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The Dow is Falling

Chicken Little-The Dow is Falling

The answer is: Fear. Right now people are living in a state of fear because of the economy making a change downward. For decades this situation has been going on, but did not make news until it started hitting the average person’s pocketbook.

The first fear started with the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. People lived in fear that another attack was going to occur right away. Nine years later we have not had another attack and our fear level has gone down. The second was started with oil prices going up. The third was mortgage interest rates escalating to the point that people have lost their homes. Now we see banks closing and there is the belief that we may not have money for tomorrow. The job layoffs are daily and it will continue for some time. The economy is not going to recover quickly. This is where you must not let fear overwhelm you. You can survive on less, as consumers we’re not use to not having the latest clothes, electronics, cars, and homes. It’s time to learn how people have lived through tough economic times before. They did not purchase everything they desired. They learned to make do with what they had.

What makes this economic situation different than the crash of 1929 is the fact that people did not live on credit. Our economy today is based on credit. So this is really a credit crash, as evidenced by people unable to pay the loans on their mortgages. My father came through the depression and he always said, “If I can’t afford something I don’t need it.” He never owned a credit card and would always pay cash for what ever he needed.

It’s so easy to spend money with a credit card or a debit card. If you start using cash more you will find that you don’t spend as much. This is one way to stop the panic. Think carefully about what you really need before you buy it. You would be amazed at what you can live without.

With the economic crisis Chicken Little is running around screaming, “The Dow is falling, The Dow is falling.” Fear is causing people to panic and the media feeds the panic. Fear keeps people in line and following the actions of those in charge. We must not give in to the fear. Remember that this too shall pass. Realize that you have a hand in controlling your destiny and that you will always have enough to survive.

The biggest disguised fear, the one that is at the root of almost all of those fears that block us is Self.

It comes in the forms of Selfishness, Self Centeredness and Self Seeking, mainly and branches out from those, then flows out into all corners and crevices of our daily lives in too many different kinds of fears to mention them all here. As you know we can only find temporary relief by finding a False Key that works.

At this point in our Spiritual journey it is very important to define these three types of self and how they are really fear in disguise. These definitions, as I said above, will be very simple here. You for your own purposes can ponder in more depth how these manifest themselves in your own life and in the lives of those close to you and those who interact with you in your life.

To define Selfishness in its simplest form is: The constant fear that I am not going to have what I want when I want or need it. We can all ponder up many scenarios here.

The simplest definition of Self Centeredness is: Everything is all about me, my plans, and designs. If only everyone and all the things in my corner of the world would be and act the way I wish them to, at least this part of the world would be a much better place.

Self Seeking is probably the most misunderstood of the three. Also it is the most cleverly disguised and therefore causes more things that block the 6th sensor The Spirit than the other two combined. But again to keep it real simple here I will just give a short definition and description of how it manifests itself in all facets of our daily lives.

Self Seeking is; I know beyond any doubt, that if I do for you or act the way you want me to I can get you to do for me and to act the way I want you to.

But as we all know, most of the time that doesn’t hold true, as happens with all forms of fears disguised as forms of self. We are driven by so much self propulsion that we most of the time have no real hope of those things working out right. Also through our own actions we end up putting ourselves in a position to hurt or be hurt. Which of course causes us to become even more Spiritually blocked.

What I do is deliver truth about situations – because truth relieves one of all fears. As its states in the Bible, “The truth shall set you free.”


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  1. Dear Cherokee what you have posted is very true. Everything that is negative about us and our lives is a direct result of fear – fear is the most destructive emotion there is – more so than anger -, and its the one that in most cases ends up killing us.

    • dear Tarryn:
      President Franklin Roosevelt was famous for his saying, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” this is an absolute fact and realize that fear comes from negative energies that want to keep us suppressed. We are continually battling negative forces that’s why it’s important to build up your spiritual self.
      Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Dear Cherokee:
    Very truth all this note.
    In the concept of Selfishness I felt identificate and it’s hard and embarrasing to admit it. Sometimes I feel that I want to buy too much things that thinking better right now I don’t need it, my parents can’t pay me these things and always I feel sad for not have the things that I want it. Yesterday I went to the comercial center with my mum and I feel sad for not had the things that I saw. I know that is selfish conduct of myself and I thank you for write about this.
    In my family are 6 members, My parents and 4 sons… so the money in my home is always hard.
    I thank god that my dad has a good job.
    My reflexion is that im going to help to my parents to save money and be more thankful for what I have.
    Love and Blessings

    • dear Josi:
      sacrificing things now is going to help you in the Future and be a stronger person. You will understand and respect money far more than those who are given everything. perhaps there’s some craft you can do and sell things to bring in a little extra money into your household. There’s always ways to be creative when you need to. I will keep you in my prayers.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. Cherokee Billie,

    Fantastic post! Everything you said here is so very true. I love the Chicken Little picture!

    Inspired by what Roosevelt said above, I would like to respond is with a few quotes:

    “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here” – Marianne Wiliamson

    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” – Frank Herbert, Dune. Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear.

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon.

    “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.”
- Louis E. Boone.

    “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.”- Gandhi.

    “No matter how hard you work for success if your thought is saturated with the fear of failure, it will kill your efforts, neutralize your endeavors and make success impossible.”
- Bandjuin.

    “Fear imprisons; faith liberates; fear paralyzes; faith empowers; fear disheartens; faith encourages; fear sickens; faith heals; fear makes useless; faith makes serviceable.”- Harry Emerson Fosdick.

    Love to all,

    • Dear Lynne:
      these are fabulous quotations about overcoming and resisting fear. I’m going to save these for myself. They’re wonderful and anyone who is going through our time should memorize these because they will help you deal with battling fear. I’m so glad you posted these.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Great quotes! Thank you for posting them, Lynne!

  4. Dear Cherokee, how are you doing? Hope you’re fine!

    This is a great post! It’s true, people always buy more of what’s necessary.. When I was a teenager, my father was nearly bankrupted by debts of credit card. I used to pray for him to stay calm and not have a heart attack. It was a real tough time. That’s why I don’t have credit card (and I don’t plan in having one any sooner, LOL).

    I’ve been noticing, since we’ve entered the 21st century, that people are agitated, looks like they’re all desperate at something. Seems like fear got everyone. It makes me tired just to look at people acting agitated like this.

    Lord Jesus Christ said: “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? (…) Therefore do not worry, saying, “What shall we eat?’ or “What shall we drink?’ or “What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

    Oh, selfishness is also a big, big problem.. People are only worried with themselves. This is one of the reasons our planet is having problems. This is why so many people have problems. We need each other’s help and we all need to work and think for the good of all the people. I believe that when we finally reach a point of thinking in a colective way, of how can we contribute to the humanity and Mother Earth, this will mean we are reaching evolvement in our spirits 🙂

    Love to you and all my friends!

  5. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    This is a thought-provoking article. Fear is such a little word but such a powerful and destructive emotion and force. The part that I found especially interesting was the discussion about the three types of self and how they are really fear in disguise. You gave me a different perspective and something to think about.

    Perhaps these two verses might be appropriate to share here also. “We walk by faith, not by sight.” II Corinthians 5:7

    “Faith is when you close your eyes and open your heart.”

    The second one is
    “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

    “If you open your heart to possibility, you’ll be amazed by the miracles you discover. Believe in miracles.”

    I always learn from your articles.
    with love,

  6. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    This is a very good topic and I could even recognize some of the attitudes people around me have, that show how selfseeking they are.
    I feel that there is always an ulterior motive, a second intention in their acts and their words – and all this to get something in return. It is so fake, so false, it breaks my heart to see people are afraid of being themselves just because they want things in return, they want favors.

    I have to admit (maybe confess) that I have already been like that. I never had many friends, simply because I was very shy. It was very hard to make friends, because I was too scared and afraid of being rejected. So, I started pleasing people in order to have their attention and friendship. It worked… For some time.
    But then, I realized it was too tiring, not fair at all, since it demanded so much from me. And of course I was not happy with that.

    Looking in hindsight, many of my old friends walked away, but I know it was my own fault, I was to blame. I demanded attention but I was not able to give them attention. When a friend didn’t write me any letter (computers were not so used about 30 years ago in Brazil), I would not write them either, thinking I was punishing them for not sending news. In reality, I was the one who was punishing myself.

    So, I agree with Anna, when she says “Fear is such a little word but such a powerful and destructive emotion and force”. Today, I have learned to love people for who they are, it is real, I am free.

    Thank you for helping us find ourselves within other people’s heart!

    Best wishes,

  7. hi everyone and hi cherokee. your absolutely right. its not easy to overcome things that cause us fear, but the answer is prayer. the Lord is the opposite of anything negative including negative emotions such as fear. if we could just remember that he is here for us and wants us to let him help us when times r tough. we should pray for answers to our problems and go with it even if its not what we want or it doesnt happen the way we want it to. this is only my true opinion and yes its not always easy.

  8. lilystardust said:

    I think the fear comes from an overall sense of powerlessness. For me, it is that, combined with an overwhelming distrust of the “system” as it now is.

    I think the fear was not just initiated by 9-11, but before that, beginning in the 80’s, that decade of supreme self-indulgance. It was also the same time personal computers were emerging into the mainstream and affecting every part of our lives. As an example, cash registers became electronic around that time, I seem to recall. Many consumer goods started using or containing electronics. My feeling about the 80’s was always that it had become a backlash against the previous generation of the 60’s and 70’s, when social issues and causes were in the forefront. I believe corporations desperately needed to steer people away from altruism and back to selfishness and greed in order for them to stay viable and make a profit. The pop music changed then too. It went from folksy “kumbaya” songs with messages or counter-culture rock to heavy metal, noise and mayhem. The “look” went from “back to earth” to “from another planet”. So many things started to change in backlash to the counter-culture of the 60’s and 70’s. But foremost, selfishness and greed once again became sylish. Think Madonna – Ms. “Material Girl”. I well remember the changes. Even jeans, the mainstay of hippies, became so vogue that now they can cost a fortune to buy. Only really trendy people can afford the really “good” jeans nowadays. (I suppose). Anywway, that’s just an example. The corporations took as much from the counter-culture as they could profit from by turning everyone’s attention away from what it really stood for or meant and turned it into something commercial they could profit from. That’s as simply as I can put it. But as another example, rock music used to be counter-culture until it was bought-out-sold-out as just another commodity to be used. It just seems like everything became commercialized. Women who had gone through “liberation” and had become more “natural” were soon to be finding they now had to spend a lot of money on products and other things to maintain that natural “look”, rather than actually BEING natural. I could write a lot more on what I remember having changed in that decade. And no offense to anyone, but that was also the decde that Ronald Regan won everyone over and declared the government shouldn’t be helping anyone anymore (except business, of course), remember? Wasn’t that the time the mental institutions were closed down and untold numbers of poor mentally disbled folks were put out on the streets? Wasn’t that the time when so many socially oriented programs and institutions folded, the safety nets of our society that we were encouraged not to support anymore? The same people that were screaming at “welfare mothers” as if they were bankrupting our country and became the great scapegoats and distractions from the corporate greed that was far more likely doing that? Sorry if I sound angry. I am.

    I think we stayed on that course until Clinton, but by then, I do believe the corporations had us all under their thumbs. The 90’s brought the great deceit of the electronics rise and fall of the artificial dot com boom and bust. Just as that was crashing and burning, we elected George W., whose sole purpose for being in power seemed to be to cut taxes for as many of the wealthy as he possibly could and lay as much of the overall burden of expenses on the general population, while quietly changing as many protective laws as he could. In that environment, preceeding and following 9-11, he then started a war. Companies were allowed to export manufacturing and jobs overseas in unprecedented numbers, and we became a country of servers, as in service sector.

    My feeling is that this was allowed to happen to benefit those in power and with money, and it’s the extremes to which it has now been taken which has caused so much of what’s going on. A good part of it has to do with with who is paying the taxes and who is not. Someone who loaned me three books several years ago – “America: What Went Wrong”, “America: Who Stole the Dream”, and America: Who Really Pays the Taxes?” by Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele, was ranting and raving about the crash that was about to come, years now before it did, completely overhwelmed with the information in those books about the gross unfairness of corporations that were not paying anything close to a fair amount into our general pools, and were basically having to pay next to nothing at everyone else’s expense. I didn’t read everything in those books, but looked through them. There were plenty of charts that showed the pictures of a thousand words. That’s when some of my feelings of powerlessness began to set it in. There was a program on a non-profit television station called “The Corporation” that I remember. If a corporation were considered to be an “individual”, it would be considered a sociopath! (Very good program, if it’s available to rent anywhere.)

    The bottom line for me is that for a long time I’ve felt that we’re really not in control, and that these people would like nothing better than to have us become virtual economic slaves. The whole credit problem has happened because they’ve made it virtually immpossible to live without credit. As prices go up, it becomes ineveitable. Another incredible web movie I learned about, “”, opened my eyes to even more. The movie was added on to and now has a whole 2nd part that talks about the Federal Reserve and money and credit and how it is set up to not work!!!!! It is set up to keep us all indefinitely indebted. The movie is controversial and could offend people (warning) but had some very interesting material in it. It can be seen online.

    I guess what I’m trying to say (without writing too much more) is that I feel there is a bigger picture that is controlling us in many more ways than we even suspect, and it angers me, that the system is manipulated and we are manipulated in turn. I think I’ve finally become completely digusted with capitalism. I don’t know what else we could do to replace it, but as it is now, I seem to see so much evil I no longer have much to any enthusiasm for it any more. It is not sustainable and seems to be based on depleting resources to an irreversable conclusion. I think in that movie, “The Corporation”, it said the only purpose of a corporation is to make a profit. Period. It doesn’t seem to matter who or what is hurt or destroyed in that pursuit.

    So I don’t know. If taxes were more equitably paid and social programs and safety nets came back, environmental and sustainable practices were better regulated and legislated, maybe we’d have a chance. I think it’s a lot more complicated than we suspect. The problem is this may be uncharted territory. I don’t know if the excesses we are seeing now have ever been precedented. I just don’t know. The only thing we have is our own personal power, I guess. It feels like David and Goliath to me. But David did win. So maybe we can too, if we keep the faith and persevere in our trust, good intentions, and active participation in living for what is right instead of just for ourselves. There, I’ve said it.


    • Dear Lisa:

      you brought up so many points that are all valid and very thought provoking. There’s no question that the government is run by those behind the scenes and they also control the media. I feel that the media causes the most fear in people nowadays. I appreciate the recommendations of the books you have ran because people need to understand that the American government is no longer a democracy and changed a long time ago. There’s so many points you brought out that I cannot respond to every one of them but I think everyone here should read what you’ve said and think about it.
      Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  9. lilystardust said:

    I wanted to add that after writing the above, I re-watched the Zeitgeist Movie Addendum (Part 2 of the Zeitgeist Movie), and REALLY recommend it to all of you. It explains just how our global monetary system is structured to fail. It is one of the most profoundly powerful things I have ever seen, and is totally relevant to this topic.

    The Zeitgeist Movie is equally, if not even more, powerful, but needs to be given a warning – some may be offended by its criticism of religion, in that it proposes that all religion is based in myth. Instead, it offers the possibility of a deeper spirituality. This was the original movie, and the Addendum was added about a year later.

    Both movies are about two hours long, I think, but incredibly worth watching, even if one doesn’t agree with all of it. I’d really like to know what your opinions of it are.

    The site is http://WWW.ZEITGEISTMOVIE.COM. From there, it links to Google, and you watch it from there.

    There is a strong spiritual message in both of them.


    • * * * One more very quick comment (I had to wait until today to write it) – The Zeitgeist Movie was apparently “updated”. I re-watched the first part again (after re-watching the Addendum and writing the comment) – it’s been changed and isn’t the same as the original. In the remake, much of the spiritual emphasis was left out, and the movie didn’t flow at all in the same way as it did originally. So it’s not quite the same movie anymore. I was somewhat disapponted about that. I guess they keep changing it. * * *


  10. Lilystardust,
    You have brought up and supported some very valid points. Thank you for the recommendations of the movies and books. I must admit that I am now becoming more interested in the big picture. My perspective and views of many different things are changing. I think because I now have the time to think about and to investigate these issues which before I was oblivious to because of the craziness of my life and honestly were not of interest to me; albeit, some of the craziness was wonderful, but so much of it was very negative and a struggle just to survive. So many times for so many years, I felt that I was treading water and that my head was barely above the water. Sometimes I felt that it did sink below, but I was able to push it back up. The points that you make would occasionaly cross my mind as passing thoughts but were not a priority. I did not feel that I had the time to devote to them and to dig deeper. Again, I was too busy just trying to survive in many ways. I do appreciate your views. So much of what you say makes sense.
    There are so many thoughts going through my head now that I do not have the time, space, or words to write them here. I hope that you will continue to write. I must add that I am not fearful, but I am ready to confront whatever happens in the future head on. I am just looking at the bigger picture.
    with love and a big thank you,
    Anna H.

  11. Billie, once again thank you for posting something that directly corresponds to the difficult times that so many of us are experiencing.
    I truly enjoy reading your blog because it addresses the reality and hardships we face as a population currently. All the while sending underlying truths we can apply in an uplifting manner. For myself personally it urges me to take responsibility for certain things in my life that I have not tended to. It inspires me to look at things from a new perspective. A perspective that explores new avenues and possibilities, which is exactly what we need in these desperate times.
    I know all of us are aware of the current economic crisis we are amidst of. Not to mention the horrible tragedies that have affected places such as Haiti. It does sadden me tremendously.
    So many people are truly desperate for help, and the truth of the matter is that if we as a whole, succumb to fear we have given up. We have given up on helping others as well as our self.
    I realize that tragic situations can be catalysts for true spiritual growth and AWARENESS. How have certain things affected myself and what will I change/do differently as a result of these occurrences?
    Spiritually I try to understand why certain things come to pass. What can I do to right now to give of myself
    to someone that is in need????? I know that I can make a huge difference in someone’s life right now. It doesn’t have to be monetary and that is the whole point. We have to look beyond our financial crisis and not become paralyzed by it. We have the power to change our lives at this very moment in one way or the other regardless of our situations. We must not allow our own fear to impede manifestations of abundance in our life that we all yearn for.
    This post was enlightening to me on many levels, because while I too have struggled financially I have also learned to make important adjustments in my lifestyle. It has forced me to prioritize the things in my life that are necessities.
    It is time to take personal inventory of how we conduct our lives. Time to ask ourselves an important question.
    Do I come from a state of love or fear and why? What will transpire in my life as a result?

    Thank you Billie

  12. There is no question that there are individuals connected in a society that control our world on a global scale.
    It is for power over the masses. Where only a certain percentage has the majority of the world’s wealth. To keep the masses under control.

    I am a peon in the huge scheme of things but I am here. What do I do? With the knowledge of how certain groups have economic power over the masses and they quite frankly don’t give a ***k about the average individual. It is all about power. CONTROL! What do I do!

    Religion….There is a supreme being, without a shadow of a doubt in my opinion. Man incorporates his idealism on religious issues. God gives us free will. It is up to each one us to meditate with the Father, read the word and stay connected with HIM on our journey in this life.

    What do I do to succeed or even just to live a content existence?

    At this stage of my life, I am frustrated. What is the answer?
    When I read this post today, I thought to myself…it is not about me. It has nothing to do with me. My focus was on all the wrong things all these years.

    I went through all the motions of achieving in my life. I earned my college degree. In addition to the college degree I have certifications. I own my own home. I have one child (a daughter) who is now an adult and married. She also has her college degree and making her way in the world.

    With that said, I am frustrasted that I am not where I want to be in my life. Monetarily I am not where I think I should be. What do I do?

    The simple answer that was revealed to me today is….it is not about me. In order for me to excel in this life; It is about God! I have been a Christian most of my life. I BELIEVE but
    My focus was on me. My focus should have always stayed completely on Father God. Not on me.

    The global secret society group has no control over what God can do.
    If you want things to be different, then stop going your own way and follow God’s lead. Lean not on your own understanding, and he’ll make your paths straight.

    Mary Ann

  13. Dear Cherokee,

    Thank you for this post. I couldn’t agree more. Our biggest obstacle in life is fear. If we let fear control our lives, then we lose our true potentials and are held back because of it.
    We were born with two natural fears – the fear of falling and fear of loud noises to serve as/for survival purposes. The other fears we have were ‘created’ along the way, mostly due to lack of self esteem. Low self esteem holds us back in many ways. With having low self esteem, we would rather believe in others than to believe in ourselves, our own true potentials.
    The opposite of fear is love. We need to learn to love ourselves. If you love yourself enough, you can have more belief in yourself. Love = desire. If you have enough desire, you can control and overcome your fears. If we could learn to work on building up our self esteem and truly love ourselves and truly believe in ourselves, then we can have a strong enough desire to overcome these obstacles known as fear.


  14. lilystardust said:

    Hm, looks like my real name got posted (oops). Guess they’ll be coming to look for me real soon ( 🙂 ).

    I’m no different than any of you. And far less sucessful. Belive me. I truly wish I had done more and accomplished more. I have more regrets than anyone could possibly imagine. Which is why I don’t like to talk about it.

    Everything others here have said about being caught up in day to day survival and just life has been just as true for me, if not probably more. Cherokee Billie posted a while back on how difficult it is to be “spiritual” when one is struggling to survive. That’s certainly been true for me as well. I live with fear all the time. It’s hard to shake sometimes. I’m still grapling with it in many, many ways. I wouldn’t criticize a single person here for any of their accomplishments; none of them have made any of you lesser people, and have in fact, made you more, to me. I admire you and I wish I had been more like you and accomplished more in my life. I ended up putting myself in a really bad position at this point in my life. I feel like I’m on the brink of total collapse most of the time. Or have, many times. My life is defined much more by failure than it is sucess. In many ways.

    I’d really like to figure out what my life purpose should have been. I could never quite put my finger on it. I tried different things, but made a lot of wrong choices. I’m still learning too. I often feel it is too late. I get depressed. I have all sorts of conflicts. My life has been demonstrably out of balance for a long time. I’m hoping I can get back to who I thought I was was, or at least, redefine my reality towards something better. I was miserable in my last job. It was deadening and damaging to nearly every part of me, physically, mentally, spiritually. Only some parts of it were good. I tried to make the most of the positive aspects. But for the most part, I felt that my time and life were being completely wasted and I couldn’t seem to muster the whatever to move on into something else. I felt more stuck than I ever have in my life. I’m still coming out of it.

    I guess that’s all I can say right now. (I keep getting headaches all the time, almost daily. I have one now that has been going on since I woke up with it, and it’s making it hard for me to write or think, again … )

    I just so appreciate all of you. I contribute where I think maybe I can. I’m often surprised by the positive responses I get. Maybe I’m not used to that. I learn from all of you, and am glad to have this forum of discussion and sharing.

    With Love,


    • I think everyone on this blog has regrets. I know I have my share of regrets. I sometimes reflect on my life and think, if only I did that instead.


      I want to make a dramatic change in my life. Fear! Hell Yes! Why do I feel the need to do this change now! I ask myself.

      I want to give more. I will not get into it now, but I only know it is something I must do. I do not want to look back and have regrets of not making this change.

      When I was young, I knew fear but I would blast my way through that fear. That’s why I have so many regrets because I took risks all the time when I was young.
      I rather miss the old Mary Ann. Today, I don’t take any risks anymore. I am bored to tears with the Mary Ann that I am and have been for at least 12 years.

      What I realize today is that I have to “let go and let God.” Sure, I will make decisions but from this moment going forward I will include God in EVERYTHING that I do. HE has always been there for me; But I have not always been there for HIM.

      I have regrets…but I don’t reflect on regrets as a life wasted. Life is Life. A gift, not a waste. It is up to us how we use the gift.

      If we feel our life is wasted, what do we do about it? If we can breathe, we have time to make a difference. Age is meaningless.

      Age is not going to stop me from accomplishing what I must do. I will do what I have to do with my God leading the way.

      Faith, trust, hope and love,
      Mary Ann

    • lilystardust said:

      Fyi, decided to look up “The Corporation” movie and found it is online, if anyone wnts to see it. (Love the internet!) The main website is:

      And there are links to watch the whole thing on You tube in 23 parts at:


    • Dear Lilystardust, this last post of yours has made me sad to think of you suffering as it looks to me as though you are.You are no different to any of us on here, we all have regrets lurking somewhere in our past, they come from having free will and being able to make decisions. We have all made wrong decisions in our lives at some point. We are only human and as much as we want always to make the right choice often we don’t.These regrets form our learning curve.We are all learning all through our lives and theres not one of us that can say they’ve learnt all there is to know.I think you need to package up all your regrets put them in a box and forget them. They have served their purpose.Then start to concentrate on the successes in your life. They are there if you look for them.Sit and think about them and let them feed your self esteem.They will give you a positive feeling and help to remove the negativity that you are feeling. Negativity is a wonderful fuel for fear.Be proud of yourself and tell yourself that you are loved. We all are. Have you tried meditation, just find ten minutes each day where you free your mind of all thoughts this can be so helpful in so many ways. It isn’t easy at first but keep on with it.It will help with feeling out of balance and will go a long way in helping you to get back to where you want to be. Just remember none of us are perfect we all have flaws but love conquers all. All of us on here want the best for you.Your posts are always interesting and I suspect the majority of us enjoy reading them. So remember hold your head up, stand up straight and go and face the world because you are you, totally unique. I’ll be thinking of you, With much love and Many Blessings, Anne UK.

      • That was beautifully written AnneUK. What you wrote is very true. I am sure Lisa is aware that we all love her here.

        Mary Ann

    • Lilystardust, you are not alone. There are so many people who are trying to find their way. I know that I am. I am still very much “a work in progress.” I still have many fears and doubts that I have to overcome.
      I think that was why I was led to this blog and to find Cherokee Billie. I still don’t have many answers; I have received a few. I just know that helping others is what is important even if all you can do is pray for them. It isn’t easy. God didn’t promise that all would be easy and a “bed of roses” if we believe and follow Him, He did promise that He would never leave us no matter what, if we ask, because He did give us free will. We also have to be ready for the answers, which may not be what we want or the answer may be silence sometimes. God works in His time, not human time. I do know that God loves us all very, very much no matter what we do or say. He not be happy with our choices sometimes, but He still loves us unconditionally. I hope that your headache subsides soon and that you will start to feel better.
      with love,

      • I meant to say towards the bottom of my reply…He may not be happy with our choices sometimes…..” aaarrrggghhh… proofreading is getting worse…I’ll blame it on my bifocals :)!

  15. Dear Lilystardust…. It’s never too late to start anything… I think timing has a lot to do with things that happen in this life. I do Angels Cards and the Divine Timing card pops out a lot just to remind me to remember “All in good time” 😉 Everyone gets scared…. It’s sometimes good in life to take risks as well occasionally.
    With your headaches, maybe look at your diet. I’ve read dairy products, meat and wheat can contribute to migraines. Coffee always works for me 😉 Light and Love Susanxxxxxx
    BTW What’s your real name? 😉

  16. Thanks for this post Billie and thanks to everyone else for your interesting replies.
    I came across an interesting read and website which I’ll post below. There used to be an interesting 3.5hr video that that you used to be able to download for free about the moneychangers and how they have maintained control over governments and citizens for milliennia. If I find the video link for this I will post it, meantime here is the url link:

  17. dear cherokee billie, this is definately the biggest problem we have in this world …
    love is the only way of dealing with it – i so much hope that one day we will get there!

    thank you everybody for all the great posts here!
    i can’t add anything anymore 🙂


  18. Forgive me….have not read all comments yet, taking on new work, tonight I start to train for it…thanks be to God..moving forward in baby steps and not at standstill anymore.

    This is so excellent Cherokee Billie…I
    have so much to clean and organize and accomplish after fear phase x ten…smiles.

    Ideas that have helped me:
    Lately the Course in Miracles teacher edition has been helping me with fear as well as the Lord’s book out on all Borders etc. The whole Course was always way too wordy for me…now this edition was on sale at Barnes ‘n Noble here..Can not believe we have both and 2 independent stores in addition to University…Woo Hoo..Sarah. Looking forward to this section and all your responses for a few days.

    Love you guys…all acts boil down to being motivated by love or fear…great section again Cherokee Billie.

    PS..Know and believe whole heartedly on afforementioned addiction and issue on tech age affecting our communiction..looking forward to breaking barriers making more flesh and blood right here friends…that this blog method has helped me and I’m finally into using it is great…but you are so brave to mention that…in getting help ie phonning you for session, doing therapy, creating self help groups, and making friends, church or faith groups, etc. all help with fear factor too..alone and ruminating online and with self has fed my fear too…glad to be aware and doing things to change.

    Also, none of us or anything we do is really that important..we are all one spiritual the end I think..that thought helps me with my pathetic fear which is narcicissm when one thinks about it…good one CB.

    Love and prayers to all, Sarah

    • Sarah:
      My thoughts are reflecting what you stated in your blog. You wrote, “None of us or anything we do is really that important..we are all one spiritual whole.”

      I try to be the best I can be in life, try to achieve to improve my life but I really feel that it is not about us at all…It is about the Divine. It is about our love and relationship with the Divine that is really the true answer to be one in spirit.

      You are making great progress; I am so very proud of you.

      Love and Light,
      Mary Ann

  19. Hello Everyone,

    Perhaps this reply might fit better with the previous article on prayer requests, but I don’t think so. Cherokee Billie has a very nice and helpful article on The Perfect Prayer on her website. You may have already read it, like me, but I just reread it. It is good to read and be reminded from time to time the way to pray. Just thought that I would share this with all of you who visit this place. For convenience, here is the link. Move your mouse over Articles in the left side bar, and you will find it.

    Have a good day!

  20. Dear Cherokee Billie:

    Thank you for this article. I realize in reading this that I have been living my life in constant fear. I live in fear of losing more loved ones, I live in fear of not having enough money to live on when I get older, I live in fear that I will die of cancer or some other disease, I am afraid of doing new things because I think I will fail, I am afraid of meeting new people because I don’t think I am smart enough to hold a conversation with them and keep them interested in me and so and and so on. Wow! I can see how these fears have been crippling me and keeping me from living my life to the fullest. I have always wanted to do great things in this world and be of service to every one I meet. I want to overcome my fears so that I can live a fruitful life. This article has helped me to really start thinking about what actions I can put into place to overcome my fears.

    Another interested thing in this article is the point about Selfishness, which again is borne out of fear. I have always felt that I would never have enough money or whatever to take care of my wants and needs. I am one of those people who has gotten herself into such deep credit card debt because I was trying to live up to other people’s expectations and standards in terms of what I should have materially. Now I am beginning the slow and painful process of trying to get myself out of debt. It has really helped me to cut down on my expenses and to really analyze what I really need and what I don’t need. It has been a painful lesson, but a lesson well-learned. I have adopted the attitude that if I don’t have the money to pay for it, then I don’t need to have it. And I am also trying to save — albeit very little — but at least something. I really want to be strong and not be fearful, but sometimes it does get the best of me.

    I guess I need to immerse myself in prayer and lean on the power of God more and trust that everything will turn out all right.

    Thank you again.



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