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Filled with life

New Day

New Day

You are constantly in the process of becoming. You are constantly in the process of growing, no matter what your age or what you’ve already been through. At the end of this day you will not be quite the same person you were when you woke up. You will have learned new things, lived through new experiences, known some new accomplishments and some disappointments.

Today is your opportunity to mold yourself and to direct your life. The person you are tomorrow will depend on how you live each moment of today. It’s a serious responsibility and a great opportunity.

The moments of this day may seem quite ordinary as you go through them. Yet every day is important, every moment is special and vital. They are your opportunities to live, to love, to grow, to learn, to accomplish, to become, to fulfill.

Rather than just looking at this day as another one to endure, see in it the wondrous amount of living with which it can be filled. Give today your best, and its golden treasures will be yours.

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  1. Thanks Cherokee Billie, another great message for us all to ponder. I agree, the moments of each day may seem ordinary at the time, but on reflection later they may be extraordinary! Every day should be started with wonder at the possibility of new experiences and opportunities. Thanks once again, have a great day! Love Liz

    • Dear Liz:
      if we start each day with wonder and expectation we will find it to be happier and more fulfilling then dreading another day. Thank you as always for your wonderful comments.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • Hi Cherokee! Thank you for one more inspiring and uplifting message!! Just what I needed to start well my day! 😉

        (ps: oh my, yesterday things in here – with my family – were complicated.. I really needed an uplifting!!)

  2. Thank you Cherokee Billie, This message is so true. Beautiful.

  3. Jennifer Rose said:

    Cherokee, I remember Michael talking about spirtual “planes” in Heaven.
    If someone, say, was on a lower one, would they ever be able to get to a higher spirtual plane?
    Another question I was pondering is,can Michael communicate with those on the lower plane?
    Thanks Cherokee!
    Blessings always,

    • Hi Jennifer! I think I can give you some answers about this subject, due to my spiritual guidance lessons (what our Guardian Angels/Mentors have told us here).

      A spirit goes to a lower plane due to his own vibration. If in his mind all he thinks is sorrow, hate, revenge, he’ll criate this vibration on his spirit.

      Once he can reach God’s light and loose this bad vibration, he’ll be able to get out of this lower plane.. And, like all of us, he does have his Guardian Angel as well, that will be his guide (although, things in reality aren’t simple, for some spirits it takes time to reach such evolvement..).

      About our sweet Michael communicating to those in lower planes, I think he can.. but I think this is something our friend Cherokee can answer us better (laughs :))..

      light and love,


  4. Each and every day, I work through the personal “stuff”.
    I want to say however how much better it is ..some
    active working on grief that somewhat blindsighted
    me has turned into the rarest of blessings and journeys.
    In so many ways Michael, Cherokee, and all of our collective sharings and progress have brought me into closer relationship with the “All that
    is.” How wonderful that the letting go of Michael
    on this level brings me closer to his spirit and reason
    of being than ever before. I feel very deeply his joy and
    release from so much pain on this level somehow in a complicated way beyond me on this “matrix” level..he is even transforming much past pain…as I focus on the light somehow of course I begin to create light and love I
    want here..this beautiful message shifts the pain…I’m
    in a new focus for rest of my day. Thank you.
    Much love and thank you. A dear soul said “May
    you be blessesd recently”. This went in deeply and
    comfortingly…I think there is a song a beautiful one..
    that says “you’ll be blessed.” Anyone know it? Maybe
    an Elton John one? I ‘ll pause and sing it in a little chant prayer for all before moving on with day. Slilverry moonbeams to all, Sarah

  5. Thanks… Each day is special and it brings new challenges. I have 2 beautiful but very LOUD boys at the moment…. It’s nice to come here and find peace 🙂 Susanxxxx

  6. A beatiful message!!! I´ll take it to me, and I hope that it´s help me with my diary work. I will share this with my friends and with my students.
    Thank you Cherokee Billie.

  7. This post truly resonates with me. Thank you for putting this beautiful concept into words, Cherokee Billie. You have been amazing! Many blessings to you and everyone here.

  8. Hello Cherokee this was a glorious little message. We constantly are learning and having little new experiences each day whether we notice these events or not. Today we returned from a little camping trip into Yosemite and I learned the beauty in nature. I look up at the huge green fresh scented pines and see Gods creations and gifts that he has given us all to enjoy. Even those little natural experinces looking at the night sky which was blanketed with tons and tons of stars that we can’t see well here in the valley. The wild life was interesting to listen to also. At night you can hear crickets and listen to the owls as if they were all communicating with eachother. I could go on and on, but I had a nice time getting back together with nature and all it has to offer. Take care and thank you.

  9. I really like this entry. I always have trouble being optimistic and seem to exspect the worst constantly. I think we’d all find life a little easier if we told ourself this each day. Thanks for this wonderful message Cherokee Billie!

    With love, Ange

  10. Marc Shaw said:

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

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