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I was listening to the song “Money” by Pink Floyd the other day, when I got to thinking about money and spirituality. Money is on everybody’s mind these days, with the plummeting economy and the rate of unemployment, it’s difficult not to be focusing on money.

It’s very easy to be spiritual when you have an abundance of money in your bank account and you don’t have to worry about buying the necessities. It’s a lot harder to focus on spirituality when you are working sixteen hours a day just to be able to buy groceries for the week, pay the mortgage, or buy your kids new shoes. Money becomes your priority at this point.

Nowadays it seems that most religions are teaching that you can have it all. God (the Source) wants you to have Abundance! And if you don’t have abundance then you’re not keeping your mind focused on positive wealthy thoughts. This modern approach to money and spirituality is a lot different then the teachings of the Great Masters.

I find this concept interesting because all of the Great Masters from Jesus to Buddha have seen that earthly wealth as a desire and attachment are detrimental to spiritual growth.

So who is right?

Modern teachings such as, “The Secret” or the Great Masters vary greatly. Within a strictly limited sense both are right. However the balance is extremely hard to maintain.

Given that the Universe and the Source that created it are abundant, it appears correct that you should have the right to expansion and wealth.

Whatever we focus our minds upon, for good or bad, always expands. This is one of the fundamental laws of life.

No matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, making money is hard. It does not come easy to most people. Moreover, making a LOT of money is VERY hard and takes a tremendous level of concentrated focus. It also requires a commitment that is primarily devoted to the outer material world.

Here lies the apparent conflict. The truth is that powerful spiritual development ALSO requires a tremendous level of focus and commitment. It is not a part-time activity either. Moreover, the focus is primarily INTERNAL. It is not that money is intrinsically evil: rather, the accumulation of it is a major distraction because of the level of focus it requires.

Whatever you focus upon expands. If you set your mind upon the external world, this will assume increasing importance in your life. Spiritual growth will increasingly become a hobby or something to be crammed into your spare time. If you vigorously dispute this, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you make sure you get three meals a day?

Do you also make sure that you meditate (or pray) three times a day for the same amount of time?

Do you see the point and the problem? Whatever is most important to you is what you spend most of your time doing and thinking about. This is why most spiritual traditions advise against the external focus, which the pursuit of material wealth requires. Although this does not always apply. Notice there’s often a lot of contradictions with spirituality and money. Take for example Bill Gates and Warren Buffett billionaires who have given away most of their fortune to help others. They realized that having great wealth was theirs to share and not hoard. This is the true balance that we can strive for.

Happily, there can be a satisfactory resolution to this. The first principle is that if you make the spiritual path your primary focus, then you will eventually master laws of the universe that will ensure your abundance forever. If you can truly tune yourself to the ultimate Source of all abundance in the universe, then how can you remain poor in any sense?

The second principal is: Decide from the outset what your true life purpose and priority is. Then determine never to let that balance between spiritual commitment and external effort be undermined. When we work upon an external goal – particularly financial abundance – it is easy to allow that goal to consume an increasing amount of time and mental capacity.

It is possible to be financially abundant while following a spiritual path. However, it is difficult – much more so than most modern development gurus would have you believe. It is for this reason that the great Spiritual Masters strongly discouraged trying to do both.

Moreover, there is no right or wrong. What are one person’s thoughts are another’s illusions. What is right for one person does not fit for another. When we place value, we give it substance. For a monk who has spent all or most of his life as a recluse will have very little in the material sense. However, the value that he places on his meager possessions will give him a feeling of having great abundance. By contrast, the entrepreneur who has spent a lot of his or her life building an empire could very well feel a sense of lack, simply because of the value he or she puts on the material aspects of his or her creation and possibly his or herself. It’s down to value and that can only come from you. No two people are alike.

The spiritual aspects of this are determined by how you perceive the world and apply yourself and the material things which are at your disposal. Your intellect (or ego) is the only barrier to achieving greater things and when you begin to understand that you are simply a part of everything, value plays little or no part in your life. This is when you can begin to realize who you are and what you are about. Now your sixth sense clicks into gear and before you know it, you are on the road to progress. Now that’s having abundance

Money by Pink Floyd – From the album “Dark Side Of The Moon”

Money, get away
Get a good job with more pay and your O.K.
Money it’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I’ll buy me a football team
Money get back
I’m all right Jack keep your hands off my stack.
Money it’s a hit
Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit
I’m in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set
And I think I need a Lear jet
Money it’s a crime
Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie
Money so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re
giving none away


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  1. tarryn333 said:

    Cherokee, this is amazing because this is exactly what I have been thinking about. Just a few days ago I came to the decision to focus on my spiritual growth and let everything else go, I believe things will fall into place.
    Money can bring you peace of mind and distractions, but it cant make you happy – Michael was a great example of that.

  2. Cherokee Billie,

    I love this! I was concerned I was maybe spending too much time on my spirituality learning and not concentrating enough on the day to day things. Now I feel better knowing that it’s ok!

    Once again you’ve opened my eyes and thank you for giving us a great focus for the new year.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Cheers & Love,

  3. I feel this is one of the most important articles I have ever written. Because nowadays people are confused because of the teachings of these modern gurus who say you can have it all. I have outlined in this article how you can achieve A balance. It’s definitely not easy, but is possible.

  4. Cherokee Billie, finding that balance is so hard. The article made me think of my parents who were farmers. My father worked long, hard hours, and my mother was a housewife and never worked outside of our home, but worked very hard inside. I think back on my childhood, and each day I am more thankful for who my parents were. We were not rich in money, by any stretch of the imagination, but we were rich in the love they showed to my brothers and me, in the spiritual foundation and teachings that they instilled in us through their actions more than just words, and just in the people that they were. Prayer, loving and serving God, and doing for their family, friends, and neighbors were foremost in their lives. No, we didn’t have much money growing up, but we were never lacking for what we needed.

    As I have gotten older and through the financial and emotional hardships that have happened throughout our marriage, I have appreciated more of what my parents taught me and of what I have observed through them. We were both teachers, (my husband still is), and struggled (and still do) to just make ends meet, and sometimes the ends did not (and do not) meet at all. God always provided for us for what we needed. My husband and I have never lost sight of that….although it has been hard at times, and, speaking for myself, I have lost that balance along the way many times.

    I am now at a place in my life where I really am focusing more on my spirituality and that growth and understanding. I want to bring that balance back into my life. I feel that is why I was led to you. What I have learned from you in reading your articles, talking with you, and reading comments you have given to others, has enhanced my understanding and my thoughts as I attend my church services and listen and think about what my minister is teaching and sharing. It all works together for me.

    I agree with what Lynne said in thanking you for giving us a great focus for the new year.

    As always, keeping you in my prayers,
    Anna H.

  5. cynthia1234 said:

    Thank you Cherokee Billie for such a timely post! I would much rather spend time on my spirituality instead of balancing my check book! lol

    Just before I signed on to your blog today, I had to force myself instead to sign on to my online banking so I could take care of business.

    Thank you again

  6. littlerain93230 said:

    Hi Cherokee I have to listen to that song by Pink Floyd someday. I do agree with this article everyone is different, and what may be right and important to one person is not neccesarilly right for the next. To me spirituality is very important, and I think without all the riches that we are closer to God and can feel him deeply in our hearts. I do find it nice when the rich thank God for all they have accomplished and been given by the Lord. Michael Jackson would always thank God first and foremost than his family and everyone else. He was close to God because I know he did work for the Lord, and gave to the less fortunate as much as possible. Thanks and take care Cherokee. (peace)

    • littlerain93230 said:

      Oh, I wanted to type we dont take fortune with us when we die. I do believe we can take love and spirituality.

      • you are so right… we take nothing .. our only baggage is our own spirit.. that why we have to keep cultivating it now…its the only matter that will perpetuate …

    • Dear littlerain93230,

      You are completely right! How nice of you to remember this fact! It just reminds me of when Michael was thanking for prizes. He would always start with “First, I thank God for making all this possible!” A candid and wise spirit!


      • are right… and he always kept all those prizes away from his view.. like to think.. : its not the end! I have to keep on doing my best effort to do the best.. and he did..!

  7. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I loved this article of yours – and all the others, as well! since it gives me some kind of reassurance.
    I used to have some difficulty in dealing with money. Today I try to make it work for me, instead of the opposite.

    I just loved the part you mention:

    “Your intellect (or ego) is the only barrier to achieving greater things and when you begin to understand that you are simply a part of everything, value plays little or no part in your life.”

    So very true! However, I admit I am still looking forward to realizing who I am and what I am about.

    Thank you for this wonderful insight and food for thought!
    Love and peace,

  8. desertjewel said:

    I used to sing this song to my daughter when she was very little and I would like to dedicate it to all of you. ♥

    On the side of Angels by LeAnn Rimes

    I’ve never been so certain
    I’ve never been sure
    We’re on the side of angels
    If we believe this love is pure

    Is it so hard to trust it
    Cause we’ve been wrong before
    There comes a time in every life
    We find the heart we’re waiting for

    After all the might-have-beens
    The close and distant calls
    After all the try-agains
    Don’t be afraid to fall
    We’re on the side of angels after all

    Every time you touch me
    Don’t you feel it too
    The gentle hand that’s guiding us
    You to me, me to you

    After all the might-have-beens
    The close and distant calls
    After all the try-agains
    Don’t be afraid to fall
    We’re on the side of angels after all

    Heaven only knows
    Why this took so long
    But only Heaven knows
    A love is right or wrong

    After all the might-have-beens
    The close and distant calls
    After all the try-agains
    Don’t be afraid to fall
    We’re on the side of angels
    On the side of angels
    We’re on the side of angels, after all

  9. Hey cherokee,

    This is such an eye opening post and so very true!
    Money should only be used when needed and ok once in while go an treat your self why not.

    But not to go over board by splashing out on being a slave to fashion or vanity by getting Ralph Lauren Bag or having a $20,000.00 job on cosmetic surgery of any sort .If your means of finance don’t allow you to do so!

    Sometimes we need to think realistically! That we are destined to live a way of life that God has willed. It may not be as lavish it may not be as poor.

    But just be greatful that you have a roof over Your heads and food to eat and a blanket to warm you when you sleep!

    As i have seen through movies drama & real life! some people or should i say the majority will unfortunatley go to great lengths for money. As they say “by hook or by crook”.

    The spiritual aspect of money to me is Thinking of those who are less fortunate! for once in a while not thinking of your self but thinking of those who despratley are in need of these funds.

    This is the spirtual purpose of Money

    Blessings and love to every one

    Saba 🙂

  10. Very good article and it gives a lot food for thought, I thought and reflected on it all.

    For me personally I have struggled financially as a single parent, then just as things started to turn around with a new ‘better’ job the illness I have caused disabilty which thus put an end to that! During the time of battling to get my health back I did alot of soul searching and feel I was guided to Cherokee Billie and this blog and throughout this time I have become very humble in what I do have as opposed to what I percieve as I don’t.

    I have learn’t so much spiritually and experienced so much, more then I believe I would have done had I not been ‘stopped in my tracks’ as the lesson to wake up and open up to the worlds beyond this 3rd dimention. For this I am eternally grateful.

    Now I’m feeling a push to start a small business that is my passion (working with animals) but I want to do it not only because it makes me feel alive to work in this particular area but also because I can then donate some funds regularly to charities to help others and hopefully as my health improves I can do a little voluntary work as well. That’s my goal for 2010!

    I’ve learn’t that my needs are always met by the Divine even through the hard times, but I feel richer in spirit now then I have ever done before and I thank the Divine at any opportunity.

    Love & Light x

  11. hi everyone, its heidi

    This article has truly hit home for me Billie. i realize now just how much i have and have accomplished simply by just being spiritual and humble. i am successful in almost everything i do because i dont expect anything from it. what i mean is, my focus is not on how much profit i make or wealth i obtain, but how what i do will affect others. if i concentrate on this, which i do most of the time, the results are so fruiful. Since we have met here on the blog, i have focused on my spiristualiy even more. Because of this my life is so much more rewarding. Thank you Cherokee!

  12. hi it’s Heidi again

    Just wanted to say to yu cherokee what a wonderful reading i had with you yesterday. as always, you left me in awe with your accuracy about my mom. you told me she used to play jacks as a kid and i verified this with her sister yesterday and my oldest sister. i cant thank you enough for the the healing you have helped me achieve and the spiritual growth ive attained. love you cherokee and look forward to calling again and making another connection with my mom. HUGS…………………………….

  13. gloriaj11 said:

    I loved this, Cherokee. I’ve been thinking about money/spirituality for a long time and one of my resolutions for this year is to try and create that balance between those two. This helped me a lot!!! Thank you!!!!

  14. Dear friends, I hope everyone had a nice day and is doing fine ^_^

    Dear Cherokee, great post!! Oh wow.. Money and Spirituality.. It’s a complicated subject.. This reminds me of a lecture that I attended in 2008.

    There’s a group here in Brazil who’s working on biblical interpretations. What they say about the abundance teachings on the Bible is that it seems like there was a misunderstanding of interpretation, of what the ancient prophets meant to say.

    In the Holy Book, mostly when it comes to the teachings of Lord Jesus, it’s very rare to see references on the material life. So this group believes that “abundance” is refering to our spiritual life. To live in abundance of God’s light. I found this very interesting, it made me think..

    Oh, they also quoted another teaching in wich Lord Jesus said: “It’s easier for a camel to go through a needle then a rich person reach God’s Kingdom”. Being rich is dangerous, ’cause it can make us become too much attached to the material world. Some people, like dear Michael, are/were strong enough not to let money “take control” and are able to keep themselves in touch with the Divine. But it’s not easy… The poor ones have nothing to count on but their faith, so that’s why most of them have a close relationship with religiosity/ spirituality/ God.

    Well.. only God knows what’s the right path for each one of us and our needs.. I agree with you, dear Cherokee. Maybe it depends on how important spirituality is for a person (the same for money). How much value is being given to both things. If money doesn’t overcome our spirituality, then we’ll be Ok 🙂

    Light and Love to all!! ♥

  15. robjam972000 said:

    Interesting post Cherokee 🙂 I believe too much money cannot bring you happiness. Being spiritual makes you feel so much richer 🙂 Of course I have to have money to buy coffee’s and that makes me happy (LOL) 🙂

    Mayra… I was wondering if you were able to access Dee’s Blog. I lost the link.

    Love and Light to everyone Susanxxxxxx

  16. Thanks Cherokee. I love the way you help to enlighten us. I appreciate it very much.

    Here is Michael’s song on “Money”

  17. Dear Cherokee Billie:

    Thank you for the article on Balancing Money and Spirituality. I find that this is a dilemma for most people. But I do believe that if you focus your life on spiritual things and being loving and kind that God will bless you in many ways you didn’t even imagine. I think wealth and abundance means different things to differnt people. To me it is having good health, having people around you who love you and whom you love, having a warm home to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear and having your wants and desires met whenever you need them to be. Not all of us were meant to be millionaires and billionaires. But you can have all the money in the world and be unhappy and spiritually poor, yet not have much money and be spiritually rich.

    Your insights always make me think about my life and how I want it to be.

    Thank you.


    • Dear Gail:
      I agree with your way of seeing the wealth. You’ve explained very well. We are rich when we are at the sides of the people we love, when we feel their tenderness and when we make others happy. I’d like to be rich in my old age in this regard.
      I would also like to have a comfortable life. But feel the love of others and give our love is a source of wealth and worth a lot of money.
      Much love to you.

  18. Dear Cherokee:
    It’s very interesting article. It helps me think about that one spends time raising money, or focused on material issues and the time devoted to the spiritual, for example to pray. The money problem is that we dedicate our lives to accumulate treasures on earth and forget to enrich our spirit. Ambition, love of money is bad. It is very true what you said: “It is not that money is intrinsically evil: rather, the accumulation of it is a major distraction Because of the level of focus it requires.

    Jesus says: “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart.” So the question we all have to do is: “Where is my heart I want?” If the answer is that you learn to love and trust God more and more, then we must put aside our egísomo, ambition and pro disproportionate love money and material things.
    “Consider the lilies, how they grow; not work, or spin, but I say, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them. And if God so clothes the grass which is on the field today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more we men of little faith? “(Luke 12).

    I think balance is important, it’s good work and make money. The problem is the value of money in our lives, I agree with you and the time devoted to the material.
    Some people also have much money but have a sense of emptiness that can fill and still have money are not happy.
    Sometimes he comes to value people even if you have money or not, this is terrible.
    Thank you for your consideration, I apply its lessons to my life.
    I wish you the good. I send much love.

  19. Thank you Cherokee for your beautiful written post. Like we need food for our thoughts, we need food for our hearts also, like we need food for our bodies, we also need food for our spirits and what food we search it’s all depence of our views on life, which conditions our needs. My point of view is very similar like Gail and Anabella. I think, money is a man made, soul is a God made, so we can choose ourselves what is more important for us. I think it’s not important how much money you have, more important is your look on the money. You can be rich, but you are still poor in spirit, and you can be poor in money, but rich in spirit. You can also be poor in money and poor in spirit, if you poor and if you fanaticly want to get some big money, but you also can be rich in money and also rich in spirit, which our Michael was. Nothing what we do without love, don’t bring blessing or grow. This is our internal standpoint of honesty. We need so much money, what we need for survive and for our daily needs, that we can care for ourselves and for others. But if we have more money, we must give them those, who need it. It’s not our money. I think money must circled and you can always get it, when you need it, if you give it, when you have the money. We can have all, but only if we care for our spirit first, if our inner intention is love and not money goal. In the other way, money have his own energy too. If we have the money, money can takes our energy and minds, couse if we have it, we must spend it and there is a lot of work with that. We must go shopping, choosing articles, bring that stuff home, to set aside and then properly use them or maybe present them. So much work with that, which taken our energy, we must thinking about what we will buy and so on. We need money for our survive, money is so much involve in our sistems in every level that we must have it, but only this much, what we need for today. I must say, if I pray, I always get the money, if I need it. If we pray in real and with right intention, God always care and bring you, what you need, not always maybe in money or material way, but your needs will be for shure ensured.
    I just want added video (video montage), when Michael say with his own words: »The real meaning of succes is love« and video shows also, how Michael spend a lot of his money. Enjoy.

    I love you all,

    • robjam972000 said:

      Yes, I love seeing this video with Michael and his kids, so beautiful to watch 🙂 Thanks Katya…. Susanxx

  20. godspeedn said:


    You are correct; we need to find a balance between money and spirituality.
    It is just difficult to endure being financially-challenged for a long period of time, especially when you do everything people tell you to do to avoid being financially-challenged (i.e. college/ graduate level education).
    It seems that our world has turned topsy-turvy and the things that people used to put a value on are NO LONGER relevant. Everyone wants something for nothing; employers want to pay pennies… to the least amount of workers… for the least amount of pay (so that their own coffers are overflowing).
    I know God will remedy this unjust situation someday! I just hope that I will be ready when THE opportunity arises. I will know how to eliminate any ego I may suffer from and I will know how to relate with my fellow human beings so that EVERYONE can prosper (and not just a few “chosen” ones).
    I just want to be sure that whatever happens to me is in GOD’s perfect and divine will…not mine.
    I keep telling myself that this is just a learning cycle for me and that God is polishing me up for my next big assignment.
    Whenever I get discouraged or downright tired and frustrated, I pray to God to give me strength.
    I do know one thing… through all these trials and tribulations (especially from 2009), I have grown closer to God and have learned to put more faith and trust in Him.
    Maybe that is what He intended all along. 🙂


  21. Thank you Cherokee for this post..
    for me .. in the last years… I feel I was slowly changing some feelings and aspects in my life..
    when I was married .. I remember to beguin to get bored about the “money and status” conversations during married couples parties or barbeques…
    all that I hear was about money… the best car.. the travels.. the best house or the best boat.. etc etc..
    sometimes I felt in other dimention like to say. I was bored to hear those kind of conversations..
    then I guess that my priorities in life to go more spiritual began some years ago even I was not exactly aware of that..
    nowdays.. I would just be happy to have the minimum money for the basic needs at home and for my kid… and on the other side I am focusing my life in other paths.. more spiritual paths.. more like looking inside of me…
    thinking and meditating about my real believes..
    and feeling better with myself….
    sometimes I feel from other planet I dont know If you understand what I am trying to say… but perhaps many of you feel the same way…
    and finally as I always thought since I am here at this place.. there must be a reason we have been led to this place….
    Thanks so much CB for this interesting and introspective post…

    • I know what you are saying, you sometimes tune out when people are talking about all of their things and what they want to get. I believe it’s become essential for people that have the basic needs. Being a psychic I get so many calls from clients I have had for years who now have lost their jobs, losing their homes, and basically losing their minds. It’s a very difficult world to be in right now. It takes a lot of perseverance to survive and to make sure you keep yourself on The spiritual sacred path. thank you for your well put comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Thank you Cherokee…
        many blessings to you too..:)

      • Me too! I was talking with some friends the other day and it shocked me the way they saw their marriage and children.. It’s like their comfort and material possessions meant more then family.. I feel like an ET, just like Gisela! *laughs* 😀

        If they think like this about family, can you imagine spirituality? If I say this word near them they just laugh..

    • Dear giselamj:

      I feel as you do. I get really tired of listening to people who are so materialistic. I just want to shake them and tell them that those are just things, they aren’t what matter in life. But, I also know I have to be tolerant because everyone learns in their own time.

      It is difficult though, because I, like you, feel like I don’t fit in. Hang in, we’ll get there!


      • Thank you Lynne .. and yes… all we can do is hanging on…! I think we are in the right path.. being not so attached to those material and superficial things..
        Thanks God we are all here at least we dont feel such isolated with the feelings we have about ….
        we are in the right place..!
        Be well! :))

  22. vanessa0o said:

    Hello Cherokee, Hello everybody! first of all happy new year to you all! (yes, too late I know lol)

    it´s great this post, I agree with Tarryn when said: “Money can bring you peace of mind and distractions, but it cant make you happy”. I think, though money and/or material things are important, it has pros and cons, since (in some cases, obviously, not all) to have a lot of money and all things necessary, are forgotten…and are move away from spirituality, add with not knowing who of people around you, are what really loves you for be yourself, and not for being a wealthy person, that’s very bad and sad…makes you feel alone and those cases, money does not help to heal those wounds and many other things. You can have a lot of money one day and the next day absolutely nothing, the only thing that really remain is your spirituality it´s really important in a person…spirituality helps you and will be forever in your life and your soul. it´s good to balance the two things

    sorry for my english, love to you all

  23. Dear Cherokee, Thank you for your enlightening post. In this greedy world money seems to have become the master of so many people. Richness to some is only attached to a monetary value. Years ago there was a song called “Money is the Root of all Evil” and I think there is some truth in that. Of course we all need a certain amount of money, to feed us, clothe us and keep us warm but this so often is taken to excess. In the bigger scheme of things who cares if we are all wearing designer labels, have the newest car in the street or go on exotic holidays? Who are they all trying to impress? Richness to me is being able to see the beauty of this world all around me, to rejoice in having a wonderful family and friends who support me which hopefully is a two way process. Living in a world where we see major advances in medicine all the time and people reaching out to others to share love and ideas and probably most important of all having a faith that sustains me. Since I have been coming to this blog I have found that my faith has been renewed. It never went away but you have made me think hard about a lot of things and for that I thank you Cherokee. I think that we should all, like Michael go to remote villages in foreign places to see real poverty. Then we would all realise just how rich we all are in so many areas and count our blessings. With much love Anne UK.

  24. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    Once again, you’re a mind reader! This has been an ongoing theme for me for a long time, but especially lately. Almost to the point of distraction. I’ve had something going on in my head for weeks now around this issue, but it’s hard to put into words. I haven’t figured it all out.

    What I am about to say sounds counter to being an American, but I can’t help thinking that our so-called free enterprise system isn’t really free, and that it is responsible for perpetuating a lot of evil around the world. Our capitalistic system seems to run on a fuel of greed for greed’s sake, driven soley by a desire for profit. The more I think about it, the more I keep seeing it. It bothers me and it scares me. Almost everything bad in the world seems to be a result of the people with the most wanting more from the people with the least, and by that I mean profit driven to the point that people’s lives and the environment are irrelevant and expendable to them. I was trying to imagine how else things could be. Our “way of life” is so ingrained in us culturally, and soon to be globally, that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to see the big picture. Its just that this bigger picture is having so much of an effect on those of us that never have a chance to get outside of it and look down on that forest.

    I was thinking, wondering, what if . . . we had an economy where profit was only allowed in the pursuit of doing good? What a radical thought. That instead of profit being based on greed and more profit, people would only be allowed to make a profit if it benefitted the world or a good cause. The first rule would be to do no harm. The more worthy the cause, the more they would be allowed to profit. People would not be allowed to greatly profit from evil, or forced indirectly to not profit from it at all.

    My idea is sort of like this: Everyone automatically gets the necessities to live – food, shelter, heat, water; the basics, including paid for universal health care and medication. No one therefore has to worry about hunger, homelessness, survival. Crime immediately drops. Some would say that is “socialist”.

    But then, what if … for anything else you want to have, you must work, and that work must be something positively oriented. The more beneficial it is, the more it is rewarded. The more negative it is, the more it is taxed to fill the pool that supplies the general fund that covers everyone else for their necessities. Something like that.

    Can you imagine how differently the profit motive would redirect itself? What if you could only make money by doing good? And that the less good is done, the less profit you get to make, or keep, for yourself. The more you do for the betterment of others, the more you profit, or the higher percentage you get to keep. Something along those lines. Why can’t we have a system that rewards good and discourages evil? What if all the corrporations that are supplying arms and bombs and tearing up the rainforests suddenly had to give up 95% of their profits, but if they instead began regenerating the earth, bringing safe drinking water to villages, provided education to those in need of it, and began using their heft to clean up the air instead of poisoning it, and by doing so, got to keep a larger percentage of their earnings?

    I guess that’s Utopian thinking, but I can’t see us going on the way we have been indefinitely – it’s not sustainable. How can we get out of this system I’m seeing more and more as inherently evil? I guess my feeling is that those with the astronomical wealth and power shouldn’t have been allowed to accumulate so much in the first place, even if they did finally end up discovering it didn’t bring them the happiness it was supposed to, and then decided to do some good with it. Why can’t we, haven’t we, made that what we value to begin with? What if, instead, we were only paid more by doing or contributing to good, and could then, in good conscience, work for companies that supported the same, because that’s what we decided to value, as a country, and as a world, and those that wanted to contribute towards destruction would find they could no longer profit from it. Then maybe there wouldn’t be such a conflict between trying to make money, and who and what we support in doing so, and our spirtuality.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, what if we could only profit from good? What kind of world would we have if goodness was rewarded and evil was not? Instead of being driven by profit, we were driven by virtue, and only virtue could profit? Anyway, it’s been in my thoughts lately.


    • godspeedn said:


      I am soooooo in agreement with you! I like your “Utopian” world! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter! 🙂


    • perhaps you all will laugh about what I am going to say…
      but thinking about last night I went to see the movie AVATAR….
      something called my attention and it was the precious landscapes and escenery….the trees.. the plants .. the looks during the dark when all plants shined in the dark ..the colors… for moments I was so mesmerized looking at those places …
      I remember Cherokees post about the colors in the Spirit World…..
      as usual we see in this film the cold behave of the Human Race when it comes to AVARICE and fail of care about the planet .. the living beings..plants .. animals…

      But in the end, the spirituality wins over the evil…
      sorry for this comment but it came to my mind when you mentioned an Utopian World…lol

      • I have a confession to make – I went to see Avatar last night too! (My electricity had gone out all day at home, and was still out into the night, so I decided it would be a good time to go see it) . . . so I think I was still feeling the movie after I returned home (close to 2 in the morning) and was finally able to turn on my computer and read the new blog. That was some movie, wasn’t it?

        I like what you wrote!


        • Yes Lily ! certainly it was!

          Hello everybody..
          I am reading with worry that something new happened about some man ? what happened . I am lost… 😦

  25. Dear Lily:
    I do understand what you are saying fully. I have done readings on what is going to happen with the economy and it’s not going to go as people think it will. Perhaps my next post will be on the economy.
    I agree with many of the things that you are saying, unfortunately everyone keeps touting democracy. Unfortunately they do not realize that true democracy doesn’t exist anymore. It’s all an allusion.
    Since the beginning of time the money hungry have always profited and it will continue until the end of time.
    John Lennon expressed it so well in the song imagine. “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you will join us and the world will live As one.”
    I appreciate your insightful comment.
    Many blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

    • Cherokee Billie,

      Yes, please do your next post on the economy! I would be very interested to know your thoughts from a psychic’s point of view. I’ve seen where some psychic’s say the economy will start to turn around by the end of this year.

      I agree with you about the money hungry profiting and will until the end. If the world is dominated by young souls then there is no way it could be any different since their motivation is materialism. However, this is God’s plan.

      Your insight on this subject would be wonderful.

      Cheers & Love,

    • godspeedn said:

      You are right, Cherokee.
      “Democracy” is dead….
      I wonder, when will people begin to realize this false illusion. It started off as a good thing, but it faded away over the years. I don’t even know what to call it now; it needs a new term. 🙂


  26. Sometimes like many others, I find myself thinking that rich people don’t have any problem since they have an ‘abundance of money”. But after realizing that money is not the key to happiness, I stop assuming.

    It might be a lot easier to focus on spirituality when there are no other concerns, but then I think about so many rich people that have fallen in a dark hole. For instance, Casey Johnson, which I believe might have to dealt with her on problems, and had a great potential to be a successful young lady, died in a friend’s guest house by herself, quite sad. Maybe, that might be an example that sometimes is our inner curiosity or need of a higher authority that leads us to become more spiritual.

    It might be very typical to watch on the news, the sudden death of celebrities, rich young people and people might get used to, but I still don’t comprehend, how such a thing can happen, when many people have the means to ask for help. All this is just a comment and things that filled my mind when a tragedy, expected or unexpected, happens.

    I might have taken the subject a little further but I just wanted to asked you or share this Cherookee.

    I really love the principles that you share with us.


  27. Lena,

    Don’t worry, no one dies alone. Guides and angels, etc., are with us when we pass. We’re more alone when we are born into a physical life here. Death is really birth into our real life on the Other Side and everyone there is happy to help us get there as fast as possible.

    Take care,

    • Lynne,
      You are so right… I haven’t thought about it in that way. Just as guardian angels keep us safe every single minute while we are alive, then they must help us transcend to the other side.

      I’m quite happy that this blog is becoming a place where peace and love irradiates, just the way it was when Cherokee open it.

      Thanks for your comments, Lynne, it change my perspective about understanding some situations.


      • Lena,

        I’m glad I could help. I too enjoy the interactions and warm feelings this blogs provides to all of us. It’s really nice to talk about spiritual things with others who understand and who are open minded with a thirst for knowledge.

        Much love,

    • Lena and Lynne, what I am about to tell you might help you. My mother died in 1995. She was dying from lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. We were with her up until a few hours before she actually passed away. While we were there, she was very, very weak, and could not speak to us. However, my husband noticed this first, my mother would raise her arms and position her hands and arms as a child raises her arms to be picked up or lifted and would hold them there for about a minute. The movement was very clear and deliberate; it was not haphazard or a random flailing of her arms. I knew then that she was not alone. We witnessed this movement at least two or three times while we were with her. It has been many years now, but I will never forget what I saw. Maybe my experience will help to reinforce your beliefs. Throughout my life, these types of experiences were told to me, but I had never witnessed it myself until when my mother was dying. She was very ready to go home.

  28. Anna,

    Beautiful story, thanks for sharing.


  29. Cherokee:
    I reviewed this post again because it is something I am trying to conquer and I find I am not quite as successful as I would hope to be.

    I do want financial abundance but I cannot seem to find the right path to make it possible. Balancing my spiritual focus and the money focus does take special efforts.

    The laws of the universe is so far over my head it seems. I sometimes feel soo small similar to a grain of sand in the midst of the B-I-G universe and I get lost….you know what I mean?

    Anyway trying to master this and in retrospect reviewing my past and how I got here, I don’t see how I can catch this thing by the horns and conquer.

    Love and Light,
    Mary Ann

    • dear Mary Ann:
      we live in a material world and have material needs. This is what makes balancing the two challenging. As long as you strive to seek the Divine every day and make a big part of your daily life, you are doing pretty good. as long as we live here we are going to be under pressure to have money for survival. So the goal is just not to worship and live all only for money, but to divide yourself between money and spirituality. It’s not an easy juggling act, but I think you can do it. I appreciate your coming back and reading this because it’s an important message. You are closer than you think to what you want to achieve.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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