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Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas
It’s that time of year again where everyone starts thinking about the holidays. Who am I going to spend the holidays with? Should I travel and visit my family? What parties am I going to give or go to? What gift should I purchase for friends and family?

As a psychic I receive more calls at this time of the year from people who are depressed and lonely, then any other time of the year. They have nowhere to go and no one wants to spend time with them. Sometimes I’m the only person they have to talk to. So many feel suicidal because they feel their life has no meaning. I feel such compassion for these people because I know what it feels like not to have family. My family has all passed away and my friends are scattered all over the world. I’m thankful to be a psychic and able to help people during this critical time.

This year is going to be different than most because there’s not as much money to go around as there has been in the past. Many people will not travel to visit relatives. Instead of giving gifts to people who really are not important, people are going to focus more on giving to those closest to them. For years people have been pressured to give gifts to those they hardly know because that is what you have to do at this time of the year. This year many people cannot afford to give any gifts because of being out of work. No one wants to see their child not have a happy time at Christmas, so many will sacrifice to see their child have joy at Christmas.

Just because the economy has gone down does not mean we need to lose the true meaning of Christmas. What is the meaning? Giving to others without expecting anything in return. Wow, what a concept. Do you have it in you to give of yourself without expecting anything back?

What I’m talking about is simplifying your life and doing things with those you love that don’t cost much money such as an old fashion Christmas tree decorating party. Not everybody has to buy a Christmas tree; it could be in a church, homeless shelter, a convalescent home or hospital. Everyone can bring some food and think of the great joy you would be creating. Make a party where ever you are.

For family dinners make it a potluck, that way no one is stuck with the financial burden of paying for the entire dinner. Also everyone can share their special dishes and once again it brings more closeness between people. Everyone will be complementing one another on their expertise and closer bonds will be made.

Buy board games, such as Monopoly or the physically fun game Twister, instead of expensive video games and spend time with friends and family connecting through these tried and true games. You’ll find communication opening up and there will be more giving of your self then just giving a present.

Why not take your family and instead of investing in gifts go out and give to those who have nothing. There is such a great need for people to volunteer at hospitals, homeless shelters, veteran’s hospitals, and children’s hospitals. What about an elderly neighbor who has no family living, why not share a meal with them and spend some time talking. Realize most people feel enormous loss at this time of year because of losing so many they have loved and being alone.

Think of the joy you can bring to people by just talking with them. Even if you are volunteering passing out meals, at a homeless shelter, you can take a few minutes after your shift and talk with the different people. Realize they have lost everything and kindness from a stranger can go a long ways.

Christmas is most significant for children, so many wait all year for Santa Claus to bring them what they want most. Some children just want to feel healthy again. Your time visiting these children will lift their spirits and yours as well. If you feel inclined purchase inexpensive little trinkets to pass out to the children, not only in hospitals but at homeless shelters, and missions.

We have become a society that only thinks about ourselves. We have gotten away from the old fashioned values that made our society great. Instead of our modern instant everything world, see if you can’t go back to a time when caring about others was important.

Turn this Christmas mood from blue to glad by showing your kindness to your fellow humans who are passing through this world just like you. Remember the more you give-the more you get. This has never failed.

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  1. Wonderful message and great ideas!

    My thoughts are with all those who are having a tough time this Christmas. I wish then Love, hope and blessings.

  2. Like your post, very much!

    Kiss 🙂

  3. so very true, thanks CB!

  4. You are so right! I teach my sons that and that is the way we try to live. I never wanted them to get caught up in the fast track cyber way of the world. Living the “Simple Life” 🙂

  5. Cherokee: Thank you for reminding us on how to spread Christmas cheer.


  6. Cherokee Billie, thank you for reminding us to not leave anyone behind and that love and having fun doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Could not resist posting this beautiful video….notice all of the people…….

    • Dear Anna H:
      Thanks for the video of Michael with Spanish subtitles! It was very nice of her to share this video in both English and Spanish so we can all appreciate, it has a beautiful message. The words and music of this song is wonderful, one of my favorites.
      Much love to you.

    • Dear Anna, I loved this video, thans for bringing it to us! This song is so beautiful, a strong message, everybody should pay attention to it’s lyrics ^_^

      And you can see how dear Michael felt happy while singing Heal The World, and being together with the children ^_^

    • Thanks Anna H. This is one of my favourite’s from MJ. It always makes me cry…. Susanxxxx

  7. a beautifully articulated message there Cherokee Billie.
    thanks for keeping providing guidance and hope and love to all who visit here.
    may your christmas be filled with cheer and love.

    • Dear Michky:
      thank you for your kind words. I certainly hope this article helps people this year. May you have a beautiful Christmas As well.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  8. Hello Cherokee,

    You read my mind! I was thinking about it all day especially of those whom are less fortunate or suffering on this most joyess celebration of Christmas. I was actually thinking of those in third world country’s and i just want express how i see them how & what they mean to me.

    Deserving souls

    When we usually see people from third world country’s we usually judge them by poverty and suffering and plenty of unhappiness. which is very much the case! however sometimes i think we never look deep enough into a person! what there eyes tell us what there clothes tell us and what there way of living tells us!

    Its usually first glance and we have branded them from a third world country. But have we really tried to be there freind? I mean we think we have done our bit by donating to charity’s which is very noble of us! But lets ask our selves truley if we had a choice to share there experience… would we laugh with them would we go to their home for dinner would we introduce them to our family’s n freinds or do you think donation’s are the only requirement to put a smile on an unfortunate soul’s face.

    Or is that we consider our selves far more superior because our way of life! and consider them not valued enough because some of those in third world country’s may not have the means to maintain there way of living or not educated enough or can not speak to our standards! It does happen i don’t mean to offend anyone but shed light that this is a fact!

    A person from a third world country to me mean’s someone who is strong! who is tough and to be able to accept their fate of life and put a brave face on every day.

    some walk for miles to go n get water as a daily routine of there life. They are smiling and having a laugh with their freinds. That to me is strength! This is somthing i could never do i’m being very honest if someone put me in that position i would start crying n screaming i wanna go home! In that aspect i consider them more superior!

    some just eat what is given like just rice n bread they don’t have much variety like us! but they are happy n greatful there stomachs are getting food. Me i would start moaning i’m being honest. oh i feel like a pizza or Mc Donalds.
    In that aspect i consider them more superior!

    some live in slums they don’t have proper secure homes like us. But they still live there with their familes and are happy or see children playing! If that was me i would say God why have you punished me like this i’m just being honest! In that aspect i consider them more superior.

    The point i’m trying to reach here is we live and earn for a better life! some of us hope one day we will be rich. We are just never satisfied are we! we always want more or we get bored and need a change!

    But for them it’s survival! for them it’s a blessing from God!
    for them they just accept and try n make sure they are 100% with there duty’s in life. For them it’s not about Luxary’s like it is for us. For them there happiness is there land, there culture, and there faith in God which gives them the will to carry on.

    Thank you people from third world country’s for giving me this gift of a vision to look deep into your lives and sence realisation of what you have taught us! The strain and suffering you bare every day but still you are greatful to God. Thank you for giving me the gift to sence your emotions in way to make me feel ashamed of my self for being ungreatful.

    People of the Third world country’s respect to you! you are such powerful teachers. Because the truth is we can never live the life that you do, we can never bare what you do, we can never go through what you do!

    People fo the Third world country’s May Allah bless your most deserving soul’s in highest plane in the spirit world! May Allah Gift you with the most Brilliant experience of never ending paradise. Because to me you are most superior and to me you are the most deserving soul’s of heaven.

    In return i would like to give you gift this christmas for your familys of children just so you can have that extra smile and happiness in this life as you are most deserving. Thank you for this vision Thankyou.

    Love and blessing to all i hope you have liked this.

    As Michael Jackson R.I.P said “try hard to love me before you judge me”.

    Respect & peace to everyone:)

    From Saba Ali

    • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

      Dear Saba…
      I just read your post.. its wonderfull it really touched my Heart….
      sometimes I look around and see the extremes…very few rich people who just think about the fashion clothes they are gonna buy…. the expensive car they will get .. the lot of money spent in superficial and luxus…
      that makes me wonder that many people is loved for what they have… and not only that.. in my country so many people spend so much money for vanity.. for platic surgeries… since early age …
      I cant stand that.. I just look things so different that sometimes I feel isolated between the people…
      but all you have said its true…
      we always regret of what we dont have .. and often forgeting that there are people that dont even have a proper roof ..or clothes to cover them.. or some food to feed their hunger…
      May Allah be with you….

      • Hola Gisela,

        You are so right. Reading all the posts I realized that more people than ever before are realizing the true meaning of Christmas. We are entering, indeed, to a ‘new consciousness’. I am also from Venezuela, but live in USA for many years.

        Hope to see your posts again soon 🙂

        Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo


      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Hola Ana AP
        que agradable sorpresa saber que eres venezolana…
        en efecto.. estando rodeados de tanto materialismo se que algunos estamos mirando mas alla.. a esa nueva conciencia.. a una nueva espiritualidad..
        es algo que he estado buscando hace tiempo y sobre todo al ver que el mundo que me rodea gira alrededor de las vanalidades y superficialidades.. a veces no entiendo como alguien no se fija en una hermosa luna llena.. o un extraordinario atardecer.. esas simples cosas que el Supremo nos permite ver.. y que los demas por andar pendientes de otras cosas , no aprecian…
        Un gran abrazo desde Valencia…
        Feliz Navidad y un mejor año

    • Saba, I just read your beautful post. There is a phrase
      that says blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Some souls do not need to see or go to a thirld world country to get what you are saying. Many others do have to go there, be there to see it and understand we all have to play our part to make things better. You speak so eloquently to breaking down the walls and sharing we all have to do…more and more…
      then we will all be elevated surely to true abundance in life and spirit…as we learn in spiituality we simply can not breathe without caring and doing the things that need
      to be done…the heart welcoming into home and the financial wordly help to create capacity for things to get better. I just really enjoyed your entry. I am inspired to do more this season because of it. Thank you.

      Wonderful quote you gave us, “try hard to love me
      before you judge me.” Michael Jackson had courage to just say it like that and to make it personal to him so folks
      could later stretch the message out little by little. Thank
      you Saba, the angels info. today and your post are my food for the day….Blessings of the Season to You. Sarah

      Michael Jackson R.I.P. and Joyous Season to You..Sarah

  9. Thanks Cherokee……. Yes, Christmas can be very stressful with family arriving, pressure to buy presents etc etc etc and we all need to find the simple meaning of Christmas and to realise that so many people don’t have family to share their Christmas with.
    Have a great day everyone Susanxxxxx

  10. Thank you for this new post, Cherokee Billie! 🙂

  11. Dear Cherokee,
    Thank you for this wonderful post. As you said, “My family has all passed away and my friends are scattered all over the world” you won´t be alone this christmas because you will have good vibrations from all the people who loves you, like me that although we have talked only once I have learnt to love you more every day because of everything you do in this community, your wonderful messages and pieces of advice.
    I´m very graceful to be part of this community, because of you I could talk to MJ and I´ll never forget it.
    Thank you Cherokee for helping us, many blessings. With love, Mara.

    • dear Mara:
      I truly appreciate what you have to say. It’s nice that so many people think so much of me. I never thought I would affect this many people. I’m grateful that I have been able to channel Michael Jackson for you. I consider it an honor that I am able to do this. May you have a beautiful blessed holiday.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Mara said it all! That’s exactly it, you’re not alone, dear Cherokee! We all here love you very much and our spirits will be together this Christmas!

      Christmas is a time for uniting the family and close friends and I feel you’re one of them 😉


      • Mayra, very well said. We love you and are here for you, Cherokee. 🙂

        Love you,

      • That’s right dear Cherokee,

        You can’t be alone with us! If you’ll be feeling a little bit nostalgic and blue just remember us! We’ll be here with you! 🙂

        If we are faraway it doesn’t mean that we are not there with you or with each other!

        Kisses, love you all!

        Annie 🙂

      • That’s right dear Cherokee,

        You can’t be alone with us! If you’ll be feeling a little bit nostalgic and blue just remember us! We’ll be here with you! 🙂

        If we are faraway it doesn’t mean that we are not there with you or with each other!

        Kisses, love you all! 🙂


  12. Thank you for this article and for the advice.
    I agree with each word you write and I feel that some of them fits with me. When I was a child I loved christmas time, but when I was growing I was losting the feeling, sometimes I feel sad in christmas, I don’t know exactly why, maybe because I miss members of my family who has passed, but I know that I have to think in who are alive and stay with me (my mum and dad).
    Yesterday I promised my self and to God that I will try to change my thoughts into a positive way, I’ll pray for that.

  13. Thanks Cherokee for this very wise reflection. I hope that you are well. And pray to God to grow every day, to increase donations and people’s love for children of Dominican Republic.

    The spread on my Christmas the prettiest party of the year. She has always had great meaning for me. I can not explain. Putting the tree with my mom is beautiful and I thank God because she is with me and my family is united. That makes me very happy.
    Love is the center of Christmas, the birth of Jesus reminds us every year that came to us to love and salvation. I think if we give a child a little present we are giving it to Him.
    The celebration of Christmas has always been a time of family togetherness, forgiveness and good wishes to all people.
    Sadly materialism and consumerism prevailing in the world have distorted the true meaning of the holiday and have become only a business opportunity, depriving families receive all the graces the memory of the birth of the Christ Child would bring them to their lives.
    Let us use this time to think about how good we have so far and what we will do to be better than before. It is important to take a break in life to reflect on our spiritual life and our relationship with God and neighbor. Every day we can and must do better.

    Here are some reflections of Mother Teresa of Calcutta on the party and the feeling of the real Christmas:

    “It is Christmas every time you smile to a brother and extends his hand.
    It is Christmas every time you are silent to listen to others.
    It is Christmas every time you do not accept those principles that banish the oppressed to the margins of society.
    It is Christmas every time you hope to those who despair at the physical and spiritual poverty.
    It is Christmas every time I humbly acknowledge your limits and your weakness.
    It is Christmas every time you let the Lord be reborn to give it to others”.

    He aquí algunas reflexiones de la Madre Teresa de Calcuta sobre la fiesta y el sentimiento de la auténtica Navidad.

    “Es navidad cada vez que sonríes a un hermano y le tiendes la mano.
    Es navidad cada vez que estás en silencio para escuchar al otro.
    Es navidad cada vez que no aceptas aquellos principios que destierran a los oprimidos al margen de la sociedad.
    Es navidad cada vez que esperas con aquellos que desesperan en la pobreza física y espiritual.
    Es navidad cada vez que reconoces con humildad tus límites y tu debilidad.
    Es navidad cada vez que permites al Señor renacer para darlo a los demás”.

    Let this Christmas, to engage with those who need us and offer our solidarity. That by holding this festival, live it as a real “Christmas Solidarity.

    With love


    • Gracias Anabella, está muy lindo, me identifico bastante con lo que dice.

    • Hi Anabella! Oh, I admire so much Mother Teresa, she must be a great spirit, with so many light, right now.. Beautiful thoughts!

    • Dear Anabella,

      Mother Teresa was such a remarkable and wonderful woman. She was such a beautiful and devoted servant of God. Thank you, Anabella, for sharing her reflections.

      Hugs and kisses to you,

  14. Dear Billie: I want to share this video and song with my blog friends and specially with you. I already posted it but now I fuond it performed by Michael, I hope you enjoy it, it’s a beautiful song with a wonderful lyrics.

    • Dear Ana: Ola amiga! Como estas?

      That’s a really sweet video and song!! Didn’t know this version of the song =D

      • Hola Mayra!!!: I’m good today, tired but good :). It’s a beautiful song right? I didn’t know it neither but yesterday I was hearing a virtual radio and I found it ( they put Michael song’s all day, without publicity)

    • Ana, what a wonderful video. This was great! Michael was such a cutie; he was Mr. Personality Plus.:) I’ve got to say, though, Blanket certainly has his Daddy’s beautiful big, brown eyes. Don’t you think? Thanks for sharing.

      Love to you,

      • Hi Anna: Yes, when I saw the video I thought like you, Blanket has beautiful dad’s eyes. (Every time I see a picture of his I want to hug him) 🙂

  15. Dear Cherokee,

    I have always loved the Christmas Season and the joy it always brings! However, like so many on here this year I am still missing Michael so much! I am sincerely trying to get into the holiday spirit, but it is much harder this time around…..I have had a very vivid quite a lot recently where he comes to me and tells me to be happy and celebrate him, which I do everyday! Somehow I always begin crying, he then hugs me and tells me to be brave, turns around and then walks towards this bright light…..I stand there watching him walk away and then wake up. After this I am always comforted and left with this feeling of peace, but I am confused as to why this keeps happening? I would hate to miss the message if there is one! The analyst in me is trying to figure it out, equally I feel it could be my brain decompressing from a day filled with all things Michael Jackson!!
    One other thing….some of the So. Calif. fans are going to Forest Lawn tomorrow with cards and a little tree with ornaments we all sent from all over……we are all extremely comforted to do this for our Michael. I unfortunately cannot go this time….but I do hope that he will feel the love that we all have for him and see the beauty in this little gesture!! We have also sent cards and messages for his beloved children so they will know we are praying for them this Christmas and always!

    We will always love you Michael and will celebrate you everyday!!

    Thank you so very much!! xx

    • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

      Dear Willa.. I know what you mean… I know for many of us, we will remember him a lot, and mostly this time of year that at least for me.. I get really emotional….
      but remember .. he doesnt want us to feel sad.. he want us to feel happy, to share with our families and to make something good for needy ones too.. that will make him very happy..
      I wish I could have the chance to be close to Forest Lawn as you and other fans have.. to send a little note for him..
      you are lucky to be there..and have that possibility..
      next time you go perhaps you could think about all of us fans living far away by giving him a Christmas card in name of all of us 🙂 as we cant deliver it for ourselves..
      it would be so great… would mean a lot for so many of us…
      Take much care.. and my best wishes for you this season.. 🙂

      • Gisela….thank you dear for your kind response….yes we who live in southern California are indeed blessed to be so close to the final resting place of the one we all admire so!! Do not fear, the little things that they are taking to Forest Lawn today are on behalf of all his admirers everywhere…..the special people who organized this event have taken into that in account and you can be rest assured that you and so many others are remembered to Michael today!!
        I also wish all the blessings and joy of this wonderful season…..I am focused on my loved ones and indeed will celebrate Michael’s incredible legacy with only tears of joy!!! I know he is in true light and happiness now and for that reason I no longer grieve!!
        Thank you again! Willa xx

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        thanks a lot for your response..
        I am glad to know that it can be possible to send Michael the message .. I know he somehow will get it..
        last night I went to see the This is IT movie for the last time .. it was the last show in the cinemas here .. I saw the movie for 12 times and could get enough of it.. as usual I went to see him alone.. and enjoyed every detail as it was the very first time I see it..
        Last night knowing it was the last show in cinemas here.. I felt strange.. a little sad .. I couldnt help it.
        now we have no other thing left than waiting for the dvd in January..
        Thanks for the good wishes for this season.. I hope everything will be ok…
        This year I will celebrate closer to my family mostly for my sister who need her family near more than ever..
        Thank you and much blessings to you..

    • Willa:
      Your dreams are a blessing. 🙂
      Be comforted Willa— and be happy because Michael is happy.


  16. Hi my friends! How are you all doing today?

    Dear Cherokee, when I read this article on your newsletter it made me reflect on a lot of things.. That’s a beautiful article! We really should give more to people this Christmas (and others to come), ’cause it’s very sad not to have a family, a meal and all the things that make Christmas special.. It’s nice that these people can call you and talk for a while.. It’s a relief for their loneliness and you’re such a kind person, I bet they feel a lot better!

    Let’s do something for those in need on this Christmas, everybody! Even a smile or some food may mean the world to them.. Or give a little toy for a poor kid.. We don’t need lots of money to do that 😉

    Light and Love, may you all have a blessed Thursday!

  17. Hi there Cherokee, and thank you for your message to all of us. If everyone would do their part, and give to people who have less that would be wanderful. Everyone is human, and any generosity can lift a persons spirits for the good. All of us can help to heal our world.

    I wanted to share this video with all of you that I found. Take care and goodnight.

    • Dear Lisa,
      What an amazing video in message and music. The music is so powerful and moving; the pictures are so beautiful. The story is very true. I have never heard of this story. Thank you so much for sharing.


    • I liked this video very much, too ^_^!! Thank you for sharing, Lisa!


  18. Gisela(Venezuela) said:

    Dear Cherokee…
    thanks so much for posting these words from you…
    for me ..and since so many years I just losed the “feel” of Christmas… I dont know why.. perhaps its because all I see around is relating Christmas with spending money in superflous things… its like a hupla.. I dont know how to explain… all I see that people here just think Christmas as time for party, drinking… and I dont see it like that.. I feel myself as I am in Mars…. 😦
    and this year above all his feeling .. I know it wont be the same Christmas… my only sister is ill .. she is under treatment now (chimio) .. and she is strong trying to fight to feel better .. and deep in my heart I know she will.. I have that strong believe.. so the mood in our short family will be not so high…
    I dont know what to expect during this days..
    but your post made me stop and think about so many things.. to find a meaning a true meaning for me…
    perhaps ..thinking about it. I could make a change…
    I just have to sit ant think it over…..
    Thank you Cherokee to enable my heart for reflection and to make a change…
    Dear Cherokee .. you wont be alone this have here new friends.. perhaps we are not close phisically.. but we are in hearts…

    Thanks so much for all the beautifull people I have met here… that I feel very close to my heart…and the way I think.. 🙂

    • Gisela, I will be keeping you, your sister, and your family in my prayers. You said it very well that here in this community we are not close physically but in our hearts. You are very right. Remember that prayer is so important, and I’m sure that many prayers will be said for your sister and for you. Encourage her to keep that fighting spirit; chemo can be, and usually is, very harsh. God will be there, however, no matter what. He is always there when we ask for Him to be.

      Love being sent to you,

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Dear Anna H
        Thanks a lot for you message and suport..
        I am sure that all of your prayers.. will help a lot my sister during this time of her life.. but I have the faith God will stand by her…
        Thanks God the last chimio will be next week.. then she will have a control to see how is she doing..
        I have the faith everything will be ok…
        Many loves to you…

    • Dear Gisela:
      I’m glad that this message touched your heart. What I wrote is what I really feel. I will keep your sister in my prayers and know that she will come out of this and be a much stronger person mentally and physically.
      I have appreciated everything you have done for me this past year. It’s been a blessing to get to know you and what a kind and giving person you truly are.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Thanks so much for your kind message.. and your prayers.. I am sure they also will do a lot..
        my sister need all our prayers at this moment.. she is strong and positive and I am sure she will come out of this very soon..
        I thank you too for all the inspirational messages you always give us here.. though you know I was lead hear for Michael .. its not only for him that I am here now.. its about all that we share here..
        I cant go a day without visiting this place and share a little with you and with all this wonderfull comunity..
        Many blessings to you too. 🙂
        un Abrazo Grande

    • Querida Gisela,

      Mis oraciones estan contigo, tu hermana y tu familia. Recuerda que la fe mueve montañas.

      Un abrazo grande,

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Ana AP
        mil gracias por tus oraciones que son bienvenidas y muy apreciadas..
        hoy hable con mi hermana.. estaba un poco decaida de la sesion de esta semana pero de buen animo ..esperando su ultima quimio para la semana proxima si Dios quiere… termina con esa su ultima quimio antes de pasar a la radioterapia.. esperemos que todo salga bien..
        muchas gracias por tu preocupacion..

    • Gisela:
      I have asked God to bless your sister to be healed from her cancer. We are all praying for you and love you.


      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Dear N
        Thanks a lot for you prayers.. they are so much apreciated..
        thanks so much for your kind message..
        love to you..

    • Dear Gisela,

      I will pray for your sister that she may heal, and for you and your family to have faith and trust. A very close friend of mine had cancer two years ago, I know what stress and fear that brings, but trust me , she came out a stronger person and is fine now. I trust and pray the same will happen with your sister.

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers..
        we need them now specially my sister..
        she is 5 years younger than me… and she is a very fighter woman… I hope that after the next week last chimio sesion.. she will beguin to feel better.. and she will recover soon .. thats what we all hope..
        much love..

    • Querida Gisela, my prayers for you and your sister! Sending good vibrations!


      • Dear Gisela,
        my prayers for you and your sister. Many blessings

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:


        Thanks a lot for your prayers.. we need them now and are very much apreciated…
        she is a strong woman .. we have the faith she will win this battle.
        Thanks a lot for your kind message…
        Peace to you all..

    • Querida Gisela: Rezo por la recuperación de su hermana, deseo lo mejor para ella y para usted. Quie Dios le paz y esperanza en este momento.
      Un abraso grande. Muchos cariños para usted.

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Anabella: muchas gracias ..! tenemos esperanza que todo esto pase.. ella es fuerte.. esta luchando.. solo le falta una quimio mas la semana que viene y luego la radioterapia..
        con el favor de Dios.. esperemos que todo salga bien..
        cariños para ti tambien..

      • Hola Gisela:
        Cuando tengas noticias de tu hermana contanos, yo no pude comprender muy bien la enfermedad que tiene ella porque en el primer mensaje escribiste en inglés. Cuenta con nuestro apoyo en estos momentos. Estoy orando por su hermana. Hay que conservar la fe y la esperanza.
        Un beso.

    • Querida Gisela: tu hermana estará en mis oraciones.
      Mucha fuerza y mucha fé.

      • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

        Muchas gracias Ana.. tus oraciones seran de gran ayuda…de seguro que si…mi hermana es luchadora. se que saldra de esto..
        mil gracias …un abrazo..

  19. Dear Cherokee Billie, Dear blog-friends

    I love this post and unfortunately it is so right and also sad that more and more people are just trying to get the most impressive present for family and friends but forget the real message of Christmas. To me that is like celebrating someone’s birthday without inviting the person whose birthday it is.
    Merry Christmas to all of you on this blog.

  20. Jennifer Rose said:

    I gave $12(I have no income infortunately) to the C.A.R.E. organization and with that they will multiply my donation by 4!^_^
    It goes towards feeding children for the holiday all over the word. $15 pays for 36 kids, so at least I know I’m making I dent…=} (yay)
    I’ve giving out food @ Christmas too in Minnesota again…so yep yep.
    LOVE HELPING OTHERS.Its a feeling like no other.<3
    Love you all! Have a safe and happy holiday!
    Feliz Navidad!
    God bless+take care, your sister in Christ and Spirit,

  21. Hi Gizela,

    Thank you for appreciating my post! It was somthing that i felt strongly about. But as Cherokee said let’s not forget those who are having a difficult time! I was Thinking about Michael Jackson’s children and the rest of his family! My Heart and prayers go out to them all. Your sister too Gizella! May God ease her pain and heal her with speedy recovery! In shallah (God willing).

    Peace n Love to you and everyone on the blog:)

    • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

      Thank you Saba… for your message..
      I hope God helps my sister to get over this desease.. and get better… and also a help for my mom who is so very much worried about her…
      thanks again for your lovely message…
      peace for all..

  22. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    You won’t be alone this christmas for all of us, your friends on the blog, will be by your side, and I’ll defenitely get on line that day since I’m not going anywhere that day either.
    Love you

  23. Hello everyone, I kinda stumbling on to this website by mistake or maybe I was lead to it.

    Anyways, I’ve always loved Christmas up until 2000 when I lost my beloved father. Even though Christmas was his favorite Holiday, I always seem to get the blues this time of year and this year with Michael being gone it was even worse. Things started to change this year when my mom & I put up the Christmas tree, the lights were so beautiful that instead of being sad I smiled and felt my heart swell w/love.

    I’ve been dreaming of my dad lately & last nite I dreamt of Michael. He had on the clothes that he has on in the picture that CB has on here and he was surrounded by light and he smiled at me w/ that GORGEOUS smile of his. I dreamt that this morning right before I woke up, it was as it he was telling me to open my eyes because it was time for me to get ready for work.

    Thank you CB for delivering Michael’s messages to us, please tell him & my Daddy that I love & miss them both so much but I know they are happy over there.

    I would also like to ask everyone to pray for my good friend Kea, 2 days after Michael passed, she lost her 9 year old daughter to the H1N1 virus. (Swine flu) She’s taking it very hard, we all are, she was a beautiful child.

    • Dear P:
      I’m so glad that you have found your way to my blog. Nothing happens by accident and I’m sure that spirit led you here. I’m glad that you’re starting to feel better about Christmas. Do what ever you can to help someone else during the holidays and you will feel better and To be following the example that Michael put forth. I will pray for your friend Kea and ask that the angel Rafael heal her heart. Her daughter is definitely in spirit and happy and would like her mother to know that.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Hi P, wellcome to our family!! You can always count on us!

      Oh, what a lovely experience you had with our dear Michael 🙂

      It’s nice to see your love and concern for your friend!
      She’ll be in my prayers, too!

    • Hello P and welcome,Your heart will be uplifted on this blog. I’m not sure as to if God or Michael lead me to this website but Im so thankful that someone did as my life has definately changed for the better. Cherokee Billie is a lovely warm spiritual lady who gives us all so much comfort and inspiration as well as wonderful messages from our special Michael. Im sure all the family on here will pray for your friend Kea. God Bless Anne UK

    • Dear P, welcome to this place. I understand about how you feel at Christmas. My father died on Christmas morning 13 years ago this Christmas. It was bittersweet for us. My father had suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s for several years. He was bedridden, could not take care of himself, and did not recognize us. My girls were 10 and 8 when he died, and they said that was the saddest Christmas that they ever had. I told them to think that their Granddaddy was not in a wheelchair anymore and was reunited with my mother, who had passed away the year before. They had been married for 60 years when my mom died. We were very sad, however, and I still get sad this time of year, but I think of the happy times and memories. I also know that one day I will be reunited with them again. Not anytime soon, I hope, but when the time comes.

      I am very sorry about Kea’s little girl. She will be in my prayers. It is good that you are there to support her and to just be there for her.

    • Prayers always there P for you, yours, Kea…Amen

  24. Welcome P 🙂 I’m sure MJ led you here to this wonderful blog 🙂
    My heart goes out to your friend Kea, . I will pray for her.

  25. hi everyone,
    sorry i haven’t been availalble. i’ve been so busy with christmas around the corner and work its just been so crazy. i have taken on the responsibility of the holidays and it takes so much planning. i have a christmas party and two cookie swaps that i’m involved in. my days are full.
    i love coming to this blog cherokee especially after a long hard day. its so uplifting. you’ve made such an impact with your message about christmas. when i read this it forced me to remember all those who are less fortunate than i am. here i am going to christmas parties and baking cooking and driving around in my fancy car. i feel so guilty sometimes. i have worked very hard to get where i am today but i still can’t help wonder why some people have so little. i plan to visit a shelter this year to show my son that part of life. i think he really needs to see how lucky he is so can appreciate what he has and thank God everyday for it. thank you so much for reminding us all what is truly important. we all should dedicate some of our time to help others.

  26. Hello,
    Dear Cherokee Billie, I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while. I found your blog about a month after Michael passed and I am very happy to have found you. I have admired him all my life, so his death has caused me a lot of pain. I’m still not over it yet, but I’m healing slowly. He has changed my life completely and I am a totally different person thanks to him, I think it was meant to be. I have been given the chance to visit the holy place he is in in my dreams, I have no doubt that it was a sign, it happened some time before he died. A month before Michael’s death I lost my cousin, he committed suicide, so this has been a really difficult year for my family. The place I have been to in my dreams was undescribable, I dreamt that I died, passed through the tunnel and arrived to a marvellous place, in an instant all pain, fear, anxiety, anything negative was taken away from me, I was surrounded by light, undescribable peace, happiness, joy. When I woke up I said it this is what really happens I am not afraid of death, and if Michael and my cousin are in this wonderful place, then they really must be happy. I wondered about my experience, wondered if it was really not just a dream, but when I found your blog, I realized that it was certainly more than a dream and this is quite possible. I’m just thinking what a blessing it would be to meet Michael after I pass, but I wonder, I have always had a very deep connection with him all my life, but he didn’t know me personnally,is it still possible for us to meet? Will he know me or will i know him then?
    In this special time of Christmas I pray for his family and my cousin’s family too for healing. Finding your blog has been a thing meant to be. Now I know more than ever how fortunate I am and how lucky I am. I am sorry it had to take the death of my beloved ones to realize the real values in life. Please Cherokee, send my love to Michael, tell him how much I loved him all my life and how thankful I am for having changed my life. Michael thank you for everything. My life will never be the same but I know you are watching over us and now seeing how many people have loved you and will love you forever.
    Blessings to everyone in need.
    Please, dear Cherokee keep sending us his messages. It means a lot to us, his fans. Thank you.

  27. my thoughts and wishes are with those people who are alone at christmas
    i went through many yrs being alone at christmas and its not nice at all
    i am blessed to have 2 beautiful children who make christmas for me so special
    they are kind and thoughtful and i am so happy to have them in my life
    dear billiecherokee does michael know me, does he know where i am if so can you ask him just to send some healing love to my daughters who are at the moment not very well especially alisha she has very bad asthma at this moment and is coughing so much its making her so tired
    many thanks and god bless love marie xx
    oh and thankyou for you beautiful messages they make me feel stronger and more positive about life

  28. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I have a question. It might seems a little bit stupid but I’m wondering. I found one old message from Michael, from august, I think, and this is a quote which I found intriguing:

    “I know many people do not believe that I am communicating from Spirit. Yes, it is me and I’m able to communicate quite easily. There’s going to come a time where it will be more difficult for me to come through to different psychic mediums. Right now I’m still much attached to the third dimension and it’s easy for me to communicate. As I go further into Spirit that communication will lessen.”

    Does it mean that with time he will stop communicate with us and if he will, does it mean that he will as a Spirit completely forget his past life. Would he be able feeling love from his children, from his friends and fans forever knowing where this love is comming from?

    Love, Annie

    • Dear Annie:
      Michael is moving further up into spirit and that is why there are not as many new messages. He will still communicate, but it will not be as much as it was over the past few months. He will never stop communicating with his children and family. He will still feel the love that is coming to him in spirit.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Dear Cherokee Billie,
        As Michael moves further into spirit, will it still be possible to feel his presence sometimes or will that eventually stop?

        Just wondering….

      • Dear Anna H:

        you will still be able to feel his spirit whenever he has reasons to come to us. Remember he has a spiritual mission and he will be connecting with us. I will still receive channeled messages from him when he has something of importance to say. When people call me and ask for me to channel him, he is always happy to respond. I’m able to go deep into spirit and connect with him.
        Don’t worry Michael will always be around.
        Many blessings,
        Cherokee Billie

      • Thank you.

      • Thank you Cherokee very much!

        Kiss, Annie 🙂

  29. Dear P:

    I have asked God to bless Kea and to give you the strength to help Kea with her loss.
    Welcome to the family. 🙂


  30. Hello Cherokee and all you happy people hee hee. Hope you are all doing well and here’s a christmas video I made and just got uploaded hope you all like it.

    • dear Lisa:
      as always another wonderful and beautiful video from you. I so admirer your work. this is also a beautiful message.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Gisela(Venezuela) said:

      Thank you Lisa for this video and wonderfull song..

    • Dear Lisa:
      Very beautiful video you made. You can tell your dedication. And could you express the true spirit of Christmas.
      Much love to you.

      This image is for you, hope you like:

      Much love.

    • Hi everybody, how are you all today?

      Thank you for the video Lisa, I loved it too ^_^ very sweet!! This song brings love and peace to our hearts!

      May you and all my friends here have a great Holiday season! Full of love and blessings! Heey, Christmas is coming!!! Can’t wait 😀

    • Lisa…. Beautiful thanks 🙂 Susanxxx

  31. Thank you so much Cherokee Billie for giving us some Christmas happiness. I thank you for taking your time to read everyone’s comments and giving a response. Most of the time there are so many comments and I wonder if you’ll ever finish reading them all.LOL!

  32. Hello All,

    I just wanted to share with you the message that Brother J (Jesus) has been sharing to ENLIGHTEN MANKIND about the truth of his birth.

    Christ Jesus channeled through Virginia Essene

    In this busy holiday season – what many call Christmas in various parts of the world, too many of you are already becoming stressed. That is why I will be sharing some thoughts with you about Christmas, especially, since it is considered by many to be a celebration of my birth as Lord Jesus. However, as some of you have heard me explain before, December 25th was not my actual birth date but a date the early church chose because there had already been so many winter rituals and celebrations among the common people during that season of the year due to the fact that December 21st is usually the longest, darkest night of the year.

    Over a period of years, the church simply took what was already a popular time for rituals and celebrations and added me to that event. If you are a new reader I hope this will not be disturbing news to you, but I was actually born in the springtime. However, I am very content and totally willing to assist in any celebration during the longest, darkest day and night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This longest day of darkness is quite depressing to people even today when you have easy access to various lighting systems that earlier peoples lacked.

    Cynt. G.

    P.S. Thank GOD for the Clairvoyant, who bring us much of the truth that was once hidden From the Masses.

  33. Hi, Everyone! Things seemed kind of slow here today, so I found something special to bring to you!!! Enjoy!!! 🙂

    You can’t help but giggle with this song!

  34. Thanks Anna H…. Very cute. I loved this song when I was little 🙂
    I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend 🙂

  35. Greetings everyone!
    I’ve been thinking and praying for you all, and really busy because of the Holidays. This year is a financial struggle for me,a nd I’ve been really worried about it. But I keep trying to remember what tha Holidays are really about, love, togetherness, sharing, giving,etc… I,m just grateful for every day I’m here. Life is the greatest gift of all! I wish all of you happy and healthy holidays, but every day each of us are alive is Christmas, so to me every day on earth is a holiday. Cherokee, I hope you have special friends to share the holidays with. You know you always have us. I do ask for one thing this Christmas though. I need you all to pray for me, to help me stay faithful. Sometimes I get so discouraged, because I can’t feel or see or hear those I love so much, who have passed. I just pray they can hear me, and I wish I could get confirmation from them that they do. It makes me sad and discouraged sometimes. That’s why I feel so blessed to know everyone here. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

    By the way,
    I saw the latest issue of Globe magazine today with an update on Michael’s death. I know these magazines can have lies in them, but the article said that Michael’s death was a planned homicide, and that Michael told a friend that he was in “terror” for his life right before he died. This, they mentioned is why the Jackson family stands firm with their accusations. i hope this is not true. I will believe what Michael said about his death until there is absolute proof.

    Seasons Greetings

    P.S. Michael I still miss you so much. Please let me know you can hear me!!
    And mom, my heart aches so much without you here with me for the holidays and everyday!!

    • Dear Holly, you and Heidi are in my prayers..your loved ones will be always with you! you’re strong! cheer up dear : )

    • Dear Holly:
      I want you to be happy, to find how beautiful life is, and you can always find a reason to smile, you have to have. Allow yourself to be happy and be loved by others.
      Do not isolate yourself, find companionship and love in their loved ones. Do good things for others and feel better with more strength to continue.
      Try to think positive thoughts, negative away. It is my humble advice.
      I’m praying for you.
      Much love and happiness you desire.

  36. Cherokee, thank you very much these wonderful words
    I think the grateful smile of a child or someone humble when they receive a plate of meal or a gift, it´s more valuable than any other material gift.

    Cherokee as has been said here, you’re not alone..although we are far, I want to you know..I’ll be thinking of, many of us here will do it 😉

    thanks to Anna H, Ana, Lisa for the wonderful videos : )

    Querida Gisela estaré rezando para que Dios y los angelés protejan y le den mucha fuerza a tu hermana, mucho amor!
    Un beso grande para las dos

  37. Thanx to everyone for the warm welcome, it really touched my heart!

    Well, Kea was involved in an accident a few days ago, the bus she was on got hit by a tractor trailer! She’s fine, wasn’t hurt, just a lil shaken up. She said she did have thoughts of why wasn’t she killed so she’d be w/ her daughter again and not have to go through all this pain, but then she said she heard God tell her that it is not her time yet and she is here for a reason. She’s slowly starting to heal, thanx for all of the prayers!

    I was at the mall today and they were playing the J-5 Christmas album and Michael was singing I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and I just stopped for a moment and smiled. I’m healing too, a few months ago I could barely stand to listen to any of his music w/o bursting into tears!
    1 thing that I am having a hard time with is, I STILL have such disgust and contempt for the media and the accusers who put Michael through hell on earth! I know that he would want me to forgive them, but it makes me so angry to hear people call him those horrible names. CB, will the truth ever come out? I know Michael could care less now, but I would love to see his name cleared once and for all!! I’ll love him regardless, with all my heart forever!

    • Thank God Kea is ok. Wrecks are scarry. I am sure her angels where by her side protecting her. All us MJ fans will forever love him and long to see him in heaven one day. Peace be with you and all.

  38. This song is so appropriate with this subject! One of my favorite! Enjoy! 🙂

    Kiss, Annie 🙂

    • Dear Annie and fellow bloggers, Yeah another M.O.M. Vid,

      I just saw this…a great video with more history in it. It
      is awesome and the song is awesome and has so many
      meanings and pieces to it. In modern times and recent
      studies of the past few years I have read many opinions
      on faith in several religions..but I truly do not know enough and thirst for peace, spiritual union, bonds strong enough to unite us in our similarities as well as differences.
      Yesterday I bought a book I’ve been wanting, “The Faith
      Club”, A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew–Three Women Search
      for Understanding by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, and Priscilla Warner—with special features inside—-
      The special features in this 2007 paper back edition include:
      1. How to Start a Faith Club
      2. Reading Group Guide
      3. Q & A with the Authors

      Native American Spirituality would be a fabulous addition
      to the next edition of the book.

      Many here may know of this book and these brave women. They got together after 9/11 in New York City
      as mothers of children trying to make a difference.

      I’m a slow reader and currently very very exhausted with my work and life. On a good “healing crisis”. I still through the grace of Spirit got out yesterday and heard my Susan Boyle CD in three stores finding it…thanks God.
      This is a blue moon December Christmas…2 full moons this month. I’m 25 pages into it and completely rivited to it. Rivited to it…a phrase meaning so interested I do not
      want to put it down. But I am putting it down to write this
      and wish you all the best of Blue Moon Christmas, High
      Holy Days, ETC. The “How to’s” I have mentioned are in
      the proper respective languages in the back of the book.
      This reference is my message of the deepest love and prayers to Cherokee Billie and my fellow blog friends.

      May peace be with us all in eternity for evermore,


      • Hi Sarah, I looked up the book after reading your post, and it looks very interesting. I like it because it involves real people with everyday questions and comparisons. Thanks for sharing. I will look for it.
        Peace and love to you and yours,

        • Thanks for so many kind followups and support…you
          are only few years older I think than me…I was 50 in October…14 months younger than MJ and there was a piece of selfishly wanting him here for the second half…alas he is here in a better way…just hard on our level…thanks for all the dear encouragement really glad book held interest for you . Anna H.; another soul with the heart of Jesus to me…that is open to the ever revealing learnings like me…I always have to say plug in spirit of Universe or anything if I got it wrong…
          Dear Anna H….peace, love, and prayers…Sarah

          c just plug in the Creator or whatever..I received Holy Love from you…on shaky, shaky day…Sarah

      • Thank you, Sarah, for your compliments I try to help others, but don’t always do what I should. I miss Michael too. I didn’t really pay much attention to him until after hiis death, then it was like I had to know all that I could to find him…meaning who he was. I don’t understand it at all. I felt the same way when Princess Diana died, but not as strongly as with Michael. I also read and tried to find out as much as I could about her. These are the only two famous people that I have felt this way for. Again I don’t understand it at all.

        I am 56; I was born in 1953. It is like the song that Michael wrote for Ryan White when he passed away “Gone Too Soon.” He is busy learning and preparing. I think about his mother and his children everyday. He loved, and still loves them, so much. I cannot imagine the loss that Mrs. Jackson must feel sometimes.
        Take care of yourself. You are very kind.
        Blessings to you and yours,

        • Thank you for a solid foundation of love for my real break..I tried to before and couldn’t. I loved Michael in College 77-81 and again in Master’s degree 83-86, My Thriller Album and We Are the World album are Vynil (can’t spell vynal this am)!!!
          But like you sonething happened so deep on the leaving. At first I thought folks were having an identity crisis and even on a reading with CB said I’m not going to talk about Michael…subsequently
          it all hit and hit hard. The sweetest woman at the bookstore wth these awesome retro cateye frames said as I was buying some theing..”It’s just
          because before we knew he was there” she is a new acquaintance…a real doll. Thank you again for the deepest of security in people understand things.
          I always come with love and understanding…I am most greatful to my tough family that does love me for that continual fine tuning…things will be better
          soon and I too look forward to talking to you again sometime on the road…Peace that passes all understanding be with you and yours for evermore.
          Amen Love, Sarah

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