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This is an article I have recently written because of the jobless rate. So many of my clients have lost their jobs and every day you hear of more major layoffs. So I want to help people find a way back to employment. I think you will enjoy this video and I want you to know that the video was made by our own dear Lisa!


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  1. Great video. Well done for making it Lisa. Unemployment is a big problem everywhere.

    I have been away from the blog for a few days, as I haven’t been feeling well…and to make things worce my moonstone pendant that reminds me so much of all the wonderful people here and of our Michael, broke today – I droped it by accident but mananged to glue it together again, it looks okay but once something has broken its never the same again. I feel a bit upset about it, but its not so bad when you remember how many people are in a real crisis – people who have to worry about how they are going to pay the bills because they cant find a job. I hope this great video will help them.
    Thanks Cherokee and Lisa.

    • Dear Tarryn:

      at least you were able to glue the stone back together. You definitely see things correctly about so many people in crisis. This is another reason we need to pray for the world To be healed.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • In addition, maybe the stone had to release something and it was a good thing..a help unknown….

        • Thanks Cherokee, and thanks Sarah – I think you are right. Everything does happen for a reason.

  2. Sorry ,a mistake in my post- I mean to say
    …and to make things worse…

  3. Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing fine ^_^

    Dear Cherokee, this article is very inspiring! Thank you for posting it! Oh, the video is great, Lisa!

    Well, this is a subject that I have some experience: being unemployed (laughs :D). I’ve been like this for years and it’s really not nice! It happened because I didn’t wanted to be frustrated on work. I wanted to have a work that I liked (even if it was just a bit), that I felt I could do it with good will. So I decided to give up on journalism.

    Seeing what the press has become nowadays really made me think: what am i doing here?? I felt like a fish out of the water. Of course there are serious and respectable journalists (and news companies), but let’s face it: they’re becoming something rare.

    So I decided to try another job. My city is the capital, it looks like Washington, so the jobs are mostly concentrated in the Government (administrative public service). I’ve been doing tests for years to get a job on the public service. As dear Cherokee was saying in this article, no matter how many times I got rejected (don’t have a sufficient score on the test) I never gave up. I have it in my mind very strong that I will suceed and will work for the Government. I believe I can change my destiny and so I will 🙂

    Until I get this job, I’m trying some home business here (it’s interesting that dear Cherokee mentioned this, ’cause that’s exactly what i’m doing). I’m good with arts, manual works, videos.. So I’m always inventing something new. I’ve done artesanal jewelry, translation of tests and monography to english, DVD slides for weddings or events.. This is how I managed to have some money. It’s not much, but it helps a little.. (LOL)

    I wanted to tell you girls my story, because I’m an example of someone who wants to change destiny and believes this can be done. Never give up, you all! If you’re unemployed, believe that this situation can change! And like dear Cherokee said, be creative, try some home business! You’ll see that it’ll all be fine in the end. 😉


    • dear Mayra:
      what a wonderful example you have set with sharing about your life changing decision and how you have found a way to survive by a home based business. Nowadays even if you’re employed you need to have a home based business because you can be guaranteed of your job lasting. Thank you so much for this brilliant post. Yes, Lisa does a fantastic job as I’ve always said.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Mayra:
      You are thinking outside of the box. Being innovative with different venues.
      Many blessings to you.

    • Mayra, you remind me of the saying that goes “Where there is a will, there is a way.” You go, girl!

    • Mayra you always inspire me to no end….just love your heart and sharings…Sarah…Thanks yet again.

    • Thank you all for your support! I’m glad you liked my story!

  4. WOW Lisa, this was wonderful! Thanx for sharing with us CB. I am very happy to report that I have found a new job and will be starting next week and I will be making more money than I was before at the job that I lost! I’m not crazy about the hours, but I am so thankful to have a job in today’s terrible economy. I want to thank everyone who was praying for me to find work, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

    Love & light to all!

  5. Cherokee this was a needed segment on your blog because there are many people out there who are feeling the loss of HOPE.
    HOPE is key. Never give up. Stay organized and persistent with your goals. BELIEVE! The door will open for you, BELIEVE!

    Lisa…many thanks for your efforts.

    • dear Mary Ann:
      I agree HOPE is one of the biggest things that people need nowadays. Not only with jobs, but life is more difficult than it used to be in general. So that’s what I tried to always do is give people hope and encouragement about life and afterlife.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • You sure have succeeded with that…can’t tell you how nice to be here again.. you give big hope in the healing work for me…and thank you for your real they are…Sarah

  6. Oh, what good news, P! Congratulations!
    with love,

  7. Hello everyone, I’ve had computer problems, but they are solved temporarily. Lisa, what an awesome video! You are so gifted! Cherokee Billie, this is such a timely and positive message with good ideas that prompts action. I agree with Mary Ann; it provides hope. To all of you who are searching for a job, don’t give up; she is a very wise lady. Take action regarding Cherokee Billie’s advice. Think outside of the box. Mayra, you are a perfect example. Sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone, too, as you are creating a job or taking a job. No matter what you do, do the very best that you can. For example, if you are a bagger in a grocery store, be the best bagger that you can be….even go beyond with a smile and cheerfulness…because someone is always watching, and you never know what opportunities may come your way. Remember too that your attitude determines your altitude; meaning that your approach to something and your work ethic determines how far you will go. I will keep all of you in my prayers. You are all very special to me.
    with love,

  8. I want to share a little about hope and finding one’s next step by just sharing a tiny bit about a person I have just found out passed. This person could very well be one of the angels helping us.

    Mary Groves, March 6, 1939 – February 2, 2009

    She and her husband founded a place called the Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend, Oregon. Can be found on net along with courses etc. They will no doubt go on…more materials always being created. Know they are working on a new set since Mary’s “transition”.

    They created a state of the art program on death and dying for both professionals and lay persons. It was called the Sacred Art if Living and Dying. I took the first module from them years and years was very special..and very, very positive and multi-spiritual…something for everyone that believed in spirit in some form. She lived and continued developing the courses and center for almost the last half of her married life with cancer. They did not find each other until 1990..that is quite a story too. Another time. They really specialized in trainning people to support end of life and creating retreat and renewal for the “healers”.

    The flyer recently received on this news from the Center has a beautiful large bookmark with her picture and words sent as a prayer for each and and beyond..just who she was…her obituary said..”those who knew her recognized her ability to create beauty, ritual, and sacred environment around the most ordinary aspects of life.”

    Ok, here are her words and a prayer for all..they are truly for all..her work will contiue like Cherokee Billie’s, Michael Jackson’s and I believe all seeking divine and right purpose….

    From Mary Groves:

    “I pray that you will have the blessing of being consoled about your death.

    May you live with compassion and transfigure everything negative within and about you.

    May your soul smile in the embrace of your Anam Cara..(celtic word for soul mate…loosely defined).”

    It all just seemed to fit with what we are working on…take what fits and leave the rest always…with love, Sarah

    • Sarah, thank you for sharing about the Sacred Art of Living Center. I also really liked the prayer; it is very sweet.
      with love,

    • Sarah:
      Mary Grove’s prayer touched my soul. It might sound morbid but I think of death often. Not in a sad sense but as a time of happiness soaring to the Divine blissfully.
      I also love in her prayer “May your soul smile in the embrace of your Anam Cara.”

      I know that I will do my very best for the rest of my days but I look forward to crossing over where I will be at peace in Divine Light.

    • Dear Sarah, this is beautiful, and I loved the prayer!

    • Thank you all…glad it prooved to be some form of support..Sarah

  9. Great video, lots of good advice and hope there 🙂 Thanks Cherokee and Lisa, great job 🙂
    Thanks also Mayra for sharing your story 🙂 You really are thinking outside the box 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone
    Light and Love Susanxxxxx

  10. i’ve read this article already i think on facebook and i find it really important! it’s so hard sometimes to understand that we do have the power in ourselves to change things – maybe not immediately but with some time and trust it’s possible.
    thank you!


  11. hi everyone
    wish there was a way that we could all meet one day. i tried to play the video but wasnt able to. i did however read the article cherokee. you are so insightful and resourceful. what a smart person u are cherokee. hopefully many others will find their way to your blog and website. their lives would be changed forever
    love, heidi

  12. double click on the screen, it should work.

  13. Mary Ann, how do you get the video to be shown here??

    I got the video on YouTube and shared it on Facebook – I have a relative who’s unemployed, and I hope he will read/see this.

  14. Dear Cherokee Billie, Thank you so much for the Valentines Day e card you sent me today . It made me laugh and smile.One thing though you are not a crazy woman, you are the lady who we trust, love and rely on to give us so much advice which in turn makes us all stop and think. I love you Cherokee, With Many Blessings, Anne UK xx

  15. Hello CB and everyone !
    Cherokee this is a wonderful message thank you very much. Lisa, you have made a wonderful job!
    Cherokee your voice brings peace to my soul every time I listen to you
    Thank you again for your inspiring message, I learn a lot from you every day and from this wonderful people in the blog.
    I thank God I have a job but I will pray for the people who need a job.
    Many blessings to you all. xxxxx

  16. Hi Cherokee Billie,

    I loved what you said on this video. It’s all so true. I would like to share my story because it may give some hope to those who are struggling with unemployment.

    7 years ago I was laid off and 2003 was also a time when jobs were scarce and companies weren’t hiring. I am divorced and at the time was supporting myself and my 2 daughters. I applied to every job I found that fit my skills. Looking for work was a full-time job in itself. I spent an entire year without a full-time job and my unemployment compensation had run out after 6 or so months. For those who may not know this compensation is less than half of what your normal weekly salary was. I had a car payment, a mortgage, etc. So, this barely covered my bills. During these months I decided to start back into retail merchandising, something that I had done simply for extra income on a part-time basis years before.

    With retail merchandising I worked for many different companies going from store to store performing varied tasks. The work ranged from inventory to placing coupons on shelves to complete resets of whole departments, to driving all over the place to put sale information on gas station pumps, to restocking, to dusting and cleaning. Whatever jobs the merchandising companies received from the retailers is what you would do. I didn’t have to accept all the work, but I did because I needed the income.

    This wasn’t the first time since I was divorced that I was laid off, in fact it was the 4th. During one of the other times I started my own business cleaning houses. I also dabbled in other home based businesses.

    Every time I was laid off I would work wherever I could to supplement the unemployment compensation until I found a stable job. From short order cook to cleaning at a fitness club to selling on Ebay. Whatever I could do I did.

    In the year between 2003 and 2004 I went on 22 interviews to get a full-time job doing the type of work in which I had experience. Some of these interviews were 2nd interviews and for some reason I wasn’t the final choice. I finally got the job I have now and have been there almost 6 years. I believe completely that everything happens for a reason and I know I didn’t get those other jobs because they wouldn’t have been right for me. But I learned persistence through it all and it made me a stronger person.

    The job I have now is located in the city and I never dreamed I would work downtown because I didn’t want the hassle of getting back and forth. But, I really enjoy what I do and I work for wonderful people. I’ve also do not do the type of work that I was hired for. I was able to change my position by getting my degree online and not taking no for an answer.

    I wanted to share my story because a lot of it relates to what Cherokee Billie talks about on this video. It is important to be able to do a home based business, it is important to realize you can do what you’ve never had experience doing before. It’s important to take classes to learn other skills. And it’s so important to keep focused on what you want to do and to never stop until you get it, because you will get it if you really want it.

    Thank you Cherokee Billie for giving us clarity and inspiration once again!

    Love to all,

    • Dear Lynne, very nice to read your story! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lyn .. your story is extraordinary.. I can relate it so much with mine..I also for the first in my life lost my job in year 2002.. I was divorcing .. and at the same time in my country we had a General Strike that was terrible…
      so. I was without a job for 3 years. I was trying to get something related to what I was doing.. and graduated for..
      it was hard.. no work. very little money .. a son .. the bills..
      even .. in one of those little part time jobs I got.. I was returning home and had a car accident.. 19 december 2002… Thanks God I had some bruises and some hematomas.. but nothing more..
      then without no car for 6 months………. and still looking for another job..
      finally I got one at a travel agency where I stayed for 3 years and now since last year I am in another one I love to be.. in other agency I feel well treated.. well paid. and the work enviroment is wonderful..
      I know sometimes we tend to lose the faith.. sometimes we think that things wont become better.. but there is always the end of the rainbow….
      we need to have a positive attitude although sometimes it seems hard to believe…
      there will be always something GOOD for us…
      I wish you tomorrow a happy Valentines day..

      • giselamj,

        Thank you for your post. I think it’s helpful to share our stories to give others hope and to know not to ever give up.

        Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!


  17. lilrain93230 said:

    Hello Cherokee and Everyone. I wanted to thank Cherokee for this teaching of Employment and Unemployment. Her voice is soothing and pleasant to listen to. Thank you all for your nice comments about this video makes me happy to help out in some way.Congrats to you all on you successes 🙂


  18. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    How nice it is to read such positive ideas and great advice related to the job market! The video is also perfect – congratulations, Lisa!
    It sure was a wonderful and insightful idea – people are sometimes too depressed to think of something else when they are unemployed. And your article is certainly an inspiration.

    I have been working at the same English school for over 20 years. I had worked a couple of years for the same school prior to this, immediately after college, in my hometown, not far from the town I live.
    And I can tell you, it is such a blessing to have this job – being an English teacher was something I had always wanted to be since I was a child. I felt as if I had been born knowing it, because I have never taken any English course and things at school were extremely easy for me – I know it is a gift and I am so thankful for that.

    Throughout these years, I sometimes felt I was on the verge of being dismissed, due to the financial crisis the world has been going on. And during these moments, I sent my résumé to several English schools and I was accepted in most of them. I also applied for a different job at IBM, just to put my résumé at test, and I was also accepted.

    However, I never left the school I work. Even though things were at times difficult, I kept positive that better times would come and did my very best at all times.

    I believe that what kept me employed was not only my proactivity and the fact that I truly believed in a better tomorrow, but also by God’s mercy. I have great passion for what I do, I am completely in love for my profession. I believe I was cut out to do what I do and I feel I have an important mission there. It is not only English teaching, it is not only money, it is also about helping people achieve their jobs, about being sensitive towards people’s needs, opening their communication channel, helping them with their fears – I consider it a work of Love, done with all my Love. I believe God wants me there, at that very place, doing what I do, and doing my very best!

    I feel so touched for Mayra and Lyne’s story, God bless them – I am sure unemployment is a time to recycle ourselves, and to bring out the best inside. No wonder people end up discovering abilities they didn’t know they had!

    I have a brother-in-law who was unemployed for over 25 years! Being married and with a 16 year-old-son, he still lived at his parents’ house. Last year he got a job at Petrobrás, a Brazilian major oil multinational. What happened to him throughout this time is amazing: he suffered a lot, did all kinds of temporary jobs, was humiliated and got even depressed. But he never lost faith. I admire him for never giving up, that was a lesson for life!

    Thank you, Cherokee Billie, for giving us another opportunity to reflect upon ourselves and our role in life.

    Best wishes,

  19. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

    • Heey, Heppy Valentine’s Day to all! Dear Cherokee, I loved the card you sent me ^_^

      In here we celebrate Valentine’s Day on June 12th (LOL :D)

    • Thank you, Cherokee Billie! I wish you Likewise!

      Our Valentine’s day here in Brazil is in June, usually the second sunday of the month.



  20. Hey Cherokee,

    How are you Thanks for posting this! I have my meeting with my boss tomorrow i’m very nervous about it. I can only hope and pray that it works out in my favor.

    I wanted to share someting with you!

    This a video of me on you tube voicing my Opinion on a bollywood movie i saw Friday just
    gone! Its basically about how Muslims normal innocent muslims are treated since the 9/11 attacks and how one person try’s to clear his name and our image by saying “My name is Khan and i’m not a terrorist”

    As this does also effect our work life too. No one wishes to assoiciate with us if they know yr Muslim they run a mile! Thats how i feel when i go to work. I just keep my self to myself.

    I sing a bollywood song it was to the Bollywood superstar Icon “Shahrukh Khan” so if sound similar to a cat that is how it is supose to be lol but i wanted to share it with you and everyone here.

    Please let me know what you think as i will be removing this after tomorrow.

    Many Blessings

    Saba 🙂

    • dear Saba:
      you should leave this video up. You express from your heart many things that people don’t understand about Muslims. My advice is keep the video up. Thank you for posting it and sharing it with us.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Hey Cherokee,

        Thanks for your response i hope you did’nt find my singing at the end to anoying lol.

    • Dear Saba, How lovely to see what you look like in youtube.I’ll tell you what I saw, I saw a beautiful girl both inside and out. You gave us your feelings so well. Always stand up tall and proud and don’t let anyone put you down for being a Muslim and if people don’t want to associate with you because your a Muslim , well that says more about their lack of humanity than it ever does about yours. You are not to blame for anything thats happened and its so obvious that you have a loving heart. You show real empathy towards others and their feelings. We all have to live in this world no matter what beliefs we hold and with any group there is always a small minority who do not want a peaceful world, but it is up to us to try to build peaceful bridges.This can only be done by respecting each others ideals and religious beliefs. I’m sure that on Cherokee Billies site there are people of many denominations (as we seem to come from all over the world)and it would seem that we are all reaching out to each other with love and respect.It may be only a small group but it is a start and we have to start somewhere. Please leave your youtube video up as as many people as possible need to read it. I shall be praying that all goes well for you tomorrow when you meet your new boss. He must have liked you and thought you were the best one for the job or else he wouldn’t have employed you.Don’t be nervous, we are all behind you.One more thing just like our Michael you have beautiful eyes.He’s smiling down on you, With much love and Many Blessings Anne UK xx

      • Hi AnneUK,

        Thankyou so much for your Kind and wonderful comments. It really does mean alot. I thought i would never do anything as crazy as this! I did it because this movie “My Name is Khan” Gave me that boost to express the freedom of speech i felt inside. How i wanted to scream out” No no we are not bad we mean peace”.

        As I mentioned in my Video its all about competing & trying to claim superiority, control,

        It’s sad but thats how it is!

        But again

        Thank you so much

        God Bless you

        from Saba 🙂

    • Thank you Saba. You are very lovely and your sentiments and sharing important. This is all a part of where we all are healing on this planet I think..finding a place of love and safety and freedom for each soul the aspects of the Holy …individually and collectively..thank you…Sarah

      • Hi Sarah,

        How are you? hope yr well! Thanks so much for writing what you did it means
        alot it’s great to know that i have unconditional freindship here on this blog it’s really nice to share and express with everyone.

        Anyway thankyou and thanks for your freindship.


        Saba 🙂

        • Oh all means so much to me..thank you for yor kind reply. I need to think very positively now (personally speaking) if I ever turn into a too aggrivating “Pollyanna” type…

          Allah..bless you..did I say it right? And the deepest of prayers on your work…and finding the right friends etc. There is just no words for the heart and caring I feel for everyone here..Sarah

          And MJ I’m sure one of your angels…he honored all good faith as far as I can tell..sure does now!!!

          Just want to mention here again what you gave..donated a very important memorabilia form This is it…to further the cause…Much love, Sarah

        • Sarah:
          You are a kind person. You always have positive insights on varied subjects on this blog.
          I personally look forward to reading your posts.
          Do you know what happened with Cynt G and Anne Florence?

          Anyway Sarah, you always give us wonderful posts that I find very helpful and when I notice that you made and entry…it makes me smile.

          Mary Ann

        • Oh Mary I miss them..but they are always in our spirit now.

          You all have helped me so much..I was going a little nuts there for a bit..kind of another tear down to build up which thank the lord it is more on the build up..until I see my shrink for the next steps..haha. I much prefer the growth here..but need that a tad more too. Decided to put it here because it often is such a personal shame thing for folks and it shouldn’t be. Thanks for holding me up…funny I just put another message to you and now here you are. I am excited you are in CA. It feels not that far…and is a spiritual wonderful place. How are you? You always have great insight to me too..xxxooo Sarah

    • Oh Saba, what a beautiful video.. It’s good to see you! And you sing great ^_^

      It’s very important what you’re talking about. I hope your video makes people think about what they’re doing by judging others by their religions or races. There are fanatics everywhere, as well as nice people. We’re all the same and should support each other.

      I feel happy to have you as my friend! May Allah bless you always 😉


      • Hi Mayra,

        How are you? I hope yr well. You have always appreciated what i’ve wrote in relation to the topic’s that Cherokee post’s. As you can see i’m not so beautiful in realife lol but it’s me the real me.

        Thankyou for taking the time to watch my video and for writing such suportive and encouraging words it means a great deal.

        Thank you again.

        It means alot

        God Bless you

        from Saba 🙂

        • Hi Saba, I just now saw your video. You are a very beautiful young lady with an even more beautiful spirit. Be very proud of who you are. You are so correct in what you said in the video. The violence and pain that people do to others is not because of love and what their religion teaches; it is because of their quest for power, greed, and, as you said so well, superiority over others. These greedy people use religion as an excuse for their evil and violent conquests. All throughout the world since recorded history, and even before, wars and acts of hatred have been fought in the name of God or Allah or Jehovah or whatever a person’s name is for our Creator. God has many names depending upon a person’s culture, but no matter the name, we are all speaking about the same loving Spirit who is our Creator. It was such a delight to see you and to hear your voice. I hope that your job interview went well and that it will work out for you. This has been such a wonderful blessing this morning, Saba.
          with love,

    • lilrain93230 said:

      Saba what a heartfelt story. It’s a shame about stereotypes. I can tell you are a good person, and when you speak and sing I could feel your soul. Please take care and be happy my friend.


    • Hi number 2 Saba. I came back because not sleeping and what better place is there..but the love of here..thank you again. Dear Lilystardust made me think of this to say…now I’m the big 50 and when I was 20 I studied in France and I’ve talked a little about that.
      I just want to tell you that there were some wonderful Iranian women there.
      These women did their best to support everyone there with any strife going on and there was a bit of that going on then. They specifically helped me and I’m kind of a “fear” type sometimes and things were hectic at a couple of points. I have treasured those women and how lovely they were…Always those good experiences stay in your mind and become great treasures as you grow. Of course they have been lovely thoguhts with the current struggles of things. I can not imagine this blog without you and your courage and beauty in all ways. I have been blessed to have known for a very short time some lovely Muslim women. Me in such a remote area…thank you again for your words and posts and voice and song. Love, Sarah

    • Saba I just saw your video. You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us and you sing beautifully 🙂 It’s so lovely to see someone in person who post here regularly. Light and Love Susanxxxx

  21. Happy Valentine’s all.

    Thank you all for everything….

    May the Great Spirit (fill in your thoughts) keep us all in love…and all that means…

    Sincerely and fondly, Sarah

  22. Saba:
    You did a good thing getting the word out on this issue.
    There are good people in all races and religions. It is very unfortunate when extremist who USE the religion to try to get sympathy from the weak to propel their agendas for their evil causes.
    It is important to speak out for the good of the world. It’s all for L.O.V.E.

    Thank you Saba.

    Love and Light,
    Mary Ann

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      How are you, Thanks for you kind words! I hope your feeling much better than before! last time wrote you You seemed very down about Michael Jackson R.I.P

      I felt really lonely on valentines day i wonder if he (M.J) was with those who were alone yesterday lol?

      But thanks again!

      God bless

      Saba 🙂

      • Sweet, wonderful Saba:
        When I was really, really hurting about Michael, you wrote kind, thoughtful words that meant a lot to me and I will never forget it. I still hurt but I am now channeling those hurtful feelings better in order to function. I love Michael and feel a strong connection that I can not explain.

        Valentine’s day was lonely for me too. I am not as young as you but being alone still hurts regardless.

        In time you will meet that special someone. You are beautiful and your positive, loving energy in the universe will connect with someone that is deserving of you.

        I feel this in my soul for you.

        It saddens me that it did not happen to me to find the “love” of my life. For me I had issues about my appearance and other deep seeded issues when I was younger and in truth I still feel that way. I also think that it was not meant for me to meet him in this lifetime.

        You dear Saba will connect with your special someone in this lifetime. Your sweet beautiful energy will bring him to you.

        Mary Ann

        • Mary Ann…If I may be so bold..I think nowadays..women of a certain age..can have that brand new love too…and you are so pretty…we never see ourselves as beautiful..I am so angry at that message too many of us got…anyway..later maybe I’ll post a book that Is helping along with Cherokee’s e- book and help which I am going to do…but I also understand and respect any decisions and guidance you have…just want to support…Sarah

          And your message to dear Saba may I echo…Sarah

        • Sarah:
          Thank you for your kind words. I have had issues on my feelings about my looks since I was a young girl. As old as I am now you would think I would have gotten past that in my present life.
          I look forward to your book…please do it.

          Love you,
          Mary Ann

        • Hehe..the book exists..was working on it before I realized I needed to move back to state of origin…will post later..going to find it and work on it with Cherokee’s e-store book on the subject.

          Now if/when I find him this lifetime….that will be a book..smiles.

          Book about courage and issues in mid-life love…Sarah

  23. lilystardust said:

    Dear Saba,

    I agree with everything AnneUk said!

    I’m sorry you don’t live in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, and surrounding areas). It is SO diverse here, it’s unbelievable. There is a large Muslim population here, in addition to many, many other ethnicities and religions. People from all parts of the globe live here. It’s one of the reasons I do like being here, so much cultural diversity …. and food! I LOVE all the variety of amazing food here (and so do most of the many people who live here). Maybe one of the best ways to begin to know another culture is to eat their food. Honestly! How could one dislike anyone who has such delicious food? 🙂

    Any trip into San Jose and surrounding areas will have block after block of Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Persian, Cambodian, Indian, Mexican, Salvadorean, African, Philipino, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, French, Afganistan, you name it, specialty stores and restaurants. It is not at all uncommon to see headscarves and turbans and saris and many other forms of dress here on a daily basis, pretty much everywhere.

    At my former job, we had a very diverse mix of people. It was not uncommon to hear people talking to each other in their many native languages. Three quarters of my department co-workers were from Africa; we also had many from India, Pakastan, Vietnam, and elsewhere. It was one of the best experiences of my life to be able to work with them and get to know them individually as well as culturally. Any holiday was an oportunity to learn more about what others celebrated. I had several Muslim co-workers. Some of the nicest people there were Muslim. I have a long time Muslim friend from Iran I’ve known since 1984. And guess what – I’m Jewish.

    There probably hasn’t been at least one time in human history where one or several groups of people haven’t been singled out as scapegoats and become demonized, ostracized, misunderstood, segregated, discriminated against, persecuted, forced to relocate, even faced annialation. Women were once burned at the stake as witches by Christians. Women alone have been recipient to all manor of ill treatment throughout the world and the ages.

    I hate to say it, but it seems like so much of this is started and perpetuated by men! Women as a whole don’t seem intent on conquering and trying to prove they’re better or forcing everyone else to be like them. It seems more like men are always fighting and women are always trying to restore peace. Men make up a much larger criminal element in general. (Not to be sexist or anything!) But I think women have more compassion, understanding, and tolerance. Hopefully, we won’t lose that.

    But you, Saba, who could possibly think you’re anything but the very sweet and loving person you are? Fighting discrimination is always hard. We all have to open our hearts and minds.

    With Love,


    • I came back cause I wasn’t sleeping…I will visit your area someday…I really love California…and what you said..Sarah

  24. lilystardust said:

    Also, thank all of you for your wonderful and uplifting comments about employment. (I had actually found and read Cherokee Billie’s article somewhere else before it was put here.)

    I haven’t responded because I’m going through a very confusing and difficult time with myself, and have (also) been getting continuously ill. I do not want to return to my former occupation and do not know what to do next, or what I can do next. I don’t really “have” an occupation. I don’t want to go into any more detail. I hated my former job. I’m glad I had a chance to finally break free from it. I would give anything to have an occupation I loved that could actually reasonably sustain me. I would love to have a home business but wouldn’t know what to do at this point. But I’d also need medical and dental insurance, and that usually has to come from an outside job to be affordable. I lack the formal education and training needed for anything much better than what I had, in particular, now, computer proficiency. I’ve been nearly completely isolated for the last six months. I’m wondering if I’m living with toxic mold. I’m not sure if that’s been contributing to my ill health. It seems like I’ve been sick for months. (I’ve also been having some dental problems). I don’t know where I belong anymore. I don’t know what I should be doing. I’ve never been so lost in my life.

    That’s all I can say right now. I appreciate the prayers and energy and comments.


    • Lily, Just keep the faith. Things will come to place for you. Best Wishes, Linda

    • Lily:
      I have issues that I must conquer. You know what?…the first thing I think of is to ASK the Divine for guidance. In addition to that my plan is to contact Cherokee Billie for her expert assistance on some issues.

      Maybe this is a time that you can use to take educational courses for a career in something of interest. Try to eat as healthy as possible and take supplements to regain energy.

      Gifts for guidance comes in many different forms. Seriously, Lily… meditate to the Divine. Cherokee Billie’s rates are affordable, when you can get her assistance.

      The answers may not come to you all at once as all of us hope for;but what is needed for the moment that the universe will make available to you will come in due course.

      Your illnesses or mostly stress related. When you find peace in your soul your body will awaken with strength and well being.

      Mary Ann

  25. Lilystardust:
    It’s true; the areas you described are very diverse. I live in Southern California but…being African American I still see discrimination and I do not think it will ever go away. There are good people out there who are not discriminitive; but there is always “that sick group” who can not accept.
    In life we do not all look the same (praise God, I love the diversity) and we have free will with religion. In life there will always be discrimination regardless to where you live.

  26. Also I have friends of various descents…me and my friends have awesome friendships. I have Jewish, French, American Indian, Caucasian, African, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, a good friend who lives here now from Bangladesh and more. I love them all.
    With that said I still am a witness to discrimination. Sad to admit but it is what I have faced all of my days.

  27. Lilystardust, don’t give up on yourself. I realize that it is easier said than done.

    Mary Ann and Saba: As you know discrimination comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, colors, etc. etc. It always has been and hopefully one day will finally be ended. We just have to keep doing what we can do to make things better by letting our lights shine wherever we may be. Some of my most favorite and meaningful quotes come from Eleanor Roosevelt. Here is a link if you’d like to check some of them out.

    with love and understanding,

    • Anna,
      I HATE all types of discrimination. It is shameful that people can be so mean to others that do not look as they see fit.
      From what I have read, Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing and strong woman.
      Thanks for your kindness.

  28. Hi Cherokee and Everyone,

    I Just wanted to share what the Bollywood Icon superstar wrote after doing his film: “My Name is Khan” which is about Him trying to clear Dought in many hearts against Muslims after the 9/11 Attacks. He wrote this on Facebook i just coppied n paste.

    HideShahrukh Khan: The “White for peace & oneness” movement – Attached is a WHITE image, symbol of peace, oneness & universal brotherhood. What is our purpose on this planet earth? To love, live & let others live with peace, we are one. Make this image your profile photo for some days, and then we would just recognize each other with thi…s white color, to symbolize that we are one, very close to each other, and nothing can divide or bring fear to us. Let us go WHITE and together celebrate oneness, love and peace.

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