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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas and what have you done this year and what have you done this year to make the world a better place? What are your plans to improve the world in the New Year? Share your plans with us.

If you woke up this morning
with more health than illness,
you are more blessed than the
million who won’t survive the week.

If you have never experienced
the danger of battle,
the loneliness of imprisonment,
the agony of torture or
the pangs of starvation,
you are ahead of 20 million people
around the world.

If you attend a church meeting
without fear of harassment,
arrest, torture, or death,
you are more blessed than almost
three billion people in the world.

If you have food in your refrigerator,
clothes on your back, a roof over
your head and a place to sleep,
you are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank,
in your wallet, and spare change
in a dish someplace, you are among
the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

If your parents are still married and alive,
you are very rare,
especially in the United States.

If you hold up your head with a smile
on your face and are truly thankful,
you are blessed because the majority can,
but most do not.

If you can hold someone’s hand, hug them
or even touch them on the shoulder,
you are blessed because you can
offer God’s healing touch.

If you can read this message,
you are more blessed than over
two billion people in the world
that cannot read anything at all.

You are so blessed in ways
you may never even know.

If you are feeling blessed, repay the blessings bestowed unto you and do something for others.

A blessing cannot be kept. If it stops with you, then the blessing will disappear. The blessing will only keep working if it is continuously passed around. If you are a recipient of a blessing, keep the blessings working by being the source of blessing to other people.


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  1. A very happy Christmas to you Cherokee, and to everyone here.

    I plan to continue to improve myself on a spiritual level, therefore improving my circumstances, which will in turn enable me to help others more. I will also continue to show compassion to those who are in a bad place, and to wish them a better life. I will remember to be kind to all Beings – kindness can go a long way.

    Love and blessings

  2. Gisela(Venezuela) said:

    Thank you Cherokee for these words…I just posted somthing in the ohter blog “a message of love”.. and it make me think and meditate about the next step I should go…

  3. Cherokee Billie,

    Wonderful message. We all need to pay it forward because it makes it a much nicer, more positive world to live in.

    Thank you and a beautiful day to all.


  4. Thank you, Cherokee Billie, for the message and the beautiful video. Lynne, I was thinking the same thing of paying it forward.

    Love to everyone,

  5. beautiful!

  6. Dear CB,

    This message rocks period…a perspective is what one always needs.

    Blessed rest of year…Happy 2010 back at you.

    Love, Sarah

    • PS I am glad to have reminder early to pray for and outline clearly my spiritual, emotional, physical, help the world, help family, and financial next steps. Love, Sarah
      Again..Merry Christmas, High Holy Days, and Happy New Year too all.

      • PSS One little goal is to get all beautiful
        Christmas Card images like this beautiful video..all the ones one tends to find anywhere including old recieved
        cards saved and make ornaments out of them…to share with everybody…numerous how to’s there…
        Thanks again…Sarah

        • Hi Sarah, how are you, dear? This idea of the ornaments is great! I think I’m gonna do something like this with my old cards here!

          My friends, this year was difficult but great at the same time. I tried my best to be a better person, to do something for the enviroment (even if it’s only with selecting the trash and not spending water, it’s a start). I did some little donations, even not having money, haha.. I wanted to help more, if I could..

          And I found you people, now my life is better! I wish 2010 to be a good year and that people spread more love and responsible attitudes. And I wish we can spend the next year together, just like we are now ^_~

          I brought you all a little Christmas surprise, but the blog server put the link (and my comment) to moderation, so you’ll have to wait a while to see it (laughs :D)


        • Happy Winter Solstice…a favorite Holiday…the darkest night before the next dawning Spirit filled
          days…Blessings of the Great Spirit to all…
          Good Bye…Sarah

        • Thanks dear Mayra and dear everyone
          for everything,

          To all:

          Loved the latest unread posts poems songs…

          “You will all always be in my heart.”

          Like Bonnie Raitt always says….I can not believe I have seen her 5 was God’s big gift…
          and topped off with a cherry with meeting her here when I could not afford to go…

          She always you all…take good care of each other…I’ll see you next time…Love , Sarah

  7. Merry Christmas Cherokee Billie. I loved the song and the bright crisp pictures in the video. We all arel blessed. I know I am because I found this blog and in it I found comfort so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Dear Cherokee,

    Thank you for your beautiful message and the beautiful video with one of my favorite Christmas songs.


  9. Hello, Everyone. Below is Natalie Cole singing “My Grown up Christmas List” with David Foster. Natalie’s voice is so beautiful, just like her father’s, Nat King Cole, one of the best. I hope you don’t mind that I post so much music. As I’ve said before, music touches my spirit quicker than anything else. Merry Christmas! I could not find one without subtitles, but I think that you will still enjoy it.

  10. Thank you Cherokee. All we need is love in action. Love, which is being poured out and which moves freely, which can spreading from us to others even more enriched and in the same time we get and the others get and love grow and feed herself. This is the wonderful nature of love.This counts and we can grow. Thank you for reminded us for how many things we must be grateful. It’s very touching. I wish we could all our blessings gratefuly divided ahead, so that we could be even, much more blessed.
    I wish you all many, many blessings on Christmas and in your lifes.
    With love,
    PS: And thank you for beautiful song Cherokee, it takes me to some totally different time in my life, which I lived.

    • dear Katja:
      I’m so glad you appreciate this message. We have so much to be thankful for and so much we can do for others. I’m glad you liked the song, I think it’s one of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever written. I’m glad I was able to take you back in time.
      Many Blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  11. Beautiful! It really gives food for thought, I sat and reflected on life and what I can try to do to help the world be a better place…What I have (hopefully) done and what I can do.

    This time last year I was very ‘Bah Humbug’ but since connecting to you Cherokee Billie and all the wonderful people on this blog in the last 6 months my perspective has changed incredibly and my spirit grown, all of which I am so thankful for.

    For all the little fraustrations I grumble about to myself daily, the points in your post puts everything in perspective and I realise I AM truely blessed.

    I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

    Love & Light x

  12. Thanks Cherokee. Wonderful post….. I am truly blessed for coming here and reading all your and everyone’s inspirational messages 🙂
    Love and Light and Merry Christmas Susanxxxxxxxx

  13. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    Thank you for the inspirational video and post.
    I know my inner world has become better, because I feel much more Love and am able to express it more freely.
    I am spiritually lighter now, more positive, hopeful, compassionate and understanding.
    I have done my best to make my present life better in so many different ways – I guess I am now much stronger spiritually, I have a better picture of the afterlife and this comforts me enormously.
    I am a better company to people around me, but I also know I still have a long way to run in learning about spirituality. I have a lot to learn throughout life and hopefully, by the time of my passing, I will have become an even better human being.

    Nothing that has happened in my life was a result of coincidence. I happened to come across this site, which gave me an opportunity to know a little bit of your work. And I know your words called my attention because at that time – and it is still this way – my communication channel was Michael Jackson and everything that was said about him. I tried to absorb your messages about Michael as well as the ones about other topics, which had me thinking about my own present life, my goals, my past attitudes towards problems and my future plans. My future plans include not to judge people, to respect the differences and learn with them.

    Yes…I know my inner world is stronger and I am more confident to do whatever I am planning to do over 2010!
    I feel more blessed and reassured and I am learning to keep thoughts in a higher level – it has attracted much more positive energy these days.
    I can’t yet say I am 100% of the time in this state of spirit, because it is not always easy. I do have a lot of issues to take care of – but I am positive that whatever I try to do, it will always be based on love and stronger faith in God. He is the one who grants all that I am feeling – and I know you, Cherokee Billie, is one of the sources of blessing, as much as it is Michael Jackson.

    Thank you Cherokee Billie for triggering this wave of positive feelings, intentions and emotions inside me. Reading your beautiful, inspirational and spiritual posts brings out the best in me – Thank you! I love you!
    Thank you for the Christmas and New Year’s wishes – I wish you likewise!

    With Love and tenderness,


    Speaking of BLESSINGS, I would like to share a GIFT that I received from a friend yesterday. I will tell it as it happened.

    I went to the MAILBOX.

    Came into the HOUSE.

    I receive a CHRISTMAS CARD.

    I was standing and I OPENNED IT.

    I’m crying soft tears now because of my attempt to explain This Card.

    I started READING IT.

    Dear Jesus, please bless my dear friend, who loves you,
    (I cried & had to sit down, overwhelmed by the spirit in the words & gave myself a second to contain myself, but continued to stop every few words to do so). After I read it I called her on her home phone and her cell, but I could not reach her on this snowy day, days away from CHRISTMAS. I could not contain myself, so I called one of my elderly friends, but her line was busy. I them called my sister, and explained my emotions and read the card to her, she acknowledged it’s impact, and later so did other friends. So Now I Want To Share It With You My Family In This Space.

    It READS.


    Dear Jesus, please bless my dear friend, who loves you, and praises your name every day.

    Please bless this strong woman with joy and with peace, and let only good things come her way.


    Through the years, you’ve BLESSED me with your prayers, your care, and your concern.

    Today I’m asking the Lord to bless me with your Christmas with the same happiness and LOVE you have always given to me.


    And your New Year as well each day through the year.

    It took me over an hour to type this and share it with you because it overwhelms me every time I read it.

    Ann called me back less than an hour later, and I told her how her card affected me. I told her that this was a huge gift, and that I can’t recall ever receiving a card that TOUCHED MY SOUL as this one did, and that IT READ and IMPACTED as a SOUL to SOUL experience. She told me she was glad I received it that way, because that’s just how she wanted me to receive it. (This sentence brings me to tears also) I told her, I would keep this card forever.

    Dear Spiritual family I invite you to use the WORDS FROM THIS CARD, make your own card or letter and give it WHERE THIS TRUTH LIVES. The Words on This Card Was A GIFT and a BLESSING, NOT JUST A CARD.

    What Appear To Be A Simple Card, Can Bring Forth Wonderment. What A Gift – A CARD STORY.

    Thanks for Listening – I needed to share this for I am still a crying mess.

    Mother Father God, Bless All With Your Amazing Grace,

    Bless us on your Son, and our Brother J (Jesus) Birthday,

    Cynt G.

    P.S. To My Elder Brother J, (JESUS) you know My Heart. Always A Work In Progress, slowly but surely, WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (SMILE). Mother Father God thanks for giving J. (JESUS) to us. Thanks for bringing me this far Brother J. (JESUS). HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your Little Sister Cynt G.


      Today I’m asking the Lord to bless your Christmas with the same happiness and LOVE you have always given to me. (deleted ME WITH, it’s between BLESSED and your).

      I guess I could not see through my tears (LAUGH AND SMILE)

    • Thank you Cynt G. for sharing you beautiful heart felt card with us. Merry Christmas to you. (sweet)

    • Dear Cynt G.

      Your accountability of the card couldn’t have been better!
      Thank you for sharing it with us!

  15. Happy Thoughts Everyone,

    If you woke to this brand new day, Life is Good.
    If you can feel the light of love flowing within you, Life is Good.
    If you can see beauty in all things, people and situations, Life is Good.
    If you know all is Well, Life is Good

    Life is suppose to be fun!
    How lovely it is to know we are Love and make a choice to feel joy, for today.
    I chose love for today in every experience, I see love.
    I AM love,
    We are Love! You are Loved!


  16. Thanx for sharing that with us Cynt G, it was beautiful. A mere Christmas card can do so much to bring someone joy.

    I can remember receiving a card the year that my father passed away that was so beautiful it moved me to tears, the thing is my mom and I NEVER found out who sent it! The envelope had no name or return address on it. The words in the card said not to be sad this Christmas because I’ll be spending Christmas with Jesus this year. To this day we still don’t know who sent it or where it came from but it was certaintly comforting that year!

    Happy Holidays Cherokee & to all!

    • Season’s Greetings P,

      Wow! I’m truly touched by your CHRISTMAS CARD STORY ALSO. It could have very well been you Father himself who sent it. Just Beautiful. I will write your story on the back of my card to remember also. I LOVED IT.

      Have Yourself A Joyful Christmas,
      Much Soulful Love,
      Cynt G.

  17. As far as what I’m doing for others, I’ve donated to a local charity through my job. Every first and last pay check of the month they’ll take $20 from every employee that participates and donate it to a charity here in my city and in return we get to wear jeans. My mom & I were in the mall yesterday doing some last minute Christmas shopping and there was this group selling T-shirts where all proceeds go to finding a cure for cancer and we each purchased a shirt. Soon afterwards, I heard the J-5 christmas album playing in the store, made me feel that Michael was proud & approved.

    I’m working on being more open & spiritual and I can actually feel myself changing for the better, thank you so much Cherokee!!!

  18. Dear Cherokee, what a lovely post, we are all so blessed if we just think about it. We all have so much to be grateful for, no matter what problems or illnesses we have to endure there is always someone who is far worse off than we are. At this very special time of year, it is a time to reflect on the year just passed. 2009 will always be to me a sad year having to face the untimely passing of our beloved Michael but also the year that I have been blessed to find this site that has provided me with so much comfort and inspiration.It gave me the knowledge that Michael was happy and I so needed to hear that. I have been blessed also with the birth of a healthy great grandaughter on November 1st. I have just spent a wonderful weekend with some of my grandchildren. We all went Christmas shopping to buy their presents for their Mums and Dads, this has become a family tradition. After completing the shopping we all go to a fast food restaurant of their choice as a special treat as this is somewhere they normally do not eat in.This year we had the added bonus of snow which made it seem even more like Christmas,so we were able to enjoy playing out in it. In the evenings we played Christmas records and carols and wrapped the presents they had bought. They have all just been picked up by their Mums and Dads, now my house seems so peaceful but what lovely memories I have. These special moments I thank God for. I’m a very lucky lady. I also thank God for leading me to this site, I visit every day and so enjoy reading your posts and also all the wonderful replies from our world wide family. You have helped me so much to see the way forward and have given me the gift of wanting to learn more spiritually, which I have started to do and will continue in the New Year. I am just so sorry that you have come across a great deal of negativity. I am praying that the people who write these things will see that you have a pure, kind and loving heart. Our family on here love you so much and will support you all we can. As will Michael as he knows what its like to be subjected to hatred and negativity. I wish you a Happy peaceful Christmas enjoying what you enjoy doing, I hope this goes a long way in recharging your batteries. We love you Cherokee please don’t ever forget it. To my family on here, may everyone of you also enjoy a wonderful holiday season and a bright Happy New Year. With much love and many blessings to you all, Anne UK

    • Thank you, Anne UK! You are so good at writing and speaking your mind (and ours, as well)!
      Thank you for the wishes! I wish you the same and the best!


    • Anne, Merry Christmas and congratulations on the birth of your great granddaughter! I don’t have any grandchildren yet, but my husband and I are looking forward to grandchildren some day. You expressed so well what I also feel about this site and this community. Again, a very Merry Christmas to one and all…and in the words of Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol”…”God bless us everyone!”
      Anna H.

  19. My plans for the coming year will be to help causes for the disadvantaged that I am passionate about. I will offer my time for different causes toward making this world a better place and I will donate what I can.
    I feel in my soul that in 2010 going forward, doors will open for me on my journey to help others.

    Mary Ann

    • This year I have been involved with Outreach programs. participated in donating blankets and supplies to the homeless in my area,donate to an orphanage in Mexico, toys for tots during Christmas, donate-Christmas shoe box International, Humane Society, Heifer International etc.

      For 2010 I want to focus more toward helping disadvantaged children. I want to give that organization or organizations top focus.

      Mary Ann

  20. ♥ Julie ♥ said:

    Merry Christmas my friends! Merry Christmas Cherokee Billie! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

    love to all ♥
    love julie

  21. At this time I am decorating my Christmas tree. Every Christmas I listen to many artist’s Christmas music.
    My holiday is not complete unless I hear “the Temptation’s old Christmas album” and the song is “Silent Night”.

    • I loved this, Mary Ann. I don’t remember hearing it before. The Temptations were one of the best ever. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
      Merry Christmas and many blessings to you for the coming year!

  22. Hi everybody! How are you all doing? Hope you’re fine! 🙂

    Dear Cherokee, I had this Christmas song of John Lennon in my head today and when I came here to your blog I see that you’ve posted this song (by the way, what a lovely video) ^_^ It’s amazing how we’re all connected, we all here are a beautiful family!

    Thank you for reminding us how blessed we are! Sometimes we complain at silly things and don’t realize that there are other people with much serious problems and situations. I feel blessed in many ways, and finding this family here is one of them!

    Thank you all for being a part of my life!

    This is for you, my friends:


    • Awww, this is so beautfiul, Mayra. Thank you so much.
      A very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you.
      Love to you,

    • Thanks, Mayra!


    • Thank you, Mayra! It is so beautiful and charming!
      I wish you likewise!

    • Thanks Mayra! It is postcard beautiful animated animals that are sweet! It is very nice.
      Thank you very much for your beautiful thoughts and desires.
      Wish you a beautiful Christmas!
      With Love.

    • Thank you, Mayra, it’s heavenly card you posted. It takes me to the heaven. Thank you very much.
      With love,

  23. Thank you, Cynt G. I told my mom the same thing, that my dad sent it himself, that was our first Christmas w/o him and we were just devasted. He loved Christmas, was his fav holiday and it took me a long time to get into all the decorating again. We had the tree up early this year and I can actually feel some Christmas spirit again for the 1st time in a long time & I’ve been dreaming off him quite often lately too.

  24. Dear Cherokee,When you next hear from our beloved Michael will you please give him the message from me that I love him more than words can ever say and my Christmas present to him is a promise that I will always pray for the welfare of his children. That I will try for the rest of my life to live up to his standards and ideas, be it for the planet or each other and try my hardest to inspire others in your quest.
    Your gifts to us are phenominal. I can’t thank you enough.We have the legacy of your amazing music, your videos and your visions for a better world. You have always made my world a better place and you continue to do so with the messages that you send to us through Cherokee. Please continue to support Cherokee as she needs you and doesn’t deserve the negativity she has encountered.
    I wish you the Happiest of Christmasses with our Lord. My heart full of love joins all the other love sent to you from around this world. God bless you Michael and know that you will be loved eternally, With all my love to you, Anne UK.xx
    Thank you Cherokee, know also that you are loved. xx

  25. Cherokee thanks for this wonderful message and the card you sent us by email, I hope you and you all have a blessed Christmas and new year filled with happiness, love and peace!

    We will commit ourselves to make this army of love even bigger and stronger the next year 😀

    Much love!

  26. Dear Cherokee Billie, my beautiful friends, and Michael,

    All of you have become so very special to me over these last couple of months. I found all of you because of Michael. You all have such meaning for me and are such beautiful spirits. I feel very blessed. I wanted to do something special for you for Christmas, so I decided to write a poem for you. This comes from my heart, and I am not a poet, so I hope that you will accept my gift to you in the spirit that it is given. I pray for peace, love, and understanding for all of us in 2010. I’m sending hugs and kisses to you all and a Christmas wish for a very, very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    The Christmas Message

    Christmas joy is in our hearts
    As we remember Jesus’s birth.
    He promised that He would never part
    When was done His time on Earth.

    Christmas Day will come and go
    As we share with family and friends.
    Still, as we journey on this Earth below,
    His love for us never ends.

    Jesus’s message, my loves, is clear,
    The one He came to teach,
    To share the love of Christmas all the year
    As far as we can reach.

    • Thanks Anna H. I enjoyed your poem it is sweet, and it made me smile. Also, thank you for sharing the boys choir with us. Merry Christmas!!!

    • Lovely poem Anna, a beautiful gift from you to us all 🙂
      Merry Christmas x

    • Anna H, beautiful poem thanks 🙂 A wonderful happy Christmas and New Year to you 🙂 Love Susanxxxx

    • Dear Anna:
      What a lovely message you wrote. you are definitely very creative and talented. We definitely need to remember what this time of year is about. Thank you so much for your message.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Dear Anna, beautiful poem, I loved it! Thank you ^_^

      “You all have such meaning for me and are such beautiful spirits. I feel very blessed.” – I feel the same!!


    • Thank you Anna H. for your beautiful poem. It comes from love of heart and joy of life and faith to God. Love is like dancing and living, that’s what I feel when I read it. Thank you.
      I wish you many blessings, love and joy for Christmas,

    • Thank you so very much.
      Many Blessings to you and may 2010 be prosperous for you.

    • Dear Anna H. and all,

      I saved this for after all family had come and gone.
      It is 5:32 PM Dec. 27, 2009 here. It has been wonderful
      re-reading everything and sending Cherokee Billie and every soul here love and understanding in prayer.
      Thank you all for helping me do the same with my family.
      I just came back from taking mom and dad supplies for stomach flu; which mom
      got at 3 AM and this was after all the important
      sharings…last of family just left to respective homes. I know it is important to take nothing for granted and also to work very hard on things as so many have expressed;
      to change the nature of our lives, love, and heal this planet and the universe. I am still going to break from this method of exchange as I said. I had to let you all know how it went and how blessed I feel to be where I am now…I love you all so much. Thanks to each and every soul here, past, present and future.

      Anna H. I can not express what this poem and prayer meant to me and so many I’m sure. Much love, Sarah

      • PS…I pray each of you are enjoying this time with all those you love…and finding a rest when needed…one day at a time…health, prosperity, and love. And at the last breath on this level….Home…with Jesus and all
        your individual Angels, Guides, and special ones.

      • 🙂

      • I’m glad. 🙂

  27. Anna H.:

    Thank you so much; Merry Christmas!!


  28. Dear Cherokee:
    Thanks for this wonderful song, I did not hear much, only now I appreciate it better.
    It is wise also its message, I agree especially with the end: “The blessing will only keep working if it is continuously passed around”.
    Someone very dear to me is not happening for a long time because this not work, then I remember something you’ve written that has a house, his parents live, food …. loyal friends, and I always am with him. I try to cheer him well.

    I want to dedicate a reflection that I found and is particularly important in these days but also the rest of the year:

    Love is giving of himself. The love that is the “greatest of all virtues.”
    We are obliged to live with the lighted lamp and light to this world that is struggling in darkness. Living with the light on means to live in an attitude of service and giving. This is to overcome the individualism, selfishness, his own comfort.
    Before our eyes there are two options: either to live for ourselves, our oil consuming and saving our light like fireflies, or live for God and my fellow men radiating the light of Christ. The first thing I take you to the eternal sadness, the latter to eternal happiness.

    I was looking for a very nice card for you but I felt that was not enough, then I want to share with you this video. Hope you enjoy:

    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with love and happiness. I’m glad to have met a Cherokee and all of you, my friends. I pray to God that the world is peace and love everyone can feel who is near you, especially those who are alone and that no one lacks food. I wish it so.

    Much love to you.

    • Anabella nice sweet video. Made me cry. I love lord and pictures of him (nativity scenes). Bless you. Thank you.

      • Thanks to you, it makes me happy to make you like the scenes of the Nativity. I did not know if they would like, I want to be respectful.
        Congratulations for this Christmas is coming.

    • Anabella, you are so sweet. The video is absolutely beautiful. Silent Night is one of my favorite Christmas carols. The reflection you shared is so very true. Thank you, Anabella. I wish for you a very Merry Christmas as we remember and celebrate our Lord’s birthday.
      Love to you!
      Anna H.

      • Anna H: Thank you very much for your comment. I liked the song Love Came Down at Chritmas. I love that kind of music elevates my spirit.
        Congratulations on this Christmas.
        With love.

    • Lovely Dear Annabella..Happy tears…Sarah

    • Thank you Anabella for beautiful video and song. I just need it. Silent night brings blessings, like always.
      Thank you and many blessings to you and to all,

    • Dear Anabella, thanks for the reflection and the video, it’s wonderful, it brought me love and peace!

      May Christmas bring you a great and loving time!

      I wish that all the people can feel love and God’s presence this Christmas, even not having money, what’s important is the love we have in our hearts. May all of them be surrounded by their loved ones.

    • Thanks for your comments and videos. Myra is true what you said. I chose this video because it represents the purest love as transmitting a mother and her son, and much more to be the love of Jesus and Mary.
      This festival is surrounded unfortunately much materialism and forget what love is central.
      I hope that everyone can enjoy the company of his family, friends. And we can come close to helping those in need, even a stranger to us.
      I feel very happy because you are in my life. And celebration for it.
      Happy Christmas to Cherokee and for all.

  29. Janaina - Brazil said:

    Cherokee, my dear!

    Merry Christmas to you and a year of great peace and love.
    Merry Christmas also to all friends who participate in this blog, this and other dimensions. May the joy, goodwill and wisdom is the divine inspiration, the step of every day in the escalation of spiritual evolution. Big hug.

  30. Hey Billie & Everyone,

    May you all have a very Blessed and a Merry merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Sarah! I have’nt forgotton you thank you for the very lovely wonderful message you left In Cherokee’s post of “A Blue Christmas” How we should not forgett the unfortunate!

    And also as Billie says and very rightly too! That we should Think and pray for the soldiers out there fighting a war against terror so we can have a safe and peaceful life and for our future generations too!

    They are also a Father, Husband,Brother & Son of someones family! sacrificing there lives every day for peace and safety for the world end Hatred and segregation to promote peace not war! But if this is the only method of language the terrorists want to communicate with us by… so be it!

    Let me suggest and advise somthing to everyone here. On Christmas morning Before greeting your immediate familys. Take 15 or poss 30 mins of your time and pray for those Soldiers to have victory and thank them for giving up there familys to fight for us and help you enjoy the christmas with your familys! Please pray for the family’s of the soldiers to give them strength you never know one of the soldiers could be all that particular person or family has!

    I’m sure when you have done this! Your Christmas will be not just a merry Christmas but a touch of heaven maybe added to your day. Maybe the best christmas you ever had!

    But Please as Cherokee Billie said think of those Soldiers fighting and Dying in Afghanistan everyday. Pray for them and there familys to come through with Victory!

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas once again.

    All my love and prayers

    Saba 🙂

    • Very well said Saba,
      We must never forget to pray for our men and women who are fighting in the war.
      Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year.

    • Thanks Saba..finally really taking blog break now..hard but best for me…beaautiful thoughts as always…yes prayer works in ways we see and do not see thank you for I said…Cherokee Billie is a lovely soul to pray with on a reading…Sarah

  31. Hey Billie & Everyone

    I Just wanted to share somthing with all of you! It may not be your Kind of your music but it is the song of my Heart my spirit my soul! The Kind of love i’ve always dreamed of but never got. Yes I love Michael Jackson but he also knows this song is my Heart! Yes i love it that much! call me crazy:

    It’s called “Yeh Vaada Raha (This is my Promise)

    • Saba:

      I love Bollywood movies! I wish this video had subtitles; is this a Malayalam or Hindi movie?
      My favorite Bollywood movie of all time would have to be “Devdas” (with Aishwarya Rai). 🙂


    • Saba..Fun…Thanks…Sarah

    • Very nice….I loved the music and the happiness that you can feel in the song and see on their faces!! The music makes you want to dance, too! 🙂
      Thank you, Saba!

    • Nice song!!

  32. Dear Cheeroke!

    John’s Happy Christmas is one of my favorite songs 🙂 ! Always give me that special Christmas feeling.

    Your message made think…, a lot! I feel like I’m blessed too much, that makes me a little bit sad, that frighten me a bit, makes me question myself, do I deserve all what I have in my life? Do I deserve all good people around me? I’m always trying to be a better person, to give more, to thank God and Angels for everything they bring me and gave me… But is it enough? I’m always trying to give to those who are in need (smile, money, hug, clothes, kiss, comfort…), I’m trying to help when somebody need help. Mother and me from time to time bring our old clothes to charity, for every Christmas we bring diapers, food and toys to orphanages (this year we didn’t, but we will tomorow or day after). But, I always think that this is not enough, I always think that I can give much more. I really feel sometimes that I’m blessed to much, I often ask myself how and why did I deserve it and why some others didn’t. Huh…

    I wish you all very merry and blessed Christmas. I hope that next year will bring more joy and happines for every living being on this planet. I hope and pray that people will finally stop doing horrors to each other and to our planet.

    I feel blessed with the fact that I found your blog dear Cherokee, you all here have my love from the bottom of my heart. I will keep praying for all of you.

    Dear Michael, how are you? We didn’t heard from you too long 😉 , I miss your messages you channel to Cherokee. What’s new with your children, how are they? I love you and I’m sending you a big hug.


    • Dear Annie…on this last evening of entries..really now…
      I just have to say…no need to feel guilt over your blessings in my humble shows people the positive healing abundant possibilities and anchors them for the world…one just needs to “be there” in some
      real ways to help and understand where they are lead…
      again IMHO…new acronym…impressed…hehe. Smiles.

      Seems on this level again IMHO…there are the different hard things and tougher healing things…I still have faith that all is healing and will be better and better..even when in personal despair or it is hard to see.

      Blessings and prayers dear Annie and all…prayers to dear
      Michael Jackson, his family, and all honor to his work and help of us all…in the name of Jesus Christ I pray…Sarah

      • Thank you Sarah,

        Mah, I feel bad because there’s a lots of people who need blessings and luck in life. Sick and poor children, people without home and family…. I want to give more, but I don’t know how….

        Like your new acronym ;), hehehe

        I love you all, love you Cherokee, love you Michael…


  33. Just small short acknowledgements on previous thread. To newer posts.

    Thank you all for seeing me through…Love once again…

    It all helped me so so much…xxxooo…enjoyed so much
    every piece and additional thought…Abundance, Love,
    Light, Healing and Peace is Ours…we are creating Heaven
    on earth and in eternity…thanks for your deep love…I really
    feel it you guys…tonight on Winter Solstice Here….prayers
    for all and may all have eased burdens and solutions to everything…Cherokee Billie you are one top notch prayer person………..
    and trust you and this blog have mine forever…tootles…

    xxxooo Sarah

  34. Many blessings to all!
    I found a beautiful video (it’s a little older, but I hope that’s won’t bother you), it has a beautiful message – let’s pray for all those who suffering, who’s not so lucky as we are. It’s Christmas time for them too and I am sending them all blessings on the world.
    With love,

    • It’s a perfect prayer song…thank you very much…prayers
      for all children…all of our prayers do make a difference…
      Love, Sarah

    • Katja…a beautiful prayer. There are so many, many children who do not know what it is like to have a home and the love of a mother and/or father. It makes me sad to remember the children who have been abused and who have died just this year at the hands of others….adults and other children. Being a teacher, this touches my heart. It brings back memories of all of those children, who many are now adults, where the only place they could feel safe and warm and could get food, was at school. We worried about them on weekends and holidays. There are more now than ever everywhere around the world; I really don’t think people even realize the extent. In fact, there are so many children who do not know what it is like to have a childhood; sometimes they have to be the “adults” in the family. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. Thank you, Michael, for caring and helping however you could.
      Love to you,

    • This song has a beautiful and important message.

      Christmas must be hard for many children.. May God make their hearts full of love! I’ll pray for them, too..

      Thanks for the video, Katja 😉

    • Thank you Sarah, Annie, Mayra, Anna H. for your kind words. Anna H. I totally agree with you. It’s too many lost children, which later grows in “lost adults”. Michael had a special place in his heart for all of them. For me, this is beautiful Michael’s song and I can pray with him for all those lost children “in spirit” (we are all God’s children) and for those who suffer injustices and insufficiency all kinds on more reality plane. They all need our prayers. Thank you,

      with love,

  35. Greetings everyone! Katja, the video you shared above inspired me to find the one I am about to post. In Cherokee Billie’s message she asks us to not let the blessings stop with us but to spread them to others; as someone wrote earlier…to pay it forward. What better way to do this is to help the children, which are the future. I dedicate this song to Michael for his inspiration and love for children and to his three precious children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket. I pray that they will feel their father’s presence, love, and comfort each day…especially this week. When I spoke with him, he said that he knew that they will accomplish so much more than he did. As parents, that is what we always want our children to do.

    I also dedicate this song to all of the children who lost mothers and fathers in the military through the ravages of war and fighting, and the senseless killing at Ft. Hood. I pray that they will feel the love of their parents. Finally, I dedicate this to all of the children who have lost parents in some way this year and in years past for we are all someone’s child. I pray that they will feel the love and warmth of their parents’ spirits surrounding and comforting them. This dedication is not just for the children in the U.S., but worldwide. Children have the same needs no matter where they are live.

    My mother’s mom died when she was 4, and my grandfather never remarried. I grew up with my mother talking about how she felt, and how you remember as a child the people who were nice and kind to her and those who would not…something as small as letting her lay her head in their laps for a nap when she got sleepy or who would comfort her however she needed it.

    Michael had it right…the children are so very important and that’s what he tried to teach, but so many misunderstandings…well, I don’t need to go any further.

    Thank you for “listening,”
    Love to you….sorry about the length, it was on my heart and just flowed out. I didn’t mean to write this much when I began.
    Anna H

    • Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it very much.

      No need to be sorry for the length it’s lovely. I can tell Your Heart was Full of Love, and sharing is always bring Soothing Within.

      Micheal said his children will accomplish much in an earlier message to all from Cherokee, and I believe it in my heart, and thinks nothing else, because I BELIEVE. By nature I am a very optomistic person.

      You shared what’s GOOD and REAL in YOUR HEART, SPIRIT and/or SOUL. All that is REQUIRED is to SHARE/GIVE LOVE. It is not our job to convince anyone of our thoughts or beliefs, it’s the job of the SPIRITS to help others to transform their minds. That is what JESUS teaches NOW.

      If Michael Jackson is alive in spirit, YOU KNOW JESUS HAS TO BE ALIVE (SMILES and LAUGHTER).

      I felt your Heart and Thank You for the Experience.

      One Love,
      Cynt G.



      Taken from Micheal Jackson’s Song “ I’ll Be There”

      Thanks for letting me borrow it MJ. Just sharing a MESSAGE said by our Beloved Elder Brother Jesus, centuries before we where in Existance Now.

      I’ll Be There

      I’ll be there

      When ever you need me

      I’ll be there

      Just Look Within Yourself, Honey ,Oh
      (I changed the sentence) Like that Mike (WINK). Give brother Jesus a high five on that. (SMILE) I love you both, you know my heart.

      All an be sure that, with a SINCERE, CLEAR ENOUGH HEART, AND MIND. He will be there for you directly mind to mind and even spirit to spirit. Thanks Be to Mother Father God, who gave us brother J (Jesus), and each other.

      Cynt G.

    • Dear Anna H, it’s lovely when you “talking”. I feel your blessings, so thank you for spread it. Thank you for beautiful video, it touched my heart. The beautiful text in the song says toataly truth and I just want to added: We must all be like children. The birth of any child is a miracle, but the birth of Jesus is still more miracously. Thank you for spreading love and blessings. I love all your videos, so thank you very much.
      With love,

  36. One more thing….Christmas is coming when we celebrate the birth of one child…”and a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6) Without the birth of this child, there would have been no Easter and all of what happened in between during those 33 years. Thank you, Jesus, my wonderful Savior for coming to us. I’m done now. Thank you for “listening” again.

    As I have said before, Christmas is one of the things that has a different, more intense, meaning for me this year because Cherokee Billie was very kind to channel Michael for me once, and Michael was very kind to speak with me and answer my questions, and for any of you who are reading this and think that this is false claim, you are very, very wrong….it was definitely Michael! There is no doubt whatsoever in my heart or in my mind. Now, I am most definitely finished!
    Merry Christmas! 🙂
    Anna H.

  37. This is a link to Michael’s Christmas message…..just felt like I needed to post it for you, if you’d like to access it…. as you wish.

    • Just click on “Watch on YouTube” when you click “play” and you will access the video.

      • Dear Anna H: They are very beautiful videos you’ve uploaded to your blog. Long ago I found this video on yutube but never found subtitles in Spanish and want to know that Michael says in this video.
        If you do not mind I’d like to tell me at least a summary of what he speaks so I can better appreciate the video.
        Thank you.
        I send much love.

        • Anabella,
          I can tell you more later, but he is talking about how important it is to remember the children at Christmas.
          I will listen to it later and tell you more details.
          Love to you too,
          Anna H.

    • Oh, I saw this message (I think it was last month), dear Michael was so loving, it’s wonderful to see how much he cared for those in need.. I wish more and more people to start thinking this way, so that we can make this world better. Let’s do our best!

      I have another Christmas message from dear Michael here! Have you seen this one?

      • Mayra, very nice….I don’t remember seeing it. Michael always seemed very thoughtful in what he would say to his fans.
        Thank you!
        Merry Christmas,
        Anna H.

      • Dear Mayra, it was very thoughtful of you to post this video with Michael’s message. It is never too much to watch it again. Thank you for sharing! What a bright smile he has! Shinning and loving!
        Best wishes,

      • Mayra thanks, sweet 🙂
        Have a great day everyone Susanxxxxxx

    • Dear Anna H.

      Thank you for the video. His message is so inspiring, we all know he meant every single word of it! Thank you for sharing!
      Best wishes,

  38. Thank you Mayra,thank you Katja for sharing this beautiful videos. The messages are ao inspiring,and you can always feel the truth in Michaels words. Thanks for all lovely words in
    this blog I`ve enjoyed it very much.To all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.May all the lost children come home! God bless you! Karina

  39. I just found this one!

    Kiss, Annie

    • Dear Annie: Thanks for the video, is very beautiful. I had not seen Michael’s visit to Africa. It’s very emotional.
      Much love to you and Merry Christmas.

  40. Wow, lots of Videos to watch 🙂 I shall enjoy later 🙂

    I hope everyone is well and happy. How are you Cherokee?
    Light and Love Susanxxxxx

    • Dear Susan:
      I’m fine except for the fact that my Christmas message about appreciating what you Have and what are you going to do next year to make changes is not gathering much attention.
      Read the post I put below and that will tell you what I think and what I believe in.
      many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Yes lovely what Prince William did. Thanks for sharing Cherokee. I think we all could rough it for a night to truly appreciate what we do have and how much we take for granted everything in our lives!
        Light and Love Susanxxxx

      • Dear Cherokee,

        I agree what the Prince did was thoughtful and brave. I’m sure he had many guard at his calling if he needed them. It was most effective because of who he is, and that’s good because it was needed. However, others have done it, and have done more than he with less. Most important is that his intentions where good, and we pray that the outcome is outstanding. Let it be.

        Cherokee, I did not answer your question “what are you going to do next year to make changes” because for me, giving is a part of who I am, a regular/normal part of my life, it really Feeds Me. In my being I’ve always been one to give without bring attention to myself.. To me it is only the giving that matters, but ultimately I have really given to myself because it feels GLORIOUS. I’m selfless when I give. I am a service giving person by nature. Most of my life I have done outreach in my Professional Life, and my personal life (example: Inviting homeless families to live with me for free until they can get on their feet, do charitable acts that no one knows about, or give to someone who can’t pay me back). That’s one true part of my Aquarius Personality types. It’s normal for me, just a part of me. My thing is don’t talk about it just do it. It’s not about me.

        You may notice that on your Post Near Thanksgiving, I only mentioned that I am working on other charitable projects. I just wanted you to know that I was not trying to ignore your question. It’s just that I don’t see a need of talking about what I do, or will be doing for others is necessary unless I’m planning, developing or implementing it. And even then I’m focus on what is necessary at the time to meet the goals. I just do it and meet the needs. I just wanted you to understand why I did not respond to your question, “what are you going to do next year to make changes.” I hope you understand my perspective.

        I also think some people may not know yet. There is so much to do, is’t it.

        LOVE, PEACE, and Happy Holiday,
        Cynt. G.


    Prince William Spends Night Sleeping on Streets to Raise Awareness for Homeless
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Prince William spent a night on London’s streets in freezing temperatures to raise awareness of a charity’s work with homeless young people, Sky News reported.

    British charity group, Centrepoint, invited their royal patron to share the experience of a young person sleeping rough on the streets on December 15.

    Prince William spent the night along with the prince’s private secretary on cardboard boxes next to Blackfriars Bridge in London

    “I cannot, after one night, even begin to imagine what it must be like to sleep rough on London’s streets night after night,” Prince William was quoted by Sky News.

    “Poverty, mental illness, drug and alcohol dependancy and family breakdown cause people to become and then stay homeless.

    “Centrepoint’s work — along with many other organizations’ — in tackling these fundamental causes is desperately important if we are ever to end homelessness in this country.”

    • Thank you Billie for this article, prince William has a beautiful soul as his lovely mother.
      Thank you for everything you share with us here in your blog, I’m grateful with God to have found this spiritual place,thanks Michael I found you and found beautiful souls and friends who teach me to be a better person. I hope and wish each one of you a Merry Christmas and I pray God to bless you all.
      I love you
      PS: Michael, this afternoon I was praying for your childrens, I feel you presence there with me and I hope they have a nice Christmas and don’t be sad.
      Thank you for be with me in those difficults day.
      I love you angel!!

    • Dear Cherokee, thank you for bringing this news about Prince William! What a beautiful attitude, God bless him! If more people would do things like this, we would start changing the bad situation we see today.

      I was talking here to Sarah about how much this year was great (although it was difficult) and that I’ve tried to become each day a better person, to get along better with people and my loved ones, to help everyone I could and to do something for our Mother Earth.. I’ll keep on doing this on the next year (hopefully, I’ll do more things I did this year), and I wish I can spend 2010 and many more years with this beautiful family we have here (including you, dear Cherokee)!

      My prayers for all those who are feeling lonely and sad this Christmas (specially children). May God bless them and give them His love!

    • Dear Cherokee, Here in England we are so proud of both Prince William and Prince Harry as both of them are not just figureheads for the charities they support. Both of them become extremely involved. Princess Diana used to take them both as young children out to centres for the homeless late at night where they would not just stand and look they, like her would roll up their sleeves and get stuck into anything that needed doing. Princess Diana always said that her sons were born extremely priviliged so they needed to see the other end of the scale. When the Princes became adults they both promised that they would continue their Mothers legacy and they have certainly done that. Last week there was an evening here that celebrated our troops. Among the guests were a group of Mums who had lost their sons this year to the war in Afghanistan. They had a standing ovation and they became extremely upset, in an act that could have been his Mum, Prince Harry got straight up walked over to them and gave them all a huge cuddle. There was no protocol just Prince Harry giving support where he could. He is also patron of a charity that supports an impoverished village in Africa and each year goes there and is hands on with what needs doing. The people in the village have no idea who is is. He is just Harry to them and to see him playing with these children is wonderful. These two Princes are certainly the jewels in our crown, Anne UK

  42. Hey Everyone,

    I think that Cherokee Billie has a point here. Putting up videos about Michael Jackson is a little off topic here. What Billie has done here is put up a very powerful message that Michael himself has tried to impress upon all of you since he passed away back in June. Show kindness towards others. The question here is what are you going to do this season to help others? Christmas is not about parties and gifts and food. It’s about helping others and giving to those in need. Make sacrifices yourself and take time out to help those less fortunate. You don’t have to even go out of your way to do so. Just give someone a smile it will surely brighten their day. Donate to other charities canned goods or material possessions that you don’t need or use anymore if you don’t have the money to spare. The possibilities here are endless and my point is that the true spirit of Christmas is not about presents and Santa Claus. It’s about love and kindness shown to others. What are YOU going to do this Christmas to help others?


  43. Dear Cherokee Billie, a lovely message and we have much to be thankful for at Christmas and always. Thank you also for the post about Prince William.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and may 2010 bring much joy, good health and success.

    Love Liz XX

  44. Dear Cherokee Billie, Dear Blog friends,

    I’m not posting messages often, but I do read your messages every day, it’s just that sometimes I am too caught up with my own daily life to participate in messages or that I have nothing constructive to say.
    You are all in my prayers and on my mind though and I wanted to tell you that especially at this time of the year.
    Like for many of you 2009 has been a difficult year , just like it has been for me. To me, this blog has been, like to many of you, a haven to come home to after a busy, sometimes hard or sad, day.
    May we all find peace, love and joy this Christmas and keep that feeling in 2010. May we all realize that the power of creating happiness for others and ourselves lies within us.
    All of you are especially in my prayers this Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to all,

    • Thank you Sasha. You are in my prayers. Have a blessed Christmas.

      Mary Ann

    • Dear Sasha, I would like to echo Mary Ann; to you and any one I have not responded to; you are in my prayers.

      Thank you for your thoughts. Blessed Christmas and 2010.

      Much love, Sarah

  45. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, in my warm home, preparing to snuggle under my duvet, with not a pang of hungar nor a desire of thirst and all my needs blissfully met, a sorrowful feeling rushed over me that there are people out there who, as I sit there comfortably on my bed, they are out in the freezng cold, dark night preparing to lay down on carboard boxes and try to form some sort of shelter to sleep, not knowing what their ‘tomorrow’ holds and where their next meal will come from. No family surrounding them and surviving as best they can. Then I thought of all the missing people, children and adults in the world and my heart felt heavy.

    This morning when I switched the tv on the first thing that came on was a plea from a charity called ‘Missing People charity’ asking for old/unwanted mobile phones to be donated:

    One old or unwanted phone would enable Missing People to answer a call from a desperate runaway this Christmas

    100 old or unwanted phones would pay for a specially trained charity helpline worker to answer calls on Christmas Day

    1,000 old or unwanted phones would enable Missing People to produce a missing poster for every vulnerable person currently missing in the UK

    5,000 old or unwanted phones would mean the charity can provide a free text service for young runaways next year

    10,000 old or unwanted phones would enable Missing People to run a dedicated Helpline for runaways this Christmas

    So, I searched around and found two old but working mobile phones, popped them in an envelope and posted them first thing this morning, hopefully by doing this I’ll have helped at least two people in need this christmas.

    Love & Light x

  46. I am getting ready to go to services and help my mom with preparartions today. Princess Diana and Michael Jackson and now her dear son inspire to action…I truly took messages to heart and didn’t put specifics because I am formulating. Really tried to honor heading…also it is a time of nurture, love and inspiration as much as possible to act.
    Thank you all for helping me. Cherokee Billie you are heard.

    Came here before church and new snow navigation…blessings, love, and thanks for the tips on how to’s for the plan…now I must yet again say..bye until next time….Peace be with you this tine of love, Sarah

    • PS As usual. Smiles… October snow never melted off grass.
      Subsequent snows on harder ice pack in mountains.

      High avalanche warnings…lost another boy in Oregon on Hood this week…praying for wisdom for youth and climbers. The folks who can do something need to stay strong!!! Fresh snow coming, in limited resource area definitely giving to any shelter…no one here could survive
      long many a night outside…thanks again Cherokee Billie;

    • Sarah:
      Enjoy your services. I have to work today but I am on holiday starting tomorrow through January 4th, 2010. Sounds like you live in a gorgeous winter setting with the snow. I can almost imagine the beautiful snow scenes.

      Mary Ann

      • Oh me too, I never saw snow in person (only on Tv, videos, photos..). It must be so beautiful!

        Good services and preparations for you, Sarah!

        Mary Ann must be counting the hours for her work to finish (haha.. =D)

        Tomorrow it will be tough, we’ll be preparing many things here, I think it will take all day long! I’ll separate a part of our dinner to the watchman that stays here at night on our building. We do this every year. Can you people believe that here on our building we’re the only family that remembers him? You must have seen last year the smile on his face saying he was so happy that we thought of him.. He’s very lonely.. And he called the watchman of the other building (next to ours) to share dinner with him, so I brought more dinner to them.. It was a very nice feeling to see them happy..

        Love to all! ^_^

        • Mayra,
          So sweet to do that for the Watchmen (including the watchman in the next building). I know they felt warm inside from the generosity given to them. Everyone wants to be recognized. It makes you feel special and that all that we do is worth it. You know what I mean.

          Bless you.
          Mary Ann

        • Thank you all…treacherous, and gorgeous beyond
          words…greater Yellowstone area of Montana…one of the mountain valleys and little towns. Sermon was very metaphysical at a Christian church….about the physics of light….and light is only thing in physics that exists with two kinds of elements of physics together; a for example dot and a line to simplify. So if you put light into a little
          say 2 by 2 by 2 foot box and sealed it tightly and completely; and put it to the darkest part of infinity
          into outer space…the furthest deepest void…and put a small whole in this box…what would happen?
          The light would shine and the darkness could not penetrate it. I can not tell you how wonderful this tiny service was…then we had communion which for me as been several years ago…and there were these elderly…very elderly ladies navigating with
          these amazing things like tire cable chains on their boots and I am getting them.

          Ice wasn’t too bad and crazy drivers were few. Helped mom at home afterwards and made it through my pain issues pretty well…as well as a 50 mile round trip. Have fun working together for healing and deciding all your respective actions and goals…thank you so much again for helping me here…see you down the line sometime…you are not alone even when you can not feel it…peace be with you all…With much love, Sarah

        • Dear Mayra,

          Thank you so much for sharing this…will not stop
          praying for Cherokee Billie and this blog, each soul
          I have met on this blog, all spiritual and “down here” spiritual and physical healing work, blessings

        • Dear Mayra,

          I wish for everyone who would like to see mountains and snow to see them…or just snow.
          Having ranched as a 14 year old with my family on a new adventure of my father’s. All of us being from here for many generations, except Dad…he was born in another Rocky Mtn area, I know I should be 100% positive so please just take this as a little
          joke….trust me snow and all that comes with it especially in this region…is highly over-rated…smiles. But I do understand your or anyone’s has many blessings and is a gift. Water being one big time blessing…smiles.

          xxxooo Sarah

        • Mayra: It so nice of you to remember the watchman; you will make him feel loved. Good girl!


        • Mayra…can’t leave without thanking you for your
          story about your little thing I try to
          do is leave food, some sandwhiches here where
          I have seen a few folks gather from time to time.
          I have found a way to do it safely where I know animals are not getting there….it’s all so hard to explain the invisability of so many souls here…this story reminds me of so many invisable situations
          and like Nicolene said…one “help” to one soul, in any way has a huge effect…Love, Sarah

      • Dear Mary Ann, Have the best of everything always.
        All dear messages apply as you know..thanks for helping me so much….enjoy all of the beauty here.


  47. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts of Christmas with us. May you and everyone here have a Blessed Merry Christmas filled with love and peace. I pray that the people who will be alone or homeless on this special day, can find then just one person to share it with.

    I want to share a simple but beautiful poem with everyone;

    *Dear Santa, I’m older
    But, still believe in you
    (At least, I believe in
    The things you try, to do).

    Maybe, I can’t ask for
    A Tonka, or, a train.
    (But, if you’d bring one of them
    You know, I won’t complain).

    But, what I really wish for
    Is a special present
    Love that can’t be “returned”
    Once it has been sent.

    Everybody needs a little
    And some, need a lot
    But, if you get a tiny bit
    You still know what you got.

    So Santa, drop a little
    Under each Christmas tree
    Then, all will get a present
    From what it’s supposed to be.

    And if there is no tree
    For the alone, and poor
    When you get, to their place
    Just, drop, a little more.
    – by Del “Abe” Jones

    I have thought about what I can do this coming new year. I have applied with an cancer association for volentering and taking care of people suffering from cancer. I know, if we show other people we care, it will automatically be pass by them to other person. There are really so many people that need help, not only financially but physically too. If I can do maybe just one little thing to make a difference in someone`s live, help carry their burdens, I will do it many times. We can make a difference by not turning a blind eye.

    Thank you for everything you gave me this pass few months Cherokee Billie. Your gift of thoughts and messages is so valuable cause it can`t be taken away. Thank you for giving us love and I love you too.

    Love to everyone and to Michael.

  48. You`re welcome Sahara x

    P.S. Michael I can imagine how much more your family misses you during Christmas time. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayer. I was just wondering if the Spirit World also celebrate Christmas? If they do, Merry Christmas to them all also and to you dear Michael. I love you

  49. Sorry misspelled Sarah 🙂 Appologies

    • Bless your heart and any spelling is fine…it is a funny
      phonetic kind of spelling challenge….one of my favorite errors similar to yours Sarahaa…xxxooo.

  50. Andrea Saint'Clair said:

    Hi Guys!
    Merry Christmas! =)
    Much peace and love to all.

    With all my love,


  51. Merry Christmas…it is almost here. Regarding the article about Prince William…his mother did a good job with her boys. She would be, and is, proud of the men that they have become and will continue to become.

    As far as what I will do for others in 2010….just more of what I have done this year. I plan to volunteer me more, in addition to making donations, this year. Where I live, as where you live, too, I’m sure, there are many opportunities to serve locally and more broadly.

    When I retired, people asked me what I was going to do. My answer was to give back to the community, after I recovered my health and my spirit’s peace, in ways that I couldn’t before because of different reasons and circumstances. I had to take care of me first. I couldn’t volunteer with the right attitude and giving heart until I took care of me. I’m getting there now and ready to push ahead in 2010.


  52. I saw this on TV and was very moved by it, the Prince has a beautiful soul just like his Mom! I believe there were students in my city that did this as well. Let us always remember the unfortunate and count our blessings. This coming year, I’m gonna try not to complain so much & be glad for what I have

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