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Native American Totem

I felt that this would be a good addition for those who have not found their animal totem. An Animal Totem is an important symbolic object used by a person to get in touch with specific qualities found within an animal which the person needs, connects with, or feels a deep affinity toward. In the Native American culture this is the reason people wear fur, feathers or heads of animals on their body, because they were taking on the energy of the animal.

You can have several animal guides through out your life. Sometimes an animal guide will come into your life for a short period of time, and then be replaced by another depending on the journey or direction you are headed toward. Your guide will instruct and protect you as you learn how to navigate through your spiritual and physical life. When you find an animal that speaks strongly to you or feel you must draw more deeply into your life, you might fill your environment with images of the animal to let the animal know its welcome in your space. Animal guides can help you get back to your Earthly roots, and reconnect with nature by reminding you that we are all interconnected. To first do this you need to know what your Animal Totem is.

If You Don’t Know

If you don’t know what your Animal Totem is there are several questions you can ask yourself. All of the questions below are designed to get you thinking about a prominent animal in your life. There is no right or wrong answers. Only you can truly know which Animal Totem(s) are right for your journey.

Since we are drawn to that which resonates with us, what animal, bird, or insect are you drawn to?

When you go to the park, forest, or zoo what animal are you most interested in seeing?

What animal do you most frequently see when you’re out in nature or in the city?

What animals are you currently interested in learning about?

Which animal do you find most frightening or intriguing?

Have you ever been bitten or attacked by an animal?

Is there a recurring animal in your dreams or do you have one you have never forgotten? Still


If you are still uncertain which animal is your totem, here a few exercises you can do to come closer to the answer. You must not try to force the animal to come, it can pick up on that energy and be put off. Being patient and doing the following exercises will draw your animal totem to you.

Ask yourself what animal has played a meaningful part in your world? If you’re unsure, make a list of animals that have drawn your interest or have left a deep impression on you from paintings, photographs, stories, movies, carvings, etc.

Which animal shows up in your life most frequently? Keep a journal of the animals present in your dreams or that you encounter through the day for the next month. How did the animal behave? Did you interact with the animal?

Find a place where you can be alone to meditate. Sit quietly and ask your animal to make its nature known to you. Feel free to use tools such as incense, smudge, and candles to help you.

Don’t give up; sometimes your animal totem is nearby watching to see if you’re serious about connecting with it. Keep doing the above exercises until your animal totem makes itself known to you.

To read more about what your Animal totem means CLICK HERE

I highly recommend the book: Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams, David Carson. This will enlighten you can show you how a different animal can resonate with you every day.


Comments on: "How to Find Your Animal Totem" (74)

  1. DearCherokee Billie,
    This is so interesting. I found my animal; it is the dolphin. When I was reading your article, I kept thinking about an animal that I was drawn to, and then it came to me…the dolphin. I absolutely love dolphins; I have been fascinated by them for years, and have felt a connection with them, I guess, but didn’t realize it. My husband is from New Jersey, so each summer we go to the Jersey coast as part of our vacation. We both love the ocean. I always watch for the dolphins, and we usually end up seeing a pod of them swimming off shore. I watch them as they swim and, if I’m lucky sometimes dance on the water, for as long as I can see them.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    We all appreciate you so very much; please never forget that.
    With love,

    • Knowing you as I do I can see where a dolphin would resonate with your spirit. Dolphin: Kind, salvation, wisdom, happiness, playfulness, prudent, capable of deep emotion, and happy.
      they are one of the most beautiful and noble creatures and pray for their protection.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. You forgot “guinea pig” on the list.. 😛

    • I looked up the meaning for Guniea Pig as I’m currently a big piggy fan, this is what I found 🙂

      The Guinea Pig or Hamster brings like minded people
      to you with its appearance in your life.
      No matter how different your beliefs are from the norm,
      you will find yourself meeting people who think like you do.

      When this totem appears, it signals a time
      to explore new possibilities, a time to open (or reopen) spiritual doors.
      It also brings a cautionary message:
      are you being too solitary in your spiritual practices?
      Do you need to seek out groups to help with your healing work?
      Are you ignoring the opportunities presented to you
      to involve yourself in healing activities?

      Take advantage of all the opportunities
      that this special totem brings.

      Quite an eye opener from these cute little

      Nicky x

      • Hmm…I guess my animal totem isn’t the guinea pig after all…my first (and so far only) pet was a little male guinea pig named Kaiser.

  3. tarryn333 said:

    I am sure my animal totem at this time is the cat. I have noticed over the last few months that everyone in my street seems to have cats, and all of them end up sending a lot of time in my garden. I even giving then my own names if I dont know what their name is. They are beautiful, I Love them.

    Thanks Cherokee for the exercises I look forward to doing them.

    • Dear Tarryn, isn’t it amazing how you attract animals that you resonate with? I’m sure you will discover many more by following the exercises I laid out. I love cats as well, I love all animals and have enormous compassion for them. I pray for all of the animals in Haiti, that they get rescued been given proper food and treatment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • tarryn333 said:

        Same here!

        I have nothing but respect for people who respect aninals.
        Thanks Cherokee.
        ps: please excuse all my typos in my last post.

  4. Cherokee Billie,

    I loved this post! I was told several years ago that my totem is a red tailed hawk. I found it difficult to believe because I really didn’t think I was drawn to birds at all. But your post made me think about it more.

    I realized that even though I don’t have pictures or any bird items in my house, I do have an interest in them.

    My daughter had a parakeet when she was little and I would always feel so sad for it being in a cage because I felt birds were meant to fly free. When the bird died just a few months ago at the age of 13, I was the only one who cried my eyes out over it. For years, I wanted to set that parakeet free, but I knew he would not have survived in the wild.

    I work downtown where there are of course many pigeons and I do find myself watching them and I even looked them up to find out more about them.

    I’m sure now that that’s why I so much loved the photo I sent you of the birds forming God’s smile in the sky.

    Thank you for enlightening me once again!

    Much love to you,

    • The hawk has direct communication with the divine. From knowing you as I do I would say that you are very much in touch with spirit. You make a great messenger and just pay attention to the birds and read about them on the page where I have the animal information. You may start tuning in more to your animal and receiving messages.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  5. Interesting. when I was a little girl I loved and dreamed to have a horse.. I always dreamed awake about how it would be to have a horse.. and if my parents could afford it.. well never happened. but always admired horses…
    and in the recent times .. dolphins amazed me.. I think they are so intelligent.. Its known about their inteligence . and they do have a big brain ..
    if they could talk.. who knows all the wonders they could say…
    and Cherokee.. : fish .. Love fish.. I used to have long ago an aquarium.. but I was always sad when the little fishes died 😦 I tried so hard to do the right care for the aquarium but it seem I was doing perhaps something wrong…
    but I can sit and watch a fish acuarium for hours if I have the chance.. I feel peacefull when I do…

    • horses represent freedom and they certainly can demonstrate that, just think about a mustang that will run until it’s heart bursts before it will be Captured. I love Fish As well. it seems like you have many animals going through your life. Study up on them and you will find many answers to your path in this life.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  6. I am going to pay more attention to that from now on and try to keep a journal, too.
    In fact, I do love dogs, as well as my daughter. I have had so many of them since I was a little kid. Once, as I saw one of my daschhounds feeding her puppies, I cried because I wanted to try her milk, too.
    Anyway, I really feel at ease and comfortable around them and guess I can even understand them. However, there are other animals which call my attention, but not in a pleasant way, such as mouses and snakes. Whenever I go to the zoo, the tiger is the animal I am eager to see – I am usually in an awe for their superiority and power.
    Anyway, I have 2 dogs at home, both female. A poodle, which is very jealousy and has a peculiar mood, and a mini schnauzer, which is docile, loves to frolic and to keep me company. They play and really make a mess around. I sometimes complain about that, even though I am always paying lip service. I really love them and love their company. That’s why I guess dog is my totem animal.

    • I think it’s great that you’re going to keep the journal about animals. You will learn more about yourself by doing this. I highly recommend the book “Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams, David Carson. I have been using this book for about 25 years and it’s always interesting what animal is trying to connect with me And give me messages.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Dear Cherokee Billie,

        Thank you for the recommendation! I will surely try to get the book. It will be very interesting to discover the messages coming from animals!

        Thanks a lot! I wish you are doing fine!
        I loved the new layout of your blog! Congratulations for the very good taste!!


  7. Dear Cherokee Billie, I like Tarryn also feel that my animal totem is also the cat. All my life I have loved them and been drawn to them and now that I have retired a lot of my spare time is spent homechecking or doing vet runs for the Canterbury branch of Cats Protection. Last year we were lucky enough to rehome over 200 abandoned or unwanted cats. Much love Anne UK.

  8. Mine without question is the Lion. I am drawn to them. They are magnificent, strong and beautiful.

    • Dear Mary Ann:
      the Lion represents Family, strength, energy, courage, guardian and protector. I’m sure that’s all qualities that you was says as well. They are magnificent and beautiful. Their power is enormous. Thank you for posting your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  9. Thanx CB, I’m still trying to figure out my totem, I can say that I’ve been fascinated w/ tigers as long as I can remember.

    • dear P:
      the tiger represents Strength, valor, power, and energy. Look inside of yourself and I’m sure that you will find these attributes part of you. What came to mind for may is another animal that I think represents you and that is Deer, which has Compassion, peace, intellectual, gentle, caring, kind, subtlety. These are things I have noticed about you.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  10. Everyone:
    After reading a post from Lynne saying nice things about Cherokee’s ebook “Heavenly Seduction”. I decided to purchase it from her website store. I am just beginning my reading and so far it is very good. Anxious to see what will happen in the coming chapters.

    Mary Ann

  11. Hi everyone! How are you doing? Hope you’re all fine! 🙂

    Dear Cherokee, hope you’re doing well, too. I liked a lot this post, very interesting! I never stopped to think about my animal totem..

    I don’t know if this animal can be a totem, but there is for sure an animal who’s always been part of my life: Hummingbird. I feel so good when I’m near it and, like you said in one of the questions, I’ve interacted with it many times, even this animal being skittish. It doesn’t let people get close to it. But I’ve been very close to it and people just are amazed to see this. Some of them would make a little noise, like singing, when I was talking to them (aaaw, so cute!).

    This bird can be a totem? Do you know what can it bring to me or what are it’s qualities?

    Love to all ^_^

    • the hummingbird represents joy. It is one of the most sacred animals in the totem. I made a recommendation on a few posts back about a book that I think would help you understand your animal and also help you tune in to other animals who have messages for you.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Aaaw how beautiful!! I always felt there was something special about the Hummingbirds, I love them very much 🙂

        Thank you for the explanation, dear Cherokee! I’m very happy to know about my animal totem!! Oh, I’ll see the book!


  12. Cherokee,
    You always post things that make me think. I have both dogs and cats but I don’t think they would be my totem. I’m not sure what it would be…. But I am curious now. Thanks for getting me thinking again.

    • Dear Lori:
      I’m glad my posts make you think, I consider myself a spiritual teacher more than anything. Just follow the instructions I gave and you will start observing more animals I do recommend the book, “Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams, David Carson.” You’ll find yourself growing when you use this book.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  13. robjam972000 said:

    Hi Everyone
    Mmmm, very interesting. I would have to think about this one. I love all animals. I used to find horses fascinating and beautiful. I am mainly surrounded by cats in our neighbourhood and of course have a very very very very very fussy 18 year cat called Samantha! 😉

    Light and Love Susanxxxx

  14. love this post billie. i immediately knew what my animal totem is and i’m sure it is a dog. i love dogs and always have. i am drawn to them and they are drawn to me. thanks for this insight. as always you bring something special to the table all the time.

  15. Hey fellow bloggers!

    I just wanted to mention that today I finished Cherokee Billie’s book – Heavenly Seduction. It touched me deeply and I have great admiration and respect for Cherokee Billie for her courage and honesty.

    The book is about many things not just about how she was seduced into a cult, but her struggles with friends, family, drugs and physical disability and her own self-worth. It’s about finding the strength within yourself to do what you need to do. It truly is a moving real life story that keeps you fascinated to the end.

    Before reading this book I hadn’t realized the depth of Cherokee Billie’s disabilities. I can’t even imagine the enormous efforts she must go through on a daily basis to simply survive. She is blessed that she can make her living from her bed by being a psychic and spiritual teacher via the phone and internet. But times are difficult for her right now, as they are everyone.

    Let’s all support our dear Cherokee Billie and show her our love. Let us help her as she has helped us by going to and downloading the Heavenly Seduction e-book. It’s only $14.99.

    Love to all,

    • I don’t know if anyone saw (I put it in Comments under Delve Into Spirituality, so it might have been overlooked), but during my long power outage, I ordered Heavenly Seduction from my local bookstore and am waiting for it to arrive in about two weeks. I wanted a copy I could keep and hold and not just read online (especially if the power goes out, or my computer goes out), although it cost a lot more. I’m very much looking forward to reading it.


      • with the e-book you don’t have the traditional hard book but you print your pages to your printer and read.

        • Mary Ann,

          That’s true, but if you just save a copy of the e-book to your computer to read at your leisure, it will SAVE TREES. That would make Michael happy. :o)


        • That’s true. But I work all day in front of the computer; therefore at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is sit and read in front of the monitor at my leisure (tired eyes at the end of the day). I will keep the copy of pages of Cherokee’s book and store it with my book collection.
          In reference to Lilystardust; she wanted something she could hold on to that is why I suggested printing to her. Another alternative for her would be the “Kindle”.

    • I read Heavenly Seduction about a month ago and was simply amazed at Cherokee Billie’s life experiences. I seriously doubt that I would have survived. She is a remarkable and determined woman. After reading her book, knowing her situation, and having the pleasure of getting to know her better, it makes me very angry when people make false and damaging accusations, and then act upon them to make things even more difficult for her. A song that comes to mind here is probably one that you would not know unless you grew up during the 60’s as I did. It was called “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” which is about cautioning you to get to know someone or the situation before you start accusing, abusing, and judging others.

      If you have not read her book, I would encourage all of you to do so. You will not be disappointed. It is not an easy read because of difficult situations that happened in her life and are described in the book, but I agree with Lynne in that it is a truly inspirational book. After you read it, you will have a greater appreciation and love for Cherokee Billie as she shares her teachings and thoughts.

      With love,

  16. For some reason, I had thought that my totem was supposed to be something other than the obvious. But maybe the obvious is the totem. If so, I am a cat person.

    I have two cats and live for them. Before I had these two, I had two others that died exactly three weeks apart three years ago; it was one of the most painful things I ever experienced. Both of them have stories. For a very long time, I had wanted to connect with one of them in the worst possible way, and had I the means or opportunity to connect with a deceased loved one, it would have been my cat Raja. I would still like to find out what happened. I think I know, but I was never sure. He was my heart and soul. The worst part is that I had had a premonition I didn’t act on, which haunts me to this day. I could say a lot more about that, but some other time. There is also a piece of music attached to it. I could not think about or listen to this song until just very recently. Only I know why.

    As a child I loved lions, and always thought that would be the ultimate pet. I like ocelots, too. I remember as a child also wishing I could have an ocelot as a pet after hearing that some people did.

    Because I live in the redwood forest, there are many wild animals here, some of which have brought delight, and others that have brought trauma. Again, there’s more I could say. Maybe it’s time to resolve this in a reading.


    • I guess I’m replying to my own post, but I also remember a dream I had a long time ago about a white horse that allowed me to ride him bareback. If I ever dreamed about this horse again, it was very rare and special, and may have only been twice, if that. We went to many places together, but I only remember the last part, which took us to a very dark (I think it was night time, and winter), very wet and muddy forested, medieval (or older) European feeling village, which had been partially (or nearly completely?) destroyed, possibly by fire (battle?); most of it was burnt out and covered in mud on a very steep hillside (I remember myriads of wooden planks criss-crossing all over the place for walking on); there were people there who felt evil, and we had to search for and rescue someone in particular out of there. I remember communicating with this horse telepathically.

      Although I am a Sagittarius and also born in the Chinese Year of the Horse, I never was really a “horse person” (although I probably AM a horse). This white horse was special and significant, but I’ve never understood why. So I don’t know if the horse is also a totem for me.

      Another animal that fills me with joy is the gold finch. If they ever (very infrequently) appear (usually around my roses), I feel something special and magical about them. I love their bright yellow color.


  17. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    This is amazing; coincidence or is there a meaning? i have for some time been interested in finding out my animal totem.. I’ve tried to visualise, but there are a few animals coming to mind.. Haven’t been to the zoo in many years and i live in a city, it’s hard to see more than crows, cats, dogs and the like..

    Thank you so much for your advice regarding this, i hope to find and use my totem to heal myself..
    If anything, mine could be a snake, i love snakes, or deer.

    God Bless you 😀


    • If a person has snake as their medicine totem This is a person who lives without fear. Snake represents Impulsive, shrewdness, rebirth, transformation, initiation, and wisdom. You may not think you are, but you are quite fearless. practice some of the exercises I gave and you’ll be surprised at what you find.
      Thank you for your post.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  18. I’ve always been fascinated by animals in general and obsess over particular animals for periods of time throughout my life. So I am unsure as to what animal is my totem…

    Two animals come to mind:
    Whales and dogs.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the grace of a whale. Particularly the humpback (but I adore all kinds). Their majestic mass and their knowing eyes never fail to send shivers down my back. When I was backpacking in Alaska, I stayed in Glacier Bay. I was camping just off the tree line, very close to the shore. Humpbacks were known to go through the bay in the summer. One night I woke up to these deep, soulful sounds coming from the bay. I had heard whale songs before in audio form, but never in person! I couldnt believe it. It went on for about an hour and I made sure to stay awake the whole time. At one point it made me cry. It was the best gift nature has ever given me. It was a true sign of the intelligence these massive creatures have. Theyre an absolute mystery. I feel the same way about elephants (who I feel are closely related to the whale– I dont know too much about the biology at this point).

    Then I wonder about dogs or wolves. We always had dogs growing up. One in particular was half wolf, half german shepherd. He was beautiful, smart and extremely loyal. He ran away at one point, but came back a few days later– such a relief to the family. Then he ran away again, it rained, and he never came home again. When he disappeared for the second time, I would dream of him. He came to me, and I think he may have died, because my final dream was of finding him dead. I was heart broken. Now I am an adult, I have dogs of my own. I have raised them as if they are my children. I love them so much and its so hard to be without them. I appreciate other dogs I see around town, and my heart brakes for those that are homeless or abused. I look in their eyes and I can feel them. A couple of years ago, I dog-sat my aunt’s old rescued boxer. She was a true sweet heart. I spent a whole 3 weeks with her. The day I had to leave, we were hugging and saying our good byes when I felt that this would be the last time I would see her. It was a very emotional parting. A couple of weeks later she developed a tumor, and died shortly after that. that really was the last time I saw her…
    So, Im stuck. After writing this, I think maybe dogs are my totem? I’ll just have to pay more attention, I guess.

    • I agree with you Lauren, Whales are so majestic and represent Wisdom, provider, intelligence, and kindness. I have had many Dogs in my life and I realize there wisdom is : Noble, faithful, loyal, teaching, protection, and guidance. the wolf is always the teacher. The lessons may not be easy, but once you finish you will be very enlightened. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  19. Hey Cherokee,

    This a great post! I Think a Dolphin or a whale would be my totem! Reason being Dolphins and Whales are very peaceful creatures, They mean no harm and are very freindly, Dolphins have a very fun spirit I think. I should be more like that having fun in a good way enjoy life to the max. Dolphins are helpful too. Which is like me! I try and be helpful but i should try n make the most out of life while i’m still blessed with it. Thats How dolphins swim with full spirit.

    I think there great!

    May God bless you all

    Saba 🙂

    • Dear Saba You definitely are a gentle And peaceful soul. if we can all have joy and happiness like dolphins we would be much happier people. I pray that you find this happiness very soon in your life.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  20. Dear Cherokee:
    I liked his report sonbre the animal totem, I’ve enjoyed it. Thaks very much for clarifying and know about our animal totem. In reality there are many animals that I like but especially love cats, and rabbits and birds.
    I think my personality traits resemble those of rabbits and I am missing most of the cat, particularly for independence. I’m thinking that animal should be close to me.
    I can not have pets in my house because I live in an apartment. I always had canaries or finches. I adored every one of them tried to imitate his singing and they answered me. And I always sleep with them.
    Today my mom did not want any more canaries because we have suffered much death. I want to someday be reunited with my birds, be with them but set free, not caged.

    Again thanks for the post, I wish him very well start the week.
    Much love to you and for all.

  21. if i have to choose one, it’s a parrot.

    if i ‘have’ more than one, it’s also penguins and dolphins.

    brief this time – i’m in a hurry 🙂

    i love you all,

  22. Hello Everyone,
    This morning I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things and, after a while, decided to dig out some music from my youth. I am a musician, a pianist, so I was finding some sheet music from the 60’s and 70’s in particular. I came across a song that I had forgotten and began to play it. It made me feel happy, so I thought I’d look to see what I could find on YouTube to share. 2009 was a hard year for many people for many reasons. We are almost at the end of January 2010 and even 2010 doesn’t seem much better with the earthquake in Haiti, flooding, storms, financial stress, unemployment and lay-offs, economic situations, war and fighting, bombings, sickness, etc. etc.
    Well, here is what I found. Listen to both songs on the video from one of my very favorite singers, whom I haven’t thought about in a very long time…from my high school and college days. Listen to the first song which is why I was looking it up to begin with, but then listen to the second song, which he introduces as a new one….listen carefully to the words. I found them very meaningful.

    You may or may not see a relationship with Cherokee Billie’s article on animal totems, but doesn’t the article invite us to try and define some of our character attributes by making a connection through the Native American tradition of the animal totem in order to perhaps assist us in moving forward as we strive to grow in our spirituality and to aspire to our potential of being good caretakers of the Earth’s resources and of all living things? It is along these lines that the last song “spoke” to me in a manner of speaking of course.

    Cherokee Billie, I hope that these songs, especially this first one, will bring good memories for you, as well as for anyone else who listens to this video who grew up during that era. Enough said, I hope that you enjoy the music regardless.
    With love,

  23. littlerain93230 said:

    Hello Cherokee how are you today? Last time I told you I was told that the mouse and crow were my guides. I beleive the hawk is one of them because I notice them, and I can spot them pretty good. When I see the hawk it looks like they can see through my soul just at a glance. The mouse this may be nuts, but I am terrified of them. So I am not sure about that. It just seems I have a stronger connection with majestic birds. Love birds, all the freedom they have in the sky to soar with the wind.


  24. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I find myself to be drawn to and fascinated with both the lion and the tiger. They are beautiful while inspiring one to be strong, confident and wise. I am not sure if one of these animals are my totem or if I would like them to be because of the qualities they possess. On the other hand, dolphins catch my attention as I admire their carefree and playful nature. Dogs have been in my life for the most part and currently, my Westies are my “babies”. Is it possible to have more than one totem? I will have to do a lot meditating on this.

    Be blessed,


    • You absolutely can have more than one animal totem. In fact they usually change according to what is going on in your life. The different energy you need from these animals changes. I recommend a book at the beginning of this post and if you want more information it would really help you. You can always ask me about an animal and I will give you as much information as possible.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  25. Hi Cherokee Billie, I’ve been thinking on what mine could be, Horse, Dog and Guinea Pig i’m sure are some of mine.
    Guinea pigs particularly at the moment, not only are they cute and furry but their communication of various purrs and squeaks, their unspoken language between them draws me to them. The tones of their different noises are amazing to listen to and the energy from their body language as they interact speaks volumes for me.

    Animals have always taught me alot, so I can understand how different ones appear in our life to help with growth.

    Apart from those I also like Doves, they are very special, serene and beautiful and Deer represent freedom, vulnerability and survival when I think of them, but what are the correct medicine meanings for these two?

    Love & Light

    Nicky x

    • Dear Nicky:
      I love all animals and I know what you mean about guinea pigs. They are very adorable and you just want to cuddle them.
      Please click on the link in My first post here and it will take you to a page that breaks down the meaning of all animals in terms of native American tradition. this will answer a lot of questions for you.
      Animal totems change with what you are going through. Some are constant and others change throughout your life. That’s why I gave a more detailed explanation, but to post the whole thing here would take up too much space. If you have any other questions let me know.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  26. littlerain93230 said:

    Anna H. I found this for you since you are attracted to the dolphins. Here you can see the playfullness of the dolphin. They are quite smart.

    • Lisa, you are so sweet, kind, and thoughtful. This is such a beautiful video, and I enjoyed it very much. I am touched that you took the time to find this for me. Thank you! 🙂
      With love,

      • littlerain93230 said:

        Your very welcome. My dads wife collects dolphins so each Christmas I buy her something that has dolphins. This last year I bought her a dolphin water foutain. Take Care.


    • dear Lisa:
      you always have the best videos. Thank you so much for posting this one. So many of us can identify with the dolphin. They are such carefree and happy creatures. I would love to be able to swim with them one day.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  27. Dear Cherokee Billie:

    I live in the city so I am not around many animals, although from time to time I do see gos and cats in the neighborhood.

    I have had constant recurring dreams of snakes (particularly cobras) and of dogs, I don’t either of them are my totem because I am very afraid of both animals.

    I have always been fascinated with butterflies. I can watch butterflies all day. Their colors are so beautiful and I love to watch them fly around.

    This is a very interesting topic and I think I have read this book before or something similar to it.

    I am certainly interested in looking more into this.

    Take care,


    • dear Gail:
      Cobra represents Swift and decisive thought and action. This could be you even though you are not fond of them. Every animal has a lesson for us and that is what the ancient native teachings are about. We need to learn to live in harmony with every animal that is part of our totem and do remember that they can often change. The owl has been predominate in my life, but there are many others that come into play such as the deer and the beaver. If you look at the page I left a link for at the beginning of this post you can study the different animals. You will learn more about them.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  28. Dear Cherokee Billie:

    I’m sorry. I meant to say that I see dogs and cats in my neighborhood.



  29. Hi everyone…keeping you in my prayers..still working on things as more of an “inside quiet job now” but popped over late, late a couple of nites ago…and got excited to at least say hi and I really am happy to see some precious names. New faces to some..smiles…love you guys…

    I also love the topic…I know I had a spirit guide named Black Feather at one time..maybe the crow is a helper still..whether or not my guide…also have been deeply connected to the dolphins, whales, and the bear too at feels so good to say hi today…Many prayers to this spirit group and Cherokee Billie…xxoo Sarah

  30. Always a PS…I just saw and am playing the Dolphin video!!!! wow!!! I really had an amazing healing week with them in the mid 90’s in Kona..I really need to remember and call on that gift…so nice to see you guys…love always…later..Sarah

  31. My animal totem is the dog!!!
    Thank you dear Billie, I love this article

  32. let us pray for cherokee that she will prosper and be healed. may God be with her and bless her always. you have a family here my friend. you all are wonderful people. please pray for my friend who passed away. she was only 40 years old. her wishes were to support animals so all donations go the the animal shelter/foundation. i thought it approriate to mention this her on this post since we are talking about animal totems.
    luv you karyn sooo much.!

    • Dear heidi, I’m sorry to hear about your friend..

      I believe she’s in a nice place right now, she certainly is a good and caring spirit!


      • Hiedi:
        I am sorry regarding the loss of your dear friend. She is in a Wonderful place now that is full of joy eternally.

        Stay strong.
        Mary Ann

    • I’m sorry, Heidi, about your friend. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.
      With love,

  33. It is now 12:46am and I decided to get on the blog because I was giving serious thought to my various animal totems.

    All of the animals that I am listing…. are animals that I have been drawn to since childhood.
    The lion as I have already stated is a definite.
    Deciding my totems for me is difficult because I LOVE animals.

    I am also drawn to coyotes. For some reason I see them as beautiful, sleek creatures.
    I am drawn to the panther and the elegant jaguar. I have always been a fan of the big cats.
    Lastly…the ladybug, since childhood I have been in awe of the ladybug.

  34. I was just looking over the list of animals again to see which other animals stand out to me; I love and respect all animals. Butterflies, tigers, and unicorns are the ones that caught my attention. Butterflies because of the “magical” changes that the caterpillars’s bodies go through as the metamophosis takes place. They also represent life and change to me. Their beauty and elegance…just awesome. Tigers because, when I was a little girl, I always wanted a tiger cub as a pet. Tigers are so graceful and powerful…and have gorgeous eyes. Lastly, unicorns fascinate me. I didn’t notice them on the list when I first read it a few days ago. They are such graceful creatures. When my daughters were younger, we enjoyed reading stories together about unicorns, which I assume are mythical creatures, but fascinating nevertheless. Because my youngest daugther was so fascinated with unicorns, she received a beautful book about them from her grandmother when my daughter was younger. With unicorns, I remember a picture of a medieval tapestry which has a unicorn woven into in.

  35. Dear Cherokee,

    Thank you for this informative post about animal totems.

    I have an enormous love and respect for all animals. I grew up with and had many kinds of animals throughout my life. Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, skunk, horses, cows, goat, sheep, donkey, and last but not least, my beloved ferret that just passed last summer. Whew! It’s hard to say, but lately I’ve been having dreams of dogs. Thank you for the extra info and I’ll have to get the book that you recommend to help me more with this.


  36. Hi Cherokee this is fascinating, I love it!

    I think my totem animal is the elephant, since my childhood they are always in my mind…I watch documentaries about them and I love their ways of living and acting on some circumstances of their lifes, really touching!
    Also I love cats (well, all animals) I always find some cat where I go…this makes me so happy.

    This is very interesting, thanks for helping us find our totem animal, it was difficult for me because I love ALL animals

    Nice day to all!

    • Dear Vanessa:

      You picked some wonderful animals and they are a part of you.
      Elephant: Strength, power, affection, loyalty, royalty, and wisdom. Cat:Guardianship, detachment, sensuality, mystery, magic, and independence.
      thank you for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  37. My Animal totem is a Wolf. The wolves are strong and they seem domineering to me.

  38. Cats are mysterious and i love that about them! 🙂

  39. As I read the information about animal totems, I sat here thinking about my animal totems. I resonate toward Elephants. I have elephant pictures and figurines. I also have two cats, two dogs and one bird. I have one cat that has bonded to me since the day I saw her at the SPCA. We have a routine every evening. When it’s time for bed, I have to hold her in my arms and she literally hugs me and gives me kisses. She stays around me all of the time and wants me to give her kisses too. I call her my little love bug. So, I guess I am drawn to elephants and cats.

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