin to arise around you, so gradually that you may not even realize it until much of the year has passed. Do this, be this, be joy, peace and love, shine forth with it in every moment, and gradually the circumstances of your life will begin to shift and align themselves with the energy you are sending forth.

Oh, look, here’s a gift card from your angel: “The easiest way to achieve your dreams is to give yourself the gift of happiness right now.”

Isn’t that just wonderful?

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  1. tarryn333 said:

    Wonderful indeed! Thanks for this beautiful message Cherokee! Strangely enough, this afternoon I had a very strong feeling I would log on here and see an Angel message…its just what I really need to see and read too.
    Thank you Cherokee, thank you Angels, and thank you everyone here.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      isn’t it wonderful how spirit works? I felt the need to place something about angels that would be uplifting on the blog today and look at how it made you feel ! That makes me happy indeed.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Cherokee Billie,

    I had an overall feeling of warmth and love reading this. I visualize my cloak being made out of the green, sparkly sheer gauze that the angel is wearing in the image with a collar tie made from the moonbeam ribbon.

    It’s a beautiful message filled with so much positivity, love and purity that I imagine anyone who reads it will have the most uplifting, inspiring day.

    Thank you for posting this. I just love it!!

    Love to all,

    • dear Lynne:
      what a beautiful description you gave of how this message made you feel. I thought this angel looked perfect for this story And I’m glad she spoke to you spiritually. I agree it would be hard to not feel good after reading the story.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. Camille said:

    “Isn’t that just wonderful?”

    It truly is. Thank you very much for sharing Cherokee.

    P.S. Love you. 🙂

  4. Anna H. said:

    This is a very beautiful message; it contains such magical and inviting imagery. I mean magical not in the sense of illusion or tricks, but in the sense of wonder and amazement. Thank you.

  5. Wonderful!

    I felt very down and gave my last energy into what I can do for others. I’m doing the best I can but sometimes it looks like a well without a bottom. My soul felt very tired today. I was not able to pick myself up.

    It’s good comfort reading this.
    Thank you!

    • maryann said:

      We have to hold each other up. It sure can be a struggle. I can relate. My soul was very tired today too.
      Take Care.
      Mary Ann

    • Dear Ellen, Seems like spirit knew we needed angels today..things coming to that healing pinnicale lately for many I think…or some kind of similar feeling… love and rest …Sarah

      • Thank you so much Sarah and Maryann for your kind words! It’s very nice reading all this.
        I am fine now, better than yesterday. And you know what, hurray, Spring is coming over here; the sun was visible today since a long long time. It felt very good feeling the first sunbeams on my face today.
        I brought some of my things that I no longer use to a shop that recycles it for the people that are less fortunate than myself. The older man at the shop had a sparkle in his eyes towards me. I was thinking about the gift of the Angel as Cherokee writes about, together with the sun and these sparkling eyes I felt I received a treasure today. It brought me back in the race of life. It’s just the small things that can make one happy and these small things usually do not cost a penny!
        Thanks again,
        god bless you all

        • maryann said:

          Thanks for giving us an update that you are feeling uplifted in your spirits.
          You are doing exactly what is a main purpose for all…”to help others.” For instance, I am still feeling poor in spirit at the moment. I usually go to church most Sunday’s and I have not been to church since the first Sunday in January. Your message has inspired you put it “It brought me back in the race of life”…In order to take my mind off of my troubles, I will put my energy into constructive things by doing what I can for someone less fortunate as I have always tried to do.

          Love you,
          Mary Ann

    • Hi Ellen, good to see you here! Nice to know you’re feeling better ^_^

      Today I’m the one who’s not feeling well. I’m stressed out and without energy (yesterday I was feeling already a lack of energy). I had a horrible day today, since morning to night, everything went wrong, people misunderstanding me, and to finish, at night, I was taking a bath to see if I could relax a little and, suddenly, the lights went of and I tried to get out of the bathroom and the door got stuck. When I finally got out, I had to heat some water to finish my bath.. What a looong bath (laughs).

      Well, now I have an annoying headache and I have a test tomorrow morning.. I really wanted to relax today, but it wasn’t my best day..

      I came here to read again dear Cherokee’s beautiful post and see you people’s comments, they always cheer me up 🙂

      • Anabella said:

        Dear Mayra:
        I want to be able to be animated and restore your smile, is important to preserve the mood. Sometimes they end the day cost me happy, but I think we should make every effort to ensure that the problems of the day we do not drown. I always hear the song of Michael: “Keep the faith,” helps me a lot to be optimistic and be more animated.
        Success Tomorrow!
        A kiss.

      • Keep the Faith and many Prayers Mayra..just checked in ..had few mor momets to do that today here and there Prayers on exam..sjn.

      • maryann said:

        I realize your post was for Ellen but I will pray for you to feel better.

      • Dear Anabella, Sarah and MaryAnn, thank you so much! Your support is very important to me, it’s nice when we feel that we have friends 🙂

        I’m feeling better, although I’m tired. My mood is much, much better! Today is another day, right? (LOL)

        I felt a nice and strong energy when I woke up today! I could feel that it was coming from many people.. This blog family is amazing, I’m so lucky to have found you guys (dear Cherokee, this is for you, too)! And I also thank my Guardian Angels ^_^


  6. I just loved this so very very just fits my heart..Thank you CB…I am posting a song that fits more in the wonderful MJ Channel on last message…but mention of Angels brought me
    to remembering it…Sarah

    • Also..I so love the artist..and I so needed this today…what a Blessing with a Capital “B”…Sarah

      • maryann said:

        I needed this today too. Not a good day today. There is tomorrow. Let’s see what that will be 🙂

        • Oh friend..last few..oooohhhh yuck…what a dear are you and yes sweet and great message..smiles. There is a lovey “morrow”…just know it…With love, Sarah

        • maryann said:

          Thank you

  7. Hey Cherokee!

    This is just so what i needed to hear! love from the above! It was so so beautiful & fullfilling to read! sometimes i feel i don’t deserve the love of God or his Angels! sometimes i feel i don’t have the right to pray as the sin i have done was displeasing to the almighty! but yet again that is Satan’s whispher! God is always there for his believers! God knows all what is in our hearts if we go astray why! but yet he trust the good people who have lost there way will find there way back. The secret is to forgive ourselves and keep trying to acheive the positive never give up keep going no matter what n believe you will receive the love and blessing from God Ameen (Amen).

    Thankyou aganin for putting this extrordinary post Cherokee it really is uplifting.

    Many blessings to you and everyone on this blog!


    Saba! 🙂

    • Blessings and love…we are loved and accepted by God more than we humans can believe I sometimes think….good to see your post dear Saba…Sarah

  8. Thanks Cherokee….Magical. I can just imagine the Angels laughing with joy and happiness and full of mischief and wonder dancing around us trying to get our attention 🙂
    I feel uplifted knowing that there are sweet angels all around us.
    Light and Love Susanxxxx

    • dear Susan:
      you are so right the angels definitely are trying to get our attention And would just love for us to pay attention to them and ask for their help. They love to help.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  9. thank you …


    • Josi…still with you in prayer…lived on a ranch without electricity or running water for two week intervals due to weather and some electricity lightening haystack fires..but never an earthquake..deep prayers for services and order soon…Sarah.

    • Hi and prayers tanjaanna..oops on message for Josi placement…Sarah

  10. hi cherokee and friends:
    Im a little bit bad because here in chile wAS an earthquake 8.8 scale of richter, many people died, we dont have water and electricity since a week. Im in my notebook and the conction is slow. please pray for us.
    many blessings to all

    • Dear Josi:
      I will definitely keep you in my prayers that you get water and electricity quickly. I pray for all the people in your area to be protected and have everything they need. I hope this angel story blessed you today.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • maryann said:

      My prayers are with you and all who are in Chile. Please stay strong; God will always be near.
      Mary Ann

    • Anna H. said:

      Josi, keeping you and the victims of the earthquake in Chile in my prayers.
      with love,

    • Dear Josi, my prayers are with you, too, and all the chileños! We’re here for you, sending good vibrations 😉


    • You have my prayers and support, Josi.


    • Oh prayers Josi..been thinking about friends in that part of world..sending real prayers and energy…Sarah

    • Anabella said:

      Dear Josi:
      Always ask God to care for the people of Chile. I’m Argentina, and what has happened I have felt very close to me. I am awaiting news. I’m praying for your protection and will soon be able to recover and move on with their lives.
      Te envío mi cariño.

  11. maryann said:

    This came at the right time for me today. I am not in good spirits at all.
    When I put on my cloak I instantly noticed the colors. It is mostly a very deep and beautiful red with merging colors of purple and gold. Very beautiful. Thank you Cherokee for passing on this beautiful gift from the angel. I needed this beautiful treat.
    Mary Ann

  12. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much, dear Cherokee! It made me feel peace and joy 🙂

    I’m feeling a huge lack of energy this week (must be due to my effort to study). But this post really made me feel good!

    I’ll be doing my test on sunday morning. Hope this time I’ll make it!

    Are you and all my friends are doing fine? Hope so!

    Love to all!

    • Hang in there, Mayra! It will be over soon!


    • Prayers and blessings on the test dear Mayra…Sarah

    • dear Mayra:
      ask your angels to help you pass this test and see if it doesn’t go easier. Remember they are waiting for us to ask and they will always help. I will keep you in my prayers.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Anabella said:

      Dear Mayra:
      I wish you the best for tomorrow! I’m praying for your test. A big kiss.

    • Thank you all for your sweet and uplifting wishes! I was needing them!

      Thank you so much for the prayers, dear Cherokee! I’ll ask the Angels to help me and bring me calmness and that my memory won’t forget what I’ve studied 🙂

      ♥ Love to all ♥

  13. Hi Cherokee Billie, had a feeling to pop by to see a new post and what a lovely one to read.

    You know how I feel about the Angels…:)

    I have been feeling a little under the weather battling a virus this past few days. The other night I sat and called in my angels for protection and healing before bed (I was feeling very poorly that day) as I stood up and turned to get into bed there was a gold/white feather laying perfectly on my pillow! – I know they are always taking care of me, they’ve proved that numerous times! lol.

    ‘While we are sleeping, angels have conversations with our souls’. ~Author Unknown

    Love & Light x

    • Dear Nikki:
      what a wonderful gift from the angels! I know that They surround around you and take wonderful care of you. it’s wonderful one we acknowledge their presence because they’re more than willing to help and the even manifest themselves. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  14. lilystardust said:

    This was so lovely and beautiful. Thank you so much for posting it. I could read it ten times day for the rest of my life.


  15. Anabella said:

    Dear Cherokee:
    It is very sweet and loving story. I liked the image of the angel is very beautiful!!
    I wish we all find happiness every day that we wake up. And as you said: “Feel how your worries just float away, all replaced by love.” This sounds in my special way because sometimes I get carried away by the concerns I am having and I would not appreciate how beautiful the day. I’m working on this since I read your post.
    I hope that all hear the melodies of angels and we care for them.
    I found this picture of an angel, is for you and for all, I hope you like:

    With love.


  16. Cherokee:

    Thank you for such an insightful reading yesterday; I took the time to really think about what you told me about my family, about myself, and about my career direction. I only spoke less than 15 minutes with you and you provided me with such valuable and sincere information. Thank you again!


    • dear N:
      it was a pleasure speaking with you and I’m glad that I was able To help. When I do a reading I don’t waste time as you can tell and people always come away with answers that they needed. God bless and keep you.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Vanessa said:

      heey dear N how are you doing? nice to see you again!


  17. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    Thank you for this beautiful article. It was amazing and it came at the right moment for me and also for my friend. I have gone through a tough time since we spoke on Tuesday evening and the angel’s gift message felt so comforting. My friend was feeling down, stressed and physically ill today and I was thinking about her as I was reading your article. When I finished reading it, my friend called me and because it meant so much to me, I started reading the angel’s gift message to her and when I finished reading, she said “thank you. I have just got the answer to my prayer”. So, we both thank you for this message. Thank you Angels! Where would we all be without your help?
    Love and Blessings

    • dear Linda:
      it was delightful speaking with you again. I’m glad this message gave you comfort and also helped your friend. We all need to turn to the angels for help.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  18. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    This is a beautiful post, I just loved it!
    I believe some people around us are angels who help and rescue us in difficult moments.
    This is how I felt as I read this!

    Thank you for being an angel!

    Best wishes,


    • dear Karina:
      you always leave such beautiful and inspiring messages for me. I’m glad that this message touched your soul.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  19. what a wonderful article. i loved this so much. you never cease to amaze me with your special posts. they reflect u and how wonderful u r even times are tough. i want to thank u for this billie. it really touched my heart and soul. as long as u continue to post these kinds of things, the world will be a better place. thank u so much for your contributions to all of us. love ya

    • dear Heidi:
      the spiritual world is very real and quite active and all we need to do is ask and embrace the gifts That they give us. you always have such positive messages. Thank you.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  20. lilrain93230 said:

    Thank you Cherokee Billie. This story is so beautiful and descriptive. Thank you to all the angels out there who offer us gifts everyday. We need to be aware that we do receive gifts from them with love. I love and thank all you gorgeous angels.


    • You are so right to thank the angels. It’s the attitude of gratitude that gets us the blessings. Thank you so much for your post.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  21. giselamj said:

    This is such a wonderfull post.. that I will keep to read it everyday..
    Thank you Cherokee Billie to remind me .. that I a always have a very special angel at my side….since I can remember…
    Thank you my angel…to always be protecting me at so many moments and circumstances…I know you are always there…

  22. Anna H. said:

    Here is a gift for you……Dare to Dream…..
    This reminded me of the angels and of our inspiration. This one captured my imagination; I hope it will capture yours also.
    with love,

  23. lilrain93230 said:

    Hello Everyone here is a little something from me to all of you. Remeber as Cherokee said there are bunches of angels out there for all of us.

    love to all,

    • Loved the video, so beautiful 🙂 And the song, too! As always, you create great videos 😉

      Amen! May all of the Angels be with us, watching over us!

      Thank you for bringing it to us Lisa!

    • Anna H. said:

      Thank you, Lisa. I enjoyed this very much.

    • Lisa, you and Anna gave me the shot in arm I needed to try to ZZZZ again. When insommnia hits…now I get up for 20 min or so and then try again..think it’s hormones…and all the stress of healing and working on so much…thank you for beautiful hopeful angel videos and inspiration and healing calm here…nite nite…Sarah 2:34 AM the 9th here.

    • lilystardust said:

      Love your videos!!!!!

    • Anabella said:

      Dear Lisa:
      I enjoyed your video is so beautiful, very sweet. Thanks for making such beautiful videos. The music chosen is precious. I keep some videos you’ve done, I hear you always give me peace and happiness.
      Much love to you.

  24. lilrain93230 said:

    Thank you everyone you are all very kind lovely people.


  25. Vanessa said:

    Oh Cherokee, It´s very sweet and relaxing!!

    Ana H, Lisa, beautiful videos!

    Thank you!

  26. Mary Ann said:

    Interesting about Michael’s body guards who were with him for several years. He was loved and respected by them.

  27. Mary Ann said:

    This is part I; sorry for not putting in order

    • lilystardust said:

      Thanks for posting these!

    • Dear Mary Ann:
      these are nice videos and thoughts you posted, I would prefer If you placed anything about Michael Jackson in the posts that are about him. I like to try to stick to topics and the topic here is angels. Thank you.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  28. Yeah! Likewise!

    • Hi! I meant thanks so much Lisa for your lovely inspirational videos, I’m saving them for the times I might need them!

      and thanks Mary Ann for the videos you posted re Michael’s bodyguards with their positive comments!

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