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Create 2012

As we transition to our new world, we must create it with love and joy. We must let go of those old emotions that are negative and don’t serve us or grow corn in our garden. We must open our hearts to new ways of thinking and being that involve giving and cooperating. These lessons must be learned for us to easily pass through the gateway into the new world cycle. Let go of painful situations and painful relationships. No more of this, “my way is the only true way and the other guys are wrong” business. Settle for nothing less than the best and the highest good. Know that you deserve to be loved and respected. Give that same love and respect to others and it will come back to you tenfold. Sometimes it returns from a different source than the one that you gave it to but that is what pay it forward is all about.

Fear keeps us locked in the old world cycle paradigm that is falling away and being destroyed. Trying to hang on to those old fear based ways will only bring further destruction. To transition easily with less destruction we must be in the frequency of love and respect. Get into the planetary groove and let the frequency of the planetary bodies as they move through space guide your evolution into the new world cycle.

New World

Know that we are amazing beings capable of fantastic feats just like the Anasazi, the Mayans, the Incans or the Egyptians. Our Earth is our Mother and she has nourished us and given us a home. We must change along with her and evolve to a place of love and healing. She is a self healing planet, when she gets too clogged with cement and electronics mucking up her face and her field she sighs heavily and everything shifts and many things fall away as she sorts herself out. We must be self healing beings and heal ourselves and our hurts through love.

How would you like it to be instead? How would you like the world to be instead? Let’s begin to create that now in the collective mind of our cosmic consciousness. If we all picture a world filled with love and respect that is what we will create. We can’t do that when we are creating from fear. In fact we can’t create much that isn’t destructive unless we are not creating with fear. Hear all those negatives in that last sentence? Hard to create in a negative space unless you are a black hole and then you would generally suck anyway!!

So how big the bang actually is that will create the new world cycle depends on how we envision that change. The more we create a cataclysmic change through fear of 2012, the more destructive the crossover to the new world cycle will be. This is the lesson of our evolution at present. Can we create with a higher frequency? Can we create with the frequency of love-God-angels? Hold that picture of a peaceful and joyful new world.

Create This World in Your Mind

We are a brilliant and fast learning people. We have the capability to evolve beyond our fears and crimes to a world of peace and love. We can create paradise as long as we continue to hold that vision for the world and know that we can make it come into existence. We can create our own personal worlds in the same way by paying attention to what our thoughts are dwelling on.

Create this Critter in Your New World

Happy panda

Happy panda

Create your world with the happy, smiling people that you would like to meet. Imagine people who are loving, wise and ready to help those who deserve it. We could be those people. Imagine a world with people who are looking for ways to make each other happier, not just themselves. Doesn’t this little panda look like he would love to do something to make you happy? This is the attitude we need to have in our new world.

The new world cycle involves a return to the divine feminine wherein feminine healing takes place and where masculine healing takes place inside of the divine feminine. Then the metronome will swing back into a masculine and feminine balance. Love and nurturing will heal the warrior and allow the warriors new directive to be a mission of peace. We have fought the good fight and have come out the other side ready for healing. Chiron stands tall in the heavens, the wounded healer ready to release the warriors from their pain. Open the gate to 2012 and let the new world of joy, peace and love begin.

May your New World be filled with Peace, Joy and Love

Comments on: "Create 2012" (22)

  1. Thank you very much for this Cherokee Billie.

    The year 2012 has been on my mind a lot lately and I’m glad you’ve decided to touch on the subject.

    I believe in my heart that the world isn’t coming to and end on this date, but that it will be the end of the world….”as WE know it”.

    I know that a great shift is coming in the way we all think and that there’s an awakening happening now even as I type this.

    People are moving away from old ways of thinking and being. We’re starting to realize there’s so much more to us than we think.

    I hope 2012 opens our 3rd eye so we can see that we are more than what we see in the mirror. That it doesn’t matter what religion we are, how much we think we have or don’t have, what race, what age….

    We are one and we can change the world if we want to.

    I’m looking forward to reading and discussing this more with you.

    • dear Camille:
      I’m so glad that I touched on something that you had been thinking about. We can start opening our third eye now and creating the world we want one day at a time.
      Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Your the first person I’ve heard talk about 2012 in a positive way and I’m happy that you have. Before I was just thinking nothing at all would happen or something terrible would, and you’ve changed the way of thinking about it and I thank you for that. I’ll definitely be looking forward to what 2012 will hold for us in stead of fearing it.

    This entry has really showed me a new way of looking at things and has given me the inspiration to embrace and welcome all changes rather than dreading them.

    Thanks again for an inspiring and eye opening blog entry!

    With Love, Ange

    • Dear Ange:
      thank you so much for your kind words about my message. I think it’s always better to see things from the positive view instead of choosing the negative atmosphere that permeates so many people’s thinking. There is going to be no cataclysm and we are going to create a better world and we must start now. This is part of Michael’s message of creating a better world.
      I’m so grateful for your comment.
      Cherokee Billie

  3. Hi everyone! Hi Cherokee!

    I was waiting for your message about 2012! I knew it would be great! I liked it a lot, you said everything! People are fearing something like “fire coming from heaven”, “Tsunamis everywhere”, but it’s not really like that..

    Like you have said, our mother Earth is reacting because she is healing herself, that’s why some earthquakes and similar reactions are happening.. but this is something we can deal with and there will be no calamity!

    The energy of fear destroys and creates bad things in the future. We need to get rid of it fast and have positive thoughts for the New Era we’re going to start building and leave for our descendents to enjoy ^_^

    This post is a great teaching and brings lots of good energy in it! You’ve been working on it for sometime, weren’t you? Thanks a lot for posting!

    Light and Love to all of you!

  4. What an inspiring post! Just what I needed to end the day on a positive note. Thank you Cherokee Billie and God bless you. Thank you also to the readers who have posted comments. Everyone here is so well informed. I need to do my homework on 2012. Great stuff! It is also my hope that people on this planet become less cynical. Many blessings to everyone who contributes to this amazing blog.

  5. Abbie Taylor said:

    i’ve only just found out, about 2012, and being the end of the world. apparently, it;’s ment too happen, 2012, 21st of December. But, i believe we can save, this. Save it all.
    We just have too put our minds together.
    what will help us, save the world?x

    • It can’t be the end of the World.. just think about it: why would so many people continue to be born every day if this world was going to end? It just makes no sense..

      Some ancient clairvoyants like Nostradamus predicted it, but I think they’ve misunderstood things a little, and some things that were said (even in the Bible) are symbolic..

      We’re about to se a transition between the ancient Era and the New Era. I’ts just a change, we don’t need to fear.. (specially if you got love in your heart ^_^).

  6. Thank you Cherokee for this message. I too have been thinking of 2012 a whole lot. If all of us can give love, have positive thoughts of our brothers and sisters not be judging of them thinking we are better in any way, and take care of our planet together we will have a good positive change for us all. It would be nice if everyone knew that we really are all one and related even if we aren’t the same religion or ethenicity. Money is another thing that seems to bring out the worse and greed in humans, and it is a crying shame. If everyone helps eachother doing positive as Michael said it will be like a ripple effect and we together can make this world a better place and HEAL THE WORLD:):) lets not make war, but peace.
    The panda bear really does look sweet and I want to hold and hug the little guy. BLESS you all my friends.

  7. Hi Everyone… Peace and love without fear…. Yes 🙂 Thanks Cherokee. I’m away for a few days. Will miss checking your blog but look forward to reading when I come back. Love Susanxx

  8. I love you post !

    I really didn’t know about this prophecy…but I know now.

    and I really don’t believe in the end of the world or the human kind, but I believe that is possible a change of thoughts.
    I agree with all you said …we can change this world to better!
    lets start now!


  9. Everyone….there’s always this talk of an apocalypse happening in 2012. If you look up what the word “apocalypse” really means it has nothing to do with any doom and destruction.

    The word actually means “revelation” or “lifting of the veil”.

    Like everything else in life you can see this from either a glass half full or glass half empty point of view.

    As for me…I’m a glass half full kinda girl so I see it as an unveiling of the truth about who we are and what our truth role is on our beautiful planet earth.

  10. Thank you Cherokee for this enlightening post. It is certainly helping us prepare for future changes. I am thinking that we as a human race is thirsting for changes as well as our mother earth. We know something must change…

    I work in the Mental Health field and one thing that we learn is to not be judgemental and to be compassionate toward our brothers and sisters with substance abuse. We have learned that people engage in addictive behavior especially drugs as a way of achieving an altered state of consciousness because of finding reality too hard to deal with…which is really the factor underlying most addiction. People looking for escape…because life is too hard. As souls we are uprooted from the harmony that we were supposed to be surrounded with. In major world cities the isolation and alienation of souls are even felt more. We see this epedemic of substance abuse and death among young people rising, our celebrities are just testemony of this but this goes on unreported among the general population.

    To be consistent with most literature on souls, we were sent here to be taught lessons through our difficulties. Guess what??? it seems like the experiment is no longer working as it should because as souls in our human form, we are finding it too hard. We have discovered drugs therefore we are escaping through this medium…I think our souls are begging for a different experiment because this one seems no longer working…and one of the most probable causes is the escapism through DRUGS. Religions have made us intolerant and hateful at times, killing each other, this too as a mean of escape did not work out. After so many centuries and millenium, we are perhaps being heard by the Divine….we want a change, mother earth also wants a change. Our essence seems to be all loving but the imposed conditions created by us humans have made it too hard on the soul, We want Change and We want Help.

    • Dear Anne:
      what a great commentary about today’s society. We’re definitely under spiritual attack continually and that’s what makes people seek drugs and other means of escape from the reality of this world. If I can help people become aware of spirituality both good and evil they will understand that it’s not just in their heads, they’re being attacked from negative forces. That’s why it’s important to focus on what you want to create each and every day. That can make the difference in your life!
      I appreciate your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  11. I think this is a great message about 2012, and wish everyone could read it.

  12. Thank you Cherokee Billie for this message. In April, I became aware of the 2012 situation, and I became overwhelemd with fear for several weeks. I was so scared, I could hardly sleep. At the same time I had been on a spiritual rollercoaster, trying to break away from everything that is religious in my life, and just trying to seek truth…simple truth. And trying to strip away everything that I was taught growing up about heaven and hell, religion. ….Then Michael happened, and all these things that I was worried about seemed petty.

    Michael’s death has greatly affected me in good and sad ways. (kinda strange, cuz I was never a fan). I have learned a lot from him and who he really was, and I am starting to come to a much greater understanding of life after death, and that I have nothing to fear…accept fear itself. I am starting to feel free and more at peace and I am no longer afraid of 2012 and you post has affirmed that! Thank you!

    What hurts me most is there there were so many religious people saying MJ was finally in hell where he belonged. That deeply hurt me. In my opinion, he was one of the few people who actually “got it”. He was always reaching out to people in love. And that’s what I want to do. Michael’s death has made me more concious and sensitive to that.

    I think that if all the religious people, theologins, etc would stop arguing over petty things and use that energy to come together and help others, this world world truly change, and I truly believe that is going to happen. 🙂

    • Dear Suzanne:
      religion has caused more wars and killing than anything on this planet. Well we need to do is strive for love just like Michael was saying and stop listening to negative people and influences. We can truly change the world.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  13. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    I’m glad you mentioned a bit about 2012. I don’t think I was ever scared. Maybe about what will happen to us physically, like some people won’t be able to hold the frequency etc. I really don’t know how it will work out; if there will be a noticeable change, but I think it will and that it has already started.
    I’m eager to learn more, and I look forward to us all creating a wonderful world that will start by the raising of frequencies on this planet. I can feel it, and I know that many of you can as well.

    This was what Michael was all about, I read somewhere that he talked about 2012, and that we we’re in a rush to help the planet. To those of you that haven’t read his poems, in the book “Dancing the Dream”, please do so. It’s all in there. You’ll understand that he KNEW. Big time. A lot of his lyrics are the same way too, of course, but those poems, they really are something. Check them out if you’re interested, just Google it!

    Thanks again for an uplifting message!

    Petra xo

  14. The article itself was so insightful and it reaffirms my belief that 2012 will be the beginning of a new world and it opens or brings opportunities for many of us. The key to be victorious in 2012 is by giving and learning the importance of peace and love. Although I think that the most important sense/ feeling is “Love”, a person with love in his/her heart doesn’t have any negative feeling towards another and possess peace in his/her spirit.

    If I were to quote this article, I would use the following sentences, which are positive and caught my attention.

    – “Create your world with the happy, smiling people that you would like to meet.”
    – “We must be self healing beings and heal ourselves and our hurts through love.”
    – “Settle for nothing less than the best and the highest good.”

    I think that Celine Dion’s song- “A new day has come” might go hand on hand with this article. We all have an angel with love preparing us for this important turn in our world and we must start acting now. Sometimes I think about the world or planet that children are inheriting and it gets me sad but I know that many people are awaking and becoming aware that we must change.

    Cherokee, thank you for this great article.
    May God bless you every single day.

  15. Hi everyone! I’ve just read a another nice article about 2012! I’d like to share it with you:

    Light and Love to all of you bloggers, to Cherokee and to our sweet Michael!!! =) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Maria Jimena ( argentina) said:

    All the nights i make a deep meditation and prayer for my city, for my country and for the whole world, that each of us habra his heart toward the light and are more spiritual. When i am sad i ask the universe that give me the energy and the love that need at this time, also to my guardian angel and all beings of light around me, there are nights in that meditate and Michael gives me love in my heart and I am sorry instantly. Thanks beloved Cherokee to create this blog and we unite personnel of all countries in love and illumination, trying to evolve day to day spiritually. Sorry dear cherokee for my english.

  17. I just read my most current news letter from brother J. (JESUS), and I hope it’s OK if I share the part of it with you that talks about 2012:

    September/October 2009 Newsletter
    Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene

    Now some of your spiritual news on the planet today is suggesting that you will soon have a major prophetic experience based on the Mayan, Hopi, and calendars of other ancient peoples who remember the cycles of celestial ages. We suggest that you think of the upcoming years as times of shifting consciousness on a continuum rather than the abruptness of a single year change such as 2012.
    At the same time you are hearing this information, there are also suggestions that the planet may have a pole shift or be struck by comets or asteroids which would be intercessions of physical contact, not forecast in the larger cycles and ages about which I am speaking. While a negative potential exists, remember that your focus is on health, balance and joy in every area of your life. Just go into the space/time continuum throughout the day and evening with positive certainty that ALL IS WELL. Design what you want. Be bold.

    Your physical earth has traumas and physical movements that occur within many of these darker Yuga Ages, so perfection at this stage is not likely because you do not have enough consciousness to prevent and then solve the problems you create. Nonetheless, you are a gifted part of the great human adventure flowing to and from the God source, and you are deeply respected and loved.
    As part of our love and support, of course, we always remind you to live your physical life in a state of relaxed preparation, having the water, food, and safety supplies which a body requires.

    In recent days we notice how foolishly people behave in the midst of storm and fires. If you wish to be a light server, please take care of yourselves rather than remaining attached to your material possessions. You are powerful beings and will always be able to create what you need in this life even when it seems disaster strikes. It is the time of COMMUNITY CREATIVITY on earth now and by joining together as frequently as possible, many souls will learn what love, peace and unity can attain.

    Now, beloveds, when your planet moves closer to the Great Central Sun’s influence– from about 4099A.D .to 7699A.D.—a period of 3,600 years called the Treta Age—many wonders of consciousness can occur for humanity. Great cosmic understandings and heartfelt love combine to birth great architecture, the fine arts, music and a unity consciousness of the divine expression.

    THIS NEWS LETTER COVERS A LOT: linear time, tribal pattern, eras, or ages, states of unconsciousness, your dimensional experiences, Yuga cycle of spiritual, the position our earth consciousness is in, compared to where it has been, and where it will eventually go, and more. You can read more at:

    Cynt G.

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