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Gods smile

Gods smile

This picture reminds me of the love God has for each one of us. He smiles down on us each day. We just need to look for the smile. Remember this picture whenever you are feeling a bit down. Thank you so much Lynne for sending it to me.

May you feel God’s love every day of your life.
Cherokee Billie

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  1. Dear Cherokee Billie, what an awesome and amazing reminder. It made me smile back. Thank you, Lynne.
    Thank you, Cherokee Billie.
    Peace and love to you all and
    Merry Christmas!

  2. That’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing Cherokee and Lynne. Merry Christmas to everyone in the whole world and those who have crossed over as well…and all the best for 2010. 🙂

  3. Lovely! Thank you.

  4. Dear Cherokee, what a beautiful picture! Thank you for this message, it warmed my heart! May you be filled with God’s love and many, many blessings! May He protect you always and give you many good achievements in 2010!

    May our Lord Jesus Christ send His divine energy to all of us this Christmas, give us strenght, courage and, most important, love to face what’s to come in the future and to help all those in need and our planet.

    Merry Christmas to all of you, my lovely friends here on Earth, and my wonderful friends in the spirit world! I never forget a single one of you, I love you very much! ♥

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful picture!
    Merry Christmas to all of you!!! 🙂
    Cherokee merry christmas ! and thank you for your help and support, I love you , God bless you.
    Love and positive vibrations to the familiy in this blog!!!

    • Dear Mara:
      I’m so happy that this picture was inspirational for you. I’m glad that I have helped you this year and look forward to inspiring you more in the new year.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  6. Hey Cherokee!

    How are you? I really wish all is well with you and your spirits are high! This post is just so Up lifting & it makes you smile and think positive! I believe that Lord Almighty smiles upon all of us no matter how negative the situation may be this smile represents think positive always. Was also our beloved Michael Jacksons favorite song! “Smile” 🙂

    I would also like to take this oportunity To wish you Cherokee and everyone here a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Lots of love n hugs & May God bless you all

    Saba 🙂

  7. This is the “first Christmas” for me believing in the Divine Spirit and it is really special. The path to the Divine is guided by Michael and I thank him for being so special.
    God’s smile is a gift I can reach now.
    Thank you Cherokee Billie and many blessings to you all.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

    LOVE and PEACE.

    • Dear Barbara, your comment touched me.. I’m glad to know that you’ve embraced God’s presence this year!


  8. Hey Cherokee & Everyone,

    I thought you will all enjoy this and Merry Christmas to all once more. 🙂

  9. Thank you Cherokee Billie. Your truth shines…smiles and love always…Sarah

  10. this is so cute! thanks for making me smile =)

  11. Dear Gentle Souls,
    Blessings to you. I hope a Michael comment is okay at this point.
    I was stung by Michael’s love on June 25, 2009, and my feelings just grow deeper every day. I cannot even fathom how those of you who have loved him all of his life must feel now that he is no longer here, especially at this blessed time. My heart goes out to all of you who love him, and most especially his children. And to all children who have lost their loving parent.
    I guess just being able to remember such a beautiful being is a great gift and I offer gratitude to the Creator. And thanks also for safety, shelter, enough food, clothing and God’s love.

    • Cherokee Billie, please excuse me, but I know this is not a Michael post, but I just wanted to share this since Ann mentioned his children and how he always wanted to make Christmas special for them. I thought that the readers would like to know this. I read this morning that Aunt Janet is going all out to make this a wonderful Christmas for them. She’s trying to do for them what Michael would have done for his children. According to the article, otherwise they would have had a somber Christmas….just repeating what was in the article.
      I know that Michael will be right in the middle of everything. 🙂

      Merry Christmas everyone!!

  12. Dear Cherokee Billie,
    I kept thinking of the picture you posted this morning as I was running errands….last minute gifts, grocery store, etc. Two times today, as I was waiting in the check out lines, the same thing happened. First, I was in the bookstore waiting, and the lady behind me asked me if I would like her extra coupon. Later I was in another store, and the lady in front of me had an extra coupon that she gave me. God does smile in so many ways. I just wanted to share this with all of you. It warmed my heart. These people were total strangers to me.
    Love to you and yours,

  13. Thank you so much Cherokee. This made me smile because I was feeling down missing my grandma. She always made the most lovely Christmas gathering for us as kids. I miss her dearly. Merry Christmas grandma in heaven. I am going to think of the picture it is uplifting. Bless you Cherokee and I send warm bright wishes for you now and throughout all the new years 🙂

  14. Thanks Cherokee.. That photo definitely made me smile 🙂
    It’s Christmas Day here in New Zealand. Very warm day (Yay) 🙂 My boys are very happy. They were awake at 5.20am!!! A couple of things I received was a book on the Mircales of Archangel Michael and a clear quartz crystal with the 7 chakra stones attached (very beautiful).

    Merry Christmas to Each and Everyone one of you here on this blog. May you all be blessed for the coming New Year 🙂
    Light and Love Susanxxx

  15. Dear Cherokee:
    too much time without see your blog. my computer was bad for almost a month.

    But I did something that I never did before…I bought gifts for children of my town. The truth that I feel so good because I could make happy to someone. Really helping to others is the greatest gifts to myself. Before I only worried for myself…but this Christmas I did somenthing different and good and I want to say thanks to you for motivated me to do something like this and to “CHANGE”.
    “CHANGE”… I love that word. For me have a meaning so important and always remember me to Michael and the importance to make the world a better place.
    God, you and MJ were who make me change and to be a better human being this year.
    Cherokee I pray for you always… for that you have healthy and for nobody make you feel bad.You are a beautiful beautiful person:)

    I wish you a Happy Chritmas with a lot of love and peace and a Happy.

    with love.
    Pd: Happy Chritmas to michael too. I love him always
    New Year


  17. Merry Christmas to all, I hope all is well. This will be the 10th Christmas w/o my Daddy who I miss terribly, but I can feel his love all around me. May all of you have a Christmas filled with love & light!

  18. Thank you for sharing, Lynne and Cherokee. This made me smile! I needed this! 🙂


  19. Merry Christmas to all! 🙂


  20. I wish you many blessings, peace, love and Christmas joy to all of you.

    Be blessed,

  21. Merry Christmas, Cherokee Billie! Thank you for sharing this lovely picture. Have a blessed end of year!

  22. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I hope you’ll have a nice and blessed day. The past few months you have made a difference in my life, you taught me how to see the bigger picture and I will always be grateful for that. Without your help I wouldn’t stand where I am now. Since our channeling and meditation sessions my life has much more meaning to it. Thank you:-)
    Merry Christmas,

  23. Andrea Saint'Clair said:

    Hi guys! Hi Cherokee Billie!
    My friend Javier Lucar took this picture!
    I love it! Very nice, doesn’t?
    This photo gave me exactly that feeling that you wrote!
    Thank You very much and big hug!

  24. Thank you Cherokee for posting God’s smile, it make me smiling. I wish many blessings, peace, love and Christmas joy to all of you and I want to share with you a video, which I found. I don’t won’t prefer any religion, but it’s Christmas time and if you love Christmas, you must love Jesus too.
    Be all blessed,

  25. I also want to share with you Michael’s the most beautiful prayer, which he wrote it through the song. At least I feel this song like a prayer.
    With love,

    • Such a beautiful song. When I first heard it…and it might seem silly, but…it sounded like a song of praise to God. It really did, and still does. I know he wrote it in a different context, but still…it’s one of those songs that you can’t help but cry when you hear it.

    • Katja, this is so beautiful that it makes me cry. I had never heard this before. Thank you.
      Love to you,

  26. Merry Christmas, dear 🙂 God loves you all, always remember that! ^_^


  27. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  28. Hello my dear friends!

    Beautiful photo 🙂 !

    Merry and blessed Christmas everyone! Feliz Navidad! Frohe Weinachten!

    Love, Annie

  29. Merry Christmas everyone!
    Katja, thankyou for the video. Michael is so amazingly beautiful to me. He’s my heart this Christmas, and I spoiled my twin sister Heidi with MJ stuff. Ha Ha. she loved all of it.
    Michael says that he wrote that song, Speechless, to describe how he feels in the presence of children, which he sees as like being in the presence of God. Soooo amazing!!

    God bless all of you this christmas, and yes, God is always with us.

    Holly (hugs and kisses)

    • Dear Holly:
      good to hear from you this Christmas day. I’m glad the videos cheered you up. I hope that you and Heidi had a wonderful Christmas.
      You are absolutely right, God is always with us.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • God bless you, Holly.
      With Love,

  30. Dear Cherokee:
    She’s very pretty picture. Believing in a God who is always smiling and who loves me very happy and makes my life more meaningful. And I think that Christmas is to celebrate that God is with us and loves us.

    God is not a distant god, isolated, out of our world that is beyond us and that men forget. No, our God who loves us and whom we believe in love, God is near. And we need him, like a child depends on his father.

    Love, Peace and happiness are my wishes for everyone in this Christmas and New Year.

    Merry Christmas to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for that. God is love. An Anglican Priest once said that it Love not an attributeof God: it is what He is. Love. As in: when you meet God, you walk into the Presence of Love itself. He does not have it, because He is it.

      • Wow, I made a few typos! But I hope you understood 🙂 Be blessed!

      • I perfectly understand you and I am totaly agree with you. You wrote very truth. I often thanks to God for His Existance and for He’s beeing Love. Without God we are lost.
        God bless you all,

  31. Hello everyone, Ive had a lovely Christmas Day and I hope you all have as well. Last night I went to Midnight Mass at my local Church. It was a beautiful service. I always get very emotional at this service so much so that I have a job to join in with the carols and last night was no exception. As my Church isn’t far away I walked there and back and used the time to reflect on all the things that I’m so thankful for and all the things that give me joy. There was quite a long list and not one of the things on my list could be brought with money. One of the things I’m most thankful for this year is finding this site and all of you amazing people from all over the world and that of course must include Cherokee Billie who has shown me so much in six months. Not only has she eased my grief over my beloved Michael but she has given me so much to think about and a quest to further my spiritual enlightenment. I always light a candle and put it in the garden when I get home from this service as a symbol of “The Light of The World” but this year I lit two, the additional one was in remembrance of Michael. I pray that Michaels children will have a Happy Christmas and that Michael and the Angels are looking down on them. I wish for everyone of you a Blessed and Happy New Year, a year where we can all move forward together no matter what challenges we face.We must all know that we are loved, With much love Anne UK.

    • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

      Anne .. what a beautifull description of what you did on Chistmas day.. I almost felt the cold weather outside while you were walking…
      I also lit a candle yesterday for all my beloved ones.. and besides a MJ portrait…the corner looked so warm and beautifull.. and besides the portrait its the Archangel Michael I have.. …

      I hope all of you had a very good Christmas..and all my best wishes for the near New Year…

  32. Thank you Billie!! This picture made my day!!
    Merry Christmas to you and to each one my friends here.

  33. I’m doing my best to pay attention to little things and details in this Earth. From just looking at the picture it makes me feel good and happy.

  34. Gisela(Venezuela) said:

    thank you Cherokee to remind me there is always a reason to smile.. even in the sad moments.. or harder moments..there will always be a smile..
    “smile.. though your heart is aching…”

    Feliz Navidad para todos ustedes…!

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