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Citrine and Crystal clusters

Citrine and Crystal clusters

Thanks to Tarryn many of you expressed interest in crystals and stones. I thought I would give you a bit of a teaching to help you understand why crystals and jewels have long been recognized for their protection and healing capabilities.

By the time many folks start investigating crystals, they may have been through some scary or at least challenging times in their lives and looking some relief, quickly if possible. It would be convenient if we could simply pull out The Healing Crystal, but I’m afraid that it’s not that simple. A bit more education is in order before the best crystal or mineral can be selected for the kind of help that is being sought. What I suspect that most people are referring to would be the clear quartz crystal that most every one has seen at one time in their lives. Many practitioners that use crystals and minerals for healing work would agree that the quartz crystal in various shapes and sizes is truly one of the most versatile and useful crystals the earth has to offer.

Metaphysically, the quartz crystal can be easily programmed to help provide a positive outcome. It can clear away negative energy from the aura and re-align the chakra (energy) centers of the body. It can be useful in long distance healing through imaging and meditation. It is beyond the scope of this article to have a full discourse of quartz crystals. You can find many books written about crystal healing and you will see that discussion of quartz crystals in these books usually takes a lions share of the space, and rightfully so.

Why use Color?
Because it is relatively easy to learn the color healing system, and once it is learned you can use it to quickly identify what crystal or mineral to use for specific healing. The use of color to create or alter certain emotions or moods has long been an excepted practice by many traditional professional mental health doctors and care givers. We also borrow from ancient eastern culture to further associate these colors to the various chakra centers in the body. A chakra is an energy center of which there 7 major centers starting with the root located at the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head. Each chakra has an associated color (or colors) and each of these colors can be easily associated with the colors of the crystals or minerals which affect that area of the body.

Here is a list of the 7 major chakras and their associated colors:

1st chakra – The ROOT
Primary color is red, other colors associated with the Root Chakra are black brown, and gray.
Gemstones like Garnet or Onyx, Red Jasper

2nd chakra – The Naval
Primary color is orange, others are all various shades of orange.
Gemstones like Carnelian, orange Zincite

3rd chakra – The Solar Plexus
Primary color is yellow, others are various shades of yellow.
Gemstones like Citrine, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz

4th chakra – The Heart
Primary color is green and shades of green, the secondary color is pink.
Gemstones like Rose Quartz or green Tourmaline or Aventurine

5th chakra – The Throat
Primary color is light blue like aqua or turquoise, secondary colors are various shades of lighter blues.
Gemstones like Turquoise or Blue Lace Agate

6th chakra – The Third eye ( or brow)
Primary color is dark blue or various shades of dark blue.
Gemstones like Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite

7th chakra – The Crown
Primary color is purple, the secondary colors are shades of purple and colorless (clear) or white.
Gemstones like Amethyst or Clear Quartz

If you can memorize (or print-out) these associated colors with their chakra centers, you can then go anywhere and pick out a crystal or mineral that will help with the affected area.

Now having said all of that, you must remember that each kind of crystal and mineral can and does have other transformational properties that are specific to that crystal or mineral. When you want to acquire more in depth knowledge about these properties, buy or check out one or more of the many books that cover this subject. But in the meantime you now have enough information to make a reasonably good pick by using the associated color method.

It has been shown through Kerlian photography that the aura or energy fields surrounding objects extend a considerable distance from its core. This greatly applies to crystals and stones.

OK, OK, but how do they actually work ??
Fact is I don’t really know, but it must have something to do with faith, believing, imaging, and the greater god consciousness that is beyond words or speech. I know that there are nice folks out there in the world that would never believe that a rock or such could ever help them in any way. If it is true that we actually live many many lives and reincarnation is fact, then these people are simply in a particular incarnation that precludes them from having such beliefs (this time around).

Unfortunately, pain is one of our great motivator’s and equalizers. This could be physical or emotional pain, but it does have a way of getting our attention, and opening our minds to things which may give us some relief from this pain. But it’s not always pain that gives us incentive to search beyond our past experience for new solutions or answers.

Sometimes it’s just a need to break away from old habits, maybe find a new career that can be fulfilling, or to find a new mate with which we will be proud to share our lives. Personally I believe that crystals can be effective if we empower them to help us. They work on the subtle energy level at our core and out in our auras.

Crystals can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments, and can be seen as a pro- active step in-between doctor visits.

There are many ways that we can help ourselves to heal and participate in our own recovery, using crystals is surely one of them.


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  1. Thanks for posting this Cherokee.

    When I went to the mountains last year. I bought a crystal and a few different colored stones.

    I have quite a few now, and keep them in my bedroom. I havent taken them out of their bag recently, but maybe I should again. 😉
    Thank you for reminding me, what each one does. I lost the card that came with them.

    • Dear Dee:
      I’m glad this article brought back to you the reminder of using your stones and crystals. I know how much they help.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Hello Cherokee thank you for this article. I do beleive in healing stones and the quartz crystals they seem to have an energy to them. My ex husband would use them when I had a sciatic nerve problems because at that time I was in horrible pain, and I was willing to try anything. These clear quarts crystals felt like a heat or energy was coming from them. My ex would practice indian teachings such as hawk feathers and rub that on me, and beleive me that had energy to. I don’t remember everything but when he would swipe the feathers that was really powerful and I felt energy from up above. It was blessed by the chief. In time I everntually healed, but I was in pain for years. I just thank God I don’t have that problem now. Stones, feathers, sage, and lots of prayer helped. Ask god, and he does hear us and he takes care of each and everyone of us. Sorry I was a little off base talking about the feathers, but I believed in its healing. Peace be with you all.

    • dear Lisa:
      thank you for sharing this wonderful story of the power of the quartz crystal for healing. When you know how to use it it does generate heat and is quite powerful. I agree that feathers have incredible healing energies as well. I have written about feathers in the past. All of these things were placed here for our usage and all we have to do is use them. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. ♥ Julie ♥ said:

    This is wonderful Cherokee!
    Thanks for posting this. I have always wanted to know the certain healing qualities of each stone. I have an amethyst in it’s natural form. I also have a rose quartz pendulum. I love gem stones they are so beautiful!

  4. Thanks for this post Cherokee Billie, I have Aragonite and Clear Quartz in my house and I always carry with me in my pocket a small round clear quartz with a gold Angel on it – it’s like carrying my guardian angel with me. I also have aragonite on my key ring as well…guess you could say I like my
    I can never remember all of the Chakra colours apart from the Crown (purple’s my absolute favourite colour) and Solar Plexus, i’ll print off what you wrote so that I never forget again 🙂

    Love & Light x

  5. Dear Cherokee and Dear All
    Thank you once again for your generous teaching about crystals, stones and they relate to the chakra system. I feel very ignorant about this subject and always felt it was too complicated to learn, thus I did not bother. The way you explained it sounds so simple, it has given me renewed interest. Lisa’s response also makes it sound very worthwile to learn . I am definitely going to take a second look into the healing power of crystals.

    One Love,
    Anne Florence

  6. Thank you Cherokee for posting all the info on crystals and stones. I wear a chakra gem stone ring, and chakra balancing bracelet, but would now like to get separate stones aswell to put around the house. Do you cleanse them with salt too?

    • Yes, you should cleanse any stones, jewelry or crystals every three days. Remember they are collecting energy and you want to remove the negative and that’s why I’m mention putting them in to the sun shines so they can receive positive energy. You can also just breathe on them with the intention of positive energy.
      Hope this helps.

  7. Oh I’m sorry Cherokee I’m not thinking, what I meant to ask was do you cleanse them with sea salt, or just regular table salt?

    • Hi Tarryn, how are you?

      I don’t know the correct term for this in english, but the salt that comes in “little stones” is better for cleaning from negative energies than the salt that is industrialized ^_^


    • Sea salt is good but regular salt will work as well. Maybe you’ll take a picture of you wearing your pendant so we can see how it shines on you.
      Many blessings,

  8. Thanks Cherokee. This is really helpful for me (as per what you told me in our chat) I haven’t been able to find any courses here in my City, but they offer lots of courses on-line which look interesting. It’s just a matter of which one to choose. Susanxxx

  9. Hi everyone, Hi Cherokee! How are you all doing today? (I’m doing much better than the past few days.. LOL :D)

    Oh, I really liked this post! Very nice information, I’m certainly gonna print it!

    I love stones!! I’m sure my pink quartz (rose quartz) have already helped me a lot! Now I’m excited about the moonstone!

    I think we can be succesful in achieving their benefits if we do a correct programmation on them, clean them for releasing negative energies, and specially respect them. Stones are living beings (it’s sad that many people forget this..), I call my stones of “friends”, because I consider them this way 🙂

    Talking about the chakras, I brought you guys some beautiful images:

    Light and Love to all! 🙂 *HUG*

  10. Dear Cherokee Billie, I hope you are well today. Thanks for the posting on crystals, I am a great believer in them and particularly love my fluorite heart which I carry round with me. I also take liquid crystals which are truly transformational. Have a fabulous day, love Liz

  11. Cherokee, very interesting thanks! I believe totally in the benefits of crystals and stones..I read that are inorganic energy alive and as you said, all of these things are here on earth for our benefit.
    Thank you for the infotmation it´s very useful I will see which is ideal for me..oh I loved the moonstone!

    I hope you and all are well and having a wonderful day!

  12. Dear Cherokee,

    How are you? How do you feel? Inquiring minds want to

    Thank you for the rock and crystal sharings..what is just passing through my head is the phrase and I mean just..I was not thinking this when I started..”From dust
    thow art and to dust thow shalt return”…that I never liked.
    Scared me and too sad at fact awful to me..
    but I have always liked rocks, gems, crystals..I can recieve
    good things I don’t understand…a part of what this phrase
    can now mean to me is we are all connected and loved
    by good things of this earth and beyond..with Great Spirit
    …we are made of it…oh I hope I make sense..Sarah

    • Dear Sarah:
      thank you for asking how I’m doing. So far some days are good-some not so good. our bodies may turn into dust, but our spirits will be alive and Active. Everything has energy including crystals. That’s why they can be used for so many different things. There are many good things on this earth and that’s what we need to keep focused on. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,

      • Dear Cherokee: I’ll keep praying for your recovery! Thank you for telling us how you’re doing 🙂

      • Cherokee, we hope you have many better days from now on. I will continue praying all nights for you, too!

      • Thanks Cherokee for really letting me know…loved your
        reply…in accordance whole heartedly…same for me on
        my healings…you are in continued prayers..thank
        you for all you are doing…Sarah

  13. Dear fellow Blog group,

    I just read what I think important entry from Katje
    at end of last channelled Michael entry..marked Oct 22
    at end of Oct 18 message…think it will “touch” all of us.


    • Hi everyone! Hi Sarah! Thanks for recomending this comment from Katja, really beautiful! (I’ve commented here hours earlier, but WordPress server says it’s “waiting for moderation”.. I think it’s because I brought links of images *laughs*).

      To all: xoxo ^_^

    • Dear Sarah,
      I read Katja’s entry. Everything she wrote was heartfelt.
      Just Beautiful!

      • Thanks you all..little blue today this connecting scares it away…It was really wonderful..Love, Sarah

  14. Dear Cherokee,
    I need a private reading, maybe I will call you next week. This is my first time, I´m very nervious and I don´t know how to do it. I would like to know if the payment is in dollars, I have a credit card. I live in Argentina and I speak Spanish but I also know English.
    Can you answer by mail?, because I want to know if I have to tell you the name of the person I would like to chanel now or I can do it when I call you. I would like to know all this because our local hour it´s not the same.
    Thank you Cherokee! Many blessings!!

  15. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better Cherokee 🙂 I’m away for a few days. It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand. I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend coming up. I’ll look foward to catching up with the Blog next week 🙂
    Light and Love Susanxxxxxx

  16. The grief that I experience for Michael is in waves whereas some days I can feel sad but I get through the day okay. Then there are days that the grief will hit me hard with my soul aching. Today it is hitting me hard. Not a good day.

    • Dear MaryAnn: You’ll be in my prayers tonight! And I’m sending good vibrations to you! 😉

      Today was tough for me, too.. I was feeling good, but something happened in the end of the afternoon that really upset me.. I’m begining to feel better now (maybe dear Michael helped me!).

      It’s not easy, sometimes memories come back to turn us down.. But try to concentrate on fun things, listen to beautiful music..

      Here, I brought you one! This song always cheers me up!!


      • Oh Mayra and MaryAnn, Prayers, Hugs, truly..a Blueish
        day…will pray for all in dreams too… Mayra see below,
        finally did it!!! I really love this artist and song..heard it couple times before..this was a treat to put
        it together…Sarah

    • Estimated MaryAnn:
      I wish you could recover, I understand that at times can be sad, but I feel that Michael is still with us. I think it is close to each one of us. And the messages channeled by Cherokee are evidence that Michael continues to love and care from the sky. I believe in it. I want my words to comfort her a bit more. There is something that I always have this and that is that Michael does not want us to be sad. Remember the song Smile. Michael Búsquea through music. I’m sure, because Michael himself said, it is now very happy and I have faith that someday we will be sharing his happiness with him.
      With love

    • Dear MaryAnn, I’m with you in your sadness. I know how hard it is sometimes just to go through the day and do what we usually do, trying to pretend that everything is ok. Smiling through pain is the hardest thing, but is what Michael always did for us. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight and I’ll talk to Michael like I always do.
      I hope you’ll rest well tonight and remember, Tomorrow is another day.

  17. Dear Cherokee:
    Thanks for the note, I knew the healing powers of crystals. I am learning many things that I never knew before, it’s nice to learn.
    I was talking to my mom about it, and I said something that had not ever told me. She in her Yoga class used to open the chakra stones. In this regard I found this:
    The chakras open amplifying power yoga, meditation, eating a balanced, positive thoughts and emotions and excitement are treatments including acupuncture and massage. Also energizing colors and stones.
    I also inquired what he said about photography Kirlian I once saw a documentary about it and I liked a lot.
    Possibly all shone, but not the same and we can not know with our view as excel. Do not know if this theory is correct. Recently, by reading this blog, I try to keep in mind positive thoughts and reject the negative and appear well, and thus can shine.

    I want everyone to have a nice night.


    How are you? I hope that very well.

  18. Thanks for your message on stones. I have always been inquisitive about stones. This clears up a lot of my questions.

  19. Ok Everyone…Michael I’m sure is sending us these
    in an even more real and pure way because as was said,
    He is now in a place where the love is pure..he said
    we are each special to him and he knows need for cheering first real You Tube Post Try and I’m allergic to
    computer all praying now…What I know is following…
    positive thinking in progress…montage of hugs, and one
    special hug I relate so to…love them all
    Michael even more for being kind through this….hope this
    gives all a real hug and a few chuckles…he had to chuckle
    through a couple…Sarah

    • Dear Sarah:
      Thanks for the videos, exciting moments for young and for Michael!

      • Thanks instantly were here with feedback…like Michael in Spirit…Like the Holy One,
        Great Spirit…etc…..sometimes I’m embarassed
        how much this touches me…thanks for positive

    • Yaay Sarah! You did it! The video works perfectly 😉

      Thank you for bringing it to us! Oooh, those girls in the shows are so lucky… Look how happy they are! Beautiful moments..

      Beautiful also the video (You Are Not Alone) with Lisa Marie..

      Talking about this song, dear Michael played it for me in my radio this night (I always turn the radio before sleep, I have one close to my bed ^_^). It made me so happy!!


      • Mayra:
        You are a lucky one, too! You got a sign! 🙂


      • Oh, you shoud have seen how happy I was when I heard the song.. 🙂

        You have a great day, dear N!!

      • Mayra, That was a hug and a sign….yeah…I think
        the Lisa Marie one is beautiful..a wonderful Maxwell
        Parish theme and tastfully done..they had and from
        many articles out there..shared a real love even after the story they were able to share a
        birthday dinner after divorce..and had a lovers window
        shop walk together oblivious to best of ability of press.
        He understands now ( through dear Cherokee’s Message) all the levels of why she couldn’t repeat
        her fathers issues…but I think he understood alot
        then was just doubly painful when he was ready
        for kids…and the core ailienation issues he had…thanks
        be to Michael for always being aware enough to rise
        above issues steadily here and in beyond to be
        a part of all this healing…Sarah

    • I loved that, Sarah! Thank you! 😉


    • Thank you Sarah!!

  20. Ok…All I saw was numbers and it worked!!! However is number 2:

    Love, Sarah

    • N..this one especially for you…because you asked..
      found another of same one…Sarah..All of this so sweet,
      and when time to go he gives eye contact until gone.
      When the right person gives a fellow person that unique one to one heart attention self esteem issues..truly
      can begin healing..he knew the pain and helped to heal the pain…I’ve learned that so deeply…and he still does
      and is committed to healing this even you
      more Michael and Blog Family…Sarah

    • Oh my gosh… that was just too much. I am so loving this one! Thank you so very much, Sarah! This was by far my favorite Y.A.N.A. video. 🙂


  21. I’m so glad you posted this Cherokee Billie! All the talk about crystals and stones in the last post’s comments had really got me thinking and curious about them in general so thanks for giving us all a good bit of info to understand the function of the different stones.

    I love your blog so much, I learn something new every visit. Weather it be about life, spirituality, or even things about who and what i am and want to be. Reading your posts and talking with your other readers is just a wonderful experience in it’s self and has really helped me grow as a person. You’ve truly created a wonderful and welcoming environment here!

    I really liked how you mentioned that all these natural things that people use for healing and other things are here and all we really need to do is use them. Me and my mother were discussing just that yesterday after I had read the comments. And we were saying how science is a gift from god. And that in that same way everything was put here for a reason and we just need to take advantage of all that he’s given us. I also wanted to make a comment about quartz. I have heard a lot about it on shows and other things, that paranormal activity is usually more common in areas which have lots of quartz. And I found that interesting too.

    Well anyway I hope your health is getting better still, and everyone else here on your blog is healthy as well! God bless all of you guys!!

    Love and Light,

    • Dear Ange:
      I’m so happy that this message has inspired you to seek out a new area of spirituality. The creator definitely put things here for us to use. Unfortunately mankind likes to take over and claim that the creator did not know what he was doing. I hope you give a try and read some more about crystals. There’s definitely more energy around the crystals. If you learn how to use them you will see what I mean.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  22. Thanks Mayra and Anabella for your words of kindness.

    Thanks Sarah for the videos of Michael with the girls.

    I did not know Michael would let some of the girls get on stage with him. He is such a sweetheart. That made their night! (made up for many of their nights 🙂
    I ache to hug him too!
    This is ridiculous! This longing to be near him came out of the blue after his death and it will not cease.
    So far therapy is not hindering my pain. Maybe in time it will ease up.

    Many Blessings,

    • Dear MaryAnn, I JUST UNDERSTAND. Where I didn’t fully
      before, still don’t get all of it but I truly, truly share
      sentiments…probably soul heart issues a little different
      for each person but not much..we live in a world that
      is severely hampered in giving and recieving all kinds
      of Love…Michael got that and lived it, he tried to heal
      it personally and help the world heal it just a little…
      and with his loss I see that where I just didn’t before.
      I think as a kid I got it subconsciouly and now old
      enough and separate enough from my original pains
      and bad things I survived to peel away the onion skin
      of healing…you I have a hunch have some kind of similar
      process for you…words mean nothing unless energized
      from Spirit and heart and emotions just have to heal with
      time like everything else..its hard to feel the excitement
      of the changes and grief at same time. Thank you for
      sharing with me…you will get healing and peace. You are
      in not give up..I pray for more breakthroughs
      for all of us…and any special contact anyone needs…Sarah

      • Also..yes want those hugs from right folks…Michael
        sure would have been one of them…hope he won’t
        mind a little one in heaven…and I sure hope and am pretty sure he is recieving all love like he really
        deserved and needed there…we will too…Sarah

    • Maryann,
      I understand every single word you say, all I can say is that Michael loves you too!! Don´t you worry and cheer up!! Many blessings! 🙂

  23. Much Love to you Sarah! Thank you.

  24. Here is a song that helps maybe in tributes and letting
    go’s to have a situation renew…I LOVE BONNIE RAITT.
    She does a lot for people…a lot of help with her fame..
    though no one can touch Michael Jackson…she got sober long long time ago and she is just awesome as a person..
    still going strong…Sarah

    • Absolutely BEAUTIFUL – thanks so much for sharing, Sarah. One of the most unselfish things you can do, is to let the one you love go – i.e. to love them enough to let them go.

      Much love and hugs.

      • Thanks Gudrun,

        The sound is a bit distorted and there are better
        ones out there..but not too bad and this one had
        her kind gestures…yes on sentiments
        and soon as I can really let go of something…it gets better…not always easily done
        to say the least…but I feel Michael is teaching this from spirit and this whole thing we can
        recieve and grow in Spirit and joy of Everlasting…
        Much love, Sarah

      • Dear anyone,

        Sometimes when I let go, really let go, that is when I receive heart’s desire or something bettter!

        The couple in this song each probably got something better…Love, Sarah

  25. I love Bonnie Raitt too! She’s a cool lady

    • Oh Mary Ann..way cool…I see there are some songs
      attached…some great ones and You’ve Got It which
      is a great friends helping friends one. This one may appeal to younger women on this blog…I’m just sure
      she learned from and would have loved a lot of the
      R & B and Blues/Soul people that Michael would have loved…She truly has a loving nature like MJ…major
      talent too. I believe she is considered or played in
      a lot of Adult Alternative stations…I just started to
      look her up on You Tube last night. I know she has
      colaborated with so so many and continues to do so,
      she has been there for a lot of my “phases”, thank
      God she is still around, she will no doubt help a lot
      in heaven too..again like MJ..but we need her here
      for long long time…smiles…Sarah

      • Sarah thanks for your help. I was feeling blue. I feel somewhat better today.
        The videos cheered me up. Bonnie Raitt was also a good choice. She is a sweet spirit and I have followed her career for a long time. I love it when she sings “Something to talk about”. Again thank you.

  26. Hi Cherokee, hi Everyone,

    I found this post very informative – thank you, Cherokee. I have always believed in the stones and crystals healing power.

    I once went to this special store, which sells stones and crystals – actually the store was overcrowded with them and I could only spend a couple of minutes in there, then I had to get out because the energy was just too overwhelming for me and I felt like I was about to faint (*laugh*).

    I hope you all have a beautifully blessed day!

    ps. Cherokee, I pray for you and hope you are doing well. Please take extra good care of yourself – you are too important 🙂

    • Gudrun….You have a blessed day yourself..I may
      have been in same store…smiles..but they are
      truly wonderful helpers and I’m greatful to be
      learning more…Sarah

  27. […] The Use and Power of Crystals « Cherokee Billie's Blog – view page – cached Thanks to Tarryn many of you expressed interest in crystals and stones. I thought I would give you a bit of a teaching to help you understand why crystals and jewels have long been recognized for… (Read more)Thanks to Tarryn many of you expressed interest in crystals and stones. I thought I would give you a bit of a teaching to help you understand why crystals and jewels have long been recognized for their protection and healing capabilities. (Read less) — From the page […]

  28. Hi Cherokee and Everyone,

    I bought an Amethyist crystal necklace 11 years ago at a metaphysical/spiritual book store. It was called ‘Mother of (somthing)’, I can’t remember, but I absolutely LOVED that crystal necklace. I wore it every single day without a miss. I received so many compliments on it. Two years after owning it, the chain broke, it hit the tiled bathroom floor and broke right in half. I was heart broken. I always wanted to get another one, but money was tight, so I never did. That store has been closed for many years now but I would still would like to get another one, though I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get another one exactly like that one.
    This article has inspired me more than ever to try to get another one, a necklace, the same crystal – Amethyst, even if it won’t be exactly the same as before, I still want one!
    I didn’t know that you were supposed to cleanse it in salt water every 3 days and put it in the sun, no one from the store that I bought it from ever told me that. But I used to hold it in my hand and try to put my own positive energy into it, if that makes sense.
    When I do get another one, I will use the new instructions for cleansing.

    Thank you for this information, Cherokee. It was very helpful.

    God Bless,

    • Dear Amy,

      Someone once told me that crystals and special rocks
      come and go like special loves, special friends..the hard
      losses..they do the work they need to do and for
      whatever reason they move on..I do also think the cleansing part would have helped…I have a heart
      rock a therapist gave me long ago that got
      was a natural one just off the street or ground surface…
      it was my friend so long…so I made a little game of
      finding heart rocks and let me tell you..I always get
      get heart rocks…happy hunting…Sarah

  29. I seem to have interest in getting the Quartz… the clear Quartz maybe. I will research this more.

  30. Sarah, thank you for the vids. I was wondering, Will we ever be dancing with him when we meet him in spirit?
    I long so much to hug him and feel his warmth and hold him tight…. am I dreaming again?

    • I think it will be a unique and new to us kind of hug
      and or dance…without our painful longing emotions
      that come riddled with so many known and unknown
      issues that seperate all of us…yes a very special
      hug I think will be yours..of course with mutual\agreement\etc. I think he already said you
      could kind of think and ask for things…Sarah

  31. What does the twitter track back mean…can they read all
    without some level of signing in? It’s ok but as we
    share alot just wondering? Sarah

    • dear Sarah:
      twitter only records what I put into it. They do not check what is written on this website . Hope this helps.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • It does Cherokee, Then I presume folks sign in to do
        deeper chatting..this is only time I have trusted to
        use and get engaged on blog..Love to you and ease
        and comfort…Sarah

  32. Dear all thank you so very much for chats..I so look forward to coming here, and the exchange with others is giving me courage to get out there and experience and
    what I have to do to recreate my life…I JUST DON’T WANT TO DIE AND HEAR I DIDN’T DO WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO;
    one of largest fears, the past few days I have been on
    a lot and I can’t thank everyoune enough for sharing and this safe place..Love to all, Happy weekend.

    Very truly and fondly, Sarah PS: Whooo, Hooo…Happy sounds to all too..we are blessed here with a love of music…
    Not everyone has this kind of LOVE of music, it is a big help.

    • Sarah you are a gem! I think we were all destined to meet at this site. This is certainly a comfort zone as well as informative.

      Have a wonderful weekend to all!

    • I agree! This is a place where we’ve made such good friendships and this is a blessing! Friendships don’t need to be physical, what matters is what’s on our hearts.. And I know our spirits are all connected!

      May you (and everybody) have a great weekend 😉


  33. hi eceryone!

    kind of been out of commission. i feel myself falling into a depression. i have tried everything to get out of this negativity but nothing seems to be working. my mothers death has affected me so deeply i find it hard to function sometimes. i miss her so much. i know she is a better place but i miss talking to her and calling on the phone.

    thank you sarah for those videos of michael hugging those girls. i wish it was me. that would really cheer me up. i miss him so much too. i keep talking to him and my mom and i hope they have met each other.

    just wanted to thank you again cherokee for my reading and these wonderful posts. i didn’t realize the power of these stones. i have always been attracted to many of them and now i see why. i think i just found a new hobby. maybe if i focus my attention on this subject it will draw some positive energy my way. i really need it right now. i hope you are well cherokee. i’ve been worried.

    • Dear Heidi:

      I want to you can feel great love and restraint on our part. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Seek shelter in friends, share with them their pain.
      It is important not to hide your feelings, your pain itself. You are going through a grieving process. And if you ask a psychologist: How long do I have to heal? psychologist would answer: it depends on each person, not all at once healed, we must respect the times of each one of us. What I mean is that your pain is natural.
      Pain and death are not barriers to life, but dimensions or phases of it. Obstacle to life is the attitude of one who refuses to admit the naturalness of these facts constituting all life on earth, trying to outrun them as if they were completely avoidable.
      Over time you’ll feel better. If we believe in God, and pray with your heart He heals all our wounds. His love knows no bounds. He is a Father who always burns with tenderness.
      Pray to know to get up like a phoenix from the ashes of pain in the spirit of knowing that life is worth living because there are always those who need us. God always has something new for us every day.

      I sincerely hope that my humble words make you feel better.

      With love.

    • Dear Heidi: sending good vibrations on your way! I’ll keep praying for you!

      I brought a video to cheer you up ;):


      • Mayra,
        I love Michael period. He is beautiful inside and out but during the Bad Tour he was Ultimately Sexy. He really does it for me.
        Thank You.

    • Dear Heidi:
      you are going through grief. It takes time and some days will be better than others. Remember to do the hypnosis every day as this is a way for you to connect to your mother.
      I do hope that learning about crystals will help you because they can help with so many different things. I would recommend you buy a rose quartz crystal to help your heart heal.
      I’m doing OK. Thank you for your concern.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

    • Dear Heidi,
      I will pray for you, the blog family want to see you strong. I know how you feel, many blessings!!! Thanks for sharing your feelings!!

    • Dear Heidi,

      After such a deep long journey…there’s more…you
      can not tell anyone this until it hits and then support have a pretty big “godsquad” here and
      many other places..much, much love and many prayers.


      Sometimes a little “blues” can make you smile and
      cry and help…..I’m showing off that I just got this
      down…this is an incredible couple of women….

    • Hi Heidi,
      You are going through a very natural process. I lost my Mom when I was 15 yrs. old. That was tragic to me. Her death left me and my Dad very sad with much emptiness. Me and my Dad made it through life after her death with many trials and tribulations and of course it included much joy. My Dad went to our Father God in Feb. 2008 at the age of 91. After his funeral I was deeply depressed. Somehow I was able to work but after work….. at night and weekends I took to my bed and remained there for many hours at a time. With prayer and faith I got through it.

      I love the song Sarah provided to you with Bonnie Raitt. She is one of my all-time favorite performers.

      I love all types of music…Classical, Pop, R&B, Blues, Jazz..We can go on and on and on and on .
      The web address below is a you tube of Boney James’s “Body Language”. I love this Jazz piece .It is smooth and calming. It is a very sensuous piece and I think you will love listening to it.
      It takes time to heal from grief of a loved one;therefore with faith in Father God you will get through it.
      Enjoy the music! Love you.

  34. Well as soon as you show off mistakes happen…
    again for Heidi

  35. HEIDI:

    I know you are having a hard time right now. I have lost a parent before and it is very depressing. Take each day one step at a time… live in the NOW. Feel free to talk to people and don’t bottle up your feelings.

    We love you and Holly….


    • N and Heidi:

      You always have the dearest strait from heart words N.
      Yes Heidi..we are praying for you..the waves of emotion
      will ease..and there are many here who care and send
      you hugs…Sarah

  36. Gisela(Venezuela) said:

    Dear Cherokee Thanks again for such interesting post .. I was allways intrigated and amazed…atracted to gems and cristals.. it was interesting to know their relation to Chakras.. I would love really to learn more about… its funny how sometimes during my life.. I get close to cristals again… its like when I am away.. the pull me in again.. 🙂
    I need to find some good book here in my country and in spanish so I can understand all we can do.. and how to work with them…!
    I hope you are better also.. please take so much care thats very important.. and take it easy..!
    God bless you and thanls allways to share so great things with all of us….




    • Dear Heidi:
      these memories are stored in your subconscious. It’s going to take time for these memories to fade. What you can do now is before you go to sleep at night ask God to protect you as you sleep, heal you and give you beautiful dreams of your mother in spirit. It’s important to protect yourself before you sleep because that’s when you’re most defenseless Against spiritual attacks. If you protect yourself before you sleep this will not happen.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • This just really helped to apply to me too and remember your help..thank you Cherokee are really
        something and all of this is so healing…thank you MJ,
        for the real contact and love from your vantage point.

  38. Hi everyone!

    I just came across a very interesting article about us humans becoming crystal. Here is the article:

    Greetings from Home

    There is much to cover. We will give somewhat of a diverse message this day, because so much is happening on planet Earth. It is a magical time for humans, for you awaken from the dream not only as an individual, but as a race of spirits pretending to wear a physical bubble of biology. What is taking place is that all humans everywhere are raising their vibrations. Yes, you look around and see the low vibrations on the planet and it is often these lower vibrations that make the headlines. We have told you that your human advancement is limited by the lowest vibration on your planet. Even so, you are not restricted by that. Because as you raise the collective vibration within that segment of that vibrational range, when you reach a new level, you pull the lowest level up automatically. Do not concern yourself with going out and saving the world or changing an individual person. Look at yourself and focus within. Look at what you can do to activate that light in your eyes. Do what you can to find a purpose within your heart that you can stay with, and that you can move toward. Now more than ever before, that is becoming critical on this planet.

    Most of you have time-activated contracts and you had to be here at a very specific time, in order to do the work that your soul and your spirit really wanted you to do. The good news is you made it. Now let us get on with it, and start owning who you are. Let us help reflect your energy, so that you may re-member who you really are. The physical body is in a state of change and it is happening now in many different ways. The physical re-wire on this planet has already begun in many people and you are starting to be activated in ways which you are not yet aware. There are levels of your own dimensions that have been separated for eons of time. As you re-wire, all these divisions of separation start to go away and that is why we are telling you that each one of you are starting to become consciously multidimensional. You are starting to realize that you are not the only person in there. There are 11 different dimensions of time and space that you exist in. Those dimensions are starting to come together very quietly as the divisional markers between each one of those levels are starting to disintegrate. As the re-wire continues your own physical body will begin to perceive things through your own eyes, ears, nose and mouth that you never have before.

    Pineal Crystals

    There are events taking place right now as the physical body re-wires, especially in the brain. The physical body is evolving and one of those changes is taking place in the pineal gland, although is not limited to that one location. Crystals are forming in the pineal gland; these are crystalline structures that you call calcite crystals which are forming in the brains of humans everywhere. These crystals can be tuned to receive electromagnetic frequencies. You have communicated with each other through electromagnetic frequencies (radio waves) that travel through your body. Without even hampering you many electromagnetic frequencies are running through all of your physical bodies right now, yet you are unaware of them. That will now change. In the beginning, you may become hyper-aware which can also be problematic. The idea is to bring it into your comfort zone to activate yourself. This is not a race, dear ones. Please take your time and do not push your bodies too fast because they can only take so much. Yet you will do it, and do it well.

    The crystals that have formed in your brain have been there for some time. The reality is that you started a second wave of empowerment about 60 years ago, and at the same time these crystals started to form. These crystals have been lying dormant in your body waiting to be activated. Medical science is now starting to see them and you can actually look at pictures of these crystals forming in the pineal gland. They are problematic according to medical science, because they are causing difficulties and challenges with the human physiological structure. You believe that it is something that you have done wrong. We tell you it is a natural part of your evolution and incredibly exciting, because now you can see. You have talked about internal communication and telepathy, you have even practiced it. Even though most know it to be real, it has always been just out of reach for most but no longer. How can you activate the crystals and use them to your highest purpose? And more importantly, how do you tune it to just one station at a time? That is the challenge that many of you will start working with as you activate these crystals. Crystals are living; the Earth is living. She is a sentient being, very conscious. And if crystals are the highest vibrational level of the mineral kingdom, you could easily say that in planet Earth the crystals are the brain. In fact, the crystals are the pineal gland of planet Earth. The crystals that you are most familiar with are the highest vibrational level of the mineral kingdom. It is the reason many of you talk to crystals, receive messages from crystals, or hold records within crystals. You have the highest vibrational range of the animal kingdom the same way crystals have the highest of the mineral kingdom.

    Humans are becoming Crystal

    You have heard about the Crystal Children and the Indigo Children that come in with telepathic communications already built in. They do not know how to use it, but they have an internal communication that with a little bit of work they can fine-tune and use. You have that, too. That is the formation of these crystals. Learning to use these crystals and how to adaptsto them will have a very interesting effect on humanity. We tell you, it is not just the human kingdom we are talking about because if you look at the cellular structure of plant life, you will see that more and more of plant life is becoming crystalline in nature. You are starting to see plants and animals take on characteristics of crystalline energy that has never happened before on this planet. This is part of your natural evolution; you are becoming crystal.

    It is not a difficult shift. If you would see one of your periodic charts, you would know that the carbon-based structures you currently have and the silicon structure are actually only a few molecules away. With a few re-arrangements, you have a shift from one to another. That is happening not only throughout all of Earth, but also the plant , insect and animal kingdoms are taking on crystalline structures. The interesting part is that there will come a time when you will not need the physical crystals and they will start dissolving. These are temporary situations for you, but you are right at the point where they are beginning to form.

    There have been calcium deposits on the pineal glands of most humans. You have a lot of reasons for these deposits. Your science believes it has to do with fluoride in your water. At the beginning of cell phone use on your planet, there was evidence of tumors forming and a lot of discussion. We tell you that was very real, yet it never really materialized to become the big problem that was expected. It was the pineal gland that was vulnerable to a new frequency being held too close, but that has already changed. Because of the mass appeal of cell phones, the human body adapted and learned to tune out that singular frequency. You are starting to adapt in many ways. That adaptation was out of survival and at an unconscious level. Now you will learn to tune it in a conscious level. You will be able to communicate not only with yourselves, but with the rest of Earth. You will be able to have conversations through a crystal. There are many ways that you are going to start to activate this, but the physical evidence is now showing up on this planet. This is happening with throughout all of humanity, with old and young alike.

    Perception and Economics

    Let us take a moment and address another important situation, your economic structures on this planet. You have all gone through major changes in the last few months with the economies of planet Earth. You have been expecting this and have known about it for some time. You have talked about new structures, new formations and new ways you would deal with money—new, exciting ideas. It is happening and now the opportunity is opening up. From our perspective, many economies on Earth looked like a bag full of hot air. Being full of hot air made the bags appear much larger than they actually were. The largest of these bags was the economic system in the United States, where what took place was some of that air leaked out of that bag. That was really wonderful because what you are seeing is the possibility to build on a more stable foundation. Even with the cushion gone, there is some air still in the bag. There is an event coming very soon, so let us speak to you about that and how it will impact your economic structures. What we tell you is that your economic structures are based on perception only. There is little basis of fact in most of your economic structures. There is nothing wrong with that, for it was the way you chose to play the game. When the Keeper first started receiving information from us he said, “I have these beings on my shoulder who can see everything. I’m going to ask them about the stock market.” We laughed hysterically. We thought it hilarious that he would ask us about the stock market, because the stock market is a human game made inside of another game inside of another game, based on perception of perception of perception and you want us to tell you where it is going? We thought that was quite funny. It is a game of your own creation and that is how you play it. It could only be predicted by the creators of the game, and you are not doing really well with that. You can play that game on the vibrational level but nobody else can. So let us speak to you about this, because it is an important piece.


    All economies are based on perception and you are about to pull away part of the veil and see things that you have never seen before. It will happen in many different areas. You will find out things about the event that you call 9-11. You will find out many of the hidden structures that have been on this planet. The veil is being pulled away, so there will be no more secrets on planet Earth. It is that simple. Even though many of your leaders do not know that yet, they are finding out very quickly for it is not possible to be totally out of integrity and be in front of telepathic beings on planet Earth. That is what many of your governments are finding out. This very day it is seen in the country of Iran. They are finding out that all eyes are upon them and, therefore, change must happen or they will disintegrate. It is that simple. It may take time, but that is the process that is happening. It is the part that you have created to be able to communicate through your telephones, televisions, Internet and through all the other parts of it. You are connecting hearts and now you will be able to do it through the pineal gland as well. As this evolves you will not need the technology. With practice you will be able to release some of the outside pieces and do it all internally.

    There is an event coming on planet Earth that will be of great proportions. All the truth must come out, so it will be an unveiling of sorts. You will see and feel the truth even if no one admits to it. Humans everywhere are starting to see truth in themselves. As a result of many lies and misdirections of energy much has happened that was not public knowledge. These are the areas that will now come into the light. You will start to perceive and everyone will know very quickly what took place and what happened. How that is perceived by the world at large will determine the immediate future of the economy, beginning first in the United States and quickly spreading to the rest of the world. Not only are your hearts permanently stitched together because you are actually one person, but your economies are stitched together too and that is very healthy.

    The End of Separation

    You are beginning to see that no one is ever alone. No one can segregate themselves completely, and these illusions of separation have been quietly undermining and killing humanity. Now is the time to press the re-set button. Search for ways that you are like each other, rather than look for the ways you are different. You can then see others on the same path that you can reach out a hand and say, “Come. We found a door. Let us go through this together.” That is what is taking place on planet Earth, right now.

    This is going to activate soon as we see it, for a critical mass is being reached in the area of truth. The people demand that the truth to be told. The final outcome will not matter much, as it will be the perception of this event that will determine the future of your economy for the next ten years. When you look back at your history, you will see major changes in every one of you right now.

    You will also start to become more multidimensional as these crystals activate, because they do not exist in one dimension alone. They are multidimensional in nature as all crystals are. As you start using this more, you will become more comfortable and more powerful with it. You will be able to use it consciously and that will give you a sense of security, a feeling of never being alone on this planet. That will give you more confidence in a spirit walking around pretending to be a human than you have ever had before. You are now starting to carry more of your spirit in your physical body than was ever thought possible when you developed these physical forms. It is happening; you are adapting it. That is what is taking place and this is a time for adaptation, a time to roll with the punches. This is a time to find the light even in the darkness. It is the time to reach out to find that light and passion within. Moving even the slightest bit in that direction will change your lives overnight.

    We watch some of the struggles. We feel your pain, your loneliness. We feel your energy sometimes when you cannot find a complementary vibration to validate your own vibration. We know you feel very alone, but you could not be alone if you tried. We will come down and tickle your funny bone just to remind you we are here, because we love you more than you will ever know. You are changing the course of the universe. You are evolving god, and we are so very proud to watch the humans of planet Earth as they become godlike. Your energy fields will change. Most of you are healers or teachers in some fashion. Therefore, when you find something that works for you, turn around and share it. Figure out a way to show it to someone else. Move that energy through, because you are opening doors for all of humanity to follow.

    It’s Up to You

    Please do not get wrapped up in the dramas or the fears, because there will be many. Much was hidden on planet Earth. Many of the conspiracies that some people thought were true, might turn out to be true. The challenge here is to see things the way they really are rather than get wrapped into the drama. It will be difficult to trust leaders of any kind immediately after that happens. We tell you, that is perfect because leaders are not going to change your lives. You are. You are the only ones that can take responsibility for that, and that is what you are about to find out. Each of you has an opportunity to determine your own fate as these energies move. You can be anywhere you want, and you can change it any time you want. All you need to know is that you actually have the choice and it is on a conscious level.

    Dear ones, your energy has grown so rapidly. You are so incredibly beautiful. You carry that light within your being and letting it come through puts an energy on the light from Home which gives it the most beautiful, human flavor. It is magical and we celebrate you all the time. We will celebrate you Home, when you decide to return Home. Many will choose that, as the times ahead will be very stressful. Some will simply say, “I need to go Home.” There is no right or wrong about going Home. It is absolutely the most beautiful, human experience you will ever have. Returning Home is the greatest peace. All of you can do that without leaving your physical bodies now, for that is what is directly ahead. Enjoy this ride and hang on, because it is going to be quite a ride.

    It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and re-member it is a game. Play well together.


    • Dear Mil,

      This explains a talk in another city I lived
      in a few years ago to me..thank you . Rather alot
      to absorb in one listening. I get frightened as my understandings change..then things assimilate and
      fit into older understandings of spirituality and structures,
      I have to work on things personal life..and coming back to read what has been enterred that I missed is a blessing..thank you Mil…for taking time to post this..

      Love, Sarah

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