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Are Psychic Powers Real?

Real is relative to what we perceive as real. As the saying goes “Perception is reality.” So what our minds perceive to be fact will be considered fact. The answer to the question on whether psychics are real or not varies depending on who you speak with. While millions of people consult with and believe in psychics, there are millions that do not. How can millions of people be wrong? How can millions of people be right? It is a matter of personal belief. If these abilities are not real, there are certainly many institutes studying psychics and testing their gifts. A psychic has the burden of proof to prove to someone that what he or she is saying is accurate.

Yet, if psychic powers are not real, why is there such an immense amount of research, energy, and resources that go into validating or disproving these abilities? Every year at various facilities, an extensive amount of research takes place. New psychics are constantly emerging and skeptics are quick to shoot down their claims. Critics feel that most self-proclaimed psychics are charlatans preying on the innocent for financial gain. Believers feel that psychics are given their gift to help people by providing invaluable insight and guidance. These believers of psychic abilities speak from personal experience or evidence that they have come across. It is hard to deny that there are various documented cases of successful psychics.

The Case For Psychic Abilities

People that are believers typically base their beliefs on personal experience, personal accounts from others in their circle, or other “credible” evidence that is provided through television, newspapers, and other media outlets. It is fair to say that there are numerous documented cases and accounts in which clairvoyance seems to have played a role. A prime example is Edgar Cayce; there is evidence from the virtually thousands of readings that he did through the years. On seven rare occasions, he allegedly prophesied things that would not happen until many years later, and in many other cases, people believed what he was telling them. The issue with some of these documented stories is that scientists cannot validate psychic powers by the “stories” and “believed accounts” of such acts.

Many people listen when the government says something. There is some sort of validity and truth when it comes from the government. This is true of the time when the CIA and U.S. Government launched a remote viewing project called Star Gate. Remote viewing is considered an ability of a person to gather information on a remote target that is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer and separated from the viewer at some distance. Apparently, the U.S. began this investigative program in response to Russia running similar testing on psychic phenomena. Over the course of a twenty year period, nearly $20 million was invested in Star Gate and its activities. The goal was to use these remote viewers to gain the upper hand in military combat and other missions. There were approximately forty who participated in the program over the years and nearly twenty-three of them were remote viewers. In the 1980s when this program was a high point, there were about seven full-time remote viewers. It is reported that three psychics worked in Fort Meade from 1990 – 1995.

The program worked on hundreds of intelligence collection projects that included thousands of remote viewing sessions. Highly noted successes were referred to as “eight martini” results. This was because the remote viewing data was so startling that all involved had to go out and drink eight martinis just to make sense of it all. There were various successes, but perhaps the most successful was Joe McMoneagle, who left Star Gate with a merit award for providing information on one hundred and fifty targets.

In 1978, he was recruited into the secret psychic spy unit of the government program. The program was basically designed to develop an intelligence operation group that used remote viewing. McMoneagle worked with the unit until he retired in 1984. After retirement, he was hired by Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, which was the company responsible for the research and development side of the Star Gate project. He worked in the capacities of both a remote viewer and research assistant. He has also written two books about remote viewing, Mind Trek (1993) and The Ultimate Time Machine (1998).

Today, more popular psychic mediums such as John Edward and Sylvia Browne continue to astound their clients with amazing accuracy and messages from beyond. John Edward underwent a battery of tests with Dr. Gary Schwartz and was deemed a truthful and authentic psychic medium. However, John Edward, as well as Dr. Schwartz, still receive criticism on this matter. In their opinions, what more needs to be tested? What more needs to be done before the skeptics will give them one ounce of the benefit of the doubt? For believers, it is a faith- based belief.

On the lighter side of things, there are also reports of psychic pets. That’s right: cats,
dogs, birds, and other furry friends! A biologist named Rupert Sheldrake has studied one bird in particular: a parrot named N’kisi. Apparently, this playful parrot has psychic abilities. You can read more about this paranormal parrot at


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  1. Hi everybody! Finally I got to check the news in here, I’m studying so much that I don’t have time anymore (laughs :D).

    Dear Cherokee, what a nice post!! Thank you for putting this discussion here to us!

    Well, unfortunately one of the main reasons for people’s distrust about psychics are the enormous quantity of fake ones. It’s them who are tarnishing the name of real psychics. It’s really sad. So many people deceiving others for money. I just don’t understand where all this greed comes from…

    There are also cases of schizophrenics, who really believe that they’re psychics, but it’s a disturb on their minds.

    It’s not very easy to know who’s really gifted, but you said something very true, dear Cherokee: we need to look for proofs, if what this person is saying makes sense, if it has been confirmed.. When psychics give messages from the spirits, for example, they usually give us a tip for us to know that it’s really them (something personal, that only he/she and the closest friends/family would know.. His/her way of talking, of thinking.. that’s how it works).

    But I think most people are blocked and afraid at the same time, as well. Afraid of the unknown (or, as I would say, of the FORGOTTEN, ’cause our spirit certainly knows it can communicate and remembers about the spirit world – LOL… It’s us, our Earth personality, who can’t remember). And blocked by religious ancient dogmas that state that “the dead do not communicate with the alive ones”, wich is not true, as in the history of humanity we can find lots of real cases, of proof of spirit’s comunication and of psychic habilities.

    There will be a time when people will stop lying and doing anything for money. When it happen, the real psychics will be more respected.. (well, that’s what I hope!)

    Love to all!

    • Dear Mayra:
      I think you brought up some very good points. There are real psychics, and I want to make this point very clear to so many who are skeptical. It’s healthy to be skeptical until you are sure about someone. If someone has a proven track record as a psychic that’s pretty good proof that there’s reasons to believe what they say. Many people write me and say they’re afraid to get a reading because of what it might tell them. I always say it will never be something horrible it’s just going to give you direction on the road of life. That’s what a good psychic does is give you guidance. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. lilystardust said:

    How very informative. This reminded me of a book I read years ago I had forgotten about, called “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain”. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time. I remember seeing that parrot, too, possibly on Animal Planet! (when I still had it); I had forgotten that too. There is also a cat widely publicized not long ago that lives in a nursing home, and cuddles up and stays with patients who are near death. I found this:

    It’s still disturbing to me that our (or any, for that matter) government can only find value in this kind of research for military and surveillance purposes. I didn’t know most of what you wrote here pertaining to that. Wow.

    Very good artitcle. There’s a lot there to note. A lot to think about, a lot to learn.

    My satellite provider offers free viewing of a few selected channels every month for brief periods of time, and recently they offerred the Biography Channel for a few weeks. I discovered they had tons of programs on psychic phenomina, psychic investigators, all kinds of stuff, which surprised me. The psychic investigator programs were really interesting. So this must indicate a public interest, or they wouldn’t have so many programs around that topic. I really liked Lisa Williams when I used to get that channel, and John Edwards too – I read his first book several years ago. I never knew he had been “tested”.

    Thanks for the very informative and thought provoking article.


  3. “For those who believe no explanation is necessary. For those who dont none will suffice”
    Great post Cherokee, I loved the parrot article too! I think no matter how much evidence there is to prove psychic abilities, you will always get skeptics!

  4. dear cherokee billie, dear all the nice people here,

    very interesting! (also the last article about the great psychics from the past).
    i think this has always been a big question – for “believers” and “non-believers”.
    maybe there were times where it was ‘normal’ for everybody to be connected to the spirit world where we all were one with everyone and everything.
    and in other times like the mediaeval times psychics were killed because the inquisition feared their power.

    my best friend is a psychic with healing power and she has to be very careful – what the inquisition was in the mideaval times is the pharma industry today – they try to turn down every real healing power!
    and people’s ability to take over responsibility and heal themselves. if people take over responibility they are powerful and our governments (or maybe not the governments but the illuminati?) don’t want powerful people …

    this friend of mine has helped me many many times with her abilities!
    she always helped me getting a larger image of what’s going on rather than telling me prophecies. and with this i’ve been given many great opportunities to grow and learn to trust in my own intuition.
    to me a prophecy only makes sense if it’s a warning – to be able to turn around early enough so the prophecy doesn’t need to become ‘real’.
    or maybe to open a new perspective of which you haven’t thought about before.
    i believe that a prophecy is not necessarily there to become true but to show a real possibility.

    a great psychic will help us to stay in our own responsibility.
    i think it can be very ‘dangerous’ if a client gives all the responsibility to a psychic …

    to read about the government using psychics for remote viewing really upsets me …
    it’s like using a great ability to spy on people – they must have been well paid to do something like that …
    but yes, on the other hand it’S the government confirming that psychic abilities are real … hm …

    but maybe i’m getting something wrong (english is not my first language)

    to me it’s out of question: psychic abilities are real! if you believe in them or not …

    greetings to all,

    • dear Tanjaanna:
      right now the government in the USA is trying to stop vitamins from being sold openly without a prescription. It’s like they want to control everything that’s natural that could be of help for people. This one concerns me greatly because I use supplements all the time and recommend them to people and have seen some incredible results because of them. The government does like to stick their hands and everything. Pray for all of us.
      This bill could change your life and not for the better. If it passes we could lose our freedom to purchase vitamins and other supplements like many European nations already have.
      Our government is once again trying to impede on our freedoms – they are trying to once again take away our freedom of choice to use vitamin supplementation in our personal health care. We American citizens waged a successful campaign to defeat Codex Alimentarius by writing letters of protest to our congress people. Swift action will be required to squash this current even more dangerous legislation.
      I am sending this information on to my e-mail list. If you value your health freedom I suggest you forward this e-mail to family and friends on your contact list and ask them to do likewise. I have also included below part of Dr. Terry Grossman’s health newsletter –
      For over 40 years special interest groups (specifically big pharma and allopathic medicine) have been trying to interfere with my freedom of choice and my ability to take vitamin supplements. I am reminded of the famous quote:
      “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” Benjamin Rush, MD., a signer of the Declaration of Independence and personal physician to George Washington. It is unfortunate that our government with all of its pocket lining has allowed that time to come. Unfortunately he wasn’t listened to and George Washington became another statistic of allopathic medicine.
      Please vote NO on John McCain’s bill #3002
      For my friends in California – To contact Dianne Feinstein:
      Washington, D.C. Office:
      331 Hart Senate Office Building,
      District of Columbia 20510-0504
      Phone: (202) 224-3841
      Fax: (202) 228-3954

      San Francisco Office: (more district offices)
      One Post Street, Suite 2450
      San Francisco, California 94104
      Phone: (415) 393-0707
      Fax: (415) 393-0710

      To contact Barbra Boxer:
      Washington, D.C. Office:
      112 Hart Senate Office Building,
      District of Columbia 20510-0505
      Phone: (202) 224-3553
      Fax: (202) 224-0454

      San Francisco Office: (more district offices)
      1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 240
      San Francisco, California 94111
      Phone: (415) 403-0100
      Fax: (202) 224-0454

      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  5. Dear Cherokee Billie, What an interesting post, one that will have many people wondering about although I feel that on here the majority of us are converts to psychics anyway.I also think that how people think is largely due to how they were brought up.My parents always told me to have an open mind on any subject as unless I had experienced whatever it was then I had no right to condemn.Experience I feel is the key as to what we believe.I have had experience of a psychic quite recently. I went to a psychic evening and was one of the people picked out for a message.At first it was very general and could possibly relate to a lot of people in the audience but then he said “I have to say a name to you and this will be the validation of what I’m saying is real” He then said the name “Lily” and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was my Mum coming through. The reason being is that no-one at all knew except me,that although this wasn’t my Mum’s name it was the name my grandmotther had always called her.She went on to name others in my family and gave me a very personal message which was so accurate that it really shook me. I left that hall kind of glowing as I knew I had just had a conversation with my Mum and I felt that she was very near to me although she passed in 1992. So for me the experience was positive and of course I believe but if someone has a negative reading they are going to feel the opposite. Of course there will always be people who claim to be psychics and are not.We have a programme here called “Most Haunted” which has a resident medium on. One particular man worked on this programme for years although there had been many rumours that he was a fake, anyway he was set up by one of the producers and fell for it. He hasn’t appeared on the programme since but went on to supposedly hold a seance with Michael on prime time tv.I didn’t waste time watching it as I have all the messages I need from Michael through you.I don’t need to put my faith in anyone else. With Love and Many Blessings, Anne UK.

    • I agree with you Anne. Since I have discovered this blog I do not need to look further for Michael’s messages. Thank you again Cherokee Billie.
      Also another big thank you for this post. It is so interesting. Brilliant!
      With Love to all of you, Linda.

  6. Thank you Cherokee for this interesting post… I will share it with a good friend of mine … it will be worth….. and I definetely believe there are gifted people with this avility or power…
    There is more than the eye can see.. and unfortunately still a lot of people who doesnt believe in anything at all….
    is like saying…: people believes in GOD even if they dont see him phisically so.. why not believing in things far beyong the eye?

  7. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    I think that someone above made a good point having to do with the fear or uncertainty of the unknown. As the thousands of years have gone past, people have kind of “tuned out” their spiritual abilities, or intuition, or sometimes called our “sixth sense.”

    I remember reading an article many years ago about animals and how they can sense things that we cannot. The article went on to make the point above; that humans still have that sense, but through logic and reason, we have listened less and less to it….gotten out of the practice or habit of using it; perhaps becoming less self-confident and too dependent on others’ directives. That article made a lot of sense to me. After reading it, I have tried to make a more conscious effort of paying more attention for myself. I don’t believe everything I see, read, or hear, no matter who the source is.

    I still feel that we always have to make conscious decisions, however, when we make our choices of thoughts or actions. I think a problem is when people blindly follow what they are told or instructed to do. I also think that there are many areas of the spirit world that we need to steer clear of and to be protective for our well being….the dark side if you will…I know it sounds like Star Wars, but it is true. There is the light and their is the dark; always go toward the light. I think that we owe it to ourselves to become educated, so that we can make better choices and decisions. You know dictators and those who want to control others always try to limit the educating of those who they want to control.

    On the other hand, we have to have faith, which is believing without seeing and following our hearts. Spirituality is very complicated and not a simple thing; that is the biggest thing I have learned so far. I realize that when I do learn something, that there is so much more to learn…it’s just not that simple. I found this reference I Corinthians: Chapter 12. This chapter is when Paul addesses the different gifts, or parts, of the spirit.

    Above all, however, we still have to always be wary, protective, and questioning because for every legitimate psychic, there are a number of those who are deceitful and are just out to make money, to take advantage, or to acquire power over others. I know that somewhere in the Bible, it warns us to be aware of false prophets. God gave us the gift of reasoning and the ability to think; many people do not think for themselves. I have been told that sometimes sheep blindly follow their leader, even over a cliff; people are not sheep. It all goes back to our gift of free will and how we use it.

    I am excited and looking forward to learning so much more.
    love to you all,

  8. lilrain93230 said:

    Hi Cherokee. I just read what you posted about government trying to take away our right to take natural supplments without prescription. That is terrible and disgusting to me. It belongs to everyone I am sure that’s why god created natural remedies so people are able to live from earth as he intended, and go the natural path. It’s a crying shame, everything costs so much. If you have no money to see a doctor to get a prescription than people are plain out of luck. Control government and some people have over individuals makes me angry. All this money flying out of our pockets. Love should make the world go round, but I see so much greed. Money makes the government go round. Anyhow, about pychics I beleive in them. Not every single one, but a select few. I beleive our soul or inner self can feel vibes from the genuine psychics. Cherokee gives me positive vibes, and she really is here to help us and her clients.

    Thank you and PEACE,

  9. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I haven’t come here so often anymore, since the only time available for personal use on the Internet now is the weekend. And I am always so curious to read your Blog, it is the first site I want to read before any other. I must be very lucky!

    Anyway, I really found your post interesting and very thought-provoking. I do believe in real psychic readings, but we should always be on our toes concerning who does the readings and the evidences shown. I had a catholic education, studied at a boarding school, and was led to follow what my parents believed was true. However, through the years, I realized I needed more than going to church. I have always believed there were more to life than just living in this world. And as you know, it was only after my sister’s death, and after loving Michael Jackson’s death that I truly realised I needed to roll up my sleeves and start searching for the answers to my questions. Again, I must be very lucky, because I believe I was brought to your site. Here in this Blog, I found not only the comfort, but it has also enriched my life with your wonderful posts.

    I admit I still have tons to learn about this subject, but I believe many are skeptical due to fake psychics who take advantage of naive people.

    Thank you for this post. As always, I have been learning a lot with them, as well as with the bloggers’ comments.

    Best wishes,

  10. Unfortunately there are false psychics out there, but I believe Cherokee Billie and Kerin Webb are real.

    Cherokee Billie, will you look at the email I sent you on Feb 23?

    Thanks for this post.

  11. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    There has never been a doubt in my mind that there are legitimate and trustworthy psychics or clairvoyants, such as you.  Maybe, more times than not, it is the open-minded being who is willing to embrace the psychic…a person who possesses a God given gift (in many instances, psychics have been very soothing, helpful and healing to those who seek their services).  From a personal experience, I believe my son, a very spiritually centered individual, is an “Indigo” child.  (Is there a test for my assumption)?  Since we see each other often, my son demonstrates to me on a regular basis, his extraordinary abilities.  Does the psychic gene pass through the generations? 

    Cherokee, your website is alluring and exciting! You provide your services with an honest approach…no surprises. Your clients trust you and soon realize that your “right on” and accurate messages are generated out of love and genuine concern. You are doing God’s work and so many of us need your direction. Thank you for being such a great teacher!

    Love and blessings,


  12. Interesting post. There is a TV programme on here in NZ called “Sensing Murder” 2 Psychics are called in on different days to try and solve mysteries of missing people. The psychics are given practially no information. They don’t even know where they are being sent. On different days the 2 psychics channel the spirit of the missing person and with the help of the spirit they are able to piece together what happend in their final moments before they went missing. My point is that quite a lot of people who very very skeptic about psychics before,l after watching this programme some have changed their minds! My Sister in law, after she watched the series, picked up a book that one of psychics had written. She also didn’t believe it life after death and now she is totally amazed!! 😉

    I shall read everyone’s comments now!

    Have a great weekend…. Light and Love Susanxxxx

    • Hi there Susan
      They show “Sensing Murder” in the UK and it is a fascinating programme. It is definately compulsive viewing. The psychics they have on there really do seem to be able to pick up on the spirits of those departed.Even though my husband has never believed in anything like this, he has been amazed at what information they come up with and has now changed his views somewhat. Love Anne UK

      • Hi there Anne 🙂 I wrote a message below to you but I said AnneUK which sounded a bit rude 😉 Yes, it’s an interesting programme, sometimes a bit depressing though seeing all of the missing people were murdered! 😉

  13. Dear Cherokee Billie:

    I believe that everyone has psychic ability to a certain degree, and I believe that our ability would get stronger if we cultivated it. I don’t consider myself a psychic but there have been times when I have had premonitions in dreams of things that were going to happen to me or people connected to me personally and they actually happened, almost exactly as I dreamed them. Or sometimes I would see someone I’ve known for a while and I would get a sense that their health was bad and that they weren’t going to be around much longer. Sometimes they died a few months later. That doesn’t happpen often, but it has happened. These things used to happen when I was much younger, but they don’t happen so much any more. But there are those who are born with great psychic ability such as youself, John Edward, and the psychics from the past. People are afraid of things that they don’t understand and things that they can’t explain and that’s why they are skeptical about psychics. However a healthy skepticism is good so that you do not fall victim to the fake ones. Anyway, I believe that more people than they would admit have had some type of psychic experience.

    I think the fact that the government and police departments use psychics show that true psychics have validity.

    As for the government wanting us to get vitamins by prescription — I think this is diabolical. I think the pharmaceutical companies know that people are steering away more and more from allopathic medicine and drugs and going more towards natural remedies. This is their way of controlling the money and controlling our health. They are greedy and don’t want to lose money from peddling their drugs, so they have been for a long time trying to say that vitamins are drugs so that we will have to get them by prescription. Is there any thing else that we can do about this? This is so distressing.

    Thank you for keeping us informed about such things.



  14. qttpie2002 said:

    I strongly believe there are good psychic. The spirit world is so massive.

    I stopped trying to understand and became the observer. therefore, i do not see good or bad!

    I do know, no one should be able to tell me anything. i do not already know. the mediums psychics, mystics, preachers, teachers etc. are just my reminders, They help me to remember the agreements I made before coming into human form.
    If i am misinformed, I simply meditate and find out for my self.
    I encourage all to meditate yourself and let the spiritual being be the confirmation!

  15. Dear Cherokee,

    Do I believe psychic are real? Absolutely! I have been to enough psychics in the past 30 + years to know myself that they are. Things that I was told that were happening at the time and in my future that has come to pass. Three of them have told me the exact same (good) things that are yet to happen. I also believe though, that we have the power to change our course if we so wanted to, with having free will. I also believe we are all psychic if we just awaken ourselves to it.
    One particular psychic medium that I went to a couple of years ago was right up the street from where I live at the local firehouse for a psychic fair. She is very good and known in her area in helping with police investigations. With her being a medium I heard from my deceased parents and other past loved ones. She told me of my past lives, one in which I was a psychic in Mexico that helped with some army in predicting what moves the opposing military would make, for which I was eventually assinated for. My younger son (14 yrs.) was with me and I had a particular question about him. He would have night terrors from the age of about 2 yrs. old. I believe that alot night terrors in young children are from past life traumatic experiences. He wouldn’t be screaming but would be very anxious and crying and wringing his hands. He was never awake when this happened. This went on for years and all I could do was try to comfort him untill he went back into deep sleep. He never rememered this upon waking in the morning. As he got older he I would find him pacing the floor doing this (not awake). Crying and wringing his hands and talking but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Finally, at age 7 while he was in this state I asked him what was was wrong as I had many times before and he said, crying, “I should have turned over the money. Why didn’t I turn over the money? $50,000 dollars! I should have turned it over!” I thought, what would a 7 yr. old know about turning over $50,000? He was very upset and not awake as this was always how it happened. I asked this psychic what this could mean and she said that it was no surprise because he, in his past life, belonged to a Chicago gang. He was only 17 yrs. old at that time and was holding onto that money ($50,000) that belonged to the gang for which he was shot and killed for not “turning it over”, a phrase which was used at that time (’20’s, ’30’s, ’40’s?) in gangland Chicago. As soon as my son heard this, he no longer had these night terrors. Just by hearing this, resolved it for him on a cell memory level. This was a very interesting reading and I’m glad that we went, not just for my very interesting reading but to help resolve this for my son.
    So, yes. I very much believe in psychic powers of all kinds and no one could convince me otherwise. Just as I believe in you to have, Cherokee and I very much respect and admire you for what you do.
    There is also a very good psychic and medium near my area named Joseph Tittel. You can check out his website by googling his name. He also has some very interesting predictions.


    • My thoughts and prayers go to all those in Chile and to those whom have family there. As I have mentioned Joseph Tittel above, he has mentioned alot of earthquakes this year in his predictions and has called this the ‘year of earthquakes’.


    • Hi Amy how are you? Wow, that was amazing to read about the past life of your son!!! I’m so glad it cured his night terrors 🙂

      AnneUK… Yes, that show “Sensing Murder” is on it’s 3rd season here. I’m so glad your husband is changing his views 🙂

      Light and Love Susanxxx

      • Hi Susan! I’m doing fine. How are you? Yes, I was very relieved when the night terrors stopped after talking to the psychic. He was going on 14 yrs. old at the time we saw her and I was wondering when or if it was ever going to stop. I was working nights and didn’t have a choice and hated not being there for him when he had these episodes. My oldest son was there with him but I didn’t like my not being there. Sometimes he would be walking/pacing around in the livingroom (not awake) and I would wonder what would keep him from just walking out the door in that state! So I’m very glad too that it stopped.


  16. lilystardust said:

    Many prayers go to those affected by the recent Chilean earthquake. I hope our bloggers living in Latin America are safe and secure. Did any of you feel it?

    I saw that Jucelino Nobrega had predicted this (copied from his website) in #2, below:

    Content from letters.


    2. We may have AN EARTHQUAKE IN CHILE 8.9-DEGREES ON SCALE on the morning of February 27 2010


    4. A big snowstorm WILL hit the U.S. and MAY cause DAMAGES ON FEBRUARY 2010.

    6. STORMS, FLOODS, SLIDES, reach SAO PAULO, RIO GRANDE DO SUL, Parana, Santa Catarina iN FEBRUARY 2010;”.

    #4 was certainly right about the US snowstorms.

    I can’t comment on the rest of his list.


    • lilystardust said:

      OMG. I should have checked before commenting. The Okinawa, Japan earthquake DID happen (#3, above):

      “Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

      Magnitude-6.9 Okinawa quake injures two; biggest since 1909
      NAHA, Okinawa Pref. (Kyodo) An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.9 jolted Okinawa Prefecture early Saturday morning, causing tidal waves of up to 10 cm, the Meteorological Agency said.” It continues.


      • Hi Lily. I went to his website too and saw this. This man is amazing! For psychics to be able to predict these things is amazing in itself but to nail time and dates the way he does is really something else because this is usually not easy to do. I thank Mayra for giving us the info on him.


    • Hi Lily! Yes, one more time, Jucelino made an exact prediction.. amazing!

      And I can tell you that he’s right about Dengue disease. It everywhere here in Brazil, people are so scared.. I live in one of the risk areas..

      Oh, do you remember when I asked you all to pray for brazilians due to the floods? Jucelino got that right, too.

      • lilystardust said:

        I’m so glad you’re alright Mayra – been worried about you, and all our friends down there. Not so glad to hear about the disease and floods. Is there any kind of immunization or flood protection available? I sincerely hope you stay safe. I noted also that Jucelino predicted a 5.0 earthquake on March 16th in Gilroy, California, which is about 50 miles south of where I live, and another in Bayview, California on June 22, which is about 300 miles north. I wrote them on my calendar!

        • Oh thank you 🙂

          Thank God no one here in my family got sick with Dengue.. There’s a vacine here, I’ve taken it already, but this virus has some mutations and the vacine sometimes doesn’t work..

          It’s a virus that comes with a crane-fly. When it bites, it passes the virus.. So the population is trying to be careful with not leaving water on plants and things like that, to avoid the crane-fly to reproduce. But it’s not easy.. farms and interior regions are more difficult to control than in the cities (although I live in a big city and it’s a risk area).

          In my city there was no flood, but it happened in close areas, I have relatives that escaped from the floods from a miracle! Pratically all states here had floods. The population who lives in favelas are the most affected, cause their houses are built in precarious conditions and they live in places where the land falls apart when it rains too much..

          Oh, I saw the prediction for California! Oh my, I really hope he’s wrong about that one… Hope you won’t have to go through that!


  17. I hope and pray that all our friends on this site in Chile are unaffected by the earthquake there. The planet is having a time of it just recently. This earthquake coming so quickly after the one in Haiiti is really alarming. Is this all some kind of warning for us to heed. Is this what Michael was talking about?

    • Dear Ammy, you are right… maybe this was what our loving Michael was talking about. I fear what is about to happen…

  18. Oh my, it’s so sad, more earthquakes.. We felt it here in Brazil, but on a much lower degree, of course. It was felt also in Argentina, Paraguai, Bolivia, Uruguai (pratically all countries here in South America).

    God bless, give strenght and His love to all the chileños, may they heal from this hard time.. My prayers are with them..

    Oh, and the japaneses, too!

  19. Prayers to all experiencing peril on the planet…prayers for this blog family..Sarah

    • Also..very grateful for psychics and honest powerful co-creation over the years.
      Grateful for Cherokee Billie’s work..always leading to empowering the individual…
      Glad to be here..sharing and strengthening self…open to more and more and growing in own wisdom, connection, capacities through prayer….and for me through Jesus Christ…love to all.

  20. Cherokee Billie,

    Very interesting post. I went from being afraid of psychics and believing they were ‘from the devil’ (of course there is no devil) to believing wholeheartedly in them and that their gift is from God.

    It really is a shame that the fakes ruin it for the true psychics. People need to realize that even true psychics are never 100% correct because that would be perfection and only God is perfect. But, because they look for that perfection they are turned off and negate the the high percentage of the times they ARE correct.

    That vitamin thing is insanity and very disheartening to me, I hadn’t heard about it. I take many supplements and that would be crazy to have to have a prescription for every one of them! I am definitely protesting this in any way I can. Thank you for alerting us.

    My prayers go out to all those affected in Chile. Sadly, these natural disasters are going to continue. If the government wants to control all that is natural, how about they start with these? Now that would be a step in the right direction! They are so arrogant, it wouldn’t surprise me if they thought they could!

    Love to all,

  21. lilystardust said:

    FYI: I saw that Jucelino Nobrega da Luz posted a new prediction for earthquakes/ tsuanmis along the North American northwest / Canadian southwest:


    An important seismic event imperceptible to humans, began in the Pacific Northwest as predicted (BY JNL) And according to the Bureau of Geological Survey of Canada. The possibility of a major earthquake is thirty times higher now, for a period of approximately two weeks … The event is called episodic tremor and displacement (ETS). It involves a slow movement of the tectonic plates of Juan de Fuca and North America along the Cascadia margin of southern British Columbia. The failures associated with the plates have been sites of large earthquakes – nearly as massive earthquake that caused the tsunami in December 2004 in Indonesia (predicted by jucelino nobrega da luz ) – every 500 years or so, according to geological records. The last earthquake of such magnitude in the area was on January 26, 1700. ”

    Do not be comforted with the fact that they have “only” a little more than three centuries since the last major quake in this region. We’re talking about here Climate Control, which means that the earthquake may be triggered at any time, but according to the prophecies of JNL, he said that could happen on May 26, 2012 (may advance or delay) of 9.8 on the richter scale and will completely undermine SEATLE, VANCOUVER, VICTORIA .. Remember the words of him :prophecies, premonitory dreams are not predestination, it will only happen if nothing changes.that can be a great comfort to us, but we need to stay alert and be prepared if something happens . It is a physical and spiritual preparation, so we should not be panicked and scared!

    Each major earthquake on the fault along the coast of Oregon brings the possibility of another disaster: a tsunami (JNL has seen in his predictions) This is the scenario from which nightmares are made. There will be a severe tremor of 9.8 for four to five minutes, destroying the coastal bridges, the roads will go and make some land on something like quicksand, according to the vision of the dream that JNL obtained. Power lines, phone towers and buildings large crack in the middle “And then something equally bad will. After 12 and 15 minutes, several large waves of about 23 meters will hit the coast, perhaps the next twelve hours … The residents of coastal areas are aware of this possibility and should be alert, says JNL. Every time they drive on 101 Highway , see blue and white signs pointing to the hills above, away from the ocean where a wave of sea water. But I myself do not believe they (the governors ) are certain that residents and visitors are aware of the need that quick action must be taken. “In the case of an earthquake, you need to survive and, if he\she survives, has 10 to 15 minutes to go to a hospital, or a place above 35 meters ‘said JNL. “Basically, you need to run away as fast as you can.”

    “The movement is slower than a traditional earthquake, but faster than the normal crawling associated with failure. It flows in the opposite direction of the normal creep. The movement was predicted. Scientists recently discovered that these ETS events are repeated more or less every 14 months. This was detected by GPS instruments. The event is not to say that an earthquake is imminent, but geologists are interested in studying it and learning more and say that sooner or later, it is possible that a ETS event trigger a big quake.”

    The island of Victoria moved 4 millimeters to the west in two days. It is thought that the events will last from seven to fifteen days. JNL, made some calculations about the probability of a great event which may happen between 2011 to 2012 .. “The likelihood of a huge and overwhelming earthquake is about 32 times higher during this window of about two weeks, than during the remainder of the 14.5 months’ JNL WROTE that in letters sent to authorities. ‘Having said that, 32 times a small number is still a small number.”

    JNL, is categorical in speaking : “I do not want to scare and cause panic to anyone, I just want to fulfill my role as a human being and I need to warn innocent people about these facts, even if they come under much criticism afterwards … is to save lives who could be lost by such a catastrophic event .. Above all, I am human and make mistakes too.Actually, I leave my message so that people might give worthness to their lives and be warning to the problems they will have to face . ”

    He added: “I do not forecast the future, and i just see it in my predictions and everything can change …””

    And he ends with the following sentence: “we need the spiritual uplift to achieve the global equilibrium.”

    Might be a good idea to avoid those areas during that time period! (Or warn anyone you know who might be there … if anyone remembers this).


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