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The Mystery of Psychics Past

It is hard to pinpoint the exact time and documented experiences of the first known psychic or psychics. In Greek mythology, there are stories of Pythia, who was a priestess that served Apollo. She was a powerful woman in a male dominated world who had the power of prophecy. This would lead us to believe that psychic ability goes back to ancient times. Historically, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce come up frequentl when researching psychics from the past.

Nostradamus is still quite a controversial figure. In light of this and the complexity of his predictions, we will only touch lightly on some facts and events of his life. Critics believe that his infamous quatrains have been grossly misinterpreted, while others believe he is the greatest prophet/psychic of all time. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Nostradamus was the most highly searched term on Google’s website. This is evidence of the effect his prophecies still hold today. In 1550, Nostradamus wrote his first almanac, and it was considered highly successful. He continued to write almanacs until the time of his passing in 1566 at the age of sixty-two.

Even today, Nostradamus is the subject of websites, popular cultures, and blogs on the subject. His quatrains and bold predictions of what was to come in the centuries beyond his passing have always amazed and intrigued believers and critics alike. As research and scientific studies continue on these prophecies, he will continue to live on.

Edgar Cayce was known as the “sleeping prophet” for his ability to put himself in a sleep like state and foretell future events. In 1931, he founded The Association for Research and Enlightenment. The purpose of this not-for-profit organization was to study the areas of transpersonal subjects. Edgar Cayce is credited with predicting the stock market crash of 1929 as well as the six other major events listed below.
• World War II
• The Shifting of the Earth’s Poles
• Convergence of Communications Companies
• Community of People Called the Essenes
• Blood as a Diagnostic Tool
• La Niña and El Niño Effect
For more detailed information on each of these prophecies and historical information on Edgar Cayce, you can visit The Association for Research and Enlightenment website at

Nostradamus on the Assassination of President Kennedy

I took a great deal of time and went through many of the quatrains of Nostradamus over the last few days and found that there were far too confusing for me to make any sense of them or offer any intelligent response to what they mean. I have read through his prophecies before and always found it very difficult and admire those who can break it down into terms that we can understand.

The following is the only one that made any sense to me.
In a prophecy indexed 1 Q26, Nostradamus in 1555 wrote:
The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt,
The evil deed predicted by the bearer of a petition
According to the prediction another falls at night time.
Conflict in Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.

President John Kennedy was shot shortly after twelve noon 45 years ago in Dallas Texas, on 22 November 1963. In Nostradamus day guns had not been invented so it makes sense that he would see it as a thunderbolt. Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated a few minutes after 1 A.M., moments after his victory speech in the 1968 presidential primary. Jeane Dixon, one of the foremost prophets of modern times, earned international notoriety for predicting JFK’s assassination as early as 1956. The last month before he was killed she repeatedly tried to get the message to him to be careful that he was about to be assassinated. I believe the bearer of the petition was Ms. Dixon. Nostradamus may have chronicled her unsuccessful attempt to forewarn the president, and later, Senator Kennedy, who was her friend. The last line dates RFK’s murder through events occurring around that time: student riots in France and London during 1968-9, (Reims is a another term used for France) and the 1966 Florence flood, when authorities feared that pestilence in Tuscany would follow the disaster.

Edgar Cayce on Blood as a Diagnostic Tool.

Edgar Cayce: “… For, as is seen, there is no condition existent in a body that the reflection of same may not be traced in the blood supply, for not only does the blood stream carry the rebuilding forces to the body, it also takes the used forces and eliminates same through their proper channels in the various portions of the system. Hence we find red blood, white blood and lymph all carried in the veins. These are only separated by the very small portions that act as builders, strainers, destroyers, or resuscitating portions of the system – see? Hence there is ever seen in the blood stream the reflections or evidences of that condition being carried on in the physical body. The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body…” Edgar Cayce reading (283-2)

During the course of a physical reading given for one individual, the reading foresaw future medical advancements that might make diagnosis from a drop of blood a possibility. The reading was given in 1927, at the time when the prediction would have been considered the makings of science fiction.

I have my doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and studied the work of Edgar Cayce extensively because he had so much medical advice, which is still used today by natural practitioners. I know that he saw the future of medicine based on what I have studied from his natural medicine teachings. I advise my clients to eat seven raw almonds every day based on this man’s work. It’s been proven that they have more essential oils then make any other nut and that they increase overall circulation, they contain the essence of life.

Because of his advanced healing methods it’s not surprising that he would see that blood contains the life essence therefore it would be the best diagnostic tool. His visions were always extraordinary and he saved so many people’s lives with his psychic diagnosis of a person’s condition. This is the man that I truly admire because he contained all the gifts that I myself use and study.

I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on these great psychics. This also gives you a chance to study and learn more about famous prophecies.

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  1. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    this was really inspirational reading! I was once told that the priestess Pythia was possessed, or had epilepsy, and that’s why people thought she had special powers. This was said to me by a Christian man who apparently refused to believe there was more between Heaven and Earth.

    I believe that physics are real, and have existed for many centuries. The fact that Nostradamus could predict Kennedy’s death so accurately says enough to me!

  2. lilrain93230 said:

    Thank you Cherokee. I find psychics are gifts from God.I beleive they are chosen to use their insights for the good of mankind. About Nostradamus I saw a show about him and his predictions. Many of the predictions did come true. As we approach 2012 I think people are starting to fear the worlds end. More and more people are researching him.
    Cherokee you mentioned the almonds that’s interesting. I am going to tell mom and dad about it being good for over all circulation. My parents both have high blood pressure. I tell them eat and drink cranberry its good for you also blueberries.
    Edgar Cayce on Blood as a Diagnostic Tool he sounds interesting. I will read about him. I never heard of him until now. Yes, that will be wanderful if a drop of blood could tell a persons overall health. So many medical advances are happening every single day therefore, helping the average person to live a longer healthier life.


    • Dear Lisa:
      there are Naturopathic doctors that use a drop of blood to analyze a person’s health problems and it’s quite astounding that the accuracy. So this technique is in place right now. It’s amazing that he saw that blood tests would give the doctors information about the body long before it had ever been done.

      I believe it’s time that we do turn back to many of these ancient prophecies because they are gifts from god to lead us into the future.

      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. lilystardust said:

    In the ’70’s, there was so much “airy fairy” type information floating around that it was hard to know what to believe and what was nonsense. Although I had strong attractions toward better understanding the “mystical”, which was certainly influenced by the times, there was much that was hard to believe or accept, which often seemed to contradict “common sense”. I first heard about Edgar Cayce in the ’70’s and had brushed him off, not believeing what I’d heard from someone who had told me about him. It had sounded like so much “airy fairy” stuff to me at the time.

    It wasn’t until the mid-80’s that I really discovered Edgar Cayce, and was completely bowled over after reading “The Sleeping Prophet”. That became a starting point towards reading an untold number of books dealing with reincarnation, near death experiences, and the afterlife. Until that point, I had not really believed any of it.

    I probably would not even have been open toward it had it not been for my ex-boyfriend. As messed up as he was (and later really became), the one good thing he did was expose me to the possibility that these other “realities” might actually exist and be real. The reason for this was he had had past life regressions under hypnosis. This was how I really met him. I was in school and we we both had a free period at the same time in the library, and our relationship started with his telling me about them. His “alternative therapist” (Dr. Glenn Williston) had written a book called “Soul Search”, and some of my ex-boyfriend’s regressions had been included in it, under a different name. He loaned me that book, and it amazed me. Although I had been sceptical about all that kind of stuff, I finally became convinced that it was legitimate, especially because parts of that book would detail things like the hypnotized person speaking in foreign languages they never knew that would perfectly match the time and place they were said to have lived, when later translated by linguists, and much more that seemed to validate the readings, where there was no other possible logical reason for that knowledge. It sure made it hard for me to concentrate on school after that!

    So that was sort of how it really began for me. I think I discovered Edgar Cayce shortly after reading “Soul Search” by discovering “The Sleeping Prophet”. I went on to read numerous other books on various related subjects following that. I had so many questions. And probably still do. The pole shift thing had me really disturbed at the time, I recall. I was intrigued to no end about Atlantis. It amazed me that he could “read” people without ever seeing them. There was just so much to take in. It was hard to wrap my mind around what the “Akashic Records” were, how that “worked”. (And still is, actually.) The only parts I had trouble really accepting, though, were that often a lot of these books had a strong or suggested Christian bent which contradicted my upbringing as having been raised as Jewish, although I am not “observant” and sort of have my own views about things, but any references to Christianity would kind of turn me off or make me question the validity of the content; I would have to assume this was the reference needed by the writer as it reflected their own belief system.

    That aside, these books had a huge influence on me. I wasn’t attracted to Nostadamus until recently, when the History Channel had some programs about his prophesies that made more sense of them. But Edgar Cayce was always my favorite. The peanut / castor oil stuff was interesting, although I never tried using castor oil – I wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to. Anyway, that opened the door for me to psychics and the paranormal. I still maintain some scepticism and try to discern the legitimate wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I used to have so many questions. Maybe I can try to remember some of them and ask later. One of them was, and still is, what are those Akashic Records? I remember reading that they contained all knowledge of all time, something like that. That’s a lot to contemplate! Another is, why didn’t Atlantis reappear as predicted? (Or was that Bimini Road the proof?) There were obviously many more important spiritual questions I had, or have, but I’ll save those for another time. One thing I can say, though, is, you, Cherokee Billie, seem to be among the legitimate, when compared to what I had read from or about other psychics who seemed to be, to me. It’s all very interesting.


    • lilystardust said:

      One thing I’d really like to know, need help with, is my migriane problem. It’s gotten to the point of becoming nearly daily, and is completely running my life. I have been having moderate to extreme sinus/migriane headaches almost every single day for the past several months, and have been in nearly constant pain. It’s been hard for me to “move forward” in large part because of that, and it has been affecting my attitude because I feel so out of it so much of the time. Ive been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me physically for months. I haven’t been able to do half the things I need and want to do when I’m so knocked out by them all the time. I wish Edgar Cayce was here to help me with that.


      • Dear Lily:

        Your migraines could well be coming from your sinus problems. There is a technique that is very helpful to get rid of the sinus problem and thus removing the migraine. It’s called to using a Neti Pot. What this does is clean out the sinus in a very gentle way.

        The practice of nasal cleansing – known as Neti – has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Yoga in India for thousands of years.

        How neti is done

        A neti pot is filled with warm, slightly salted water and the spout of the pot is inserted into one nostril. The position of the head and pot are adjusted to allow the water to flow out of the other nostril.
        The technique is not as uncomfortable or difficult as you may think at
        first. You will be pleasantly surprised at this simple and effective practice for maintaining your health.

        Once learnt, neti can be done in about 3 minutes and is easily integrated into a daily routine of body cleansing such as showering or brushing your teeth. You can research more about this on the internet.

        It may take time before your body is cleaned out, but most people feel relief pretty soon after starting this Technique.

        Also lie in a darkened room and place a cold ice pack on the back of your neck for fifteen minutes. This often will stop a migraine.

        I hope this helps.
        Many blessings,
        Cherokee Billie

        • lilystardust said:

          I knew you were going to say that! 🙂 I do have a neti pot. I think I started using one close to a year ago after I saw it demonstrated on Oprah. Sometimes it helps, but other times it just doesn’t. I was using it nearly daily until last week, when I just wasn’t even up for doing that. I’ll try using it more often, again. (I did today). It does feel good. My neck becomes completely stiff when I get the migraines too. I also sometimes use (Chinese) White Flower Oil (red) , which is pretty strong stuff, but there are times it doesn’t even make my eyes water. Interestingly, there have been times if I ate a lot of fresh jalapenos, it could help. Crazy, huh? I had a migraine so bad a while back I bought a bag of jalapenos and ate at least six, in a row, I was so desperate for relief, and it didn’t faze me – hardly even made my eyes water, I was so congested. I had actually wondered about the medicinal value of hot peppers, and had looked it up on the web about nine months or so ago, and learned about the active ingredient, capsaicin. I think there is a new product out that uses it now, (Sinus Busters), but I haven’t tried it yet. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Let me know if you have any more.

          Love, me

        • Dear Lily, I know what it feels like, I’ve been having migraines since childhood! The past 10 years have been hard for me, ’cause my migraines became daily.. I went to many doctors, but no one found out a cure for me..

          I’ve been praying a lot and I believe I received a blessing from God.. My migraines have finally started to get better.. I stopped taking painkillers, ’cause I was afraid of having health problems, diseases, due to abuse of medicaments.. The first 3 weeks were very hard, it hurted a lot, but then my body began to get used to not having the painkillers. And you know what? I’m feeling better! I’m not cured yet, but I’m better…

          I’ve been taking natural medicine, there’s a mix of some plants that they call here “the migraine tea”, it’s helping me a lot!

          I’ll pray for you! May you be healed, may God and all the Angels give you good health, for you to live your life better 🙂


        • lilystardust said:

          Thank you, Mayra. I tried taking Elavil for two years to supress them, but stopped taking it a year and a half ago because I was (also) so frustrated with feeling half drugged all the time, as the side effect, and it didn’t seem like it was really making enough of a difference – I was still getting migraines. Part of the reason I stayed in my old job that I disliked so much was because I didn’t feel capable or able to do anything else in large part because of the migraines. It interferred with having or developing more of a social life too. It pretty much stopped me from doing or pursuing a lot I otherwise would have. And now they seem to have come back on a near daily basis again. I have prescription medicine for it (Maxalt), but am only allowed to take so much in a given time period, so I try not to use it if I can possibly use something else, so I don’t run out long before I’m allowed to get more. I try tylenol and decongestants, and sometimes that helps, but like yesterday, nothing would work and may have made it worse, and in the end I finally had to use several of my migraine pills and go back to bed. (I wish I knew what was in your tea.) I had started taking St. John’s Wort again briefly, several months ago, which I used to take several years ago to help depression; I liked the way it had made me feel back then, but didn’t know if it would help the migraines (this time), since the doctor had told me seratonin was what they prescribed to supress migraines, as in the Elavil. So I was going to try St. John’s Wort again as an experiment, but wasn’t consistant with it, so I don’t know if it would help or not. (I still have an unused bottle in my fridge). I was offerred Prozac when I stopped the Elavil, but hated it. It was the second time I had tried it, and just like the last time, couldn’t stand it for more than two days (I managed to stay on it for five days the last time). Not to mention that it threw my driving ability off – I backed into a concrete island coming out of a parking lot while on the second day of Prozac that normally I would have gauged better – I’m usually a very good driver, and that really threw me off. That did it for me. Sometimes I’ll try making a pot of goldenseal tea, but that usually never works either. Anyway, they’ve gotten completely out of control again. I started antibiotics three days ago thinking I may have had a long lingering sinus infection, and within 24 hours after starting with a double dose, I felt incredible – totally headche free for the first time in months! But the migraine came back the next day, yesterday, and is still lingering today. So, yeah. It’s been a really controlling factor in my life. I hate it. I feel like my life has become unmanageable because of it again. You guys don’t know, but many, many times, when I was trying to comment on this blog, I could barely sit up to write or keep my thoughts together. I wanted to comment, but was having a really hard time trying to because of that. I don’t know what to do short of going back on Elavil. I really didn’t want to have to do that again.


        • Wow.. It must nor have been easy for you..

          Well, I don’t know how to translate the components of the migraine tea.. In portuguese, the plants are: Angélica, Camomila, Carqueja Doce, Cipó Mil Homens, Espinheira Santa, Ipê Roxo, Mulungu, Tília.

          I searched in Google and found this webpage. Maybe it can help:

          My cousin has problems of sinusite (sinus), she takes anti-inflammatory medicaments and they give her some relief.. But I think antibiotics are good, too (although they’re heavy medicaments).

          God can give us the answers even when they seem impossible qhen we pray with all our hearts. HE will hear you, dear..

          all best wishes for you 🙂

      • Have you ever tried Rhodiola Rosea combined with a soft gel capsule of Co Q 10 for depression? This is very effective far more than saint John’s wort and usually people feel the difference within three weeks. Just a suggestion.

        Also I suggested putting an ice pack on the back of your neck and lying in a darkened room several times a day. Have you tried that? It makes a big difference for many people with migraines.
        Kind regards,
        Cherokee Billie

        • Really, ice on the neck? Oh, I’ll try that!!Thank you for the advice 🙂

        • lilystardust said:

          Dear Cherokee Billie,

          Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions. I was still too out of it yesterday to respond.

          I had actually seen your previous suggestions to others in your web site about using CoQ10 and Rose Root, and a little over a week ago, had looked them up on the web and had decided to buy some. After taking them for two days last week, I think, I had become severely dizzy and nauseous, possibly due to the migraine, so I discontinued use of them. I still have those bottles in my fridge now, too. One thing I read online stated that one of them, don’t remember which, shouldn’t be taken indefinitely, but for short intervals. Can you comment on that? Anyway, I may have been having a long lingering sinus infection originating from a dental infection I had long before I was laid off; for quite some time now – after I had to get a root canal back in September, I had never been given antibiotics. The tooth infection may have gone as far back as last May or earlier. (Long story). And with colds, allergies, and migraines contributing, it was hard to tell where one left off and the other began. I still have to be getting a dental implant very soon, in the next few weeks, actually, which I kept putting off because I didn’t feel well enough. So I think I’ll hold off on the herbs until all that is resolved. Just being headache/migraine/infection free is enough to make me feel reborn. It’s like night and day. Today is finally one of the first days since I don’t remember when where I didn’t feel I had to immediately medicate with something upon awakening. My head is clear and the pain is gone. It feels like a miracle. I just hope to heck it stays that way. This feels like the first time in ages I’ve felt “normal”.

          Much Love,


      • Dear Lily,
        I know nothing about sinus but I used to have migranes for decades ago. Let me just tell you what happened to me – I was at the point to crossing out (in the calendar) the days I did Not have the pain, it was really bad! What I found out after going to doctors (several would say it was a sinus problem, or problem with my eyes, or even hormonal) and trying all techniques, that I had a cervical tension – that meant every time I was tense and stressed, I unconsciously concentrated the stress in my cervical spine – which would, in turn, result in horrible headaches or migranes, my neck would get hard, no painkillers would help me at all!!

        I went on physiotherapy for 4 years and could finally get cured – a relief I thank God to this day! Then, I practiced Yoga for 4 other years and to this day, I have been taking Pilates classes, which give me the necessary body stretch, giving relief to tension.

        You probably know the cause of your migrane, maybe my story is not going to work at all, this is just a note on your comment and I really pray you, as well as Mayra, will somehow find the cure for that as I did.


      • It’s highly unlikely that they would cause dizziness. Neither of these natural supplements have that effect. If you’re not comfortable with them don’t take them. But I’ve seen them help so many people.
        many blessings,
        Cherokee Billie

        • Cherokee Billie:
          You informed me about rhodiola rosea and to include the supplement coenzyme q10. It has helped me big-time and I thank you.

      • Dear Lilly and Mayra..
        its amazing .. when I was in my younger times (around 12 yo more or less) I suffered so badly from sinus and rinitis… causing me not being able to walk without a tissue from my nose the whole day.. it was so difficult to work in such a state.. when I couldn even put some makeup for my work as a former airline employee…
        I used to take medications.. that kept me sleepy most of the time…
        I also did some yoga for sometime and the Nose cleansing with the pot did really help a lot..
        I also did something that helped..: I got some eucaliptus leaves and put them in boiling water.. then I covered my head with a towel to be able to aspire the vapors emaning from the pot…
        I also had injections of Human Gammaglobuline for the alergic rinitis problem..
        when I think back in those times its amazing how many medications I had to use..
        years later..when I was around 18 years old, the alergy dissapeared from practically one day to other..
        (no explanation for that.. really)

        I would love to search about Edgar Cayce.. I never heard about him.. but it brought my atention… lets see If I find about him here in the libraries…..

  4. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    I enjoyed reading this article. I have known about Nostradamus for several years and have watched some shows on him on, I think, the History Channel. The quatrains are hard to interpret, but these shows were very enlightening and informative; they broke them down in a very convincing way.

    You mentioned Jeane Dixon also. She is the first psychic that I can remember. I used to read her column many years ago when I was a child and recall seeing her on some talk shows and in interviews.

    Edgar Cayce is fairly new to me. I have always been interested in ancient civilizations and especially Atlantis, whether myth or legend. I have read about Atlantis and from time to time look for information to confirm its existence. Plato first wrote of such a place. A few years ago I discovered Edgar Cayce as I was reading about Atlantis. Ancient civilizations have always fascinated me, as I said earlier, much more than the modern ones which I consider to be within the last 2000 years or so with the exception of the Incan and Mayan civilizations. I know that there are so many pieces to this gigantic puzzle that have not been found yet. Oh, the possibilities…..

  5. dear Lynne:
    I think it’s wonderful that you are actually able to go to the Association for Research and Enlightenment. I’m sure it was very informative and quite a spiritual experience. For anyone who wants to know more about Edgar Cayce read the book, “the Sleeping Prophet.” Thank you so much for sharing about your wonderful experience.
    Many blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

  6. lilystardust said:

    Lucky you!!! Wow. How fantastic to have gone there.


  7. Hi everyone! How are you all doing?

    Dear Cherokee, this is a subject I like a lot! Thank you for this post, I found incredible the predictions you brought here of Edgar Cayce. I know something of him, but these ones you posted were new for me. What I can say is that he was a great psychic, people should pay more atention to his dreams, they’re quite revealing!

    Here in Brazil we have a psychic that can do predictions by dreaming. His name is Jucelino Nóbrega. His predictions are incredible, he’s made very few mistakes. If you and my friends here would like to have a look on his webpage, here’s the link (his webpage is translated to english):

    I have a big admiration for Nostradamus.. He’s made predictions for a time very ahead of the age that he lived, wich is amazing. Some of his predictions are hard to understand because he would write figuratively, in a symbolic way…

    I’ve heard about Pythia, too.. She was simply unique, a very powerful spirit who incarnated on Earth in those ancient times..

    Although some psychics seem to have lost their way (specially nowadays, when everything is so tribulated), I believe that many psychics are born here on Earth certainly for a Divine purpose. I have a huge respect for this work 😉

    To Anna: If you would like to read more about Atlantis, I recommend this Book: A Dweller on Two Planets. The author is Frederick S. Olivier. Here’s a preview of the book:

    Love to all 🙂

    • Oh my, how could I forget! There’s another amazing psychic that I think you all would be impressed with. She passed in 1985, her name is Neiva. She’s one of my Spirit Guides, I love and respect her very much. Here’s some information about her:

    • Dear Mayra:
      I want to always bring something new and different to the blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed what I wrote about Edgar Cayce, they certainly received divine guidance that helped so many people when he was alive and afterwards. Nostradamus Was probably the most gifted psychic ever! He predicted things that would happen 500 years after he died. That is truly amazing.
      Thank you for telling us about these other psychics and the different Links.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Dear Mayra, I have just clicked onto Jucelino Nobrega’s website.My goodness it has sent shivers down my back.There is a link to youtube marked Michael Jackson2. When I clicked on it , it shows letters he had written to Michael telling him that he had to stop the drugs or else he would die on June 25th 2009 by a drug overdose. He even went so far as to mention the Drs involvement. These letters were written in 1999. it is just so uncanny and I’m still shaking, With Much Love and Many Blessings, Anne UK

      • Yes, it’s true, Jucelino sent letters to him.. But no one knows if he got to read them or if his assessors got the letters and didn’t give them to him..

        Jucelino has recently sent a letter to Madonna. Looks like she also has problems with abuse of medicaments..

        • Mayra, this man is incredible. All of the predictions really blew me away especially those that were made on January 18, 1999. A few that I will highlight here are as follows: predicted the attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan in 2001, the terroism attack in Bali in 2002 which killed many Australians and Brasilians, that a deadly tsunami will occur on Dec. 26, 2004, which will kill thousands of people, and, finally, the prediction of the deadly shooting at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, on April 16, 2007. These are just a few of the predictions along with the accurate dates and years of these events years before they were to happen. For those of you who have not visited his website, his accuracy and description is mind-boggling.
          Thank you for telling us about him, Mayra.
          with love,

        • I wanted to add to the confirmation on the Virginia Tech shooting. In the original prediction in 1999, 32 people were predicted to be killed on April 16, 2007. Tonight I had a chance to look up the actual event; at least 33 people were killed on the VT campus that day, unfortunately. It is very sad and tragic, however, that all of the disasters and deaths that he predicted did come to pass. He has an amazing gift, but I can also see it as a tremendous burden and frustration to know that such tragic events will happen if nothing is changed to avert them or to alter the outcomes.

        • Omg…..thats all I can say.. I will take a deep look at this site when at home… Thanks Mayra..

      • I finally got to look at this, and OMG. I’m dumbstruck. It was hard to read until I went to YouTube directly and enlarged it. Here it is:

        The other predictions are astounding as well. I’ll look at them more closely when I get back later – have to run. I’ve improved, by the way! Just today. Hope it lasts.



      • I’m glad you girls liked it! His predictions are amazing and important. Some people don’t like him ’cause he only dreams about “desasters/bad things”, but that’s exactly what his gift is about.

        He was on a Tv program some years ago, and he said: “I have this gift to warn people to protect themselves and maybe change what’s about to come in the future. That’s why God gave me this gift, to try to avoid bad things to happen. Unfortunately, I haven’t changed much the future, ’cause people don’t believe me.”

        It’s a pity that he didn’t have a chance to talk to dear Michael in person.. I believe he never received the letters, probably his assessors read them and throwed them in the trash..

        I think the letter that he recently sent to Madonna will never be in her hands…

        By the way, have you all seen the predictions for 2010? It’s on his webpage.. My friends, I can tell you something: we need to pray a lot, ’cause it’ll be a tribulated year (many natural disasters and diseases). We need to stay strong, not panic (this won’t help), and pray…

        Love 😉

        • maryann said:

          Thank you very much for your contributions to our blog family.
          I am very appreciative.

    • Thank you, Mayra, for the book suggestions. Atlantis has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The first that I read about Edgar Cayce was when I was researching a beautiful stone called Larimar, which is only found in the Dominican Republic. Another interest of mine is gemstones and what they mean. I have some rings of Larimar and a pendant; it is a very beautiful blue stone that reminds me of the ocean. I love the ocean and the seacoast. Here is a link that I found that you might be interested in reading. It explains it so much better than I ever could. The connection with Mr. Cayce is also explained. Yesterday I did some more research about Mr. Cayce after reading Cherokee Billie’s article….fascinating. I will have to check out “The Sleeping Prophet.”

      I also checked out the website of the prophet you mentioned. You know that there is proof that the Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed all throughout Earth’s geological history The evidence in found along the mid-ocean ridge that runs around the ocean floor. This is where seafloor spreading takes place and where new crust is deposited. The seafloor spreading is what moves the tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust. The crust is recycled by being pushed back into the mantle of the Earth at the trenches. There is also scientific fact that the Earth’s rotational speed is slowing down due to the drag of the Moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth for billions of years. This means that Earth’s day wasn’t always 24 hours plus some odd minutes, but much faster; if my memory serves me correctly, perhaps 17 hours made an Earth day. I am writing this information because of some of the predictions that I read on his website; what I am writing here seems to be relevant to what he was saying. If you have not seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth, it is very informative regarding the Greenhouse Effect and what it means for the Earth and for life on the Earth. Also some possible solutions are presented.

      As I have said before, there are so many pieces of the puzzle that are missing.
      There is so much to learn, to think about, and to do.
      with love,

      Lynne, I go through Virginia Beach, VA, every summer on our way to New Jersey. Maybe sometime I will take the time to stop at the institute. My daughter lives in Virginia so maybe it could be sidetrip when I am visiting her.
      Anyway thanks for the information.

    • Dear Mayra:
      Thank you so much for telling about Jucelino. After reading this man’s predictions over the last ten years it’s incredible and so accurate it’s impossible not to believe that there are people who receive messages from spirit about future events. I really appreciate this contribution you have made because it enlighten me about someone I had never heard of. everyone should check this man out.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • lilystardust said:

        Pretty mind blowing, isn’t he?! Did you all see how many, many times he had tried to warn Michael? Over and over. He knew! He knew the date, he knew the reason. Just amazing. One of those letters said he had hoped to meet Michael in Brazil and talk to him personally. He knew about the concert in England, what, a decade before This Is It was planned? He knew about Swine Flu. It goes on and on.

        Billie, wouldn’t it be interesting to do something collaborative, radio or some other forum, with Jucelino and maybe Kerin, all of you, together? (That’d be like an ice cream sundae with sprinkles on top.) It just crossed my mind, anyway. It’d certainly be something to have you three together. Just imagining.


      • giselamj said:

        I already did.. and really I was shocked.. how he can give a list of events with such details.. and its really amazing..
        I read all I could…
        Cherokee as you said.. theres no way we cant deny those messages from the Spirit given to Jucelino.. its amazing.. and he surely must have like a heavy weight on his shoulders everytime he dreams and get not so good news…
        but thats his gift . and perhaps for many people. they just want to ignore what he have to say….
        what would just happen if……..

    • Mayra:
      Thank you for your input on this. I will start researching on Jucelino Nobrega.

      Mary Ann

    • Oh, I wanted to answer here, but the answer went to the wrong place (laughs :D). Here it is:

    • Mayra..
      where can I get the letter to Michael Jackson (not the video).. to read it better?
      I cant read it on the video..:(
      I would be so interested…
      Thank you a lot…

  8. Thank you Billie!! This article is very interesting to me because I knew about Nostradamus (I’m very interested in his predictions), but I never heard about Edgar Cayce. 🙂

  9. Thanks Cherokee. There is a couple of books on Edgar Cayce in my local library and I have read at least one which I found very fascinating. This was awhile ago when I first became interested in all things Spiritual. Yes, I find it amazing about Nostradamus predictions especially since they were predicted so long ago!!!!
    Mmmmm I might try those Almonds 🙂

    BTW I like your suggestion to Lilystardust. I have suffered from sinus problems on and off since my kids have been born!!!!!!! 😉 I have tried acupuncture which I think can be effective. I think mine are mainly due to hormonal imbalance!!? 😉

    Light and Love Susanxxxxxx

  10. Love the post Cherokee! I really like Edgar Cayce, I love reading about and listening to him and his teachings, I find them to be comforting. As for Nostradamus… well… for me the jury’s still out on that one.

  11. Hey Cherokee! and everyone 🙂

    How are you all doing? I had a feeling my job was at risk and it happened well this is also part of life have to get on with it!

    I have read about psychics Cherokee and how there sences develope from thought to automatic writing then hearing and for some visons!

    This gift has always been of interest to me! and when the skeptics try to critise the psychics it makes no sence because they claim psychics go through telephone books and from then internet! to get the individuals information. But lets say for arguments sake that was true you would not find much information on a person through the internet or telephone book as it’s data protection also the goverment would have that info on me. but not my emotions or people that have been in my life you know. And if a psychic is giving a reading and coming out with facts that would only relate to the individual. That has to be saying something. The fact is that this is somthing the skeptics will never get! as they do not have the ability to accept the supernatural does communicate with those who are close to God!

    Skeptics only believe in evidence and proof! which is God and spirit will only comunicate with those whom have this ability through dreams or wind it could be anything. But not phisically.

    Can you imagine let’s say God revals him self to us i am here and watching you all. People will all change n do things out of realisation that God is there because they have seen the proof the evidence. They will not be living there lives out of free will but out of fear!

    But God wants to know what is really in our hearts and minds if the temptation is there will act upon it or will we resist it. God wants his humans to live life as to what they feel so be it good or bad but that would be the truth to our Lord.

    Which is why no matter how much the skeptics critisise, that this all fraud or fake or evil or what ever. they will never get what they want. so the deal is you either believe it or you don’t that your call! This is how it will always be!

    Lots of love and blessings to all

    I hope i get a job soon!

    from Saba 🙂

  12. hi everyone
    such an interesting subject. i’ve watched many programs about nostradamus and his prophecies and was really amazed. to have such knowledge of things is unbelievable to me. he described things the way he would have perceived things to be because the weapons of today didnt exist back then. thats why its difficult to decipher some of his prophecies. there was a documentary on the history channel dedicated to nostradamus called the nostradamus effect and i was glued to the tv that whole week. i find it so amazing that someone could have such a gift as he did. we really should go back and study these guys more closely. i cant stand when people put down those who claim to have psychic abilities. nostradamus provided such useful information as you look back in retrospect. thanks billie for posting this.

  13. Dear Cherokee,

    Thank you for this post on psychics. I find it all very fascinating! I respect all psychics that have these gifts and share it. I have read about Nastradamus and Edgar Cayce many years ago. I think that Edgar Cayce was one of the best psychics there ever was with all of the amazing knowledge and predictions he gave and the fact that he helped so many people medically.
    I like the info on the raw almonds. I love almonds and all kinds of nuts but unfortunately I can no longer eat nuts. I have had four attacks of diverticulitis in a 5 month period and end up in the hospital every time when I have one. I almost had to have surgery with the first attack with having an abscess but luckily antibiotics kicked it. I know that there is some controversy about eating nuts and seeds and other things with this but I don’t want to take any chances and I have been watching my diet very carefully because I really don’t want to end up having surgery. I take fish oil, probiotic and fiber every day and thank God I haven’t had an attack in over a year now. Almonds were my favorite snack and I sure do miss eating them among other foods that I can’t eat anymore as I am also diabetic as of two years ago. Oh well. I’ve gotten used to it and I have found other healthy foods I can eat and enjoy.


    • Dear Amy:
      Have you ever tried Almond butter? It’s made from almonds only and just pureed into a butter. it’s wonderful on toast or crackers. That’s another way to get almonds without it causing intestinal problems. I sympathize because I have severe intestinal problems as well. I think what you’re doing for your intestines is very wise and will pay off in the long run.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • I have chronic acid reflux. Nuts are almost phased out of my eating and I love almond butter. I have no digestive issues eating it.

      • Almond butter sounds good. I have never tried it before. I will definitely give it a try! Thank you Cherokee.


  14. Good Day, Everyone,
    This morning I did a search on Edgar Cayce and found this segment on YouTube entitled “Did Edgar Cayce speak about 2012? Kevin Todeschi answers your questions.” This was posted on June 23, 2009, my birthday by the way! This video comes from the Cayce A.R.E.; the director of the institute is answering the questions. Please take a few minutes and listen; you will not be disapppointed and will be enlightened, I’m sure if you chose to do so.

    I am very thankful and blessed to have been led to Cherokee Billie. My awareness of my spirituality has been heightened. I have always been spiritual but knew that there was so much more to it. There have been little things happening that I do not have the time or space to share with you here. Cherokee Billie knows, and I know in my heart. I have been taking baby steps; there is so much, much more learn.

    Of course, you understand that I would not be aware of any of these things if I had not made the choice to become more aware, to learn, to listen, to pay closer attention, to observe more closely, and to make the effort to try and understand. I have to make that connection. Remember that we are all given free will. God, or whatever term you use to refer to the Divine Spriit, is waiting for us to do the seeking and the asking.
    with love to you all,

    • I have to make a correction regarding the people in the video I posted. Jennie Taylor Martin is the Director at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Kevin Todeschi is the Executive Director and CEO at the institute. I had identified him as the director. I apologize for the error.


      • for your mistake you will be taken outside and lashed 40 times. lol

      • I sure did enjoy just listening to this Cayce clip and it really fits where I am at with the inclusive level of language..definitions etc. Just personally really blue about being here in Montana…winter forever and so isolating…but I truly felt I was dying without healing things as much as possible with family of origin and listening to this affirmed my decision..I’ll get out of here when and if step at a time and I have wanted to comment on so many spots..some now closed..just want to say it has been a wonderful Sunday listening to all. I am a slow when I read my voice is speaking your words in my all mean a lot to me…prayers and know our friend is praying with us…sarah

    • Oh, thank you for the video, Anna! Very nice!

  15. Dear Cherokee Billie:

    Spirituality-regarding psychics and mediums is a new frontier for me. I am as you can say, an infant in my learning in this huge scope of reality and possibilities.

    Your website never ceases to enlighten me.

    Yesterday I purchased through Amazon, The Sleeping Prophet, The Edgar Cayce Remedies, Edgar Cayce on the power of color, stones and crystals….and last but not least “Think on these things.”

    I look forward to read all that I purchased on Cayce. Thank you for helping me in broadening my understanding in the world of spirituality.

    Love and Light,
    Mary Ann

  16. Wow, thanks Anna H for that video on 2012. It all sounds exciting to me. Yes, we all need to be more aware with these subtle changes that are happening around us for this new era and to make a huge effort to be kind and loving 🙂

    PS I love the new picture of you Cherokee 🙂

    Light and love to everyone Susanxxxxx

  17. I am in end of learning class and new temp job starting Monday last. I have not had time to read last two very cool psychic posts and dear responses..put a little prayer in prayer page..began opening up to psychic help with spiritual and healing studies around 1983 to 1986..have so so much to do and grow what little I have known and studied about Edgar Caycee. I live in area with many vortexes they say. I am deeply touched by all here and will mention John of God..keep hearing wonderous things about this man and healer…love to all…Sarah

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